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<veverak> hmm
<ar1a> TIL about NIX_AUTO_RUN=1. This command is so fucking cool
<veverak> clever: after reboot I've got out of storage error
<clever> veverak: ah, it could just be that you ran out of space then
<veverak> yup
<veverak> seems legit
<veverak> hmm
<veverak> speaking of
<veverak> can I simply change "/" location to USB drive ? will that rebuild packages on that drive?
<clever> veverak: `nix-instantiate '<nixpkgs/nixos>' -A system` will give you a .drv file for the whole nixos build
<veverak> for what? (sorry ,confused here a bit)
<clever> veverak: let me find the next step...
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<clever> [root@amd-nixos:~]$ nix copy --to local?root=/mnt/ /nix/store/sb7jz3p7l1qkj5dkfc20j6hc54la3l90-nixos-system-amd-nixos-19.03pre166449.be445a9074f.drv --no-check-sigs
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace opened pull request #56172 → fondo, notes-up: init → https://git.io/fhFwO
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<clever> veverak: this will then copy that .drv to /mnt/nix/store/
<veverak> clever: one thing
<clever> [root@amd-nixos:~]$ nix-store -r /nix/store/sb7jz3p7l1qkj5dkfc20j6hc54la3l90-nixos-system-amd-nixos-19.03pre166449.be445a9074f.drv --store local?root=/mnt/
<clever> veverak: and this then builds it, inside /mnt/nix/store/
<veverak> clever: I am not pass first succesfull 'switch'
<clever> veverak: this should work even that early on
<veverak> ok
<veverak> clever: thanks, will do
<clever> veverak: you can then use nix copy again, in the reverse direction, to copy the build product back to /
<veverak> I actually want to use the flash drive
<clever> and then another nixos-rebuild switch will just use it
* veverak trusts them more than sd card
<clever> veverak: i think the rpi can boot from usb mass-storage now, so you can just dd the original .img you started with, to that usb stick
<veverak> not zero
<veverak> :)
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<veverak> (which sucks by my opinion, but nah)
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<veverak> nix-store -r in progress
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<jasongrossman> Hi everyone. I seem to remember that there's a script that makes it easily to interactively choose things that have been `nix-env -i`ed to uninstall. I can't remember what it's called.
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<yl[m]> what command shows me the meta of a derivation?
<ar1a> jasongrossman: id be interested in that too
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<ar1a> is there a pretty printer for nix files?
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<manveru> ar1a: i think hnix can do that
<ar1a> interesting, i wonder how the performance compares
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace opened pull request #56173 → worldofpeace updates → https://git.io/fhFwy
<DigitalKiwi> clever: I GOT IT
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<ottidmes> ar1a: compared to what?
<ar1a> to the reference impl
<ar1a> github.com/nixos/nix
<ottidmes> ah hnix in general, I thought you were comparing it to some other pretty printer
<ar1a> ah
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<manveru> i'm not sure it can evaluate nixpkgs yet
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<manveru> seems pretty slow to me :)
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<manveru> but i can't say i've ever associated haskell with speed...
<ar1a> haskell is a really fast language
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<ar1a> often times faster than c
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace opened pull request #56174 → assorted gnome updates → https://git.io/fhFwF
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<simpson> ar1a: FWIW, AIHI, the main constraint on Nix's implementation language is that it needs to generate a pretty small closure and generally make self-contained binaries. At this point there's also the inertia of piles of C++ to contend with, which is why languages that might only be incremental improvements haven't really been considered (D, Zig, etc.)
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<andrewrk> simpson, closure in this case being the build dependencies, runtime dependencies, or both?
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<simpson> andrewrk: Both, probably, although I hear that runtime dependencies are much worse.
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<andrewrk> if it was only runtime, zig can actually generate binaries that don't even depend on libc, and thus run on nixos without patchelf
<andrewrk> not that I would recommend using it before 1.0.0 is done
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<ar1a> ive never heard of zig before
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<ar1a> "The Zig Standard Library does not depend on libc."
<ar1a> interesting
<ar1a> it looks like rust
<andrewrk> ar1a, feel free to join #zig if you want to chat without danger of being off-topic in #nixos
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<ar1a> andrewrk: are you the author of zig by any chance? :P
<andrewrk> :)
<andrewrk> yours truly
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed to haskell-updates « hackage-packages.nix: automatic Haskell package set update »: https://git.io/fhFrq
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<camsbury> trying to compile something with `avr-gcc` on NixOS 18.09, and I'm getting `fatal error: avr/io.h: No such file or directory`
<clever> ,locate avr io.h
<{^_^}> Found in packages: gforth, simavr, arduino, lazarus, codeblocks, arduino_core
<camsbury> woah nice
<camsbury> lol
<clever> hmmm, none of those look like the right choice
<clever> there should be an avr-libc package somewhere
<camsbury> yea
<camsbury> I have that
<camsbury> but doesn't seem to be doing the job
<camsbury> I have avr-gcc, avr-libc, and avr-binutils
<clever> ive not done avr stuff on nixos yet, havent had to modify the firmware since switching
<camsbury> basically everything i can get
<clever> nix-repl> avrlibc
<clever> error: Package ‘avr-libc-2.0.0’ in /nix/store/bssxqlhb7liba974sx8yz3d0arjzvp9s-nixos-19.03pre166449.be445a9074f/nixos/pkgs/development/misc/avr/libc/default.nix:25 is not supported on ‘x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu’, refusing to evaluate.
<clever> nix-repl> pkgsCross.avr.avrlibc
<clever> «derivation /nix/store/6gphgfsyagslmn3x8s50hgq1680xslzk-avr-libc-2.0.0-avr.drv»
<camsbury> nix-repl> python
<camsbury> how did you do that
<camsbury> lol
<clever> i ran `nix repl '<nixpkgs>'`
<camsbury> oh you are just pasting?
<clever> yeah
<camsbury> kk
<clever> clever@c2d ~/apps/thermostat $ git remote -v
<clever> origin /media/mainlv/git_repo_1/thermostat.git/ (fetch)
<clever> dang!, i havent touched this git repo in ages
<clever> that hard-drive has since failed, lol, years ago
<camsbury> :D
<clever> `git log` says the last commit was 2014!
<camsbury> so that locate command works with .h files or any file?
<clever> any file
<camsbury> great to know
<camsbury> ty
<clever> its using the nix-locate command from nix-index
<camsbury> tyty
<clever> camsbury: i think it works better if you use pkgs.pkgsCross.avr.stdenv.mkDerivation
<clever> packet.c:17:13: warning: implicit declaration of function 'strlen_P'; did you mean 'strlen'? [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
<clever> avr/include/avr/pgmspace.h:extern size_t __strlen_P(const char *) __ATTR_CONST__; /* internal helper function */
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<camsbury> okay sure
<camsbury> I rely so heavily on things just working
<camsbury> I need to get my feet wet a bit more on doing that kind of thing
<clever> camsbury: https://gist.github.com/e21c0cecb25954f100a1116d045b6721 almost "just works", with a makefile i last used on gentoo, and havent changed for 5 years
<camsbury> looking into it
<camsbury> cool so I'm using https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware
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<camsbury> to compile a keyboard layout for an ergodox_ez
<clever> ah
<camsbury> but I could play around with that mkDerivation to give me the output .hex file
<camsbury> probably
<clever> what happens if you just drop the above default.nix into the root dir, and nix-build?
<camsbury> um
<camsbury> oh I haven't nixified the repo yet
<camsbury> I just have to run `make ergodox_ez:camerak`
<camsbury> so if I can encode that into a mkDerivation
<camsbury> with a flag
<camsbury> put it in the default.nix
<camsbury> then maybe I'll be good
<clever> camsbury: buildFlags = "ergodox_ez:camerak";
<clever> nearly all of my compile errors are due to 5 years of gcc getting more strict about things
<clever> impure path `/usr/lib/binutils/avr/2.24/ldscripts/avr5.x' used in link
<clever> and hard-coded paths
<camsbury> thanks!
<camsbury> also using `nix-locate` locally
<camsbury> I do see `avr/io.h` in the avrlibc.out
<camsbury> oh okay
<camsbury> nice
<camsbury> gonna try this now
<clever> -rwxr-xr-x 1 clever clever 8.2K Feb 17 2014 avr.bin
<clever> that is left-over on the gentoo box, from a really old build
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @MostAwesomeDude opened pull request #56175 → Tahoe service → https://git.io/fhFro
<clever> https://gist.github.com/e21c0cecb25954f100a1116d045b6721 has been updated, running nix-build now creates:
<clever> -r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 7.9K Dec 31 1969 avr.bin
<clever> untested, but it looks like a good sign
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<camsbury> avr missing. looking into it in repl
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<clever> camsbury: this code is such spaghetti, lol
<clever> using functions i never defined ahead
<camsbury> lol
<clever> main.c:333:3: warning: 'return' with no value, in function returning non-void
<clever> camsbury: and what was i thinking? lol
<camsbury> are you on 18.09?
<camsbury> lol
<clever> nixos-unstable
<camsbury> kk
<camsbury> having trouble finding these guys in that channel
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<camsbury> is there a way to find an attribute recursively in nix?
<camsbury> want to find that avr.mkDerivation
<clever> camsbury: i usually just grep nixpkgs itself
<camsbury> ah kk
<clever> camsbury: ah, thats avr.stdenv.mkDerivation
<clever> pkgsCross is a special set, that will map over all the example cross-compile sets
<camsbury> so it is downstream from the pkgs sets or something?
<camsbury> I have avrgcc.stdenv.mkDerivation
<camsbury> but I don't see it in pkgsCross as avr
<camsbury> and I have both
<camsbury> pkgs.pkgsCross
<camsbury> and pkgsCross
<clever> camsbury: if you run `nix repl '<nixpkgs>'` and then `pkgsCross`, what does it show?
<camsbury> ah had to update my unstable channel
<camsbury> so currently in my configuration
<camsbury> I have an unstable tarball that is pulled
<camsbury> maybe that is out of date
<camsbury> that was an attempt to not have to do some kind of channel management
<camsbury> I think
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<camsbury> woo
<camsbury> nix-build is doing a thing
<camsbury> let's see how it goes
<camsbury> yeah it isn't in nixos 18.09, but is in unstable
<camsbury> well nice
<camsbury> seems like the breaks are just buggy code at this point
<camsbury> gotta find a stable branch I spose
<camsbury> or just debug hunt
<clever> main.c:42:58: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type [-Wincompatible-pointer-types]
<clever> camsbury: down to just a single type of warning
<camsbury> noice
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/e0baf518252 (from 2 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
<clever> camsbury: https://github.com/cleverca22/thermostat_firmware and its now public!
<camsbury> haha nice!
<camsbury> berat
<camsbury> beast*
<camsbury> building on an older tag
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<camsbury> oh I think it is just treating warnings as errors
<clever> -Werror can do that
<camsbury> yea
<clever> $ nix eval nixpkgs.lib.version
<clever> "19.03pre166449.be445a9074f"
<clever> camsbury: this can also come in handy
<clever> 1 { nixpkgs ? builtins.fetchTarball "https://github.com/nixos/nixpkgs/archive/be445a9074f.tar.gz" }:
<clever> 3 pkgs = import nixpkgs {};
<clever> camsbury: and now default.nix will always use that version, and never upgrade
<camsbury> nice
<clever> so when i return to this firmware in another 5 years, i dont have to fix anything, i can just nix-build and get the same file i get today
<camsbury> yes that is beautiful
<camsbury> how did you find that tar
<clever> the gitrev came from the output of nixpkgs.lib.version
<clever> the rest of the url, i just typed from memory
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<camsbury> thanks!
<camsbury> is mkDerivation passing the flags to treat warnings as errors?
<clever> thats likely the makefile in your project
<clever> warnings arent fatal for me
<camsbury> kk
<camsbury> big makefile
<camsbury> can't find that flag
<camsbury> but probably dif syntax in the file
<clever> i dont really like such complex ones, and tend to write my own much simpler ones
<clever> check the Makefile in my firmware above
<camsbury> ha yeah much more manageable
<camsbury> I should probably just fork this once I get it working...
<camsbury> or
<camsbury> whatever... it's just so funny to use such a huge repo to compile one subset of all supported firmwares
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<camsbury> :clever love nix, but I have trouble finding the tools like the ones you have given me
<clever> camsbury: which ones?
<camsbury> nix-locate
<camsbury> nixpkgs.lib.version
<camsbury> I knew about pulling the archive
<clever> ,locate bin nix-locate
<camsbury> oh you don't need the sha because it is in the url
<{^_^}> Found in packages: nix-index
<camsbury> nice
<clever> fetchTarball is impure, so it doesnt need a sha256, but it will re-download the tar if it has been an hour since the last try
<clever> `nix eval nixpkgs.lib.version` is the full command, that tells nix to eval lib.version, within <nixpkgs>
<camsbury> oh nice
<camsbury> I just opened a repl and ran it
<clever> if using the repl, you want just lib.version
<camsbury> yup
<camsbury> I'm pretty good on the attribute/set/dep injection stuff
<camsbury> gotta get overlays down in my head
<camsbury> and get used to doing dif mkDerivations for projects
<camsbury> and then I'll probably be a bit more confident
<camsbury> sucks when I'm at work and a coworker is like, hey update this package, and I'm like derppp
<camsbury> on MacOS at work though, and really just using it for emacs
<camsbury> but would like to be more agile and using NixOS everywhere
<clever> camsbury: https://github.com/cleverca22/nixos-configs/blob/master/vim.nix i dont think you can fully configure emacs as easily as this :P
<camsbury> lol
<camsbury> true but I also have entirely different sets of keybindings for different modes! plus I use evil-mode anyway for standard editing :D (ex-vimmer)
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<camsbury> woo
<camsbury> just finally built a haskell package with haskell's mkDerivation pinned to this unstable release
<camsbury> that was breaking before
<camsbury> haha
<camsbury> I was manually cabal building it derp :D
<camsbury> qmk is still in the air... I think I just fix the errors at this point
<clever> nix-build -E 'with import <nixpkgs> {}; haskellPackages.callCabal2nix "foo" ./. {}'
<clever> camsbury: this will build foo.cabal, without needing any nix files
<camsbury> ha nice. yeah I had some deps that I needed
<camsbury> I wonder if I still do...
<clever> it will also pull in any hackage based deps automatically
<camsbury> but I am using callCabal2nix in there
<camsbury> which I'm happy about
<camsbury> lets see here
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<camsbury> well that just worked
<camsbury> awesome
<camsbury> can I do the same with nix-shell?
