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<ottidmes> clever: thanks, that should be easy enough to convert to my use case: next-server; I assume that is a next DHCP to check, just specifying the router (the normal DHCP server) without any next-server that should be enough for me, right? (I just want a few static entries and default the rest as normal)
<clever> ottidmes: nope, thats the tftp server for network booting
<clever> any entry not listed in the static ones will use the range specified by the range option
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<ottidmes> clever: I was wondering about that too, I have 4 new VPSes, if I want to netboot them, from my understanding so far, they need to have a bootloader installed that supports it and I need a special tftp server to provide an image from, correct? its not something basic VPS providers provide, right?
<clever> ottidmes: most of the time, the bios is able to netboot without any special software being installed
<clever> ottidmes: it will query the dhcp server, and then download the file specified by "filename" from "next-server"
<clever> in my case, the if statement on 143 doesnt match, so "undionly.kpxe" from
<clever> that contains an ipxe binary, which will re-query the dhcp server, and the new query matches the if statement now
<clever> so ipxe is given an http url
<clever> ottidmes: this is a more complete netboot example, https://github.com/cleverca22/nixos-configs/blob/master/netboot_server.nix#L42-L49
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<ottidmes> clever: but from my perspective, I have a VPS running a Arch Linux installer right now, how to go from there to a netbooted install. Right now the easiest solution seems to just copy over a kexec tarball to boot into, but I curious if I could use true netboot in this case too
<clever> ottidmes: ah, in the case of a VPS, you would need to mess with the boot order in the vm config
<clever> which the hoster may (or may not) give control over
<clever> ipxe also has a linux-kernel type image, which you can shove into /boot and wire grub into
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<clever> but then it will rely on the "filename" from the dhcp server, except...
<clever> ottidmes: if you override ipxe, and set the EMBED var, you can bake an ipxe script into the binary
<clever> then it just never does the normal dhcp auto-boot
<clever> in this example,the script will require signed binaries, dhcp, fetch another script, verify the signature, and execute it
<ottidmes> clever: yeah OK, so its possible, but I basically need to install something first, to then install netboot as a possibilty, to then netboot and install the real OS, then its no contender for the tarball approach
<clever> ottidmes: you just need to install grub to /boot with an ipxe.lkrn
<clever> no real os needs to exist
<ottidmes> clever: hmm, no need to then reboot? because I dont mind a temp /boot, but if I have to format the disk create a /boot and ipxe.lkrn, then the tarball approach still has a clear edge
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<clever> ottidmes: as long as you can write to the current /boot partition, you can do it without a reboot
<clever> kexec was just a shortcut to skip having to do that
<clever> depends on if you want to keep booting from the network, or just kexec an installer and then install normally
<ottidmes> clever: its just for the installation
<clever> kexec then, simpler
<ottidmes> clever: ok, makes sense, I would have been using netboot not as intended, since the servers will not keep running them from memory, but on your particular device it does, so there its a nice fit
<ottidmes> clever: just curious, on your device, do you have a /boot or did you setup the BIOS?
<clever> on the kexec'd ones, or the netboot ones?
<ottidmes> latter
<clever> no need for a /boot, or even a harddrive at all, for proper netboot
<ottidmes> kexec does not really need any special setup, does it? (I have not been doing anything special at least)
<clever> no special setup at all
<ottidmes> clever: that is, if you have access to boot order setup and such?
<clever> kexec doesnt care about boot order at all
<clever> it just directly runs a kernel
<clever> but boot order may matter when your done, to make the new install boot
<clever> depends on the hardware/firmware
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<ottidmes> clever: sorry, my "that is, if you have access to boot order setup and such?" was targetted at "no need for a /boot, or even a harddrive at all, for proper netboot"
<clever> that will depend on the defaults in the firmware as well
<clever> it might be setup to try network when hdd fails
<clever> you just need to experiment
<ottidmes> clever: and that is what you do on your netboot device, using the BIOS/firmware after having experimented with it
<clever> yeah
<ottidmes> ok, cool, thanks for all the explanation! definitely something I am going to try when I have a device for which it is useful
<ottidmes> clever++++
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<ottidmes> clever++
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<clever> infinisil: regex bug detected!
<ottidmes> oh, you are at the same level as g c h r i s t e n s e n (no need to ping)
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<werbitt> Hello, I'm on mac, the only channel I'm following is nixpkgs-18.09-darwin. When I 'nix-env -i cabal2nix' it tries to build from source and fails, shouldn't it just download the binary?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timor opened pull request #51301 → libretro.dolphin: add missing dependencies to fix build → https://git.io/fpos4
<bbarker_home> werbitt, could be the latest version you are using isn't built and cached, though that's just a guess on my part
<ottidmes> werbitt: I am not very familiar with MacOS and NixOS support for it, but I know that the darwin channels have lower priority and so will have less available in the cache
<bbarker_home> might be good to submit a bug report in any case
<ottidmes> werbitt: I believe nixos-18.09-darwin is also a thing, maybe more luck there in regards to prebuild stuff?
<clever> if the build does fail on hydra, then it simply wont be in the cache
<clever> and then it builds it locally, and fails once more
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<bbarker_home> got a quick question, trying to understand this code, cause I believe it may be misbehaving
<bbarker_home> local contribDir=$out/lib/ats2-postiats-*/ ;
<bbarker_home> mkdir -p $contribDir ;
<bbarker_home> tar -xzf "${contrib}" --strip-components 1 -C $contribDir ;
<bbarker_home> first of all, it seems a bit odd that mkdir is happening after what appears to be glob completion
<bbarker_home> also, the resulting directory in nixpkgs is wrong, currently it is:
<bbarker_home> ats-0.3.11/
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<bbarker_home> err, sorry
<bbarker_home> /nix/store/7maxjlgpj35jm4dz4q2fpgfsxadahqmk-ats2-0.3.12/lib/ats2-postiats-0.3.11/
<clever> bbarker_home: the directory might already exist
<bbarker_home> that last bit of the path should be "0.3.11", to match the version of the package; not sure why it is at the prior version
<clever> nullglob is enabled, so a pattern matching nothing just vanishes
<bbarker_home> *should be 0.3.12* i mean
<werbitt> Ok, thanks for you're input
<bbarker_home> clever, alright, looks like I should probably fix the path to have the correct version explicitly to be on the safe side
<clever> yeah
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #51180 → treewide: cross-fixes → https://git.io/fp2oK
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 9 commits to staging: https://git.io/fpoGe
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Moredread opened pull request #51302 → whipper: 0.7.0 -> 0.7.2 → https://git.io/fpoGm
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @thoughtpolice pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fpoGn
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<simpson> I've got a Haskell package. It has a definition in nixpkgs. I want to test some local changes to that package. Can I get a ghci with my package?
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<simpson> Concretely, if it matters, I'm hacking on https://github.com/erewok/servant-py and I want ghci so I can interactively examine some stuff.
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<clever> simpson: nix-shell -E 'with import <nixpkgs> {}; (haskellPackages.callCabal2nix "servant-py" ./. {}).env" then `runhaskell Setup.hs configure` and `runhaskell Setup.hs repl`
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<simpson> clever: Hot damn. Well done. And I can even import modules besides the default.
<simpson> clever++
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<clever> as long as the deps are compatible with whats in haskellPackages, you can use that against any cabal file you want
<clever> and if you drop .env, you can use nix-build on it
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<simpson> Very cool.
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jtojnar opened pull request #51304 → libinput: fix docs & libinput command → https://git.io/fpoZ2
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed to haskell-updates « hackage-packages.nix: automatic Haskell package set update »: https://git.io/fpoZi
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<anothertest> so.. I have the same problem as tobiasBora had here https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos/2018-09-05#1539523;
<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-18.09-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/de81882a82b (from 4 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-18.09-darwin)
<anothertest> I have a usb stick with many .iso files (including the nixos installation iso) and I want to have a grub menu for all of them
<anothertest> in ubuntu I pass the iso-scan/filename=/path/of/iso kernel flag. can this be done with the nixos installation media?
<samueldr> the biggest cavet to remember is that the initrd assumes the squashfs image to be found in a partition with a specific label
<samueldr> NIXOS_ISO IIRC
<samueldr> caveat*
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<anothertest> grub mounts the iso in a loopback device, but i think this doesn't pass on to linux
<anothertest> it looks like the nixos initrd needs to mount the iso
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<anothertest> tobiasBora: did you end up finding how to do this? :P
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jtojnar closed pull request #46312 → gobject-introspection: Fix macos shared lib paths → https://git.io/fAzNJ
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jtojnar pushed 0 commits to gnome-3.30: https://git.io/fponf
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @pbogdan opened pull request #51305 → mpd: 0.20.21 -> 0.20.23 → https://git.io/fponI
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<jophish> angerman: When cross compiling, do you know if there's a way to get rid of the dependency on the cross compiling gcc
<jophish> it's hooked in through glibc
<clever> anothertest: you may be better off using a more custom kernel+initrd pair like the netboot.nix code, and just not having a disk image at all
<angerman> jophish: in nix? Why would glibc bring in gcc? I know that muslc breaks down install size brutally (clever just showed me the other day), never thought that was due to gcc though.
