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<tdiesler> Folks, I tried to follow the basic setup instructions here ( and created /etc/nix/nix.conf which wasn't there on my system ( Then, I created a simple shell.nix file like this ( When I start the shell, it seems to build the most basic
<tdiesler> system utils. Is that supposed to happen? Perhaps I'm not getting cache hits. Is it ok that the nix.conf only contains those two lines?
<aveltras> tdiesler: i think it's because you must keep in the nix conf
<aveltras> or then you only get haskell.nix cache
<aveltras> try
<tdiesler> @aveltras because I didn't have nix.conf anywhere, I wouldn't know what else to have in there
<tdiesler> ok, merci
<aveltras> de rien :)
<tdiesler> aveltras, its still trying to build basic stuff like this
<tdiesler> This doesn't seem right, or does it?
<aveltras> maybe try adding "substituteurs =" in addition
<aveltras> minus the typo i made
<aveltras> "substituters"
<tdiesler> @aveltras YES, UR a hero
<aveltras> yes I know, but don't go shouting it everywhere though, id like to stay undercover
<angerman> :-)
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<tdiesler> IIUC, haskell.nix uses release-20.03 for non-haskell base packages and then overlays stuff. Part of the stuff is ghc, for which I see alias like ghc8102. I'm now wondering, how I can pull ghc-8.10.2 in my shell. In buildInputs I tried the obvious: pkgs.ghc, pkgs.ghc8102 haskellNix.ghc haskellNix.ghc8102
<tdiesler> I'm very new to all of this, perhaps I missed something eben more obvious
<tdiesler> s/eben/even
<aveltras> you can use 20.09 release also
<aveltras> for example, im currently working with a projet that has the following shell.nix
<aveltras> using this, if you "nix-shell -A shell", you get into a shell dedicated to working on the packages listed in the "packages" attribute and you also get ghc in scope
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<tdiesler> @aveltras Unfortunately, I don't have a project just yet. For now, I'm looking for a working env that has ghc-8.10.2 and cabal- such that it runs on arm64. In haskell.nix, ghc seems to default to 8.8.4 and from nixpkgs I'd get 8.10.3.
<tdiesler> Neither of which I can use to compile the cardano-node (I think).
<tdiesler> But it seems that haskell.nix can also provide 8.10.2
<tdiesler> A simple setup like this get me 8.8.4
<aveltras> instead of pkgs.ghc
<aveltras> maybe try something like pkgs.haskellPackages.ghc8102
<tdiesler> @aveltras unfortunately not. Its supposed to come from here somehow (I think)
<aveltras> maybe pkgs.haskell-nix.compiler.ghc8102 then ?
<aveltras> never used it without a project
<tdiesler> @aveltras yes, brilliant
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