<clever> nix-shell -E 'with import <nixpkgs> {}; (haskellPackages.callCabal2nix "foo" ./. {}).env'
<camsbury> beast
<camsbury> haha
<camsbury> yea
<camsbury> of course
<camsbury> wow
<clever> and cabal-install isnt present by default, i just `runhaskell Setup.hs configure` then `ghcid -c "runhaskell Setup.hs repl"`
<camsbury> ah ghcid will work just out of the box?
<clever> ghcid just needs a command that drops you into ghci
<clever> and `cabal repl` will load that for you, while obeying the cabal file
<camsbury> but like how does it know it has that as a dep
<clever> but since cabal-install is missing, `runhaskell Setup.hs repl` is needed
<camsbury> cause I have haskellPackages.ghcid
<clever> i have ghcid in my nix-env profile
<camsbury> cool okay
<camsbury> me too
<camsbury> thought magic was happening
<camsbury> does runhaskell Setup.hs repl manage multiple targets?
<clever> if you have several executables, you just pass the name at the end
<clever> cabal will give a clear error when you need that
<camsbury> with cabal 2.2 I was passing one at a time
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<clever> camsbury: this is a more complex example
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<camsbury> the advantage of stack was multiple targets
<camsbury> at once
<camsbury> but I could just run multiple commands I spose
<camsbury> any advantages of runhaskell over cabal?
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<clever> if you just install cabal-install, it can potentially be the "wrong" version
<clever> and then wont behave the same as mkDerivation does at nix-build time
<clever> Setup.hs will link against the Cabal library, which nix always provides
<clever> you can also `ghc Setup.hs -o Setup` and `./Setup configure` if you want to make it slightly faster
<camsbury> oh nice
<clever> and the defaultMain inside the default Setup.hs, is just going to do the exact same thing as the cabal binary from cabal-install
<clever> ive been meaning to add a cabal (bash function) to the .env, so this whole thing becomes invisible
<slack1256> On nix-env, is there any option that does what build-host does on nixos-rebuild?
<clever> and `cabal configure` just uses Setup.hs without you noticing
<slack1256> (I've been searching the irc logs to no avail)
<camsbury> awesome
<clever> slack1256: i would just setup build slaves, which is in the nixos manual
<camsbury> but if I put that bit of text in the default.nix... I can then install the file from my github repo using the fetchTarball and mkDerivation or something?
<camsbury> or you don't user configuration.nix
<clever> camsbury: if you put the string from the above nix-build, into a default.nix, you can just nix-build without any args
<camsbury> but if I want to reference it in another nix file...
<camsbury> I suppose I just call it with nixpkgs
<camsbury> and voila
<camsbury> or not even that
<camsbury> call it with the empty set to have it use its default pinned nixpkgs
<camsbury> but that could be a pain with all the pkgs downloading their own nixpkgs
<camsbury> I guess I could do that on break
<camsbury> I had used nixpkgs.haskell.lib.overrideCabal
<camsbury> to get cabal install in the default.nix
<camsbury> that the shell.nix imported
<camsbury> so I think that one would be the right version?
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<clever> i try to override the .env instead, since its only needed on the shell side
<camsbury> nice
<clever> and .env is less haskell-y of a derivation, so normal .overrideAttrs works
<clever> .overrideAttrs works on the haskell derivations too, but happens at a later stage, and breaks the more haskell features of it, sorta
<camsbury> but does that take the other packages into account in terms oof deps resolution?
<camsbury> okay
<camsbury> what is the magic of .env and how do I learn more about it
<camsbury> for various languages
<camsbury> is there some kind of standard
<clever> at the highest level, you have .override, which is added by callPackage, it can change the args originally passed into the function (like the { stdenv, hello, cmake }:)
<clever> .env is haskell specific
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<clever> overrideCabal happens before the haskell generic-builder.nix, so you can mutate the args passed to mkDerivation, before generic-builder.nix acts on them
<clever> .overrideAttrs happens after generic-builder.nix, but before stdenv.mkDerivation
<clever> so its harder to change haskell specific stuff (and overrideCabal wont work on the result), but its easier to change non-haskell things
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<clever> and then at the lowest level, .overrideDerivation happens after stdenv.mkDerivation, so it cant change cross-compile level things
<clever> which one you need, depends on what your trying to change
<clever> and if you need several, you have to chain them in the right order
<camsbury> I've seen .env for other languages though. Maybe Python and Rust?
<camsbury> when you say cross-compile level things
<camsbury> you mean things that are ensuring they work together?
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<clever> camsbury: nativeBuildInputs and buildInputs are handled specially in stdenv.mkDerivation, and i think that special magic doesnt work if you further edit them with .overrideDerivation
<clever> you need to use .overrideAttrs to keep that magic working
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<camsbury> okay sure
<camsbury> this is definitely giving me a more solid understanding, so thank you
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<camsbury> do you use pure nix-shells?
<clever> not really
<camsbury> seems useful in some cases (like making sure you are using the right cabal-install)
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<clever> i just never install cabal-install
<camsbury> well I mean any dep that you might have a different version of globally
<camsbury> that is missing from the build
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<ar1a> how can i make a systemd service declaratively? I want to make one that runs a shell script on boot, that launches a server
<ar1a> clever: what does secrets.nix look like? just literally "{ x = y; j = k; }" sort of thing?
<camsbury> I guess there isn't any point when you are using the ghcid you gave
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<clever> ar1a: yep
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<clever> ar1a: and load-secrets.nix allows things to gracefully fail when building on hydra
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<dramforever> Hi, I'm trying out docker images from [1] and I'm unable to start sandboxed builds from nixpkgs/nix. Can anyone reproduce?
<iqubic> clever: I know you have mentioned that you use NAS to have the files for steam games stored on another machine.
<iqubic> clever: How hard would it be foe me to set up something like that for myself.
<dramforever> Try to build anything in this fails if you don't disable sandboxing: docker run --rm -it nixpkgs/nix
<clever> iqubic: step 1, setup nfs so you can access the files normally
<clever> iqubic: step 2, move downloading off the nas, and replace it with a symlink: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/5788#issuecomment-449976207
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<iqubic> I see.
<iqubic> I don't know how to do number 1, but 2 looks simple.
<iqubic> Is it possible to have only some games installed on a different machine, and not all of them?
<clever> iqubic: yes, steam support multiple libraries, at different paths
<clever> and you select which library you want to install something into
<iqubic> I'm running nixos on a laptop, and I want to be able to play some steam games when I'm away from home.
<iqubic> Does it matter what distro I put my game files on, or how that happens to be partitioned?
<angerman> So... `builtins.trace x x` gives me `invalid value`; how do I go about figuring out what that thing is then?
<clever> angerman: builtins.toJson or toXML maybe?
<angerman> Maybe the better question is: how do I construct invalid values?
<ar1a> clever: how are you importing these files? :O
<ar1a> i don't see a default.nix
<clever> nix-repl> lib.traceShowVal "foo"
<clever> angerman: or this
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<iqubic> Also, will NFS work if I use a laptop that will be taken out of my house?
<iqubic> Like is it going to be a problem if I can't access the files 24/7.
<angerman> clever: ahh. traceShowVal is much better.
<iqubic> clever: does it matter what distro I put the game files on?
<clever> iqubic: add the noauto flag to the nfs mount on the client
<clever> iqubic: remote distro likely doesnt matter, but i just use nixos for everything now
<iqubic> What does noauto do? I assume the client is going to be my laptop.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @luzpaz opened pull request #56178 → gmsh: 4.1.3 -> 4.15 → https://git.io/fhFoN
<clever> iqubic: disabled auto mounting
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<iqubic> But doesn't that mean that I'd have to mount the drive manually every time I want to access those files?
<clever> iqubic: yeah, just `sudo mount /something` and its done
<iqubic> I wish there was an option like, "try auto-mounting but if that fails, then just gracefully let it fail and stop trying to mount it."
<clever> iqubic: there is a nofail near the bottom of the page, that might also work
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<ar1a> hm, i need to be able to run a process and be able to interact with the stdin
<ar1a> only way i can think of doing this is a tmux session
<ar1a> but the process needs to start at boot (game server)
<ar1a> is that possible with systemd?
<ar1a> LOL it just launches a tmux window
<ar1a> ok thank
<clever> ar1a: that spins up multiple weechat instances, each in its own tmux session, each in its own user
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<ar1a> DBI connect('dbname=/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/root/channels/nixos/programs.sqlite','',...) failed: unable to open database file at /run/current-system/sw/bin/command-not-found line 13. on a basically fresh install, running on stable
<ar1a> when running `command-not-found aunpack`
<clever> ar1a: you need a channel called nixos on root for command-not-found to work
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<clever> ar1a: when did you last run `sudo nix-channel --update` ?
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<ar1a> never, i installed nixos on that pc yesterday
<ar1a> i presume nixos-install did that
<clever> try doing that and see if it improves
<clever> ar1a: this may also interest you, https://gist.github.com/31265e9614e808280e38b7ceaa555d90
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<ar1a> ah yeah. strange it doesn't do that by default
<clever> might have been a bug in the iso
<ar1a> clever: im just doing the old fashioned style
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<ar1a> do you know if theres a way to install 32bit java instead?
<ar1a> apparently java 64bit cant load 32bit libraries
<ar1a> wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32 (Possible cause: architecture word width mismatch)
<ar1a> lmao...
<clever> ar1a: pkgsi686Linux.openjdk
<clever> ar1a: also, minecraft is bad at reporting errors
<clever> ar1a: if the 64bit lib fails to import for any reason (rpath), it will blindly try the 32bit instead
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<clever> and then when the 32bit fails, it reports ELFCLASS32, and nothing else
<clever> so you never see the real problem
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<clever> this line handles it
<ar1a> pretty sure all the deps is bundled with minecraft
<clever> there is a .so file packaged inside one of the jars
<clever> and that tries to load native things from /usr/lib/
<clever> you need line 22 of FTB.nix to fix it
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<Zer0_> I want to override mpv to build with jackaudioSupport but I can't figure out the incantation to do it. How do you deal with this: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/release-18.09/pkgs/applications/video/mpv/default.nix#L6
<ar1a> alright how do i nix-env that derivation
<ar1a> clever:
<clever> ar1a: i have a FTB = pkgs.callPackage ./FTB.nix {}; in my packageOverrides
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<ar1a> clever: yeah your .nix just saved my ass thanks
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<ar1a> i just added (pkgs.callPackage ~/.ftb/nixderivation {}) into my home-manager packages
<clever> that also works
<ar1a> considered pushing it to nixpkgs?
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<clever> i probably should, i have a number of things like that, that i never got around to doing
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<Zer000> wtf, that was weird. Specifically I wanted to copy the mpv lines from all-packages: http://dpaste.com/1MP3WNX.txt and just add "jackaudioSupport = true" there, but I can't figure out how to reference the "../applications/video/mpv" from my configuration file
<clever> Zer000: (pkgs.mpv.override { jackaudioSupport = true; })
<clever> add that to your systemPackages
<Zer000> omg is that really it
<clever> yeah
<Zer000> It builds thank you!
<ar1a> <3 nix is amazing
<clever> yep
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<ar1a> i wish cache.nixos wasn't so fucking awful
<ar1a> every time ive updated its failed at least 5 times
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<slack1256> I've never had problems with cache.nixos
<slack1256> Where are you based?
<ar1a> australia
<ar1a> warning: unable to download 'https://cache.nixos.org/nar/0y4g6nj3ii3wiav9zh225m1lcxqal5dr321985qaww03pmrj67i6.nar.xz': HTTP error 200 (curl error: Failure when receiving data from the peer); retrying in 292 ms
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<clever> ar1a: ar1a 2018-10-04 13:13:06< gchristensen> https://discourse.nixos.org/t/the-nixos-cache-is-now-hosted-by-fastly/1061
<ar1a> holy shit time to dig through our pf then?
<slack1256> I thought http code 200 was the successful code
<ar1a> youd think so :)
<ar1a> so we need to force ipv4 for that address
<clever> ar1a: pf?
<slack1256> isn't that the openbsd's firewall?
<ar1a> yep
<ar1a> openbsd's iptables
<clever> ah
<acowley> I'd like to build a kernel with a particular config file found in the src tree of the kernel fork I'm using. I can set `defconfig` to this file, but then generate-config.pl kicks in and runs `make config` and breaks. I currently hacked it to use a DEFCONFIG environment variable, but I'd prefer to do things right. linuxManualConfig seems much different than generic, and scared me off because I'm naive.
<clever> ar1a: i think you want to .override with a configfile?
<acowley> It was surprising to me that generic.nix does `make $kernelBaseConfig`, but then generate-config.pl does `make config`.
<clever> 30 # Manually specified nixexpr representing the config
<clever> 31 # If unspecified, this will be autodetected from the .config
<clever> 32 config ? stdenv.lib.optionalAttrs allowImportFromDerivation (readConfig configfile),
<clever> ar1a: or use config itself
<ar1a> do you mean me or acowley
<clever> acowley
<clever> tab-completion can get confused when the prefixes arent unique
<acowley> That's a short prefix
<clever> i usually just do a<tab>
<acowley> So what is `defconfig` for?
<clever> acowley: i dont see defconfig on the manual-config.nix file
<clever> which is what the main kernel derivation came from
<acowley> clever: in generic.nix
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<clever> pkgs.linux is coming from manual-config.nix, so you may not need to pay attention to generic.nix
<jasom> Trying to install nixpkgs, I ran: 'sh <(curl https://nixos.org/nix/install) --daemon' and got this output: https://bpaste.net/show/bf3fa3c5994f
<clever> jasom: which distro are you on? have you tried without --daemon?
<jasom> clever: I'm on gentoo, have not yet tried without daemon, doing so now...
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<jasom> ah, that gave me instructions for creating the /nix directory and a command not found for sudo
<clever> jasom: ah, once you create /nix/ and give yourself ownership, it can do the entire install without root
<jasom> trying that now
<clever> it normally tries to do that itself, via sudo
<jasom> I assume --daemon won't work without sudo, or is it something else that was throwing it?
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* jasom can always install sudo
<clever> --daemon needs to know what distro your on, and how your service manager works
<clever> and it isnt auto-detecting that properly
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<clever> systemd may even be optional on gentoo??
<clever> gentoo is crazy like that, lol
<jasom> oh, that was unclear from the install instructions and I saw " As of Nix 2.1.0, the Nix installer will always default to creating a single-user installation, however opting in to the multi-user installation is highly recommended."