<ottidmes> clever: probably stupid question, but for my dhcp server to work, do I need to do anything special, i.e. how do I make sure that my server dhcp is used rather than that over my router, or do I need to disable the one on the router for it to work?
<jophish> angerman: yeah, I've cross compiled a haskell package and this is the tree: https://gist.github.com/f62e79f4304879d084f6895b1506b06a
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @thoughtpolice opened pull request #51306 → nixos/cockroachdb: create new service → https://git.io/fponX
<jophish> actually, it seems to be coming in from multiple places
<clever> ottidmes: in general, its simpler to just disable all other competing dhcp servers
<clever> ottidmes: and nothing says the dhcp has to be ran on the router, just make sure to configure the nixos one to use the right gateway, dns, and ip range
<angerman> jophish: I doubt glibc should depend on gcc.
<angerman> I'd claim that was a defect in nix
<jophish> running strings over a shared object in glibc shows /nix/store/7dambbqcvyc79ipwln2ys3yvcfll16zb-armv7l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf-stage-static-gcc-debug-7.3.0/lib/gcc/armv7l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf/7.3.0/include
<clever> jophish: nix why-depends automates that step for you
<jophish> oh great, good to know
<jophish> thanks clever
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<magbo> Dear all, did anyone manage to run puppeteer to program headless Chrome on NixOS? If so, can you please give me a hint as for how to do that. It seems like the way that puppeteer is packaged downloads chrome to ./node_modules, but it can't find dinamic libraries in nix store :(
<clever> magbo: patchelf, in the nixpkgs manual
<jophish> I see now that the resulting binary has /nix/store/0x1q1v96gk73a3x1d54wdl6yhjay21i8-armv7l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf-stage-final-gcc-debug-7.3.0/armv7l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf/lib in its RUNPATH
<magbo> clever: that's clever.
<angerman> jophish: I doubt that's really needed
<jophish> well, they are arm so files
<jophish> is it possible to compile haskell programs with musl?
<clever> jophish: yes
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<angerman> everything should be 100% static.
<nh2> good, good
<clever> jophish: it reduced my closure from 38mb to 2mb, and removed all dependencies
<clever> angerman: apple would like to say otherwise, lol
<angerman> clever: fck apple
<clever> :D
<jophish> hhe, my closure is about 600MB :)
* angerman likes pears better anyway.
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<angerman> nh2: yea, thanks for all the muslc stuff.
<ottidmes> clever: wow, that went easier than expected! its working, I just disabled my DHCP on my router and my laptop got the IP address I assigned in my servers DHCP server, cool :D
<nh2> angerman: some of your patches made it possible
<angerman> nh2: I really want to build some static ghc with muslc. Just need to ensure I can still build non-muslc libs/bins
<angerman> nh2: that one should in principle be distribution independent; while still be able to build/link against distribution stuff.
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<anothertest> clever: I think that root=/path/to/iso works, or well i will try it https://github.com/NixOS/nixos/blob/master/modules/system/boot/stage-1-init.sh#L106
<nh2> angerman: I have thought about it, but I'm wondering if there's a benefit: Given that ghc is more than one program anyway, couldn't one just also ship libc and ld-linux-x86-64.so with it?
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<clever> nh2: apple would like to a word with you :P
<angerman> nh2: the issue is probably TH.
<clever> nh2: the path to dyld (the apple version of ld.so) has an if statement in the kernel
<angerman> nh2: but with iserv, we can probably just ignore that.
<clever> nh2: despite it being a field in the mach-o and you can change it freely, the kernel rejects any binary where it has been changed!
<anothertest> oh no, it does stuff like fsSize=$(blockdev --getsize64 "$device")
<angerman> on *macOS* you can in principle load your own loader and ignore dyld, on iOS... that's a different story.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @veprbl merged pull request #42162 → vscode-extensions.WakaTime.vscode-wakatime: init at 1.2.3 → https://git.io/feYLI
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @veprbl pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fpocG
<nh2> clever: I care as much about OSX as I care about Windows XP :D People choose their own ways to waste time, and most people I know that fell for the OSX hype are back on Linux by now
<clever> :D
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<angerman> nh2: that's hurtful!
<nh2> Apple pulls this very sensible strategy of "static builds are discouraged ... and dynamic builds too" (link library size restriction). What then is encouraged? I think the answer must be ... NodeJS!
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<angerman> the link library size restriction isn't so bad, if you don't try to pollute everything with RPATHs and stop naming your libraries arbitrarily stupid.
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<nh2> angerman: all solutions to it look like ugly workarounds to me, it seems like a huge "let's waste people's time" action. Arbitrary limits don't force people to make better programs, you have to teach them
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<clever> ive also found funny bugs in darwin, which ive reported, and never heard back from them on
<nh2> angerman: also don't get me wrong, I think building *for* OSX is still important simply because end users use it (also because Linux UIs are just bad), but building *on* OSX doesn't seem like a clever idea to me from a developer perspective
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<clever> if the info.plist file in your .app has xml errors, the app will silently hang on startup, and just do absolutely nothing
<angerman> nh2: I still think it's not an arbitrary limit, I think its due to their intent to do pre-link caching and having a fixed-size pre-link cache per library.
<clever> but, this can only happen if you use non-apple build tools (qmake) which dont validate the xml when packaging
<clever> (or you modify the xml after packaging)
<angerman> clever: right, if you use a *working* toolchain, it won't happen because people know what to validate :p
<angerman> nh2: you *can* do recursive linking on macOS, and that's what -dead_strip_dylibs does (removes all non directly linked dylibs)
<clever> angerman: in my case, the boss hired a windows dev to make the client, and when things neared completion, sprang "oh, i want mac support" on us :P
<angerman> that cuts out *alot* of your deeper dependency tree.
<clever> angerman: and then when mac support started to come along, "surprise, i want mobile support to!"
<angerman> clever: the boss hired a macOS dev to make windows software on linux.
<nh2> angerman: I din't understand the bit about TH though, why would TH work worse with a shipped glibc than with static linking?
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<angerman> nh2: if GHC is statically linked against muslc, but tries to load a dynamically linked library against some other libc to execute some arbitrary code, won't that potentially be a recipe for disaster?
<jophish> ok, compiling armv7l-linux-musl ghc
<ottidmes> clever: so you gave up and build a web client :P
<jophish> still a little weird the behavior I got with glib
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<jophish> I am using a nixpkgs checkout from october, I
<clever> ottidmes: i rewrote the entire client in QT, since it can compile to android, ios, linux, osx, windows, and a dozen others :P
<angerman> jophish: I think it's a bug in nix. But as I have no time to look into it right now, I can't claim I know for certain.
<jophish> I'm assuming there've been no big changes here since then
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<angerman> clever: you could have used C# :p
<clever> the main problem, is that QT has a desktop ui by default
<clever> so the mobile versions looked and behaved like desktop apps
<clever> multiple windows (but the window manager is missing), scroll bars that work oposite of mobile
<nh2> two things I don't get about it: (a) your example has a statically linked ghc at play, but what I referred to has only a shipped dynlinked ghc against libc (b) where shall the other libc come from? What I'm thinking would use the shipped glibc for all GHC activities
<angerman> nh2: sorry, I didn't get your libc swapping in/out. I just wanted a fully static ghc.
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<nh2> angerman: my idea was to just deliver the glibc the ghc bindist is built with, inside the bindist
<ottidmes> clever: linux/osx/windows I can understand, but it also properly working on smartphones the way you expect, would have been surprising to me with qt, and license wise, can you just use qt for commercial use for free?
<nh2> ottidmes: Qt is LGPL, so if you opensource any changes you make to the Qt .so, that should be fine
<clever> ottidmes: i dont remember what the details of the licensing where
<clever> ottidmes: but i did have to compile a custom QT, because of more apple reasons
<clever> ottidmes: apple does not allow openssl to be staticly (or dynamicly) linked into your apps
<clever> you must use the apple ssl libs
<azazel> when here https://brianmckenna.org/blog/running_binaries_on_nixos he says that he has this "enter-fhs" nix expression in it's user profiles, where he has put it really?
<nh2> ottidmes: "some [qt] libraries are only available under GPL", so I guess it depends on which parts of Qt you use
<clever> and that feature of QT was in beta at the time, so i had to cross-compile my own QT that can map the apple SSL libs to the QT ssl api
<clever> then fix the bugs from the libs behaving differently
<ottidmes> clever: gotta love Apple, but its not like NixOS does not have its troubles with needing to compile from source ;)
<nh2> (https://www.qt.io/download seems to have a list of what's GPL and what's LGPL)
<ottidmes> nh2: good of them to try and make it as clear as possible
<nh2> I guess people don't buy your stuff if they can't figure out what they have to buy
<gchristensen> anyone familiar with carnix and what-not? I'm having not a nice time :( compiling libc 0.2.44 exits with thread 'main' panicked at 'Failed to get rustc version', libcore/option.rs:1000:5 with rust from nixpkgs-unstable
<ottidmes> nh2: and makes people less likely to use your free products, so less branding/lockin reach
<Ralith> gchristensen: my experience is that they are very dubiously maintained
<gchristensen> carnix?
