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<inquisitiv3> Is there a nice way to install Home manager without needing to go trough the manual steps detailed in the README? I've read the wiki article, but it isn't installed if I don't call something.
<inquisitiv3> I've added everything shown in the second text box except `home-manager.users.my_username = { ... }`.
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<Gopal-M> When I specify `pkgs.firefox-devedition-bin-unwrapped` as the firefox package in `firefox.package`
<Gopal-M> it fails to install with: `cannot find executable file`
<Gopal-M> I also tried the wrapped package but same error. Installing it via `home.packages` works fine
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<Synthetica> I want to start using home-manager, and I want to have my colours managed in a central file. I was thinking about storing all definitions in a SASS/LESS file (don't have a strong preference either way), and then exporting them to JSON to import them in Nix. Does anyone have any experience in doing this, or know of a way I can make this work?
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<inquisitiv3> I'm installing Home manager using the NixOS module, but I've some trouble installing unfree applications.
<inquisitiv3> From what I can gather from the PR introducing the module I should be able to add `home-manager.users.[user].nixpkgs.allowUnfree = true;` for enabling installing unfree applications.
<inquisitiv3> But Nix complains that the option doesn't exist
<Gopal-M> It doesn't. Put `{ allowUnfree = true; }` in `~/.config/nixpkgs/config.nix`
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<inquisitiv3> Gopal-M: I've already done that and enabled it globally in my `configuration.nix`, but I still get an error message.
<inquisitiv3> It worked without any problems when I ran Home manager with Nix on Fedora, but after migrating over to NixOS and installing Home manager as a NixOS module I haven't been able to install unfree applications.