<jasom> yeah, no systemd here; it's a headless machine anyways
<clever> but multi-user is only supported on a few distros
<clever> at least, the automatic setup
<acowley> clever: I get a lot of config errors when I (buildLinux ...).override (_: {configfile = "foo";})
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<clever> you can always upgrade single to multi later
<jasom> ah, I see it now "Linux running systemd, with SELinux disabled"
<clever> acowley: what about just pkgs.linux.override { configFile = ./foo; } ?
<acowley> I don't have the configfile at a local path
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<acowley> I'm not sure if that matters
<jasom> it's possible that systemd is not only optional but not the default on gentoo; I haven't done a fresh install of gentoo in a while, so systemd may be the default now.
<clever> jasom: i havent actively used gentoo, since before systemd took hold on linux, lol
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<jasom> I'm slowly moving to NixOS for most things, but I still have this machine (a server I'm not going to reconfigure for nixos anytime soon) and my workstation at work (still uses NIS and I am too busy to add NIS support to nixos).
<clever> yeah, i still have 1 gentoo machine thats sticking around, havent bothered to switch it over
<clever> but all new installs have been nixos from the start
<jasom> totally off-topic, but systemd does *not* play nice with NIS out-of-the-box. Whenever a NIS user would try to connect to my workstation, 3 minutes later my X session would restart. It's a 1 line config file fix, but that took forever to track down what was causing it.
<acowley> Annoying debugging this build as it either fails really fast or really slow (> 30minutes).
<clever> jasom: NIS?
<jasom> clever: aka yellow pages?
<clever> ah
<judson_> Sorry, I asked this before: is there a unified list of Nix builtins and the lib functions?
<clever> judson_: theres some in the nixpkgs docs, but you can also just `nix repl '<nixpkgs>'` and then use tab completion on builtins. and lib.
<edef> nix repl '<nixpkgs/lib>', hit tab?
<slack1256> judson_: you mean as in a source-code file or as repl you can play with?
<judson_> As a reference. I don't have them all committed to memory.
<judson_> And neither do other expression writers, I think :)
<edef> idk, i sort of remember stuff i've found useful
<clever> judson_: i mostly browse the selection with tab-completion in the repl, and then test the function to make it do what i need
<edef> sometimes i dig a bit
<slack1256> yeah, me neither, but for that there the <tab> on nix repl
<edef> play around in the repl to see what it does, what args it takes
<judson_> Arguably, it's easier to write e.g. if b then; "true" else "false" than to look up boolToString
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<edef> if i'm looking for a string manipulation function, lib.strings
<edef> though boolToString isn't in lib.strings, idk what that goes under
<clever> > toString true
<{^_^}> "1"
<clever> > toString false
<{^_^}> ""
<clever> also, beware, toString is weird with bools
<judson_> The ones I often am looking for are e.g. the attrs & list ones.
<judson_> > boolToString true
<{^_^}> "true"
<judson_> > boolToString false
<{^_^}> "false"
<clever> nix-repl> lib.boolToString
<clever> «lambda @ /nix/store/bssxqlhb7liba974sx8yz3d0arjzvp9s-nixos-19.03pre166449.be445a9074f/nixos/lib/trivial.nix:77:18»
<clever> if you enter a raw function into the repl, it tells you what defined it
<judson_> Yeah, and I've resorted to that. But it relies on knowing the functions. They honestly tend to have really excellent comments. I sort of expected that they'd act like docstrings and there'd be HTML somewhere...
<clever> i didnt even think boolToString existed, lol
<judson_> Is there general tooling around parsing Nix?
<clever> judson_: hnix is one
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<clever> 2019-02-21 18:15:48 < judson_> Is there a unified list somewhere of builtins and nixpkgs lib functions?
<judson_> Well, see above - there's reason it lives in trivial.nix - because you can write it in place in ~2x the characters, and then you don't have to remember that it exists.
<clever> 2019-02-21 18:16:47 < LnL> I think we have something now
<clever> 2019-02-21 18:17:49 < LnL> ah https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#chap-functions
<clever> judson_: ah, you already saw it earlier
<judson_> I asked earlier. I switched to xchat recently, and the scrollback was so small...
<judson_> <- is bad at IRC
<clever> ah
<clever> i have irc logs enabled
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<clever> they go back to 2015-06-25 11:13:00 for this channel ....
<clever> damn, has it really been that long? :O
* judson_ whistles low
<judson_> There an existing "list of bools to bitfield" or can I wring some amusement out of this, I wonder?
<clever> judson_: hmmmm, i dont think ive seen anything like that, you would want to use foldl' i think
<clever> on each operation, shift by 1 (or *2), and then add either 0 or 1
<judson_> That would make sense, yes. Is there a shift?
<clever> not sure
<judson_> Doubling works, sure, but isn't as clear.
<clever> lib.bitAnd lib.bitNot lib.bitOr lib.bitXor
<clever> all 4 are primops, so they are actually under builtins
<clever> and i dont see a shift
<clever> bitNot = builtins.sub (-1);
<clever> lol
<clever> thats only going to work for inputs of 0 or 1
<judson_> Heh.
<ar1a> clever: any idea? https://ptpb.pw/Q86J/nix this creates the service but neither the server nor tmux are running. if i copy the execstart into my terminal and run it theres no problem and it works as intended
<ar1a> theres no relevant output in status, just systemd telling me its started the service
<ar1a> Process: 7264 ExecStart=/nix/store/2jm3nk3nq639xahkk94q2hyiz0fgvgxd-tmux-2.7/bin/tmux new-session -d -s minecraft /nix/store/b9p787yqaqi313l9rr0491igjwyzqfmw-bash-4.4-p23/bin/bash /home/aria/feedthebeast/FTBInfinityServer_3.0.2/ServerStart.sh (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
<ar1a> is what the execstart is
<clever> ar1a: nothing else in the journal, `journalctl -u minecraft.service` ?
<ar1a> no server running on /tmp/tmux-1000/default
<ar1a> didnt know about that command ty
<judson_> So, amusingly I went looking for foldr, because of course the rightmost bool should be least significant... forgetting for the moment that I generate the list of bools with attrVals
<clever> judson_: attrVals will sort them by the keys first
<ar1a> still not sure how to fix it tho
<judson_> attrValues will. attrVals takes a list of names to pull
<clever> judson_: ah
<judson_> > lib.attrsets.attrVals ["a" "z" "b] { a = 1; b = 2; c = 3; z = 26; }
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting '"', at (string):218:33
<judson_> > lib.attrsets.attrVals ["a" "z" "b"] { a = 1; b = 2; c = 3; z = 26; }
<{^_^}> [ <CODE> <CODE> <CODE> ]
<clever> ar1a: not sure what to try next, havent really used tmux much
<ar1a> actually that might be output from a previous service launch
<clever> ar1a: add -f to make it follow, and then try to restart the service
<ar1a> i just restarted and -f'd journal ctl
<ar1a> yeah
<ar1a> it doesnt print anything
<judson_> ar1a, systemd provides a restricted environment by default. Tmux needs some set... Which I don't recall.
<clever> i had tmux working like this, but it had its own dedicated user
<judson_> Specifically, though, tmux needs a tty - does that service need tmux to run?
<ar1a> where does script get written to and how do you tell serviceConfig about that
<ar1a> or is it auto
<clever> ar1a: script automatically gets written to the nix store, and the path added to ExecStart
<clever> judson_: i think the -d made it run without needing a tty
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<ar1a> yeah that detaches
<judson_> In which case it also returns immediately with 0 status, right? systemd isn't going to like that without more config. Can you not use ${pkg.bash} .../ServerStart.sh as your ExecStart?
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<clever> RemainAfterExit = "yes";
<clever> judson_: this flag makes systemd think its still running, after it exits with 0
<clever> and i suspect it uses cgroups to discover the new pid
<clever> so it can track all children that tmux made
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<judson_> That status looks like it didn't work though?
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<ar1a> when running the script in my command line it works fine, but when systemd goes the session ends immediately
<ar1a> probably because the command im trying to run doesnt exist on the path
<ar1a> ill upload my newest .nix
<ar1a> maybe i need java on the path too?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed 4 commits to master: https://git.io/fhFKj
<clever> ar1a: sounds likely
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<clever> the system-path isnt in PATH when that runs
<clever> so the env vars are going to be much more bare
<ar1a> that was it
<ar1a> thanks for bearing through my brain fart
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat merged pull request #55708 → Staging next → https://git.io/fh7TZ
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<clever> yep
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<selfsymmetric-mu> `libgssapi_krb5.so.2: undefined reference to `glob@GLIBC_2.27'` Anyone know this one?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhF6T
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat merged pull request #56103 → ktouch: fix build failure due to dependecy missing → https://git.io/fhFJU
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @srhb opened pull request #56180 → pandoc: Remove unneeded postInstall → https://git.io/fhF6Y
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<angerman> anyone got any tips to share how to speed up the rebuild loops when working on builders?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed 13 commits to staging: https://git.io/fhF6n
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat closed pull request #55593 → libXau: 1.0.8 -> 1.0.9 → https://git.io/fhQED
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat merged pull request #56022 → [staging]mesa and x11 updates → https://git.io/fhdO8
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat merged pull request #56170 → Revert "file: 5.35 -> 5.36" → https://git.io/fhFVI
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed 0 commits to revert-56126-update/file-5.36: https://git.io/fhF6c
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<teto> I don't get it, in my repl, I have python3Packages.pandas.doCheck = false; yet if I try to build it (same <nixpkgs>), nix builds the tests. Any idea ?
<clever> teto: did you set python3Packages.pandas.doCheck or are you eval'ing and seeing its already false?
<teto> evaling
<teto> I overrode it in an overlay
<jasom> okay, just got back to look at the results of the installer script without --daemon. New error message: error: cloning builder process: Invalid argument
<clever> jasom: you need to enable non-root namespacing
<clever> > python3Packages.pandas.doInstallCheck
<{^_^}> true
<clever> teto: python packages all use the installCheckPhase, which runs the tests after `make install`
<clever> teto: it has its own on/off switch
<teto> ah that's another one first time I see this
<teto> great thanks that should solve it
<clever> jasom: `sysctl -w kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1` will immediately enable it, but is lost at reboot
<clever> jasom: `echo kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1 > /etc/sysctl.d/nix-user-chroot.conf` will make it persist after a reboot
<teto> clever++
<{^_^}> clever's karma got increased to 96
<clever> almost to 100!
<teto> you deserve 1000
<angerman> clever: you karma whore :p
<clever> lol
<angerman> clever++
<{^_^}> clever's karma got increased to 97
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed 8 commits to staging: https://git.io/fhF61
<angerman> so... nix-tools almost has sublibrary support. Well technically it's haskell.nix that is gaining that support.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat merged pull request #55613 → libidn2: 2.1.0 -> 2.1.1 → https://git.io/fhQud
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat merged pull request #55632 → libuv: 1.24.1 -> 1.26.0 → https://git.io/fhQrB
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat merged pull request #55819 → unbound: 1.8.3 -> 1.9.0 → https://git.io/fh7bS
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat merged pull request #56059 → cmake: 3.12.1 -> 3.13.4 → https://git.io/fhdry
<clever> nice
<angerman> I guess I'm just too stupid for nix :-(
<clever> my first guess is to just namespace things a bit, under the parent library
<clever> so foo.cabal, with a sublibrary called bar, will show up as foo-bar in the nix
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palo1 is now known as palo
<clever> and when other parts of foo.cabal refer to bar, as you translate it to nix, you know bar is a sublib, so translate it to foo-bar again
<angerman> nix-tools actually exposes it as `$pkg.components.sublibs.$name`
<clever> that sounds pretty much the same
<angerman> the nasty part was jamming it into the packages that are used to resolve dependencies in a way that it wasn't global. Next issue I ran into was that haskell.nix mostly expects to deal with packages and tries to go for `package.components.library` directly. Which if you hand it a derivation won't work. And lastly Setup.hs register will produce a *folder* of configs for a package with sublibraries.
<clever> package.components.sublibs.bar or package.components.library maybe?
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/983890481b2 (from 77 minutes ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
<clever> > let a = {}; b = 42; in a.foo or b
<{^_^}> 42
<{^_^}> input-output-hk/haskell.nix#63 (by angerman, 1 day ago, open): Adds sublib tests
<clever> it feels like an `or` statement would handle checking the local package first, then checking elsewhere
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhF6y
<angerman> clever: yep `or` :-) precisely what I ended up using.
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<arq1> hello, my ssd was removed during the OS operation and now it doesn't appear in the boot options,
<arq1> i am currently in a live image and tried to chroot my installed OS but i got this error:
<arq1> chroot: failed to run command ‘/run/current-system/sw/bin/bash’: No such file or directo
<clever> arq1: the nixos-enter script handles setting up /run/current-system for you
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<arq1> clever: thanks, i got an error at first (maybe i did something wrong) but then after a restart it worked
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<eyJhb> clever: Updating to latest unstable did not work, it did however break displaylink functionality.... :p
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<bpye> Anyone tried running Pi-Hole in docker on NixOS? Seems like an easy way to get my own DNS server with DNSSEC etc
<bpye> Only recently realised my current routers DNS server doesnt forward DNSSEC as ssh is asking for confirmation even with SSHFP
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<eyJhb> Who killed the bot?
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<eyJhb> ,locate g++
<eyJhb> Well then...
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<Myrl-saki> Is NIXOS_INSTALL_BOOTLOADER still being used?
<Myrl-saki> Yes, yes it is.
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<Myrl-saki> ckdc83s5plwnqrdaasb1hhxn5f6kgspa-nixpkgs/nixos/modules/system/boot/loader/systemd-boot/systemd-boot-builder.py
<Myrl-saki> 177: warnings.warn("NIXOS_INSTALL_GRUB env var deprecated, use NIXOS_INSTALL_BOOTLOADER", DeprecationWarning)
<clever> Myrl-saki: there is also a --install-bootloader flag i think
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<Myrl-saki> clever: I guess no one just bothered changing nixos-install.
<Myrl-saki> I mean, it works, soo
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<johanot> lejonet srhb ping
<spacekitteh[m]> anyone able to merge this? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/56185
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<FrigoEU> Hey everybody, I have this thing with NixOS/NixOps that I'm not sure how to solve. I've been building a small SaaS application for which I use NixOps to deploy to a small Linode server. I have seperate databases and seperate server processes for every one of my tenants. Currently I have a list of all my tenants in a nix file, and my deployment scripts maps over all of these tenants to make/update a database for each one, start up a se
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<FrigoEU> t NGINX routing per url. This works great, but I wish a new user could click somewhere on my landing page and immediately get a NEW environment. I'm not sure how to do this with Nix. Intuitively I would replace the static list of tenants with a single table in a "global" database that keeps track of all tenants, and then run my deployment scripts off of that, but I wouldn't know how to do that in a Nix file. Are there other ways anybo
johanot has joined #nixos
<FrigoEU> other place where I can better ask this question, let me know!