<Ralith> and what-not
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<gchristensen> my experience whenever updating ofborg's dependencies has not been very good
<Ralith> gchristensen: judging from https://github.com/rust-lang/libc/blob/master/build.rs it should be an easy fix, though
<Ralith> maybe `RUSTC` is unset?
<nh2> angerman: so with the statically-linked ghc, I am actually not quite sure how that would work with TH. What does TH use, dlopen()?
<gchristensen> that explains https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/50452/files Ralith
<Ralith> there you go, then
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<gchristensen> thanks, Ralith
<angerman> nh2: if it tries to use the system linker, yes. But we have our own loader/linker.
<angerman> nh2: also we have iserv, which you could compile against the "local" libc, and then use -fexternal-interpreter and never have to actually load anything into your ghc.
<clever> iserv also allows the TH to run on a different arch from the ghc
<clever> which enables cross-compiling
<nh2> angerman: what does "using the system linker" do in this case? How do you use a system linker to load .so files into your own running exe?
<angerman> nh2: the rts does all that.
<nh2> right but what syscalls does it eventually use? I am not aware of a way to use another program ("the system linker") to load stuff into your own process, only to use dlopen()
<angerman> nh2: this might be a good starting point: https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/DynamicByDefault
<clever> nh2: which interpreter is in the ELF headers of the iserv binary
<jophish> a haskell-less testcase: nix build hello --arg crossSystem '{system="armv7l-linux";}'
<angerman> nh2: sorry for being slightly incoherent, I'm being distracted by my kids :(
<jophish> the resulting path depends on the cross compiling gcc
<nh2> clever: but when does that interpreter get invoked, is it when you dlopen() it?
<clever> nh2: when you try to run TH code, ghc will compile to the target arch, serialize it, and ship it off to iserv, which then loads it (somehow), and then runs it
<nh2> clever: yes, I am wondering what exactly the "loads it (somehow)" part does
<angerman> nh2: parse the object/archive, mmap the regions. mprotect them appropriately
<angerman> nh2: resolve symbols.
<angerman> and then call the symbols.
<clever> with dlopen or custom per-platform code?
<angerman> custom code.
<jophish> I'm now trying: hello --arg crossSystem '{config="armv7l-linux-musl";}'
<angerman> well... there's also a system linker approach. See the DynamicByDefault link above and follow it for some light reading.
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<jophish> I hope that's the correct way to get a arm linux musl cross compiler
<angerman> ghc has a loader/linker for mach-o/elf for x86,x86_64,arm32,aarch64, and probably some left over PPC or so.
<nh2> angerman: just read through it, but I still don't quite get how the whole process works. Maybe that's better explained in the code somewhere?
<angerman> nh2: if you ask GHC to "evaluate" something (e.g. ghci), you can compile some haskell code into an object file, and then you need some way to get that compiled symbol from the object file to actually go and execute it. So you load the objet file, map it into memory, mark that memory as executable (resolve references to external symbols, ...) and jump to the memory location.
<angerman> nh2: rts/linker/*
<{^_^}> #35251 (by shlevy, 40 weeks ago, open): Cross glibc retains references to static gcc
<nh2> angerman: I shall take a look
<angerman> nh2: I've tried to make it slightly less system dependent, as such it comes with a copy of all the relocation magic constants.
<angerman> (instead of requiring your to link linux/macOS headers, ...)
<nh2> clever: btw I think for the purpose of using my patched glibc for just 1 program, I will just use the approach where I directly call `ld-linux-x86-64.so.2` and LD_PRELOAD glibc
<nh2> not because it's so great but because for my use case it's sufficient (patching malloc.c for correct ekg statistics)
<angerman> nh2: so and to explain why I'm so interested this. It would mean I would only need a single bin-dist for macOS, and a single bin-dist for linux.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace merged pull request #50863 → aws-google-auth: init at 0.0.29 → https://git.io/fp83h
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fpoc5
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* nh2 angerman: btw here's a page that elaborates the problems you mentioned a bit: https://www.openwall.com/lists/musl/2012/12/08/4
<angerman> I've also entertained the idea of moving the linker from ghc into something like `liblink`, as I suspect other projects could make use of a non-system linker.
<angerman> nh2: I shall read that page when I'm back home.
<nh2> angerman: for OSX where you apparently can't override the libc I buy your argument, for Linux the thing I suggest with shipping the glibc may be easier
<nh2> *may*, I'm not confident about it
<clever> nh2: ive also heard about virus level stuff happening on windows
<clever> launch a legit binary that people trust, but with a debugger attached
<clever> then immediately use the debugger to hollow out its skull, and implant different code
<clever> all process management utils claim its one thing, but its something entirely different
<nh2> clever: ah so *that's* how you deploy a new product on Windows without getting the nasty popup
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<clever> the debugger thats doing the brain-scooping still has to be trusted first, and it could just as easily just make a normal exe and request it to be whitelisted
<clever> i think its more about falsifying the records of what executable it even is
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<nh2> clever: I assume you'd just use some freely available windows debugger, and have it interpret a script?
<clever> if you can run such a thing, you can also just use the syscalls for debugging directly
<nh2> but wait I thought you have to run some _unmodified_ exe that already has a signature with owner whitelisted by Microsoft. So you can't change the exe
<nh2> so it must be some freely available debugger program that a lot of people use on Windows, which can interpret scripts
<vaibhavsagar> how do I get Nix 2.1.3 to be my system Nix? I've tried everything I can think of and it's still at Nix 2.0
<nh2> vaibhavsagar: which OS, NixOS?
<vaibhavsagar> yup
<clever> vaibhavsagar: nix.package in configuration.nix
<angerman> nh2: I think in the end it comes down to me disliking Linux as much as you dislike macOS ;-)
<vaibhavsagar> nh2: I tried setting that to `pkgs.nixStable`, it made no difference
<nh2> clever: like you rename `ollydbg.exe` to `Niklas-cool-Product.exe`, and you ship it next to a `ollydbg-default-script.txt` that `ollydbg.exe` happens to execute by default
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<gchristensen> Ralith: dear me, I got it to compile. thank you
<clever> nh2: no, more like, after a virus is already inside the computer, it launches a random system exe thats always running, scoops the brains out, and injects the virus into that exe, then terminals the original binary
<ottidmes> clever: I am playing with my DNS/DHCP setup on the server and doing some reading and read about setting the interface to eth0 was not recommended: "If I didn't edit this line, it would also listen on eth0, my internet connection. I personally wouldn't recommend this, as it gives those evil guys a few doors to try to break into.", on a regular server on the LAN, this should not be problem, right?
<Ralith> gchristensen: \o/
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<clever> nh2: and if you try to review task manager for anything fishy, you just find a normal system exe running
<nh2> angerman: I don't dislike OSX, I am just amazed people put up with the stones thrown into their way, AND the closed-can't-fix-it-ness. Are there things to dislike about Linux from a developer's perspective?
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<clever> ottidmes: if your dns server is listening on a public interface, it can be abused in a few ways
<clever> iptables can help restrict that
<vaibhavsagar> angerman: I also find macOS incredibly developer-hostile
<vaibhavsagar> my current client insists on doing everything on macOS and it's a gigantic pain to support
<vaibhavsagar> finally I set up remote builders using your guide
<vaibhavsagar> so everything's running in Docker on top of some hypervisor on top of macOS
<nh2> vaibhavsagar: https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#nix.package ?
<vaibhavsagar> now we can finally do linux builds on their ludicrously expensive mac
<dramforever> vaibhavsagar: Maybe you're need to switch the nixos channel? https://nixos.org/nixos/manual/index.html#sec-upgrading
<angerman> nh2: packaging and distribution; everyone running their very own custom setup. I can hardly package something up, provide you with a compressed archive and expect it to work after unpacking.
<vaibhavsagar> dramforever: it's set to nixos-18.09
<vaibhavsagar> I can do `nix-env -iA nixos.nixStable`
<vaibhavsagar> and that installs 2.1.3, but surely my system should have that installed by default already
<vaibhavsagar> I just did a `nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade`
<dramforever> :thinking:
<dramforever> That doesn't sound right
<nh2> angerman: but static builds (or shipping all dependencies) solves that, doesn't it?
<vaibhavsagar> dramforever: I agree :)
<clever> vaibhavsagar: when you run `nix-channel --list` as each user, what does each give?
<vaibhavsagar> clever: nothing as my current user, and `nixos-18.09` as root
<angerman> Maybe I e just spent too many years on macOS? Stockholm Syndrom?
