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<qyliss> Cool discovery! All of sommelier's platform2 dependencies are actually only required for the demo programs it comes with
<qyliss> so if I don't build those, we can drop libchrome and libbrillo and all their dependencies like two copies of modemmanager
<Shell> nice :o
<qyliss> Not sure how to tell gn I'm only interested in a single target, though :(
<qyliss> tazjin: know anything about gn?
<tazjin> nope, sorry
<tazjin> qyliss: based on internal docs it seems to do target specifications like blaze/bazel
<tazjin> i.e. `//` followed by path to target from the repo root
<qyliss> I'm looking for how to tell it to build only a single target on the command line
<qyliss> The language itself is very well documented
<tazjin> yes, so there's a doc here that essentially says "to build foo, run `gn gen //bar/foo` where `bar/foo` is the path to `foo`
<qyliss> oh interesting
<qyliss> I have multiple executables declared in a single file, though...
<tazjin> there's also an example that even drops the leading `//`
<tazjin> ah
<tazjin> try `:baz`
<tazjin> i.e. colon and then target name
<tazjin> (this seems to be modeled after bazel, so that's what I would expect)
<qyliss> alas no
<tazjin> hmm
<qyliss> That doc is surprising, also, since my gn experinece has been that that argument to `gn gen` is the _output_ directory
<tazjin> it's possible that there's an internal one that works differently :/
<qyliss> That would make sense, considering how many modifications I've already had to make to get things to evaluate at all...
<qyliss> thanks for looking into it
<qyliss> I'll probably just have to delete the targets I don't want to build from the gn file
<tazjin> so there's another thing people do on the CLI here where they pass `--args='import(.../.gn)` which looks to me like a language snippet
<tazjin> (missed a trailing `
<tazjin> '`) christ on a bike, I can't type today, sorry
<tazjin> anyways the thought there was that maybe there's an in-language syntax for only referencing the particular target, but I'm just speculating
<qyliss> oooh
<qyliss> Oh they have a mailing list
<qyliss> sweet
<Profpatsch> what’s gn?
<multi> build tool used by a bunch of google stuff, i believe
<multi> takes a domain-specific language and turns that into ninjabuild files iirc
<Profpatsch> ah, ic