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<srhb> johanot: pong
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<johanot> srhb: allready sent you the details on the "other channel" :P basically we have this oneshot unit on our ceph machines (https://gist.github.com/johanot/8c0ccedf2de9a0159d536947efa9ba30), but the lvm activate part fails and subsequently osd start
<johanot> activating lvms individually works
adamt has joined #nixos
<srhb> I'm interesting in knowing why it fails
adamt has joined #nixos
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<srhb> I'm pretty sure that used to work just fine
<srhb> As long as it doesn't try to activate the default parameterized systemd unit...
<srhb> s/interesting/interested
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<johanot> srhb: will dive into it in a momemt. Must be something that exists != 0 in the --all invocation
<johanot> just need moar caffeine
<srhb> :D
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<etu> hmm, bot dead?
<spacekitteh[m]> etu: cheers
<etu> Just a test: #56167
<etu> I think it's dead
<johanot> srhb: without "--no-systemd" it fails (what I tried yesterday), with "--log-path" it also fails (what our startup unit does). Seems like an easy fix :P
<DigitalKiwi> etu, brute?
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<srhb> johanot: Oh. What. :P
<srhb> johanot: But neat!
<srhb> johanot: Mounts get set up correctly?
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<johanot> yup :P So yeah... the only thing I'm left wondering is whether a change in the upstream module is needed here?
<johanot> I can see that we have the module vendored, so I can get away with just changing it internally and everyone here's happy
<srhb> johanot: iirc that part of the module has never been upstreamed, but lejonet has been working on it. I'm sure he'll check that everything works correctly :)
<srhb> johanot: Also, the test is going to cover it,.
<srhb> johanot: So I think we're fine, but feel free to share the module with me or lejonet, we don't have to reinvent the wheel :P
<ptotter[m]> how could I find out more about possible changes than nixos-rebuild dry-build gives?
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<Taneb> ptotter[m]: you could run "nixos-rebuild dry-activate", which builds the configuration and tells you what services it'll restart
<srhb> ptotter[m]: build it, then nix-diff your running system and the result of the build.
<srhb> Many options..
<johanot> srhb: Great! Tests (thumbs up) Wheel reinvention (thumbs down) :P
<srhb> johanot: :-P
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<srhb> johanot: The docs appear to believe that flags does exist though... Weird
<ptotter[m]> thank you
<johanot> srhb: do you have a link to that doc page?
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<srhb> Maybe mimic is just.. old?
<srhb> It's still there on master...
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<adamt> newest is 13.2.4, we're running 13.2.2
<johanot> srhb: No it's correct.. the flag exists, but you just can't pass it to the "lvm activate" subcommand
<johanot> "ceph-volume lvm activate --all --no-systemd --log-path /dev/stdout" fails
<johanot> "ceph-volume --log-path /dev/stdout lvm activate --all --no-systemd" works
<johanot> sigh
<johanot> cmdline parsers
<adamt> so is ceph-volume really calling out to some lvm binary, and passing all options after lvm to that command instead?
<johanot> adamt: not really interested in the details :P just make me a sane arg parser
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<adamt> johanot: Patch ceph to use kingpin then. :P
wfranzini has joined #nixos
<johanot> adamt: don't you use the k word on me
<johanot> :P
philippD has joined #nixos
<fpletz> johanot: we have the k8s e2e tests nearly working! just one failure :)
<johanot> fpletz: Awesome! Good job! Looking forward to reviewing and testing
<johanot> fpletz: One day we should make some tests for the individual k8s components. e.g. tests.kube-apiserver tests.scheduler etc. These, I think, would also be more ofborg friendly
<fpletz> yeah, totally, and the complete e2e testsuite takes about 2 hours on my laptop :/
<johanot> fpletz: buy a new laptop? :P
<fpletz> increasing the number of cores helps a bit
<fpletz> in the nixos test vm of course :)
<johanot> right :) while it's really nice to have a full e2e test, we should also have some quick and slim tests for fast smoke testing
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<Taneb> Well, my PR the other day didn't break every single Haskell package!
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<hyperfekt> I'm trying to output from a systemd unit postStart script, but nothing appears in the journal. Anyone have a clue what's going on? https://git.io/fhFXp
<hyperfekt> PS: stderr also doesn't seem to appear in the journal
<immae> hyperfekt: can you try maybe adding a simple "echo foo" and "echo foo >&2" to see if it would just happen that nothing gets out?
<clefru> Taneb: try harder. in my previous company, you got an internal badge when you submits a PR that broke more than X% of the company's builds.
<clefru> ;)
<hyperfekt> immae: Yeah, both of those do nothing :<
<immae> Then check in the systemd manual if it’s expected behavior
<Taneb> clefru: I'll try to do better in the future
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<hyperfekt> immae: I'm trying but it's a novel and nothing is mentioned in the most obvious places. Curiously stderr output from commands called in the script lands in the journal just fine.
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<immae> Are you sure that the poststart is ran? Maybe you’re in a case where it doesn’t actually run?
<hyperfekt> immae: It definitely is, I even get the correct exit code.
<immae> ok
<immae> Then I have no clue sorry, but maybe #systemd would be more helpful for your issue
dustinm has joined #nixos
<hyperfekt> Yeah, I'll ask there. I thought it might be something NixOS specific since that doesn't seem like behavior that one would call 'normal'.
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<immae> I’m not absolutely confident that it’s not NixOS, but it looks like a systemd issue
<immae> you could try to reproduce the issue with a simpler service too
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<hyperfekt> immae: I got it, turns out the script is executed with -e
<hyperfekt> Which means we never get beyond the first line
<immae> ah
<immae> good :)
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<equivrel> Hi, does anyone know how to make `nix-shell` available to my package at runtime
<equivrel> For context, I am setting up a buildbot (CI) worker using nix, and I'd like it to be able to invoke `nix-shell` using the `shell.nix` provided in whichever commit it's testing.
Alling has joined #nixos
<equivrel> but it looks like nix-shell isn't in the worker's path...
<immae> equivrel: did you try adding the "nix" package to buildbot's path?
<Alling> Hello guys! I tried installing the manticore package using shell.nix, but I got version 2017.08.22, and that's also the version seen here: https://nixos.org/nixos/packages.html#manticore
<symphorien> ,unstable
<equivrel> immae: wow, it didn't even cross my mind that there could be a nixpkgs.nix :o
<hyperfekt> Alling: That's the master tree, whose last successfull build is available as the nixos-unstable channel.
<hyperfekt> Alling: You're probably on 18.09, the msot recent stable channel.
<Alling> symphorien: hyperfekt You might be right. Here is the output of nix-channel --list:
<hyperfekt> Alling: With this configuration you should be able to use (import <nixpkgs> {}).manticore for the package version you're looking for.
<Alling> hyperfekt: OK, I'll try that. Do you know why I'm not "on" unstable even though it's included in the output of nix-channel --list?
<Alling> I should mention that sudo nix-channel --list doesn't include unstable.
<hyperfekt> Unfortunately, I'm not aware how the default channel is chosen. Note however that the channel you named nixpkgs points to the nixos-unstable channel.
<equivrel> immae: indeed, that worked. Thanks!
<immae> good :)
<Alling> hyperfekt: Yes, that's intentional so that I can install new versions of packages. Although I don't know if that's the right way to do it.
<therealwaphire[m> guys, any of you used `boot.kernel.sysctl` to set options that take multiple values?
<therealwaphire[m> for example, when I do: `"net.ipv4.tcp_mem" = 65536 131072 262144;`
<Alling> hyperfekt: I tried (import <nixpkgs> {}).manticore but it seems that it made no difference. Nothing new was downloaded and the Manticore compiler reports the same build date.
<therealwaphire[m> I get a `attempt to call something which is not a function but an integer, at /mnt/etc/nixos/configuration.nix`
<Alling> Although, weirdly enough, the Manticore compiler says that it was built on 2018-10-15.
<symphorien> try with quotes, therealwaphire[m ?
<hyperfekt> Alling: I don't think I'm situated to speak about the right way of things. But if you're not using NixOS may want to switch to nixpkgs-unstable, since that can update without being blocked by some packages needed for NixOS. If you are on NixOS, I would probably rename it just to avoid confusion.
<therealwaphire[m> <freenode_sym "try with quotes, therealwaphire "> okay, hold on
ubert has joined #nixos
<therealwaphire[m> aye, works
<therealwaphire[m> thanks :D
<therealwaphire[m> I was gonna try with a list first, haha
patrl has joined #nixos
<hyperfekt> Alling: Could you paste your config somewhere so I can take a look? Also note that only your main channel will be updated using nixos-rebuild --upgrade, you will have to do it manually for the others with nix-channel --update
<Alling> hyperfekt: I'm on NixOS.
agander has joined #nixos
<Alling> hyperfekt: So you're suggesting that I rename my nixpkgs to nixpkgs-unstable?
<hyperfekt> Alling: Lastly, make sure you're using sudo for nix-channel or it won't affect the channels nixos-rebuild is using.
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<Alling> That's true.
<Alling> But it should affect nix-shell, shouldn't it?
<hyperfekt> Alling: If you want to switch the whole of NixOS to unstable, rename it to nixos. If you just want to use it for importing, I suggest nixpkgs-unstable.
<hyperfekt> Alling: Good question, probably not.
<hyperfekt> Alling: -not, as in yes, it should affect nix-shell
<Alling> hyperfekt: Aha, so if I want something unstable, I have to be explicit about it?
<hyperfekt> Alling: Yeah, you have a default channel that fills the formal arguments and have to import all the others afaik.
<Alling> hyperfekt: There is something weird going on. After renaming nixpkgs to nixpkgs-unstable, I get this error from nix-shell:
<Alling> error: file 'nixpkgs-unstable' was not found in the Nix search path
<hyperfekt> Alling: You probably forgot to nix-channel --update, as one always does ;)
<Alling> (I haven't rebooted though.)
<Alling> Aha!
<Alling> hyperfekt: Woah, there we go!
<equivrel> I'd like to have nixpkgs available inside a nixos container, so that packages in there can use nixpkgs at runtime. I noticed that by default there doesn't seem to be a nixpkgs anywhere inside the container, presumably because everything is built on the meta-machine. Does anyone know of a nice way to install nixpkgs inside the container?
<equivrel> I guess I could literally write a derivation for fetching nixpkgs from Github but this feels weird...
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<equivrel> e.g. is it possible somehow to set environment.NIX_PATH for a service to point at a nixpkgs?
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<equivrel> what I'm imagining might look a bit like `pkgs.lib.makeSearchPath "" [pkgs]` but this doesn't actually work
<hyperfekt> equivrel: I can't say I fully understand what you're trying to do or how containers work but doesn't this method do the job? https://vaibhavsagar.com/blog/2018/05/27/quick-easy-nixpkgs-pinning/
camsbury has joined #nixos
<equivrel> hyperfekt: mhm, you're saying I should just set NIX_PATH to point at a url. Yeah that sounds sensible actually.
asymmetric has joined #nixos
<hyperfekt> equivrel: Nope, the snippet below that. importing a channel from github
<camsbury> hi there -looking to turn off the install phase on a mkDerivation build
<equivrel> hyperfekt: ah, I see. Let's see if that works
<equivrel> well actually this snippet still doesn't give me a way to put that nixpkgs into a package/service NIX_PATH...
<equivrel> like how do I go from `nixpkgs` to a `NIX_PATH` containing it?
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<camsbury> equivrel: if you have a configuration.nix you can set it via nix.nixPath
<equivrel> camsbury: but what do I set nix.nixPath to?
<camsbury> list of strings that are being added to the path
<adamt> equivrel: You can just fetch the nixpkgs tarball for a given git commit, and extract it where you want it, me thinks
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<camsbury> if you fetch that in your config you can do something like
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<camsbury> nix.nixPath = ["nixpkgs=${tarball}"];
<camsbury> which I actually do using fetchTarball
<equivrel> camsbury: I see thanks.
<camsbury> sure!
<ocharles> Is there a way to disable Nix caching the result of querying substitutes?
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<ocharles> We have a deployment machine that should pull things from Hydra. Occasionally people ask it to deploy some code that Hydra hasn't finished building so the substitution fails. However, that machine then caches that, so when Hydra has finished we have to ssh into the machine and clear /root/.nix to make it talk to Hydra and actually pull the build result down
<ocharles> If I could just configure that machine to always talk to Hydra, even if it previously failed, this would be much easier
<symphorien> there is a nix option to set the ttl of the cache iirc
<adamt> narinfo-cache-negative-ttl
<ocharles> Ooo
<adamt> Not sure if it can be set to disable caching altogether though
<adamt> (there's also a positive version, but it's the negative one you want I think)
<ocharles> https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/2036/files looks like I could actually set that to 0
<ocharles> Thanks, I'll set that
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<veverak> so
<veverak> Hi! I am one of the beginners here
<veverak> what is the correct way to deploy custom simple C++ app on nixos?
<veverak> (the target machine has to copile it )
<veverak> *compile
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<Taneb> Hydra's RunCommand plugin: does it only run one at a time?
<andi-> veverak: create a "package" with stdenv.mkDerivation and add it to environment.systemPackages or to a systemd unit or …
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<veverak> I see
* veverak goes to the package tutorials than
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<CMCDragonkai> Just a question. If a package is a dependency of a `runCommand` expression. Should that package be in the `nativeBuildInputs`, or should we directly reference it inside the shell script using `${pkgs.something}/bin/tool ...`?
<simpson> CMCDragonkai: The latter is usually enough.
<CMCDragonkai> simpson: In what situation should you be putting in th `nativeBuildInputs`?
<simpson> CMCDragonkai: When there's no better way. Build inputs are for when a package ambiently needs some dependency in its environment.
zupo has joined #nixos
<CMCDragonkai> simpson: That maybe true for somethings. But it does appear things like coreutils and findutils are just part of the stdenv, that we assume when writing `runCommand`.
asymmetric_ has joined #nixos
<simpson> Sure.
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<noonien> hello folks
hedning has joined #nixos
<noonien> by installing a package, can it add a systemd service?
<symphorien> No. You need a nixos module for this
<noonien> i thought that might be the case, however, i see quite a few packages adding systemd packages in $out/lib/systemd or $out/etc/systemd, why is that?
<symphorien> https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#systemd.packages if you put the derivation in this option, the services it provides will be used
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<noonien> ah, i see
o1lo01ol1o has joined #nixos
<noonien> thanks!
<noonien> i was wondering one other thing, is there a way for a package to create something in /var/lib during instalation?