<angerman> nh2: exactly.
<nh2> vaibhavsagar: ah, so I misunderstood your problem, you don't want to use a custom version of nix, you are in the situation where your system should already have a newer version of nix
<clever> vaibhavsagar: do any overrides exist in your configuration.nix?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @samueldr merged pull request #51273 → postgresql: Fix variable spelling in NixOS module → https://git.io/fprT7
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @samueldr pushed 2 commits to release-18.09: https://git.io/fpoCm
<vaibhavsagar> clever: none for Nix
<vaibhavsagar> I linked my config above
<angerman> If you try to treat macOS like Linux you fail as hard as you fail trying to treat Linux like macOS. If you try to treat windows, you fail harder.
<vaibhavsagar> clever: I just noticed my systemVersion was set to 18.03
<clever> vaibhavsagar: did you read the comment above that?
<vaibhavsagar> I did
<clever> vaibhavsagar: it should not be changed
<nh2> angerman: I think this problem was just created by years of propaganda by glibc people claiming that static builds are bad. Obviously if API versions and behaviour vary across distros and they don't provide a stable interface, that can't work. But syscalls are incredibly stable
<vaibhavsagar> and I also just set it to 18.09 but that didn't seem to make a difference
<clever> vaibhavsagar: changing it will break the very thing its meant to fix
<ottidmes> clever: I guess I will just go with dnsmasq not bound to an interface, and keep using dhcpd for dhcp rather than try using dnsmasq for this as well (I find dhcpd clearer anyway)
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<dramforever> What does this say? nix eval '(import <nixpkgs/nixos> {}).pkgs.nix.version'
<vaibhavsagar> okay, I changed it back
<clever> ottidmes: bind should also support setting an interface to bind to
<clever> ottidmes: services.bind.listenOn
<dramforever> vaibhavsagar: What does this say? nix eval '(import <nixpkgs/nixos> {}).pkgs.nix.version'
<nh2> angerman: and there's also all those silly claims of "dynamic linking is actually more backwards compatible than static", where they conveniently leave away the rest of the sentence "... if you use glibc [, because for glibc we intentionally build in features that cannot work statically]"
<vaibhavsagar> dramforever: "2.1.3"
<dramforever> And this says 2.0.something? /run/current-system/sw/bin/nix --version
<nh2> angerman: btw, do you know how to link ghc "statish"? Right now the bindists are fully-dynamically linked, including Haskell libraries. I'd be interested in checking whether not doing that would make ghc-pkg be much faster (suspecting it's limited by dynamic linking startup time)
<dramforever> How could this even happen
<ToxicFrog> nh2: this claim is especially frustrating to me as someone who frequently tries to run games that were dynamically linked against glibc N+1 when the system I'm on still has N, and thus refuse to start despite not using anything specific to N+1
<clever> vaibhavsagar: what about nix eval '(import <nixpkgs/nixos> {}).pkgs.nixStable.version'
<angerman> nh2: I do by the security argument; but none of the rest. If all your libs are dynamically linked and your ssl lib has a critical flaw, you might be able to fix it by replacing libssl.so
<nh2> ToxicFrog: right
<clever> ToxicFrog: that has also broken steam at one point, because the libGL on nixos was linked to N+1, but steam packaged N inside the FHS sandbox
<vaibhavsagar> dramforever: "nix (Nix) 2.1.3"
<ToxicFrog> (this is not even Nix-specific, it happens constantly on SUSE as well)
<angerman> nh2: you can conserve memory / share state by reusing dynamic libraries. I don’t care much for.
<vaibhavsagar> so maybe if I reboot it'll be fine?
<dramforever> vaibhavsagar: ???
<clever> vaibhavsagar: what about `type nix` ?
<dramforever> So you already have system Nix 2.1.2
<vaibhavsagar> "nix is /nix/var/nix/profiles/default/bin/nix"
<clever> vaibhavsagar: you installed nix, with nix-env, as root
<nh2> angerman: right, but I don't buy this argument because in any reasonable end user software product you link in 100s of libraries, all of which can be flawed (and usually are, if one considers distribution of CVEs over various libs), so you need to have a good story for patching security issues by issueing app updates anyway these days
<vaibhavsagar> oh shit
<vaibhavsagar> thanks clever
<clever> that has priority over the system one
<angerman> nh2 at the same time the security aspect also means someone else can just inject a malicious libssl.so
<clever> this is why you should never install nix with nix-env when on nixos
<vaibhavsagar> woah, I don't remember installing any of this stuff
<clever> vaibhavsagar: `nix-env --list-generations` should give timestamps
<vaibhavsagar> for the root stuff as well?
<dramforever> Maybe just don't use nix-env to install stuff as root
<vaibhavsagar> I'm certain I didn't intentionally install any of it
<clever> when ran as root, yes
<vaibhavsagar> `57 2018-06-01 20:39:26 (current)`
<vaibhavsagar> what was I thinking
<dramforever> nix-env -q as root?
<vaibhavsagar> yeah
<vaibhavsagar> super weird
<Ralith> \o/
<nh2> angerman: I do buy the memory saving issue for small programs, like if 200 curl invocations all loaded full openssl object code into their individual memories, that might be annoying (or even worse, 300 chrome tabs, with their 99 ldd deps). But that seems to be specific to some small fraction of programs: Usually machines run like 1 nginx, 1 Sublime Text, 1 or 2 GHCs, and so on
<clever> vaibhavsagar: one sec
<Ralith> if you're running 200 curls you're doing something wrong anyway
<clever> ls -l /nix/var/nix/profiles/default*/bin/nix/
<vaibhavsagar> clever: I uninstalled it all
<clever> vaibhavsagar: this will reveal what generation you added nix in
<ottidmes> clever: when you say public, did you mean WAN? I can imagine attacks over the LAN, but if its not on that, whats the point?
<clever> vaibhavsagar: even if it has been removed
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<nh2> angerman: to me dynamic linking is an optimisation for some very specific use cases, where I can put in extra effort to get some special properties, but it shouldn't be that I have to put in extra effort to get the *simple* way (just linking in all the code into my binary)
<clever> ottidmes: yeah, mostly attacks over wan are a threat, like reflection based dos attacks
<clever> ottidmes: but if your running bind on a laptop for some private stuff, you may not want people on the current hotel wifi to be snooping your records
<vaibhavsagar> clever: what am I looking for?
<clever> but i would just use /etc/hosts then
<ottidmes> clever: yeah, so my server (which basically is a desktop that is 24/7 on), then I dont have to take special precautions
<clever> vaibhavsagar: mostly, just the first generation that nix turns up on, and the timestamp of that from --list-generations
<clever> vaibhavsagar: then youll at least know when you did install nix
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<angerman> nh2: right. At least we are working towards as much static linking as possible ;)
<nh2> angerman: I am very excited about nixpkgs actually making that possible with low effort
<nh2> I can't really imagine doing the same on Debian
<nh2> in terms of effort
<angerman> nh2: ironically it allows the linker to do dead code elimination. If you lib is large but you only use a fraction of it, the linker could in principle throw most of it away.
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<nh2> angerman: right, that is what I discovered with static-haskell-nix: Many exes get smaller if you use both -split-sections AND static linking
<angerman> nh2: macOS has -dead_strip by default for that very reason ;)
<clever> are there also linker flags to just entirely drop dynlibs your not actually referencing?
<angerman> clever: -dead_srtip_dylibs?
<clever> already exists?, darwin only or all platforms?
<angerman> clever: removes all but those directly linked ones.
<angerman> clever: you don’t expect me to know non-darwin, do you :p
<clever> heh
<clever> [nix-shell:~]$ ghc --show-options | grep strip
<clever> angerman: no results at all on linux, with 861
<clever> and a quick google found your issue on phabricator, its a linker option!
<clever> so its not a ghc feature, just a linker flag ghc is turning on
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<worldofpeace> Does it make sense to for a bash script with sed awk etc, to be wrapped with coreutils?
<clever> worldofpeace: i would just bake export PATH=${lib.makeBinPath [ coreutils ]}:$PATH right into the script, if possible
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<worldofpeace> clever: I would too. I was reviewing a pr and it was getting critical to that sort of thing.
<jophish> angerman: musl seems to greatly help with 'hello'
<jophish> compiling ghc now
<nh2> with patchelf, what would be a clean way to invoke it to replace not only the interpreter but also glibc?
<ottidmes> nh2: what everbody does: patchelf lib.so \ --set-interpreter ... \ --rpath ..., I guess?
<nh2> ottidmes: ottidmes so I have to parse the rpath, find the glibc, remove it, and put my new one in, and give the argument to patchelf?
