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<Kiren> Hi, some time ago I saw someone embed their home configuration in their nixos config. I can't seem to google it, anyone here recall anything like that?
<benkolera> In ends up looking a bit like this (bit different as I choose to bring in home manager from IFD rather than a channel so that the nixos channel is the only mutable variable): https://github.com/benkolera/nix/blob/master/default.nix
<Kiren> infinisil, Ah. Thanks, exactly what I had seen before. And thanks for the reference benkolera!
<benkolera> The main annoyance with as a nixos module is that you have to go hunting for home manager activation errors in journalctl because the profile activation happens in a non-user one shot systemd service. But it's worth it to keep it all together imo.
<benkolera> I tend to recommend that people start with the standalone binary for that reason, and upgrade when they are comfy and have things working.
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