<symphorien> it is usually integrated in the systemd service declared in the corresponding nixos module
<noonien> nono, not for systemd, the application i'm installing requires some stuff in /var/lib to be already present
<symphorien> the best thing you can do is to patch the source and replace /var/lib with $out/var/lib
reallymemorable has joined #nixos
<noonien> i see, the source is not available, i actually get it as a .deb. i can't patch the binary either.
<therealwaphire[m> Guys what is the preferred way of doing a Kubernetes cluster on NIXOS?
<noonien> however, i see /var/lib already exists, and is populated
<symphorien> noonien: then you can use libredirect
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<johanot> oh, related question. do we have the prebuild unstable manual pages somewhere?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @veprbl pushed 5 commits to master: https://git.io/fhFyW
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @veprbl pushed 5 commits to master: https://git.io/fhFyW
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/56167 (by etu, 14 hours ago, open): installer: Enable pulseaudio in all graphical iso's
<{^_^}> [systemd] @Mic92 pushed 0 commits to refs/tags/241.20190221: https://git.io/fhFyl
<{^_^}> #56185 (by spacekitteh, 4 hours ago, merged): Add new maps to sc2-headless
<{^_^}> [systemd] @Mic92 pushed 0 commits to refs/tags/v241.20190221: https://git.io/fhFy8
<{^_^}> [systemd] @Mic92 pushed 0 commits to refs/tags/241.20190221: https://git.io/fhFyl
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed commit from @dtzWill to staging « nghttp2: 1.35.1 -> 1.36.0 »: https://git.io/fhFy4
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed commit from @dtzWill to staging « nghttp2: 1.35.1 -> 1.36.0 »: https://git.io/fhFy4
<johanot> therealwaphire[m: beware that those kubernetes features are very new (as in.. not in stable yet), but should be in unstable
<noonien> symphorien: hmm, i can't tell what libredirect does, it appears to have something to do with LD, the app i'm trying to install doesn't need any .so, the deb actually comes with an openvpn binary which i want to replace with the openvpn derivation, and some text templates which it needs and has hardcoded the path for them as well
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<etu> {^_^}: You're a bit behind there :p
<symphorien> there are examples in nixpkgs: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/19eedaf867da3155eec62721e0c8a02895aed74b/pkgs/applications/networking/instant-messengers/teamspeak/client.nix#L96 this application needs a file in /etc/, and with libredirect you can fake that this file is in fact in the store
<symphorien> ^ noonien
<johanot> etu: I thought he answered me there, but it made no sense :D
<noonien> symphorien: OOH, THATS NICE! thanks for that!
<johanot> s/he/it
<etu> johanot: nah, I pasted my issue number a while back to see if it responded
<symphorien> noonien: note that libredirect is a ugly hack, so if you can avoid it, please do
<noonien> yeah, LD_PRELOAD "solutions" usually are, however, in this case, it seems to be my best solution
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<symphorien> yes, seems like it
<noonien> i hope it works, since this is a go binary, and i'm guessing Lthe library intercepts libc calls
<symphorien> ah
<symphorien> hmm
<symphorien> well you don't know untilyou try
<emily> go uses syscalls directly I think, so LD_PRELOAD might not help :(
<noonien> yeah, will do. i'm actually trying to get nordvpn running, it's just a wrapper on top of openvpn but it's really nice to have
<noonien> they only probide a .deb for ubuntu tho, it has no dependencies, but it does have some paths hardcoded
<therealwaphire[m> <freenode_joh "therealwaphire: beware that thos"> alright I'll try playing around.. Is there anything else I can do it it doesn't work right?
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<zduch4c> hello
<adamt> therealwaphire[m: Your IRC client is doing something wonky
<manveru> that irc client is matrix :)
<adamt> therealwaphire[m: johanot's point is that the K8s module has just undergone a substantial refactor, and that you'll have the best time if you use the module that was just merged into master. :-)
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<zduch4c> I set a parameter to a list in my configuration.nix; the parameter being environment.gnome3.excludePackages, and the list being pkgs.gnome3.optionalPackages. There is one thing I want to do with the list---remove certain elements from it. However, I noticed that I can't use `let' in my configuration file. What can I do?
<therealwaphire[m> Oh, okay yeah I saw a post from 2017 using services.kubernetes
<therealwaphire[m> I'll use the latest one then
<therealwaphire[m> @adamt replying is fucky with the irc bridge on matrix :0
<zduch4c> or, perhaps I can---I just don't know how to make it work
<therealwaphire[m> :P
<ottidmes> zduch4c: could you show us an example of your let use, you should just be able to use it in your nix files
<adamt> therealwaphire[m: The module from 18.09 would also work, but it requires more effort
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<zduch4c> nevermind ottidmes, I based my knowledge of let on Emacs Lisp which works differently, so it didn't translate. What I want to do is something (in pseudocode) akin to (let ((packages pkgs.gnome3.optionalPacakges)) (remove x from packages) (remove y from packages) ... (set environment.gnome3.excludePackages to packages))
<adamt> therealwaphire[m: This is an example cluster using the new module: https://github.com/johanot/machines-mirror/tree/master/configurations/nixos (johanot just told me before leaving the office)
<ottidmes> zduch4c: so you want excludePackages to act like includePackages? whitelist instead of blacklist?
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<zduch4c> ottidmes: something akin to that, I want to exclude all packages from a list I give, but that list being modified to whitelist the stuff I want
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<ottidmes> zduch4c: yeah so the list you give acts like the whitelist, alright, you can do that, let me write something
<zduch4c> yes, in simpler terms I basically want to do `environment.gnome3.excludePackages = pkgs.gnome3.optionalPackages; remove somepackage environment.gnome3.excludePackages' (if it were possible)
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<therealwaphire[m> <freenode_ada "therealwaphire: This is an examp"> Thank you
<therealwaphire[m> So if I wanted to use the module from 19.03, what would i have to do?
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<therealwaphire[m> <therealwaphire[m "So if I wanted to use the module"> forgive my stupidity, new to nixos :P
<therealwaphire[m> I know i have to add the 19.03 channel but where do I go from there?
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<adamt> therealwaphire[m: If it's a host doing nothing else, you could just considerer getting an early leg up on 19.03 and use unstable :P
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<adamt> Otherwise you would have to add the relevant kubernetes modules to the list of disabledModules, and then import the one from 19.03
<zduch4c_> thanks a lot ottidmes (I hope I got your nick right, I don't have history here)! You saved my butt AND my OCD
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<therealwaphire[m> <freenode_ada "therealwaphire: If it's a host d"> haha, that's always an option but it's one of my two servers that's going to be in the cluster
<therealwaphire[m> so I'd like it to be HA
<adamt> On a side note, you kinda need three servers to do any kind of reliable high availability, due to how quorum works
<therealwaphire[m> oh I'll be fine with the illusion of HA then :P
<adamt> at any rate, you'll have to somehow get these files https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/tree/master/nixos/modules/services/cluster/kubernetes loaded into your configuration, and remember to blacklist the k8s modules that already exist in the nixos channel you're using
<therealwaphire[m> isn't the 19.03 update due next month btw?
<adamt> Sometime pretty soon, yeah. There's the feature freeze on monday, and then hopefully a release sometime during March: https://discourse.nixos.org/t/nixos-19-03-feature-freeze/1950
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<wirew0rm> has anyone managed to create a QtQuick Projekt in qtcreator? I always get the "No kits found" error. Qt widgets projects work. I also added qt5.qtquickcontrols{,2} to my shell.nix
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<wirew0rm> I also get a lot of these on the command line: Skipping prl file '/nix/store/[...]-qt-full-5.12.0/lib/libQt5Quick.prl', because it cannot be opened (No such file or directory).
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<sphalerit> ,locate dhall-format
<therealwaphire[m> <freenode_ada "Sometime pretty soon, yeah. Ther"> then I guess it's a bad time to start with k8s :P
<therealwaphire[m> anyways, I think I've messed something up in my nix system
<jacereda> how do you access the expanded propagated link flags required for a certain buildInput? I mean, if I have `buildInputs=[foo]`, how can I turn that into `-L<foo-path> -lfoo -F<path-to-some-propagated-framework> -framework <some-propagated-framework>`
<therealwaphire[m> so... if I don't put "root" in the allowedUsers of the nix derivation, will root be still able to do things like `nixos-rebuild switch` ?
<sphalerit> jacereda: typically using pkg-config
<jacereda> sphalerit, oh, thanks, let me try
<sphalerit> therealwaphire: derivations don't have an allowedUsers
<wirew0rm> i found the missing .prl files in qtdeclarative, but adding it as a qt version does not work
<sphalerit> well, they can, but it don't do anything in particular.
<__monty__> sphalerit: `dhall format` is a command of the basic executable, so dhall-haskell I guess? Also, what happened to your e?
<sphalerit> __monty__: I'm also on here via matrix, and currently on airport wifi which seems to not like my tinc, so I can't get into my weechat
<therealwaphire[m> <sphalerit "therealwaphire: derivations don'"> I mean this:
* therealwaphire[m uploaded an image: image.png (4KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/AnOfktyaMQQkoOcrgWocTaJc >
<therealwaphire[m> I'm sorry if I got the lingo mixed up
<sphalerit> therealwaphire: ah so your system config. You shouldn't need to specify allowedUsers at all
<sphalerit> unless you actually want to prevent users from using nix
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<therealwaphire[m> oh
<therealwaphire[m> well the thing is
<therealwaphire[m> I get an error while doing `nixos-rebuild switch`
* therealwaphire[m uploaded an image: image.png (251KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/JHuEbraSySINfJyMLbEXkyTA >
<therealwaphire[m> while `nix-env -i package` works fine
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<sphalerit> is `allowed-users` specified in /etc/nix/nix.conf?
<therealwaphire[m> ah yes
<therealwaphire[m> I only included this in the configuration.nix file
* therealwaphire[m uploaded an image: image.png (18KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/KOozbVEIZoPPlwElTXFpnzJF >
<sphalerit> ok
<sphalerit> so first of all, remove that from configuration.nix :)
<sphalerit> then, `nix build -f '<nixpkgs/nixos>' system && sudo ./result/bin/switch-to-configuration switch`
<sphalerit> that should fix it :)
<therealwaphire[m> oh alright
<therealwaphire[m> so by default, all users are allowed to connect to the `nix` daemon, right?
<sphalerit> yes
<therealwaphire[m> should I also remove the trustedUsers part?
<sphalerit> yes, trustedUsers are allowed to place arbitrary data into store paths, which isn't necessary usually
<sphalerit> (and allows escalation to root from those users)
<therealwaphire[m> I don't understand what that means yet but I think I'll add it back if I have the need for it :P
<therealwaphire[m> thanks, mate
<sphalerit> np!
<therealwaphire[m> <sphalerit "then, `nix build -f '<nixpkgs/ni"> so as far as I understand, this builds the system in the local directory (which is user writable) and then tells root to switch to that profile, right?
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<sphalerit> It builds it in the nix store as normal, except using your user (which is an allowed-user)
<sphalerit> Then switches the system, yes
<sphalerit> It's basically what nixos-rebuild does, just with different users and skipping the building nix part
<therealwaphire[m> I see, I see
<therealwaphire[m> thanks, man, that was really helpful
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<jacereda> sphalerit, I just tried `configureFlags = ["--extra-libs=$(pkg-config --libs glew)"]` and it yields: ./configure: eval: line 852: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"
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<sphalerit> jacereda: the configure script will probably use pkg-config correctly itself, just make sure to have pkgconfig in the derivation's nativeBuildInputs
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<jacereda> sphalerit, I'm trying to add a patch to the library that requires glfw, so I don't think it will do the trick. I've tried to manually put that --extra-libs argument in the configure flags and it works, but I was wondering what would be the right way to do it
<jacereda> sphalerit, the unpatched library doesn't depend on glfw, so it won't look for it in the configure phase
<sphalerit> jacereda: aah OK. Fair enough. That sounds like a reasonable way to do it
<sphalerit> I suppose the most reusable way would be to patch the configure script (or the source it's generated from) but I imagine that would be a fair bit more effort.
<symphorien> I think you can append to $configurFlagsArray in bash in preConfigure
<sphalerit> Definitely worth it if you want to upstream your patch of course, but if you just want to use it on systems that have nix, probably not
<jacereda> sphalerit, yeah, it would make sense that way and contribute the patch upstream, but they've refused that patch in the past
<jacereda> symphorien, thanks, will try that
<sphalerit> Ah, well then!
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<therealwaphire[m> just one more thing
<therealwaphire[m> does sha-512 give different output on the same input?
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<adamt> No
<therealwaphire[m> then why does `mkpasswd -m sha-512` give me different outputs on typing the same password? o.O
<adamt> therealwaphire[m: That's because a random salt is added to your password for security
<therealwaphire[m> oh!
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<adamt> therealwaphire[m: I think it's the part between the 2nd and 3rd "$"
<therealwaphire[m> results in strings of variable length as well!
<adamt> It looks like it's the salt that has differing lenghts, but yeah
<adamt> It's to prevent the same hash for people using the same password, basically
<therealwaphire[m> oh that's awesome
<adamt> If you're interested in that sort of stuff, you can google rainbow tables
<das_j> infinisil: Is this what you were thinking of (maybe I'll rename secure to sandboxed): https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/compare/master...dasJ:sandbox-units
<das_j> (Also: This branch breaks your system for very obvious rasons)
<therealwaphire[m> <freenode_ada "If you're interested in that sor"> okay now this is weird, I've generated hashes on the same password and did `nixos-rebuild switch` twice and yet, my password isn't getting set
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<infinisil> das_j: Oh nice, das_j++! There are a couple more secure defaults, but yeah something like that. Ping me if you open a PR :)
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<das_j> infinisil: What defaults are you thinking of? Also do you think is can get merged if most services (95%) just have sandboxedUnit = false?
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<das_j> (also maybe I should wait until 19.03 is released)
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<sphalerit> das_j: nah do it right after the branch-off on Monday ;)
<das_j> Oh monday it is? \o/
<adamt> therealwaphire[m: NixOS has a concept called mutable users, that basically defines whether NixOS will update passwords etc. for users
<therealwaphire[m> yeah
<therealwaphire[m> just realized
<adamt> therealwaphire[m: https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#users.mutableusers
<therealwaphire[m> awesome
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<therealwaphire[m> any problems with setting that to false?
<adamt> therealwaphire[m: Only if your users think they can just log into a server and change their password
<therealwaphire[m> oh, nah, the only people using the server are me and my friend
<adamt> We've disabled mutableUsers for all our servers, but probably have it enabled on our local workstations.