<nh2> I'm wondering if there's convenience
<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-18.09-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/2e19ed4e839 (from 56 minutes ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-18.09-darwin)
<ottidmes> nh2: you want convenience: autoPatchelfHook in your buildInputs, and done (not sure if it works for your use case)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @expipiplus1 opened pull request #51307 → ghc-8.4: fix build targeting arm → https://git.io/fpoW1
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<nh2> ottidmes: I think this won't work for me, as I need to just generate the string or patchelf command that does it, but then *run* it from a Haskell Cabal post-build Hook
<nh2> I'll do the logic in Haskell then I think
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<angerman> clever: ohh, sorry. Yes I meant linker option. Sorry :-/
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<nh2> that's my Cabal postBuild hook to patch glibc
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<jophish> angerman: clever: Although musl was a good solution for "hello" it didn't solve the problem entirely for Haskell: https://gist.github.com/49baae5f8797041a061bcc255374eb22
<jophish> this is an empty haskell package's tree
<jophish> The binary itself depends on gcc, as well as libgmp
<angerman> Your musl gcc depends on glibc.
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<jophish> that's what I'd expect though, it's a cross compiler
<jophish> I don't think this package should depend on the host compiler at all
<vaibhavsagar> jophish: I'm trying https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/48803
<{^_^}> #48803 (by matthewbauer, 5 weeks ago, open): Adding pkgsStatic: a fully static overlay
<jophish> oh nice
<vaibhavsagar> it has issues with TH but apparently we've worked around most of them in reflex-platform
<vaibhavsagar> so we just need to smush them together and I should have static haskell binaries linked against musl
<jophish> I'm trying out dtz's branch (https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/36948) at the moment
<{^_^}> #36948 (by dtzWill, 37 weeks ago, open): glibc: don't use bootstrap libgcc_s
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<clever> nh2: you might also want to look into nix setup hooks
<nh2> clever: how do you mean?
<clever> nh2: if you put a derivation with a $out/nix-support/setup-hook into the buildInputs, it will be sourced at the start of a derivation
<clever> nh2: it can then append to things like the fixupPhaseHooks array
<clever> and then nix will run it at the end of a build
<nh2> vaibhavsagar: let me know your findings, I want to put static-haskell-nix on top of that PR eventually
<nh2> clever: ah, that doesn't help in nix-shell though
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<clever> nh2: yeah, it only helps at nix-build time, but its also more generic and can run on any binary
<jophish> vaibhavsagar: likewise for me :)
<clever> /home/clever/apps/nixpkgs/pkgs/top-level/all-packages.nix: makeSetupHook { } ../build-support/setup-hooks/breakpoint-hook.sh;
<clever> nh2: makeSetupHook takes an attrset (passed to substitute all), and a bash script
<jophish> interestingly, I'm not linking statically to libgmp even
<clever> for every key in the set, it will replace @key@ in the bash script with the value, then put the result into $out/nix-support/setup-hook
<jophish> wait, ldd says that it's not dynamic!
<clever> jophish: ldd fails hard on static files!
<jophish> why would a static executable need a runpath?
<clever> jophish: what does `file` say about it?
<jophish> "dynamically linked"
<jophish> hah
<nh2> I gotta sleep, good luck all
<clever> jophish: as i said, ldd should fail on static binaries
<clever> it aint static!
<jophish> hmm, ghc-option=-optl=-static doesn't seem to be being used
<clever> jophish: i needed -optl=-static -static for raw ghc
<clever> i think -static is for ghc itself, and -optl=-static is telling ghc to pass -static to ld
<clever> and if cabal is in play, both need a --ghc-option= as well
<jophish> hmm, I'm using cabal2nix to generate the derivation
<jophish> and passing these flags to appendConfigureFlags
<clever> you could also put them in the cabal file
<clever> ghc-options: -static
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<clever> ld-options -static
<clever> + :
<clever> result/bin/init: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, stripped
<clever> $ ldd result/bin/init not a dynamic executable
<jophish> clever: that worked perfectly
<jophish> thanks!
<jophish> I wonder why the configure flags didn't work
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<jophish> ah, it's because I have ghc-options in the cabal file
<jophish> not that, I needed to pass to buildflags instead
<jophish> Does anyone else thing the argument ordering in haskell.lib is bananas?
<jophish> for functions such as appendBuildFlags
<jophish> it's: appendbuildFlags : drv -> flags -> drv
<jophish> which means to use appendBuildFlags and appendConfigureFlags one has to nest the derivation right in the middle of all these
<jophish> instead of being able to compose some pipeline
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @lovek323 opened pull request #51308 → roon-server: init 100500363 → https://git.io/fpoBV
<jophish> This doesn't seem to work with glibc
<jophish> but that's ok
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ekleog pushed 2 commits to release-18.09: https://git.io/fpoBX
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ekleog merged pull request #51299 → nixos/urxvtd: remove socket activation → https://git.io/fpoO4
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ericson2314 merged pull request #51307 → ghc-8.4: fix build targeting arm → https://git.io/fpoW1
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ericson2314 pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fpoRk
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/50bb0afa7ce (from 4 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
<jophish> Thanks Ericson2314 !
<Ericson2314> NP!
<ivan> oh it's libtorrent_1_1_11 instead of libtorrent-1_1_11
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<Ralith> wait, they replaced the hyphen with an underscore? isn't that the reverse of the way things are supposed to be going?
<Ralith> oh, upstream, not nixpkgs
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh opened pull request #51310 → pythonPackages.docutils: fix python3 build on darwin → https://git.io/fpoRo
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh closed pull request #51310 → pythonPackages.docutils: fix python3 build on darwin → https://git.io/fpoRo
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh opened pull request #51311 → python.pkgs.docutils: set LANG in case of darwin and python3 → https://git.io/fpo0L
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<thedavidmeister> any idea why my ledger nano s would work with MEW but not found by monero wallet?
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<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-18.09-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/b47741cdd87 (from 88 minutes ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-18.09-darwin)
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @c0bw3b merged pull request #51305 → mpd: 0.20.21 -> 0.20.23 → https://git.io/fponI
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @c0bw3b pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fpoEL
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @c0bw3b merged pull request #51261 → libapparmor: drop patch, fix build w/musl → https://git.io/fpwMJ
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @c0bw3b pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fpoEW
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<thedavidmeister> any ideas what i could use to debug a ledger working with MEW but not monero?
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<colemickens> ivan: the archive URLs are for tags.
<colemickens> the tag for that release is libtorrent_1_1_11 not libtorrent-1_1_11 from what I can tell
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @geistesk opened pull request #51312 → usbutils: patch hashbang of lsusb.py → https://git.io/fpozG
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau merged pull request #49446 → pythonPackages.cypari2: 1.3.1 -> 2.0.1 → https://git.io/fx5Ml
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau pushed to master « pythonPackages.cypari2: 1.3.1 -> 2.0.1 (#49446) »: https://git.io/fpogM
<Enzime> getting a: fatal error: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory
<Enzime> am I meant to be including libGLU_combined?
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<betaboon> Enzime: what are you trying to do that raises that error ?
<Enzime> betaboon: building a package
<betaboon> Enzime: do you get that error during buildtime or during runtime ?
<Enzime> build time
<betaboon> Enzime: can you share the expression ?
<Enzime> I just added libGLU_combined to the buildInputs and seems to have fixed it
<Enzime> betaboon: all good thanks
<betaboon> Enzime: well done :)
<betaboon> Enzime: did you notice the comment in all-packages.nix ("Please avoid using this attribute ...") ?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Enzime opened pull request #51313 → llpp: 2018-03-02 -> 30 → https://git.io/fpo24
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Izorkin opened pull request #51314 → mariadb: change location my.cnf → https://git.io/fpo2E
<sphalerite> Enzime: you should only need libGL for that
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<rhalff> Hi, could anyone running the nvidia drivers on a laptop show me their configuration.nix? I can startx with the drivers, but it doesn't have any input. Or I can enable the login manager and on startup the system is stuck in loop trying to start the login manager.
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<rhalff> This is my configuration: https://gist.github.com/rhalff/0f33682146c8d758765c0f162eced67d is there anything obvious missing?
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<rhalff> The graphical installation worked just fine, so a correctly running X system should be possible.
<tilpner> Yes, you're trying to use nvidia :/
<tilpner> I've not heard of anyone getting that exact setup working
<rhalff> tilpner, so should I switch to nouveau?
<tilpner> Is bumblebee not an option?
<rhalff> or just not specify any drivers?
<tilpner> I've had a lot more success with that
<tilpner> Do you just want X working, or do you require nvidia?
<lucus16> I'm trying to build https://github.com/adisbladis/vgo2nix and it succeeds, but for some reason it disabled the path to go in the bin/vgo2nix wrapper, by setting it to /nix/store/eee..eee-go-1.11/bin
<lucus16> Can anyone tell me why it does that and how I avoid it?
<tilpner> That looks like nuke-references
<rhalff> tilpner, well at first get it working, with dual monitor. Then I'll see if I can get the nvidia driver working.
<tilpner> rhalff - Have you tried not specifying videoDrivers? The default works for me
<lucus16> tilpner: But do you have any idea why it runs nuke-references here?
<tilpner> Probably to remove go from some closure
<rhalff> tilpner, ok will try that first, then I will try to create my own channel based on that. thanks! :-)
<tilpner> What do you think you need your own channel for?
