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<IdleBot_5e50c57d> https://ewontfix.com/3 : Does this mean I’ve changed my mind about overcommit and it’s actually a good thing? No, not really. What it means, at least in my mind, is that there’s a great deal of work that needs to be done auditing core system components for robustness and fail-safe behavior.
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<Profpatsch> qyliss: eventfd … write doesn’t block but adds the value, as long as the value wouldn’t overflow, then it blocks
<Profpatsch> That’s some … interesting semantics
<Profpatsch> Also there’s a sleep(2) in the example code ;)
<Profpatsch> Not sure how I would hold this. bitfields?
<qyliss> Doing some mailing list improvements. Web interface will be intermittently down but mail should be unaffected.