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<dmj`> I'm attempting to use the papertrail module for NixOS, from the iohk-nixops setup. Under the hood it's just calling journcalctl -f | ncat --ssl logs5.papertrailapp.com 38787. On my ec2 instance (in a vpc) I can send unencrypted bytes, but it will not allow encrypted bytes outgoing (the --ssl flag). Why would this be (note this doesn't happen on my other servers)
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<therealwaphire[m> <freenode_ada "We've disabled mutableUsers for "> that's very sane, actually
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<dhess> Does hydra.nixos.org's nixpkgs jobset run the nixos release.nix tests? Or are those run separately?
<samueldr> dhess: nixpkgs:trunk is configured to eval pkgs/top-level/release.nix and nixos:trunk-combined is configured to eval nixos/release-combined.nix
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<dhess> samueldr: ahhhh I see, thanks
<samueldr> dhess: not sure if you need the tip, but this can be seen on the jobsets' configuration tab https://hydra.nixos.org/jobset/nixos/trunk-combined#tabs-configuration
<dhess> samueldr: I just didn't know which job to look at, thanks for the pointer
<samueldr> :)
<samueldr> yeah, that was my alternative assumption, not knowing whith jobset :)
<samueldr> which*
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<dhess> ok next Hydra q: assume you have 2 jobsets (call them A and B) each keying off the same Git checkout URL. Is there a way to sequence them such that Hydra will always run job A before B?
<dhess> like in the case of nixpkgs:trunk and nixos:trunk-combined, say you wanted to run nixpkgs:trunk evaluations first before nixos:trunk-combined
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<dhess> even though they both trigger off the same nixpkgs Git repo
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<pie_> emperical experience seems to show that emacsWithPackages only works with emacs packages and not others
hmm322 has joined #nixos
<pie_> or at the least doesnt work with stuff that provides binaries, because it doesnt set the proper PATH in the wrapper?
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<jabranham> how can I add "Persistent=true" to the timer created by services.borgbackup.jobs ?
<therealwaphire[m> so, haha, some more newbie questions :P
<therealwaphire[m> how do you go on deploying something like this?
<symphorien> what is the name of the job, jabranham ?
<jabranham> jabranhamBackup
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<das_j> jabranham: systemd.timers.[unitname].timerConfig.Persistent = true;
<das_j> something like that
<dhess> pie_: I believe that's true. I bundle my emacsWithPackages up with the required binaries in a buildEnv
<symphorien> ah das_j was quicker
<hmm322> Hi, I'm struggling to understand what is `self` and `super` in terms of overlay. If I have 3 overlays `a`, `b` and `c` and it is invoked in that order, `super` in `b` would be the result of invoking `a`, so what does the `self` in `b` points to?
<pie_> dhess, would be nice if this was documented or something
<jabranham> das_j: ah, great, thanks
<das_j> jabranham: Name seems to be borgbackup-job-$name
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<hmm322> or is this not the correct place to ask such questions
<dhess> hmm322: self in b points to any packages that b puts in the overlay itself. It's like a "rec" or "let" binding
<das_j> hmm322: Somebody made a cool chart: https://dram.cf/nix-talk/self-super.svg
<das_j> Basically, super is the package set returned by the previous overlay and self is the package set returned by the last overlay
<hmm322> that chart is great
<hmm322> thanks!
<dhess> hmm322: a good rule of thumb is that super is almost always the right one to use.
<das_j> Yes, but I forgot who made it
<hmm322> almost forget about that one
<hmm322> when to use `super` over `self`
<hmm322> and vice-versa
<das_j> Use super. If you need a package that is modified by another overlay (or your overlay), self is the way to go
<das_j> But be aware of the possibility of an infinite recursion
<jabranham> hmm322: It's not 100% accurate, but I like to think of "super" as "nixpkgs" and "self" as "nixpkgs + my overlays"
<dhess> hmm322: I only use self when I define foo and bar in the same overlay.nix file, and bar wants to use the local foo, not the original (super) foo
<das_j> jabranham: It's 100% accurate if you only have one overlay
<hmm322> thanks guys!
<dhess> so like, bar = callPackage ./bar.nix { inherit (self) foo; }
<dhess> pie_: I may be wrong, but that's how I use it, anwyay.
<pie_> dhess, id make a github issue but i dont have access to my GH right now
<pie_> i kind of just figured the various withPackages infrastructures work with anything
<pie_> but i didnt think very hard. hm.
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<pie_> note to self: withPackages stuff lets you shoot yourself in the foot
<dhess> I think it's the same with ghcWithPackages, at least
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<dhess> but then I can't think of any Haskell packages that depend on external binaries being in the path like Emacs packages do, so it's less likely to be a problem.
<dhess> Oh actually I wrote a package that does exactly that :D I should test it with ghcWithPackages
<Taneb> dhess: "sbv" as on Hackage looks for z3 on path, but in nixpkgs it's been patched so that it doesn't
<Taneb> (we hardcode the path to z3)
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<dhess> Taneb: yeah it would be nice if there were some automatic mechanism for that, but that's probably a Haskell tooling issue more than a Nix one
<unacceptable> Is there a way to control the size of the tmpfs mounted underneath /run/user/{my-uid} ?
<unacceptable> Or to make it disk-backed? Packer wants to use it and it's quite hard to convince it not to
<srhb> unacceptable: Yes, both are possible. Normally it's set to some percentage of your total memory
<srhb> I'd advice you to avoid making it disk-backed (it's intended not to be, and bigger builds should prefer /tmp)
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<srhb> unacceptable: You'll need to look up logind config settings to tune it.
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<srhb> Actually, making it physically backed might be a bit harder than I anticipated. But tuning its size is just RuntimeDirectorySize as linked above.
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<NemesisD> has anyone else experienced nix eating your haskell package's data files? i'm using cabal2Nix and it seems to create a space in the store where the files would go, e.g. /nix/store/xxxx-my-package-, but its empty, and the data files are meant to be in /nix/store/xxxx-my-package- they're in the tarball when i sdist
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<therealwaphire[m> so, guys, I started out with kubernetes by a simple:
<therealwaphire[m> `services.kubernetes.roles = [ "master" "node" ];` and `nixos-rebuild switch`
<therealwaphire[m> but, uh, for some reason `kubectl` isn't able to find any nodes
<gchristensen> do you have swap?
<therealwaphire[m> <freenode_gch "do you have swap?"> yes
* therealwaphire[m uploaded an image: image.png (1829KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/knOgMeHSyKuqNYohpwONbGPo >
<therealwaphire[m> saw that issue on github but wasn't it fixed?
<gchristensen> you have to disable swap, I think
<gchristensen> there is nothing to fix, therealwaphire[m, it isn't a bug
<therealwaphire[m> kubernetes doesn't support swap?
<gchristensen> kubernetes does support swap but requires you confirm you know it is a bad idea for some reason, by passing "--fail-swap-on=false"
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<therealwaphire[m> just did
<therealwaphire[m> still no nodes available
* therealwaphire[m uploaded an image: image.png (670KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/UErLUQjiWtHTxvMqVzseAhMe >
<gchristensen> sorry, I don't really know anything about k8s..
<simpson> therealwaphire[m: $ kubectl top no
<simpson> "We require more minerals"
<noonien> i have a package that i build using `buildPythonApplication`, how can i define the runtime dependencies it needs? in this case it requires networkmanager
* therealwaphire[m uploaded an image: image.png (140KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/zbObVVRPKRLidekecliWfWGq >
<noonien> i have networkmanager installed on the system anyway, but i don't think it's a good idea to define the derivation without the dependency
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<simpson> noonien: I'm not sure how that would interact with networkmanager in particular, due to the need for the system service to also be present and running, but you should be able to `propagatedBuildInputs = [ networkmanager ];` in the attrset as if it were a normal derivation.
<noonien> awesome, thanks!
<simpson> therealwaphire[m: $ kubectl describe po $UNHAPPY_POD
<simpson> I don't need the results. This is for you.
<infinisil> das_j: I'm not sure if they all make sense to use by default, but there's a couple others in man systemd.exec
<simpson> You'll get a readable (and search-engine-able) status code, and also some logging information about what's wrong. I am guessing that the machine you're working on just isn't big enough but I don't know your details.
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<therealwaphire[m> @simp
<therealwaphire[m> @simpson oh lol, sorry about that
<infinisil> das_j: All the Private* ones, Protect*, Restrict*, CapabilityBoundingSet, NoNewPrivileges and RemoveIPC
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<therealwaphire[m> but I've already tried it and it doesn't show anything useful... just "no nodes available"
<therealwaphire[m> @simpson trying it on my laptop as well as on my server, not one of them works
<therealwaphire[m> same error
<simpson> therealwaphire[m: Waaaait, did you do a sanity check? $ kubectl get no
<therealwaphire[m> that's the first thing I did
<therealwaphire[m> `no resources available`
<therealwaphire[m> `No resources found.`
<simpson> Hm. Do you have a /var/log/kubelet.log?
<simpson> We are rapidly approaching the lower edges of my k8s knowledge, but maybe there's an obvious error in there. Basically, you got no Nodes. No Nodes means no Pods can be scheduled.
<therealwaphire[m> of course, that's what I'm asking haha
<therealwaphire[m> why are there no nodes when I've already assigned the role
<mog> anyone here use go? i want to have a nix-shell where i can experiment and develop some packages before i actually go build real packages. the gopath is being set to /nix/store/8r2mnz1c8sxr8w38bc0ap212zp88ngl1-go-1.11.5/share/go/pkg/mod so its read only and doesnt work
<simpson> therealwaphire[m: I don't know! Does your prospective node have a /var/log/kubelet.log?
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<therealwaphire[m> I'm currently testing this so the same server is master as well as the node
<therealwaphire[m> and nope, no logs
<therealwaphire[m> tried running `kubelet` manually
<therealwaphire[m> getting this stuff
<simpson> Curious. I'm not sure what next, sorry; I have yet to set up my garage for figuring out this stuff myself.
<therealwaphire[m> I understand
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<therealwaphire[m> I'll look into it more and report back if I fix it
<therealwaphire[m> if nothing works, I'll upgrade to 19.03 and see if the problem is still there
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<simpson> Oh! I'd assumed that you were test-driving 19.03. A relatively serious rework of the k8s modules just landed there, IIUC, and I'm waiting for 19.03 to come out before I start playing around.
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<therealwaphire[m> I see
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<therealwaphire[m> in that case, let me try upgrading and I'll try the same thing again
<simpson> Good luck.
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<ixxie> therealwaphire[m: there is also #nixos-kubernetes btw, in case this wasn't mentioned already
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<therealwaphire[m> damn
<therealwaphire[m> it wasn't
<simpson> Oh! That sounds useful.
<simpson> There's also #kubernetes, but low-level questions about cluster management don't do well there.
<gchristensen> ixxie: oh cool
<therealwaphire[m> joined but the room has never been active
<judson_> Hrm. I thought I understood how modules work...
<judson_> config sets work like the toplevel configuration, right? Shouldn't I be able to use imports there?
<judson_> Or is this peculiar to home-manager?
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<infinisil> judson_: What do you mean by config sets?
<gchristensen> { config = { ... }; } <- config can't contain imports, they have to be a peer to config
<infinisil> { options = { ... }; config = { imports = [ ... ]; ... }; } doesn't work
<gchristensen> ^
<judson_> I'm working on a custom module....
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<judson_> Okay, but { imports = []; config = {}; } should?
<infinisil> Yea
<ikitat> is there a builtin equivalent to bash's `env`?
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<gchristensen> what for?
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<ikitat> debugging
<infinisil> ikitat: The only somewhat related thing is builtins.getEnv
<ikitat> infinisil: which requires me to know the env I'm looking for, I'm curious about what is available
<gchristensen> debugging what? There is no real utilization of the environment during Nix evaluation. maybe explain your problem little bit more?
<infinisil> ^
<clever> ,xy
* clever pokes infinisil
* infinisil pokes gchristensen
* gchristensen pokes himself
<ikitat> I'm trying to mount overlays into a target host via nixops. clever gave some help yesterday but I'm a bit lost
<clever> ikitat: i think you want to copy a directory full of overlays to $out/overlays, and then set nixpkgs-overlays=/run/current-system/overlays in nix.nixPath
<ikitat> clever: /run/current-system/overlays refers to the target host?
<clever> yeah
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* gchristensen pokes {^_^}
<gchristensen> ,tofu
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<ikitat> yeah, I was trying to understand where $out comes from and what other attributes are available. Sifting through code.
<clever> ikitat: that part of the code is running under bash, so you can just `env ; exit 1` to see the vars
<ikitat> ah, *smacks forehead*
<ikitat> assuming that nixops is staging things on the host to be put into the guest environment...
<ikitat> but it's hard to see what's happening. I'll keep pressing on
<ikitat> thank you again
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<clever> nixops will build everything using normal nix, which can then either be built locally, or with build slaves (if enabled)
<clever> and then it will copy the products to the remote targets
<gchristensen> it sounds like you might have misunderstanding, and maybe we can help fix clarify?
Makaveli7 has joined #nixos
<clever> gchristensen: i think the question, is "what env vars besides $out are available here" https://github.com/cleverca22/nixos-configs/blob/master/nixops-managed.nix#L14
<clever> and since that string is just a chunk of bash ran inside a derivation, plain old `env` is enough
<clever> ikitat: `nixops deploy --build-only` can also be useful for testing things without actually deploying them
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<ikitat> it also *feels* like the -I option could help me with this but I haven't attempted it yet
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<gchristensen> ,tofu
<clever> [clever@system76:~/nixos-configs]$ nix repl '<nixpkgs>' -I nixpkgs-overlays=./overlays/ --show-trace
<clever> ikitat: i used this to confirm how nixpkgs-overlays works, and change my overlays to fit that style
<gchristensen> infinisil: you may need to restart your end
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-18.09-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/23453d2d8c7 (from 9 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-18.09-small)
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/2a81eceeba6 (from 2 days ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable)
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/e5405f9ae8b (from 5 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
<infinisil> ,ping
<{^_^}> pong
<clever> ,cache
<clever> error: The option value `nixpkgs.overlays' in `/home/clever/nixos-configs/nixops-managed.nix' is not of type `list of nixpkgs overlays'.
<clever> gchristensen: dang!
<gchristensen> whoa
<clever> it lets you set nixpkgs-overlays to a directory, but the nixos level forces you to import them all yourself
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<clever> 16 ln -sv ${pkgs.path} $out/nixpkgs
<clever> ok, now this is strange.....