<rhalff> to create a reliable nvidia setup? one where I know what is going on.
<tilpner> lucus16 - Set allowGoReference = true; in the default.nix of vgo2nix, if you want it to keep th e compiler in the closure
<rhalff> or basically for everything custom I need for my setup.
<tilpner> lucus16 - But note that I have no idea what vgo2nix does, or if this is appropriate
<lucus16> It calls go at runtime in order to generate nix dependencies from the go.mod file
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<tilpner> Just try it, and see if it gets you to the next error
<tilpner> rhalff - I still don't see it, but it's not important, so I'll let you get back to fighting nvidia
<lucus16> ok, thanks!
<tilpner> Actually...
<tilpner> Don't try that. The default.nix explicitly keeps go in the closure, with makeBinPath and wrapProgram
* rhalff *reboots*
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<lucus16> tilpner: So the part where it still gets erased is a bug?
<tilpner> No, that's working as intended and Fine™
<tilpner> (Probably. Again, I don't use vgo2nix, but it looks fine)
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<tilpner> Oh, you didn't mean the path to go in the binary, but in the wrapper?
<lucus16> yes
<tilpner> Sorry, I misread that. That looks wrong then
<tilpner> I'll just build it and check
<tilpner> You're right, this is broken
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<tilpner> So just go back to my initial suggestion, that works
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<lucus16> I see, it runs this on all files in bin during preFixup
<lucus16> I guess the makeWrapper is essentially a fixup, so it should be fine to move it to postFixup
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<symphorien> lucus16: see https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/50907: you need allowGoReference=true;
<{^_^}> #50907 (by jhillyerd, 1 week ago, closed): golint: go: cannot find GOROOT directory: /nix/store/eeeee(...)e-go-1.11/share/go
<lucus16> I see, thanks
<tilpner> I said that already!
<tilpner> :c
<lucus16> I was trying to see if I could solve it without allowing go references in the actual binary, but that didn't end up working
<symphorien> oh sorry tilpner, I tried to backlog, but no carefully enough
<tilpner> Oh? Your "move nuke-refs to postFixup" sounded like it would work
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<lucus16> By that time it has apparently already decided that go is not a dependency and then at the end it detects a reference to something that's not in the dependencies and it complains
<lucus16> it gets added to disallowedReferences
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<symphorien> it's probably for cross compilation. the go you have is for the build architecture when the output should reference a target architecture go
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<lucus16> but when they're the same version of go, it erases both
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<liminal18> is nixcon still happening?
<gchristensen> no
<gchristensen> samueldr: here?
<liminal18> ahh the title links to a live stream
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<gchristensen> thanks, liminal18!
<liminal18> lol was worried I was being a troll NP
<liminal18> might want to link to the youtube archives though
<gchristensen> have it handy?
<liminal18> enjoyed a few of those
<liminal18> let me check
gchristensen changed the topic of #nixos to: NixOS 18.09 released https://discourse.nixos.org/t/1076 || https://nixos.org || Latest NixOS: https://nixos.org/nixos/download.html || Latest Nix: https://nixos.org/nix/download.html || Logs: https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos/ || #nixos-dev, #nix-darwin, #nixos-aarch64, #nixos-chat, #nixcon ... nixcon videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzjMif6wvMk&list=PLgknCdxP89ReJKWX3sthcsbBYs
<liminal18> wow I'm helping
<liminal18> I need to hurry about and actually wrote some packages
gchristensen changed the topic of #nixos to: NixOS 18.09 released https://discourse.nixos.org/t/1076 || https://nixos.org || Latest NixOS: https://nixos.org/nixos/download.html || Latest Nix: https://nixos.org/nix/download.html || Logs: https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos/ || #nixos-dev, #nix-darwin, #nixos-aarch64, #nixos-chat, #nixcon ... nixcon videos: https://tinyurl.com/nixcon2018
<gchristensen> thanks!
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<gchristensen> liminal18++
<{^_^}> liminal18's karma got increased to 1
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 opened pull request #51315 → gdb: switch to python3 → https://git.io/fpowZ
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @primeos opened pull request #51316 → nixos/sway-beta: Improve the wrapper → https://git.io/fpow2
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jtojnar pushed to master « usbutils: fix usb.ids path »: https://git.io/fporJ
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/d9b650f4cc5 (from 3 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
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<gchristensen> woot
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<hyper_ch> ?
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<samueldr> gchristensen: hi
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<gchristensen> samueldr: I forgot what I was pinging you for, so hello! I hope you have a great weekend, and that you enjoy it very much!
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<mupf> Hello
<mupf> Ever since I updated my laptop to 18.09 I get this:
<mupf> error: while evaluating the attribute 'passAsFile' of the derivation 'ertes-base' at /nix/store/x1ciqxvq4w4mk2gc9whbpmaksky2rn6j-nixos-18.09.1446.db561c90ef3/nixos/pkgs/stdenv/generic/make-derivation.nix:177:11:
<mupf> cannot convert a function to JSON
<mupf> Any advice?
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<tilpner> It might help to show the ertes-base expression
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @c0bw3b merged pull request #51199 → iso-image: Verifies the FAT partition at build. → https://git.io/fpaQj
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @c0bw3b pushed 3 commits to master: https://git.io/fpoow
<tilpner> Oh no
<mupf> ?
<tilpner> One of them may have been turned from a package to a function
<mupf> so what now?
<tilpner> Binary-search your way to offending function, then figure out how to call it
<mupf> tbh I didn't write the expression myself and unfortunately I can't ask it's author.
<mupf> any directions in how to do that?
<mupf> I didn't had the time yet to make myself very familiar with nix due rare spare time.
<tilpner> Comment out the first half, build again
<tilpner> If that fixes the build, uncomment the first half, comment the second half, repeat on the half you decided the bad item is in
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<mupf> alright, thanks
<tilpner> mupf - Remove nix-repl, try again
<eyjhb> If I have added `polybar` to my i3.extraPackages, and I would like the default config with polybar, but is located in `/usr/share/doc/polybar/config`, how would I go about that? https://github.com/jaagr/polybar/wiki
<tilpner> mupf - Oh, that's already commented out, didn't see that in nix repl
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<tilpner> mupf - Replace plover with plover.stable
<Mic92> is the new nix build command no longer parallel for multiple packages?
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<mupf> tilpner: lol, found it a few seconds ago.
<mupf> thanks
<mupf> alright, it seems I have a few issues left
<mupf> collision between `/nix/store/bv6znzsv2qkbcwwa251dx7n5dshz3nr3-zlib-1.2.11/lib/libz.so' and `/nix/store/njpv9xcqzk5h8lyv14xwf5294sy25pa1-emscripten-zlib-1.2.11/lib/libz.so'
<mupf> -.-
<mupf> Guess I remove everything I dont need at the moment for now
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<LnL> ,library
<{^_^}> Don't install libraries through nix-env or systemPackages, use nix-shell instead. See https://nixos.wiki/wiki/FAQ/Libraries for details.
<LnL> if you you bring back problems that traditional package managers have
<LnL> for you do that*
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bjornfor opened pull request #51317 → audit-tmpdir hook: lock pattern matching to start-of-string → https://git.io/fpoK0
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<mupf> LnL: thanks
<mupf> I will keep it in mind
<LnL> you can start multiple shells with those buildEnvs but if you install more then one you'll potentially run into problems
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<mupf> Hrm.
<mupf> My ghc-env expression seems also to be broken
<{^_^}> [hydra] @samueldr opened pull request #618 → Stops the pager from blocking at configurePhase → https://git.io/fpo6e
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @c0bw3b merged pull request #51117 → lm_sensors: 3.4.0 -> 3.5.0 → https://git.io/fpgvU
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @c0bw3b pushed commit from @dtzWill to master « lm_sensors: 3.4.0 -> 3.5.0 »: https://git.io/fpo6m
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<ekleog> am I the only one to have had problems with tmux?
<ekleog> it's the second time that, without a tmux update, I can't `tmux a`
<ekleog> so I `reptyr $(pidof weechat)`, but…
<ekleog> it appears to reproduce not really frequently, which is weird
<ekleog> but I still have that other tmux process laying around
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Gerschtli opened pull request #51318 → dwm-status: 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1 → https://git.io/fpo6Z
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<c0bw3b_> gchristensen: probably not the 1st one to raise this but a build failure is shown as a "neutral check" on GH -> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/51301/checks?check_run_id=36737552
<gchristensen> on purpose
<gchristensen> no red X's for build failures
<c0bw3b_> why not? a non-eval seems neutral to me (for example not compatible with some platform)
<c0bw3b_> but a failure?
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<gchristensen> there are valid reasons to merge even if one of the builds failed
<gchristensen> but I don't want a red X to ever be ignored
<c0bw3b_> ok I see your point
<c0bw3b_> true, sometimes it just timeouts and we're going to merge after checking locally
<gchristensen> maybe the format of the output could help clarify it failed?
