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<cmk_zzz> I want to install home manager as a NixOS module. Am I correct that I should add home-manager to "environment.systemPackages" and then *as root* "nix-channel --add https://..../release-20.03.tar.gz home-manager ?
<energizer> cmk_zzz: no. add the channel and then have imports = [<home-manager/nixos>]
<cmk_zzz> energizer: add the channel as root?
<energizer> cmk_zzz: yes
<cmk_zzz> cool. Will try
<cmk_zzz> great! that seems to work.
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<faebl> hi; i have sumbled upon this repo https://gitlab.com/luc65r/dotfiles and built a configuration simialr to that, along with an install script:
<faebl> but to properly install the whole setup:
<faebl> would I need to install the OS first and then additionally run the `home-manager switch` command after logging into my account?
<faebl> or is that done automatically by the installation because home-manager is in the nix config and the directories and files already in place?
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<faebl> any ideas?
<faebl> > and after a nixos-rebuild switch the user eve's environment should include a basic Bash configuration and the packages atool and httpie.
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting ID or OR_KW or DOLLAR_CURLY or '"', at (string):310:1
<faebl> I changed sth approx 1 hour ago ^^
<faebl> but the build seems to run at least in virtualbox ^^
<faebl> how and where did u get the error message?
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