<clever> Nix daemon out of memory
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<clever> ["nix-build", "-I", "nixpkgs=/home/clever/nixpkgs", "
<clever> oh
<clever> 1.4gig, that explains it
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<ikitat> clever: linking there caused a link on my guest that refers to a location on my host and I couldn't refer to the new attribute from pkgs
<clever> ikitat: can you pastebin the nix code you used?
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<clever> ikitat: that path isnt at the nix level, so nix doesnt know to copy it
<clever> 17 ln -sv ${./overlays} $out/overlays
<clever> if you elevate the path to a nix level value, it gets copied automatically
<ikitat> by wrapping ${./path} does that then get put into /nix/store?
<clever> yep
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<clever> it will copy it to /nix/store/longhash-path, and then insert that into the bash level script
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<ikitat> Okay, this is great, thank you. I hope I can contribute a bit to the documentation about how to get to this. It seems like deploying ad-hoc code would be a common need.
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<ikitat> I don't know the NixOS documentation very well, but have been through nixpkgs, nixops, and nix manuals and would not have been able to get close to this without your help :)
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<clever> ikitat: the path copying is a nix level feature, so i would expect it to be in the nix manual
<ikitat> but injecting overlays via nixops is nowhere to be seen
<clever> yeah, system.extraSystemBuilderCmds is much more of an internal thing i discovered by just reading the source of nixos
<clever> but nix.nixPath is in the nixos options docs
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<clever> ikitat: and nixpkgs-overlays being in NIX_PATH to setup overlays, thats probably in the nixpkgs manual
<aanderse> i grabbed a copy of pkgs/development/interpreters/php/ and put it in my home directory. made a few small modifications to php. then in my configuration.nix file i add this: services.httpd.phpPackage = (pkgs.callPackage /home/aanderse/php {}).php72;
<aanderse> but when i build i get this error:
<aanderse> error: attribute 'override' missing, at /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/root/channels/nixos/nixos/modules/services/web-servers/apache-httpd/default.nix:15:9
<aanderse> i'm so confused because i'm passing php in the same way php is defined in pkgs/top-level/all-packages.nix
<aanderse> anyone have any thoughts?
<clever> aanderse: i think you want to use callPackages
* aanderse looks at all-packages.nix again....
<aanderse> :-D
<aanderse> thanks clever!
<clever> callPackage will add a .override to its return value, so the entire set php/default.nix returned, has a .override
<clever> but when you .php72, the override is lost
<clever> callPackages is a variant, that will add it to every attr inside the set instead
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<clever> i would also say to use overrideAttrs, but given that apache is trying to do its own .override afterwards, overrideAttrs wont work right
<aanderse> yeah that makes sense
<aanderse> saved me some head banging on keyboard, thanks again :)
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<jonreeve[m]> ZOMG I'm the worst at Nix. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get this to build: https://gist.github.com/JonathanReeve/ac67d70e20fcbf2ca6472b7d190665c5
<jonreeve[m]> Anyone know how to get this to build?
<clever> jonreeve[m]: nix-build -E 'with import <nixpkgs>{}; haskellPackages.callPackage ./open-editions.nix {}'
<clever> its a variant of:
<clever> ,callPackage
<{^_^}> If a Nix file foo.nix starts with something like `{ stdenv, cmake }:`, you can build it with `nix-build -E '(import <nixpkgs> {}).callPackage ./foo.nix {}'`
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<jonreeve[m]> How can I find out which GHC versions are available in Nixpkgs?
<jonreeve[m]> That is, compilers I can choose in my default.nix?
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<clever> > builtins.attrNames haskell.compiler
<{^_^}> [ "ghc822" "ghc822Binary" "ghc844" "ghc861" "ghc862" "ghc863" "ghc863Binary" "ghcHEAD" "ghcjs" "ghcjs84" "ghcjs86" "integer-simple" ]
<jonreeve[m]> Is that a REPL command?
<clever> jonreeve[m]: yeah, under `nix repl '<nixpkgs>'`
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<mightyby1e> Anyone know if it's possible to make nix only build certain parts of a haskell package test suite?
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-18.09 advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/23453d2d8c7 (from 10 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-18.09)
<grp> hi. Porting a server to nixos I've stumbled upon a problem. In the server currently in production, there are many binaries and scripts with different group permissions and even setuid. When trying to replicate this in nixos I've hit a wall: nix store doesn't allow me to store them with custom permissions, not even root:root go-rwx. What mechanism should I use to achieve this?
<symphorien> for setuid, see https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#security.wrappers
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<symphorien> what use case do you have for specific permissions on non setuid executables ?
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<grp> for example, many database query scripts and other utilities that run against core equipment
<symphorien> you mean, they contain passwords ?
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<grp> some do, yes
<symphorien> the nix store cannot contain secrets. put the secrets in a non nix managed file, and have the script take the file in arguments
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<symphorien> there is no real way around
<grp> but even then, I'd like everyone to tab complete what they can actually run
<symphorien> you can create a different PATH for each of them
<grp> seems like I'll make a /local folder with everything there
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<grp> which kind of sucks... because I'll have to make wrappers to the real scripts, since I'm not going to maintain /nix/store paths to libs and such manually
<symphorien> if they are not performance critical, you could use a #!/usr/bin/env nix-shell shebang
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<symphorien> but instead I would purge the scripts of secrets, and package them in group1-utils group2-utils and so on
<clever> i sometimes make shell.nix files, with a shellHook that will just `exit` at the end
<symphorien> and then users in group1 install group1-utils in their profile
<symphorien> but not group2-utils
<clever> so when you try to run `nix-shell foo.nix`, it runs some things (impurely), and then exits
<symphorien> so that they get the right tab-completion
<catern> sob
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<clever> and the env when running those things, is provided by nix-shell
<catern> hydra's dependencies are incorrect
<catern> how totally ironic
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<grp> symphorien: but then I'd have to tell everyone (or su -c) to update their profiles everytime I deploy a new script
<symphorien> you can automate that in /etc/profile
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<symphorien> something like export PATH=$(extra-utils-for $(id -u)):$PATH
<symphorien> where extra-utils-for is a shell function which chooses what to install
<catern> geeze, is anyone even using the Perl support in Nixpkgs except for Nix and Hydra themselves?
<catern> is there a convenient way to see a list of any packages depending on a given package in Nixpkgs?
<symphorien> nox-review can inderectly tell you this
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<catern> sigh, to correct Hydra's dependencies I'm gonna have to package some perl :(
<clever> catern: is it not packaged on either end? ive noticed desync between hydra's release.nix and the nixpkgs expression for it before
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<catern> no it's just one of hydra's deps (the Starman web server) only loads a certain library if you try to use a specific feature, and I expect that no-one has tried to use this feature yet for Nixpkgs Starman, since the library it loads isn't even packaged
<catern> (and so if you try to use this feature for Hydra - by setting the env var to turn it on - it crashes on trying to load the library)
<clever> ahhh
<clever> what is the feature?
<catern> Starman supports passing down an already listening socket to it, systemd-socket-activation-style
<clever> ah
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<clever> there are also 2 different ways systemd can do that
<clever> either systemd does accept() always, and launches a new worker for each connection
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<clever> or systemd waits for a connection attempt, then spawns the real daemon, and gives it the listening socket
<catern> (Starman's support predates systemd so it uses neither of those ways, but it's enough support that I can write a tiny wrapper to make it compatible)
<clever> what does starman's support do?
<jonreeve[m]> So I made a shell.nix using `cabal2nix . --shell > shell.nix`, but it's not building because one dependency can't find its dependencies. How do I jailbreak that package? Here's my shell.nix: https://gist.github.com/JonathanReeve/ac67d70e20fcbf2ca6472b7d190665c5
<catern> well - it's the second approach (pass in already listening sockets, with the fd numbers in an env var) just with a different env var from what systemd uses
<clever> catern: ahh
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<samrose_> if I want to use `nixpkgs.writeShellScriptBin` then I probably do not want to set an env var like this in that script eh? `export RUST_SODIUM_LIB_DIR=/nix/store/l1nbc3vgr37lswxny8pwhkq4m937y2g4-libsodium-1.0.16;`
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<asymmetric_> how do i enable a systemd service in a nixos module? cf. https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/51803/files#r243744715
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<asymmetric> bsima: that defines the systemd service, but in my case, the systemd service is in a package, and the module should enable it and start it
<asymmetric> or maybe it should actually redefine it? not sure, that seems error prone
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<bsima> i think you can just enable the other service in your config, like matomo does with nginx https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/release-18.09/nixos/modules/services/web-apps/matomo.nix#L191
<shazow> anyone able to get chromecast streaming with vlc on nixos? I just get "searching..." forever, is there another service I need to enable? chrome browser is able to chromecast just fine though
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<asymmetric> bsima: that's the nixos nginx module, not sure if it matches what i'm trying to do
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<cbarrett> hello. nixops question. has anyone thought of using a docker image to store the nixops state file? Check my assumptions please, but I think everyone could share the same image for read operations, for any changes you would need to push a new version of the image. This is assuming I have a private registry already (I do)
<clever> cbarrett: the problem with any idea like that, is that if 2 people mess with the state file at the same time, you get merge conflicts, and aws resources can get lost, and never destroyed, running up a bill
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<cbarrett> that's true
<cbarrett> my thought was that CI would do most writes and right now the only other user is me. so it wold work
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<clever> cbarrett: i would recomend just having a central box that you run nixops on, and maybe have an api to remotely trigger `git pull` and `nixops deploy`
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<cbarrett> curious why? it seems silly to have to have a machine to get more machines
<clever> cbarrett: thats just how nixops is currently designed
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<ottidmes> samrose: this line is the problematic one: failed to open: /homeless-shelter/.cargo/git/.cargo-lock-git
<charukiewicz> Has anyone here encountered issues with their Haskell project building twice in a row when using cabal2nix + nix-build? Is there some parameter that needs to be set to prevent this?
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<ottidmes> samrose: you should change HOME in your build to point it to some writable location
<samrose> ottidmes: hmm thank you I will see if I can figure that out
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<samrose> charukiewicz: when I encounter buildign twice, for me it has usually been due to issies with recursion in my code
<charukiewicz> I have two executables defined in my .cabal file, but they both reference the single library definition that contains most of the modules. Could that be it?
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<clever> charukiewicz: that design is how you prevent it from building twice, can you pastebin the build log?
<samrose> ottidmes: so you are saying with that example that running a `mkdir` creates a dir that the package build process will have access to write to?
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<charukiewicz> clever: sure, one moment, let me rebuild. We're at 179 modules in this project, and have moved from stack to nix now that we're about to deploy it. This double-build really slows things down.
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<{^_^}> #44465 (by erictapen, 28 weeks ago, closed): buildRustpackage: failed to load source for a dependency on $x
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<clever> charukiewicz: i'm guessing you want to run pkgs.haskell.lib.justStaticExecutables over it
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<selfsymmetric-pa> I have a PR in limbo here: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/54443. How can I move it forward?
<{^_^}> #54443 (by matthew-piziak, 4 weeks ago, open): add textlint rules and plugins
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<charukiewicz> clever: here's the build log https://gist.github.com/charukiewicz/b61eb9e8e7e998805b064d297c812f3e - I snipped the middle portion of the build, let me know if you want me to include it
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<clever> charukiewicz: yep, the .o files it builds are normal outputs, and the .p_o are the same thing with profiling enabled
<clever> charukiewicz: pkgs.haskell.lib.justStaticExecutables disables profiling and does a few other helpful things
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<softinio> trying to add new vim plugins to nix following the add plugins section of this https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Vim
<charukiewicz> clever: so would pkgs.haskell.lib.justStaticExecutables be something to include in the nixpkgs import clause?
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<clever> charukiewicz: its a function you run on the haskell package, either in an overlay, or where you refer to it somewhere
<charukiewicz> clever: okay, thank you
<laas> what's the difference between nixpkgs.fetchurl and builtins.fetchurl?
<softinio> I get this error when I run update: https://via.softinio.com/Screen-Shot-2019-02-22-13-03-16.png
<softinio> I am new to nix any thoughts on what could be my issue?
<clever> laas: builtins.fetchurl happens at eval time, so it cant download in parallel, but it can be impure (lacks a sha256)
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<laas> ah
<laas> that's interesting
<laas> is there btw any proper documentation of the builtin functions?
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<clever> 2019-02-22 01:19:19 < clever> 2019-02-21 18:17:49 < LnL> ah https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#chap-functions
<clever> laas: that i believe
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<LnL> clever: I sometimes wonder, do you do that with everybody or just me? :p
<softinio> clever: did you see my earlier question? Any ideas? You think I should post it on discourse?
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<laas> clever: that doesn't seem to have built-in functions actually
<clever> LnL: my irc client only highlights if my name is at the start, so i dont always think about others names being in the middle of a msg
<drager1> Is there anything like "build-essential" present in nix?
<laas> in general I feel like nixos has way too little documentation tbh
<clever> drager1: nix-shell -p
<clever> softinio: i dont know the vim plugin framework that well
<__monty__> What is this, gang up on clever with questions hour? : )
<softinio> on the subject of irc clients is weechat the most recommended these days? Currently using irccloud but I want to change to something more local
<softinio> clever: ok thanks
<clever> softinio: i still use irssi
<softinio> ok
<LnL> clever: mine includes everything unless there's no word boundary to avoid partial matches
<clever> LnL: ah, i'll try to avoid pasting you too much
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<laas> softinio: you can also use a matrix client with the matrix bridges like I do
<laas> the benefit is that you don't have to have an IRC client open 24/7 if you don't want to miss messages
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<clever> laas: i run irssi on a box that is basically dedicated to irc (and its also an old 4tb nas)
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<drager1> clever: Thanks
<LnL> clever: it's fine, but I do get confused sometimes when seeing my own messages in the morning :)
<clever> laas: https://github.com/NixOS/nix/blob/master/src/libexpr/primops.cc has the source behind every builtin
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<LnL> for builtins there might be some documentation in the nix manual
<LnL> but a bunch of functions have a non native fallback in lib so most of them are probably there
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<ddellacosta> is there any recommended way to add a script to a given profile so you can e.g. use scripts for udev actions and whatnot? The only example I found of that was kind of a hack. More generally, what is the sanctioned way to add your own packages to the system so they can be used by more than one profile?
<ddellacosta> I know the basics of how to create a new derivation, I'm mostly just confused about how that fits into profiles
<drager1> Hmm, pkg-config can't find openssl on my nixos (a lib is compiled that checks with pkg-config). Is there anything special in nix I need to do?
<drager1> I have installed openssl and pkg-config
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<clever> ,libraries drager1
<{^_^}> drager1: Don't install libraries through nix-env or systemPackages, use nix-shell instead. See https://nixos.wiki/wiki/FAQ/Libraries for details.