<c0bw3b_> maybe in the Build Results parag? Something like:
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<c0bw3b_> Attempted: libretro.dolphin(failed)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @NeQuissimus pushed 6 commits to master: https://git.io/fpo6H
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @NeQuissimus pushed 4 commits to release-18.03: https://git.io/fpo6d
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @NeQuissimus pushed 5 commits to release-18.09: https://git.io/fpo6b
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Gerschtli opened pull request #51319 → nixos/dwm-status: add module → https://git.io/fpoic
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<avn> c0bw3b_: btw, any plans to review rspamd PR again? I think, fix everything, where I havent significant ojections myself.
<c0bw3b_> avn: hello, well I forgot about it so you are right to bring my attention back to it :)
<avn> c0bw3b_: I usually update each weekend, and see how many commits I have on WIP ;)
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<c0bw3b_> avn: it looks fine to me except it's going to break aarch64 builds of rspamd ... I think?
<c0bw3b_> because withHyperscan defaults to true and hyperscan is x86_86 only
<eyjhb> what is the XF86 key for audio toggle? I do not have a seperate play/pause key, but rather a toggle ucrrent state
<c0bw3b_> if aarch64 the assert fails and .. build stops?
<avn> c0bw3b_: whoops. Would fix it in few mins. should have isx86_64 as default
<c0bw3b_> avn: yes something like that would be better :)
<avn> c0bw3b_: it was, before I disable it due 2 hours build ;)
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<avn> (as I finish wine update, and build-everything-with-"--disable-tests" works, including wow and win64 builds)
<c0bw3b_> avn BTW I think it should be okay on any x86 (i686 too, not just amd64)
doyougnu has joined #nixos
<avn> c0bw3b_: it give nothing except +2h build time on 32bits, all profit are from x86_64 jit
<c0bw3b_> oh ok
<avn> and rspamd cmake enable it only if x86_64 as well
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<tilpner> Not exactly Nixos-specific, but I figured it's the right crowd to ask: Does anyone have a pretty way to declaratively define S3-compatible buckets and associated policies?
<avn> terraform probably
<thefloweringash> terraform maybe?
<tilpner> Oh!
<tilpner> I didn't know it could do more than ec2
<tilpner> Thanks! avn++ thefloweringash++
<{^_^}> avn's karma got increased to 1, thefloweringash's karma got increased to 3
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<symphorien> eyjhb: xev can probably answer this question
<avn> eyjhb: X11 definelly haven't any audio support, so is a just keysym, which handled by 3rd party program
<Yaniel> the multimedia keys are piped to dbus/mpris AFAIK
<Yaniel> it's a standardized interface but indeed not related to X11
<hyper_ch> two weeks crappy internet ahead of me
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Gerschtli opened pull request #51323 → networkmanagerapplet: fix missing icons → https://git.io/fpo1l
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @P-E-Meunier opened pull request #51324 → Webpack-cli: init at 3.1.2 → https://git.io/fpo1r
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<Growpotkin> hey does anybody know how to generate the json docs for MY nixpkgs and modules?
<Growpotkin> similar to those used by the nixpkgs and nixoptions database search online?
<Growpotkin> I made a fuzzy searching tool that interacts with those JSON files, but I want to run it on my version of nixos, not the repo (as I am doing now)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vbgl opened pull request #51325 → filterCoqPackages: honor `recurseIntoAttrs` → https://git.io/fpoMu
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<tilpner> growpotkin - The options are described in config.system.build.manual.optionsJSON, but I don't know how you can make it also show options you added
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<tilpner> Look at prefixesToStrip in doc/manual/default.nix
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<Growpotkin> thanks
Haskellfant is now known as cocreature
<Growpotkin> i found it "nix-env -f '<mypkgs>' -qa --out-path --json"
<eyjhb> symphorien avn I tried XF86AudioToggle, which now works to START the music, but not stop it again... Doesn't seem like it gets fired....
<Growpotkin> THe options one was the more difficult
<Growpotkin> I will check out the config... @tilpner thanks
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<gchristensen> input wanted: https://github.com/NixOS/ofborg/issues/283
<{^_^}> ofborg#283 (by tilpner, 5 hours ago, open): Checks UI, tab labels should be different
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @k0ral opened pull request #51327 → New derivation: loop → https://git.io/fpoDH
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-18.03-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/77a8c4adc37 (from 3 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-18.03-small)
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<eyjhb> WEll.... I guess it just fired XF86AudioPlay each time
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @markus1189 opened pull request #51328 → dropbox: add mesa and libxshmfence → https://git.io/fpoyv
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<{^_^}> [hydra] @samueldr opened pull request #619 → Adds error messages to lazy tabs → https://git.io/fpoyk
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @c0bw3b opened pull request #51329 → Favor HTTPS URLs - the GNU edition → https://git.io/fpoyt
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<{^_^}> #51332 (by nh2, 31 seconds ago, open): services: Switch to Type=exec wherever possible with systemd 240
<nh2> hyper_ch: what's with the crappy internet?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #51333 → pqiv: 2.10.4 -> 2.11 → https://git.io/fpoSj
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau opened pull request #51337 → sagenb: fix matplotlib path → https://git.io/fpo9a
<ivan> Dec 01 19:33:51 icvm hydra-evaluator[1296]: evaluation of jobset ‘nixpkgs:prime’ succeeded <- why does this succeed and then not show up in my list of evaluations?
<ivan> "created cached eval 9"
<ivan> my /jobset/nixpkgs/prime#tabs-evaluations shows just 1-7
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @thoughtpolice opened pull request #51338 → nixos: make time-sync.target block until initial adjustment with all NTP daemons → https://git.io/fpo9X
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #51339 → minizincide: init at 2.2.3 → https://git.io/fpo99
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #51340 → gecode: 6.0.0 -> 6.1.0 → https://git.io/fpo9j
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @avnik opened pull request #51341 → Wine update → https://git.io/fpoHe
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<samueldr> any undocumented pro-tips for hacking on hydra?
<samueldr> like reloading controllers on changes :/
<samueldr> hydra-server script seems to use `CatalystX::Script::Server::Starman`, but looking at the file itself, it describes a non-production (?) server which would have a `-r` flag
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nioncode opened pull request #51342 → Fix qtbase cmake for gui plugins [Qt 5.6, 5.9] → https://git.io/fpoHy
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<dmj`> ghcjs tries to compiler hpack to javascript when doing a nix-build
<dmj`> s/compiler/compile
<dmj`> *face palm*
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau merged pull request #51337 → sage: misc fixes → https://git.io/fpo9a
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau pushed 3 commits to master: https://git.io/fpo5Z
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @aneeshusa closed pull request #15799 → WIP/RFC: stdenv: deprecate passing a string for configureFlags → https://git.io/vrHzV
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau opened pull request #51344 → pythonPackages.matplotlib: enable tk backend by default → https://git.io/fpo5D
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @viric merged pull request #51342 → Fix qtbase cmake for gui plugins [Qt 5.6, 5.9] → https://git.io/fpoHy
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @viric pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fpo5S
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bcdarwin opened pull request #51345 → teyjus: fix build by using omake from ocaml 4.02 package set → https://git.io/fpo5N
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<Mic92> samueldr: I added markdown reports to nix-review
<samueldr> oh neat
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<mojjoo> hi! I'm installing nixos on a vserver.. when doing the generated default config, I'm quickly running into a 'no more space left on disk' error. I'm wondering if this can be true, the HD has only 20GB though.. Is this realistic or am I doing sth wrong maybe?
<Mic92> mojjoo: something is wrong.
<Mic92> maybe it writes to /tmp?
<Mic92> also this problem was fixed in the installer
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<catern> python packages on master in Nixpkgs seem to be broken really frequently
<catern> people need to start actually testing their pushes...
<jsgrant> Okay, two weird gotchas resolved graphical side. Latte-dock needed not to be the default session on startup & obs studio needed screen tearing prevention off (vsync) in compositor; Really not sure why I'd be running into a bunch of this stuff where I haven't on KDE via Fedora & Arch. :^P Not complaning, just weird.
<jsgrant> Slow, steady progress though. :^) Besides Intellij I think I have like 85% of my current workflow ported over.
<mojjoo> Mic92: thanks for the hint, I think I know the mistake.. mounted only boot and not root partition
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bjornfor closed pull request #51317 → audit-tmpdir hook: lock pattern matching to start-of-string → https://git.io/fpoK0
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @fusion809 opened pull request #51346 → scilab: adding bin/scilab symlink → https://git.io/fpoFm
<{^_^}> [hydra] @domenkozar merged pull request #618 → Stops the pager from blocking at configurePhase → https://git.io/fpo6e
<{^_^}> [hydra] @domenkozar pushed commit from @samueldr to master « Stops the pager from blocking at configurePhase (#618) »: https://git.io/fpoFO
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<yl[m]> anyone with experience with Nix on Travis here? I have a build that's failing because it cannot find `<home-manager>` even though I have it as a channel. relevant .travis.yml https://github.com/kalbasit/shabka/blob/7ddc7724e7b92b6aeed1523f61ad5d6814fcbccf/.travis.yml and relevant build error https://travis-ci.org/kalbasit/shabka/builds/462296068#L507-L510
<yl[m]> on Travis aren't the user's channels automatically used in nixPath?
