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<IdleBot_5e50c57d> Intuitively, building CrosVM in a container using Nix should not be that different
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<qyliss> It's not the build that fails. It's a runtime failure.
<IdleBot_5e50c57d> Well, given that I construct a container when running CrosVM anyway…
<IdleBot_5e50c57d> What is the current failure?
<qyliss> same one as before because I started doing Nixpkgs things and didn't come back to it to do socat
<IdleBot_5e50c57d> Ah OK. That should be easy to fix once you approach it correctly. What else is needed: KVM inside the container (obviously), /var/empty (it is really unhappy otherwise), preferably chronos user and group existing inside (seems optional but less spam easier debugging)
<qyliss> Yikes on the user
<qyliss> I've never had it complain about that when I just run it on my NixOS system
<IdleBot_5e50c57d> Presumably you know its tuntap needs better than me anyway. 9p… you still do not use 9p, right?
<qyliss> not the built in one
<IdleBot_5e50c57d> Re: 9p — ah cool, for rust-9p, say, there should be no problems
<IdleBot_5e50c57d> Re: chronos — are you sure it does not complain? As it runs anyway, it can be immediately scrolled out by kernel log
<IdleBot_5e50c57d> Or maybe it is because I do not let CrosVM be a EUID-0 process at any time, not even the EUID-0-in-NS