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<tnks> I guess support for GHC versions dropped to just the three ones.
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<thongpv87> I got this error when trying to build a package that depend on a nonfree library. I had allowUnfree=true in ~/.config/nixpkgs/config.nix but that does not fix the problem
<__monty__> thongpv87: Broken is different from unfree. That's usually only added when something is actually broken.
<__monty__> thongpv87: I'm not sure how/why hindent 5.3.1 ends up being marked broken though.
<__monty__> Can you show how you come to depend on that version of hindent?
<thongpv87> sorry, hident is not relate to the problem that I mention, I remove it and the problem still happen. hident was added into buildInputs in this shell.nix file:
<thongpv87> This is my project.nix file: and haskell-project.cabal:
<__monty__> thongpv87: Can you share the correct error then? The one you pasted is because of hindent.
<thongpv87> here it is:
<__monty__> Ah, the author used "LicenseRef-LGPL" to specify the license which is a "custom" identifier so haskell.nix can't assume it's a free license.
<__monty__> I'm not sure why allowing unfree wouldn't suppress this error though.
<__monty__> How did you configure it?
<__monty__> You'd have to pass the proper config to the `import sources."haskell.nix" { config = "here"; }` call.
<thongpv87> should it be like this:
<thongpv87> I tried that but it does not work
<__monty__> Oh, maybe you should pass it in the nixpkgs definition and then later use nixpkgs.haskell-nix rather than haskell-nix.pkgs.haskell-nix.
<thongpv87> my haskell-nix is imported into project using niv, so I don't know where to pass the config
<__monty__> I think the definition of nixpkgs on line 8.
<thongpv87> I followed this tutorial:, with only different is that xmonad and xmonad-contrib in the hello package dependencies
<__monty__> Yeah, xmonad-contrib depends on a package with an ambiguous license identifier. That's the crucial difference.
<__monty__> You probably tried setting config.allowUnfree in your configuration.nix before but that makes it apply to the wrong nixpkgs.
<thongpv87> Do you mean like this: , it does not compile
<thongpv87> I have allowUnfree both in configuration.nix and ~/.config/nixpkgs/config.nix
<thongpv87> the error was error: attempt to call something which is not a function but a set, at /home/thongpv87/ws/haskell/project.nix:7:13
<thongpv87> (use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information)
<__monty__> Hmm, right, because the import has already happened. Hmm 🤔
<__monty__> Ok, `nixpkgs = import haskell-nix.sources.nixpkgs (haskell-nix.nixpkgsArgs // { config = haskell-nix.nixpkgsArgs.config // { allowUnfree = true; }; });` try this.
<thongpv87> that works, thank you very much
<__monty__> Np. I agree it's a little complicated for a first-time user : )
<thongpv87> I have another question. If I want to setup hls (haskell-language-server), hident and hoogle in development shell, what's recommended way to setup it.
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<thongpv87> Does nix-shell -p haskell-language-server works? Or that haskell-language-server have to the same repo as I used for haskell.nix?
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<__monty__> For hoogle you'd use withHoogle and specify hindent in the tools as in the example shell.nix here,
<__monty__> Hls might work similarly but I doubt it, I only ever hear people having problems with setting it up.
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<thongpv87> I did try to setup all-hies before, did not success, and it require the ghc version of all-hies need to be the same as the one I used to compile my package
<thongpv87> I'm new to haskell so I have no idea about that requirement, so I wonder whether hls might have similar requirements or not
<__monty__> Likely yes. GHC tends to change a lot. The tools need to sync up to be able to even parse the code, mainly because of extensions I believe.
<thongpv87> I got it, thank you very much
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<__monty__> thongpv87: Btw, I contacted the X11-xft author and they were very amenable to updating the license identifier. So as of version 0.3.2 you should no longer need the unfree shenanigans : )
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