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<gchristensen> I heard maybe there is a bug and they're not
<gchristensen> try before your thing, export NIX_PATH=/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/$(whoami)/channels:$NIX_PATH
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<yl[m]> gchristensen: awesome, let me try that
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau merged pull request #51346 → scilab-bin: adding bin/scilab symlink → https://git.io/fpoFm
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau pushed commit from @fusion809 to master « scilab-bin: adding bin/scilab symlink (#51346) »: https://git.io/fpob4
<yl[m]> gchristensen: it worked. So the single-user installer comes broken
<yl[m]> gchristensen: I don't see anything Travis special beyond invoking the install script https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-build/blob/master/lib/travis/build/script/nix.rb
<gchristensen> it is the 2.0.4 multi-user install on tavis
<yl[m]> I'm running in container mode (sudo is false)
<yl[m]> so it's single user mode
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<gchristensen> ah
<yl[m]> also the CI ran out of space so I had to `nix-store --gc` between each host I'm trying to build. It's taking forever but at least it works. Can you think of a way to improve it?
<LnL> add disk space?
<yl[m]> to Travis?
<yl[m]> I don't think you can do that
<LnL> that was a joke (kind of)
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<yl[m]> hard to tell a joke on IRC :)
<yl[m]> we need some spycam here lol
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<eyjhb> My gigabit ethernet card in a Lenovo L430 is currently only being detected as a 100 Mb/s, any clue to what I can do from here?
<yl[m]> eyjhb: did you try with the latest kernel?
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<yl[m]> `boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_latest`
<eyjhb> yl[m]: running 4.14.84 acording to uname, and it is the a clean install of nixos as of yesterday with almost default config :)
<gchristensen> is the device plugged in to a network which is limited to 100mbps by the device on the other end, or the cable?
<yl[m]> eyjhb: I'm running 4.19.5
<eyjhb> gchristensen: using the same switch for another laptop, with same cable type etc. and getting gigabit uplink and working
<eyjhb> yl[m]: will try
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam opened pull request #51349 → vdirsyncer: fix build → https://git.io/fpoNO
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<rizary> a
<eyjhb> yl[m]: 4.19.5 now, same problem. lspci lists it as gigabit as it should, but yeah, not working
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<yl[m]> eyjhb: interesting, is it a new card on the market?
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<eyjhb> yl[m]: nope, Lenovo L430 is from around 2012
<yl[m]> oh oops. yea in that case new or old kernel will not matter
<samueldr> was it working at gigabit speed on another distro?
<samueldr> (using the exact same hardware setup)
<eyjhb> samueldr: was thinking the same thing.. Guess I will try a live boot of... Ubuntu
<samueldr> in the end, NixOS is a linux distro :)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace merged pull request #51228 → git-secrets: install manpage → https://git.io/fpVVc
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fpoNB
<eyjhb> samueldr: Ubuntu does the same....... Weird :/
<samueldr> at least it isn't an issue with NixOS :/
<samueldr> any messages in dmesg?
<samueldr> could the cable and hardware be fringing in the tolerance ranges, where with some devices it will work, but not with others?
<samueldr> using the PCI IDs, anyone else seems to be having issues online?
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-18.09-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/d004311ba3e (from 7 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-18.09-small)
<eyjhb> Seems like others have the same issue
<eyjhb> I will check the cable and ports on my switch
<ottidmes> is there a guarantee that nix store paths will not have whitespace in them?
<clever> > stdenv.mkDerivation { name = "foo bar"; }
<{^_^}> invalid character ' ' in name 'foo bar'
<ottidmes> that answers that, thanks :)
<clever> ottidmes: yeah, $out must never have any whitespace in it
<clever> > stdenv.mkDerivation { name = ""; }
<{^_^}> attribute 'pname' missing, at /var/lib/nixbot/nixpkgs/master/repo/pkgs/stdenv/generic/make-derivation.nix:84:54
<clever> it can also give weird errors like that
<infinisil> Whaa
<eyjhb> samueldr yl[m] it was the cable... Even though it is a cat 5e...
<ottidmes> > stdenv.mkDerivation { name = "foo*"; }
<{^_^}> invalid character '*' in name 'foo*'
<ottidmes> good, than its safe again globbing as well
<infinisil> > stdenv.mkDerivation { name = ".nope"; }
<v0|d> > stdenv.mkDerivation { name = "\t"; }
<{^_^}> illegal name: '.nope'
<{^_^}> invalid character ' ' in name ' '
<samueldr> eyjhb: probably tolerances then, mark it as "causing issues with fussy hardware" and remember that laptop has fussy ethernet :)
<ottidmes> then I can ignore shellcheck's remarks
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<eyjhb> samueldr: yeah properly... :/ - Btw. does anybody know why when the urxvt daemon is enabled, and I use i3 with urxvtc (launch client), I need to launch one client that never opens, and then another?
<infinisil> If anybody ever needs it, here is a pipe to transform any string into a valid derivation name:
<infinisil> sed 's/^\.*//' | tr -cs '+-._?=[:alnum:]' -
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<infinisil> I personally use this to have the git commit message of my configuration as my system build name
<Peaker> Hey, anyone knows what's up with the Haskell "category" package ( on nix? failing to build with "Could not find module ‘Algebra’"? I build the same version successfully via ordinary cabal (non-nix)
<infinisil> Wait, no I'm not using it for the commit subject, but for the branch name
<infinisil> `git log --pretty=format:'%h-%f' -1` generates a commit message already fit for derivation names
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Infinisil opened pull request #51350 → minecraft: Fix versions <1.13 → https://git.io/fpoAn
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<infinisil> Peaker: You probably need to override the haskell package to add the Algebra module
<infinisil> Sometimes minor fixes like this are needed when you use nixpkgs haskell packages set
<Peaker> infinisil, which one? Where is Algebra from? is nixpkgs not based on stackage?
<infinisil> Peaker: It's based on stackage for the packages that *are* on stackage. The rest of them are just the latest hackage version
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<Peaker> infinisil, but I build constraints => category successfully with stack/stackage. and "alg" seems to be part of base?
<Peaker> maybe nix derivation somehow forgets to depend on "base"?
<clever> Peaker: base is part of the ghc package, it cant be removed
<infinisil> Peaker: Not sure how you would think so
<infinisil> Why "alg" not "algebra" now?
<infinisil> And both of those shouldn't be in base afaik
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<infinisil> (or any other modules included by default)
<infinisil> > haskellPackages.base
<{^_^}> null
<infinisil> > haskellPackages.text
<{^_^}> null
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/7041972128a (from 60 minutes ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
<infinisil> This is how you know it's included by default ^^
<clever> infinisil: all things packaged in ghc itself (dua to cabal depending on it) are null
<Peaker> infinisil, ah, I was confused by it re-exporting all the base symbols and their documentation appearing right there
<Peaker> so category forgets to depend on "alg" in its nix derivation maybe?
<clever> the problem, is that Setup.hs (and Cabal) depend on base/text, so a fresh ghc must include those to even be able to build a simple package
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Infinisil merged pull request #50281 → nixos/luksroot: Check whether the device already exists → https://git.io/fpmRq
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Infinisil pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fpoAw
<ottidmes> infinisil: I added your transform to my nix shell functions, I just changed it so that it also ignores the last trailing newline
<Peaker> clever, I don't quite understand, ghc builds things in general - what's special about the "category" package?
<clever> Peaker: i dont see anything special
<Peaker> so why is category specifically failing to find the "Algebra" module?
<clever> Peaker: how are you trying to build it?
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<Peaker> clever, nix-build at https://github.com/lamdu/lamdu/blob/master/default.nix -- it's via dependency on constraints=>category
<hyperfekt> Does anyone know how to manage device settings via NixOS? Specifically I'm trying to enable autosuspend for a USB device, as one would normally do via /sys/bus/usb/devices
<ottidmes> infinisil: did you manage to fix your router issues?
<infinisil> ottidmes: It seems to work as of now
<infinisil> For unknown resaon
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<ottidmes> infinisil: I can imagine thats annoying... but at least it works
<clever> Peaker: looking...
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<Peaker> clever, thanks
<ottidmes> infinisil: I personally have two of those kind of issues, both for which I have working workarounds, but I have no idea why the workaround works, or what is the root issue, which is annoying, but I am not going to spend any more time trying to solve them
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<gerschtli> hey, is anybody here who has experience with haskell and the nix eco system around the haskell packages?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #50489 → smlnj: 110.79 -> 110.84 → https://git.io/fpn18
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 4 commits to master: https://git.io/fpox0
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