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<orcumistik> Hello, I want to add atom editor module to home-manager. I installed home-manager according to `https://rycee.gitlab.io/home-manager/index.html#sec-install-nixos-module`. But there is no path option I see that is talked in CONTRIBUTING.md. Is providing a default.nix in home and configuring home-manager that way the only way to test new modules?
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<judson> rycee, sorry about the delay getting this to pass CI, but #681 is merge-able.
<rycee> Cool. I'll have a look.
<rycee> You have some merge commits in your branch. I'll try to fix that.
<judson> Oh, you prefer rebase to merge?
<judson> (thank you for offering to fix the merge)
<rycee> Yeah, that's no problem. I just do an interactive rebase to remove the unnecessary commits and then rebase it on top of master.
<rycee> I had a look at the PR and I think it needs a bit of rework to be merged though. In particular, the move shouldn't happen in the check phase because that is before the write boundary. The intent of the write boundary is that no actual changes to the system will happen before it and it is therefore OK to exit out of the activation at any point before this boundary.
<rycee> So moving the file out of the way there and then exiting the activation would be bad :-)
<judson> Got it. Saw you're comment - I'll look deeper when I get a minute.
<judson> *your