<clever> drager1: you want `nix-shell -p openssl pkgconfig`
<drager1> clever: That works
<drager1> Amazing, thanks
<drager1> Will check the docs {^_^}, thanks
<manveru> {^_^}++
<{^_^}> {^_^}'s karma got increased to 154
<clever> heh, the bot has more karma then i do!
<manveru> clever++
<{^_^}> clever's karma got increased to 98
<manveru> damn man, time to welcome our new robot overlords
<symphorien> ddellacosta: to install a udev rule provided by a package, https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#udev.packages
<ddellacosta> symphorien: I'm not asking about udev
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<symphorien> ah I reread you message
<symphorien> you should hardcode the store path of the script in the udev rule
<disasm> my karma is down in the dumps, lol :)
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<infinisil> clever: I think I tested the karma implementation with {^_^} at some point :P
<clever> thats what i was guessing
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<ddellacosta> hmm I guess I can maybe just use nix-env -f and specify the system profile using -p to install a custom script system-wide? Is that a bad idea?
<clever> ddellacosta: very, the system profile only works with --set, and using -i or -e will break it
<ddellacosta> clever: ah okay. Then I guess I'm still confused as to what the right approach is
<symphorien> you can use environement.systemPackages
<clever> ddellacosta: your only options are to manually add it to the systemPackages array, or use roots profile (just nix-env -i as root)
<bgamari> gchristensen, have you looked at the packet iscsi situation at all?
<ddellacosta> okay, thanks clever
<bgamari> gchristensen, also, I think NixOS is still stuck at 18.03
<gchristensen> bgamari: mind pinging Packet support about that?
<clever> what iscsi features/options does packet.net have?
<gchristensen> it provides block storage over iscsi
<clever> ah, like EBS on AWS
<gchristensen> yeah
<bgamari> gchristensen, sure
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<clever> ive got a nixos module for connecting to iscsi during the initrd, probably need to update it
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<clever> it was originally meant for root on iscsi, but nothing says it cant be non-root
* bgamari wrote one at some point as well but I suspect clever's is better
<clever> bgamari: main problem with this, is that it predates the initrd having proper network, so i peek at the static ip config, and bring the network up with `ip`
<bgamari> mine is somewhat packet-specific
<gchristensen> bgamari: I sent them new images of couple weeks ago, but they've been a bit swamped.
<gchristensen> so getting some ticket traffic will help :-)
<clever> bgamari: mine was originally to netboot an rpi, and i later used it to netboot a laptop as well
<bgamari> gchristensen, done
<gchristensen> thanks
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<bgamari> clever, cool
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<clever> bgamari: when i was netbooting the rpi, it still had /boot/ on an SD card, but later on with the laptop, it had a non-netboot grub, in the MBR of the iscsi image
<clever> bgamari: and ipxe is able to re-route the legacy bios routines for reading the hdd, so grub thinks its a local hdd, but its actually iscsi
* bgamari has a macchiatobin which he would like to netboot
<bgamari> unfortunately I've had trouble getting the ethernet PHYs to detect carrier
<clever> sanboot iscsi:
<clever> bgamari: this ipxe command makes it remap the 1st legacy hdd, and then chain-load its MBR
<clever> i suspect it might even be able to run dos? lol
<clever> i should try that.....
<bgamari> heh
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<clever> bgamari: ok, the old dos box is unpacked...
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<clever> bgamari: lol, the NIC (an ISA card) doesnt even have a netboot rom
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<mdash> wow :D
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/6a6e7f9e2ea (from 4 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
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<clever> mdash: its also got a 484sx, so it can be difficult to even run some software, due to the lack of an FPU
<mdash> clever: hardly even a computer
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<mdash> wonder which is faster, a 486sx or a Cortex-M0 emulating one
<clever> mdash: this is also one of those weird machines, where the config for the bios, is a special parittion on the hdd
<clever> mdash: so if this drive fails, i'm never configuring the bios again
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<softinio> laas: thx for tip what exactly is matrix i have seen people talk about it but have never looked into it? Any particular client for matrix u recommend?
<Guest40768> softinio: It's a federated chat system with bridges onto other networks
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<clever> softinio: from this end, all i know of matrix is that its the thing that spams the channel every time the server crashes, and 200 people disocnnect
<softinio> clever: lol
<mdash> irccloud is the same way :)
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<clever> which is why i prefer to host my own kind of thing like that, just run irssi in screen on a server
<mdash> i can't make up my mind, i'm in a bunch of other channels using matrix but i use irssi here
<mdash> (not least because this channel is large and very active, thus bloating my server db)
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<clever> the irc logs for this machine are ~5gig
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<jabranham> how would I do "nix-shell -p <something>" so that I have a shell with R and some R package I specify (e.g. ggplot2)?
<elfsymmetric-pas> My PR is kind of dead here, just crickets. Not sure what else needs to be done. If anyone could take a look I'd appreciate it. https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/54443
<{^_^}> #54443 (by matthew-piziak, 4 weeks ago, open): add textlint rules and plugins
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<softinio> clever: yeah running irssi or weechat on my vps and using it via tmux is what I am aiming for
<softinio> but will take a look at matrix
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<bsima> so i have a set of packages like "{ mypkg = import ./mkpkg.nix{}, ... }", what is the best way to extend existing <nixpkgs>.pkgs with my set of packages?
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<mdash> bsima: make it an overlay, probably
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<bsima> oh hm
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<bsima> import <nixpkgs> { overlays = [ overlay1 overlay2 ]; }
<bsima> what should overlay1 be?
<bsima> a callPackage?
<clever> bgamari: a function accepting 2 sets, and returning another set
<bsima> oh i think it should be a fn that takes self and super
<clever> yep
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<ottidmes> if I want to override some files in Nixpkgs, but only during the duration of running some Nix code, what are my options? scopedImports cannot be used, since its already being used. I am thinking of maybe trying libredirect, although its a hack, it seems less error prone that creating a backup, changing it, and restoring the file afterwards
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<mdash> ottidmes: what shenanigans are you trying to achieve?
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<ottidmes> mdash: I have a generic nixpkgs update tool, if my nix-prefetch tool can prefetch the package, it can be updated too (in almost all cases, there are always some limitations/exceptions), but besides changes done too a fetcher call (i.e. fetchFromGitHub), you might also want to change bindings
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<ottidmes> mdash: a prime example being some version binding in the package rec attrset or let binding
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<ottidmes> mdash: so I now I am a bit stuck on how to combine these two tools, because changing those bindings can effect the fetcher arguments as well
<ottidmes> for example, the version is being used in the url passed to fetchurl, a common occurance
<ottidmes> this will then impact the hash reported by nix-prefetch
<LnL> I've used a weird hack for something like that, but I doubt the principle is usable
<ottidmes> and my update tool, nixpkg-update (not sure about the name yet), can update any of the fetcher arguments succesfully, but it needs the output of nix-prefetch for this to work. So right now I would have to call nix-prefetch, get the information necessary to make nixpkg-update work, then I can change the bindings in the file, then I have to call nix-prefetch again, this time actually calculating the hash, then I
<ottidmes> have the actual changes I want to apply to the file
<ottidmes> LnL: problem is, nix-prefetch is already using scopedImports internally, otherwise I could just use it to hijack the import calls and in case it imports the files I want changed, point it to the changed files
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<LnL> yeah, I think what you need is something that walks the ast
<ottidmes> already have that, my nixpkg-update tool does all that
<ottidmes> its more that nix-prefetch, the second call, needs to see the intermediate changes done to the file
<LnL> not sure I'm following then
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<ottidmes> basically its like you want to make changes to a file, but to determine the changes you want to apply to the file, you need to apply some other changes first, but you want those changes not to be persistent
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<ottidmes> right now this would work: nixpkg-update "$(nix-prefetch hello --no-compute-hash --output expr)" --version 2.9 (this only changes the version binding, the prefetch call is just used to get location information), then you would need to call: nixpkg-update "$(nix-prefetch hello --output expr)" (this time around, since the version binding was changed, the new hash can be calculated). I am trying to combine these
<ottidmes> two calls
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<clever> bgamari: uhhh, do i even have a floppy drive on a modern system.....
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<bgamari> clever, :)
<mpickering> I found this useful script, but how was I meant to discover it? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/nixos/maintainers/scripts/gce/create-gce.sh
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<clever> bgamari: i remember making backups of some old install floppies, but cant ifnd them, or a modern drive
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<sondr3> where are USB-sticks mounted in NixOS? I feel really stupid for not finding mine right now
<clever> sondr3: the `mount` command shows everything that is currently mounted
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<clever> if the USB isnt listed, then it wasnt auto-pointed, `lsblk` to find the device, and mount it yourself
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/3b2824d04be (from 2 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
<sondr3> thanks clever, managed to mount it
<clever> sondr3: and donttttttt forget to umount before yyyyou unplug it
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<sondr3> too late, im writing this from a toaster now
<vaibhavsagar> does a nixos-container write to the host /nix/store?
<vaibhavsagar> relatedly, can I configure a nixos-container so the host /nix/store is not enumerable?
<vaibhavsagar> i.e. the container can access a known path but not list all paths
<ottidmes> how do I get the path to a library in NixOS, ldconfig does not seem to work (I am in nix-shell -p libname)
<clever> vaibhavsagar: nixos-container will share the host store and nix-daemon with the guests
<clever> ottidmes: the libraries are in $NIX_LDFLAGS
<vaibhavsagar> hmm, so anything that's built in the container will go into the host store as well?
<clever> ottidmes: the cc-wrapper around gcc makes it obey that, so gcc -lname can just find things
<clever> vaibhavsagar: yeah
<vaibhavsagar> is there another way to provide this kind of isolation besides e.g. docker?
<vaibhavsagar> that means I can't really use nixos-container to provide isolation if so
<ottidmes> clever: thanks! any way to process it easily, not thats really hard to write some shell loop that goes over it, is the loop thing my only option?
<clever> vaibhavsagar: what kind of isolation do you want? because not even docker is really good at that
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<vaibhavsagar> ideally I would like something like a chroot, but running nixos
<clever> ottidmes: why exactly do you need the path to a given library?
<vaibhavsagar> we're trying to provide access on one of our build servers to a third party, without giving them access to our client work in /nix/store
<furrycatherder> how are things usually patched to find the right locale?
<clever> LOCALE_ARCHIVE=/run/current-system/sw/lib/locale/locale-archive
<clever> furrycatherder: an env var like this is setup by things like bashrc
<ottidmes> clever: good question :P thinking about it some more, its way easier to just nix eval to get the path, but to answer your question, I need it to iterate fast over my program without the need for building it after each change, the only hardcoded path would be that of the .so file I want to LD_PRELOAD
<furrycatherder> clever: do things need to be patched to look at LOCALE_ARCHIVE?
<elvishjerricco> vaibhavsagar: I don't think nixos-container has what you need. You could maybe figure out how to mess with systemd-nspawn to get it, but the systemd folks claim nspawn should NOT be considered a security measure
<clever> furrycatherder: i think glibc always obeys that
<elvishjerricco> vaibhavsagar: (for reference, nixos-container is based on systemd-nspawn)
<clever> elvishjerricco: docker also says docker is not a security measure
<elvishjerricco> clever: Really? That link above was from 2014. Is that still their policy?
<furrycatherder> clever: i'm building the yocto sdk and their perl is complaining about missing en_US, i noticed glibc only has en_GB...
<clever> ottidmes: and you cant just run something like `make` in nix-shell?
<clever> furrycatherder: at build time, you want to add glibcLocales to your nativeBuildInputs
<vaibhavsagar> elvishjerricco: thanks
<ottidmes> clever: its a bash script, but I could probably use make to build the bash script, but then I wont be winning much over having to call nix-build or make, this way I can just change and immediate see the effects of my changes like normally with a script
<elvishjerricco> vaibhavsagar: I'd probably just spin up a qemu for them, bind mount the paths you need into some directory, and share that directory with the VM somehow
<clever> ottidmes: yeah, i'm thinking you want something like nix eval or just plain nix-build
<vaibhavsagar> that's a really good idea
<elvishjerricco> vaibhavsagar: `nix path-info -r /nix/store/...` should tell you the exact list of paths you need for that.
<elvishjerricco> or `closureInfo` if you need it in a nix expression
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<LnL> ottidmes: I think you want to go this direction https://gist.github.com/LnL7/0cae01a283754c36f95cc8d6ea94a3df
<LnL> ottidmes: import from derivation allows you to literally change the expression as long as your logic can run inside a nix build
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<noonien> is there any way to pin certain versions of packages?
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<ottidmes> LnL: I don't mind IFD or even bulitins.exec, but the problem with what you suggests is that it does limit the reach of the tool a bit, right now it can update any fetcher call, it does not even have to be part of a package. Right now I am trying libredirect, but if that does not pan out, I might try your suggestion, thanks!
<hyperfekt> Does anyone know of a way to add package dependencies, as in when x is installed, also install y and z? Supplying the packages at build time or patching paths won't do, unfortunately.
<hodapp> anyone running Dropbox? When I try to actually start it it fails with "ImportError: libglapi.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
<hodapp> why dropbox needs that library is beyond me
<simpson> ,runtime
<simpson> ,runtimeDeps
<{^_^}> In order of preference: Patch source OR ((if it uses PATH -> wrap with new $PATH) AND (if it uses dlopen, (patchelf --set-rpath in postFixup OR wrap with new LD_LIBRARY_PATH)))
<simpson> Hm. Not the one I wanted.
<ottidmes> noonien: you can override a package to pin it to a version, but its dependencies will still update, if you don't want that, you could just pin nixpkgs to that point of time, but that does bring with it security risks by not updating
<simpson> hyperfekt: Does propagatedBuildInputs work? How are the dependencies used at runtime?
<clever> simpson: propagatedBuildInputs doesnt have any impact on the runtime of packages
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<hyperfekt> simpson: The dependencies are called by scripts which are written once when the program is called. Specifically I'm looking at transcrypt, which seems to be a real edge case for Nix. https://git.io/fhFxv
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<hyperfekt> simpson: If we were to hardcode the paths no update would reach ever be applied and the functionality would break on all systems that don't have the same packages in the store.
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<hodapp> also, where should one even find libglapi.so.0?
<hodapp> looks like it's in mesa_noglu.... but I feel like this is a minefield I've trod before
<ottidmes> ,locate libglapi.so
<{^_^}> Found in packages: libGL_driver, driversi686Linux.mesa_drivers
<simpson> clever: Yeah, it was a pretty stupid guess.
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<hodapp> ooh... handy...