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<simpson> suzu: TBF the typical way to install Nix onto non-NixOS is with the upstream binary installer, which presumably has zero respect for anything Arch.
<clever> hence, the sandbox just doesnt work, when nix isnt built by nix
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<suzu> the arch install method isn't far off - it pulls the bins and does a make/make install
<suzu> i guess no sandbox for me then :(
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<suzu> hopefully that doesn't end up breaking shit later down the road
<suzu> thanks for your help clever
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<clever> yep
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<suzu> nixops info
<suzu> error: value is null while a set was expected, at /nix/store/c4gz9smq9grl437dzf0k5iib5zglkfgd-nixpkgs-19.03pre167327.11cf7d6e1ff/nixpkgs/pkgs/top-level/default.nix:63:5
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<suzu> wwwat
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<{^_^}> #51858 (by YuMingLiao, 8 weeks ago, open): error: value is null while a set was expected, at pkgs/top-level/default.nix:63:5 (when nixops deploy)
<suzu> perhaps if i make nix upgrade itself
<suzu> nope
<suzu> fk
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<fresheyeball> hey out there
<fresheyeball> is there a clean way to reference systemctl with string interpolation?
<fresheyeball> I need to use systemctl in a nix generated bash script
<clever> > "${systemd.out}/bin/systemctl"
<{^_^}> "/nix/store/6zwf7gc4kj22y5n4dl9f1alky8xcgqmv-systemd-239.20190110/bin/systemctl"
<fresheyeball> clever++
<{^_^}> clever's karma got increased to 88
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<suzu> how do i upgrade to nixops 1.6.1?
<suzu> that should fix this issue i'm having here, i think
<clever> > nixops.version
<{^_^}> "1.6.1"
<clever> suzu: if you are on nixpkgs-unstable, it should just be a matter of nix-env -iA nixpkgs.nixops
<suzu> kk
<suzu> replacing old 'nixops-1.6'
<suzu> installing 'nixops-1.6'
<suzu> nope
<clever> suzu: did you recently do `nix-channel --update` ?
<suzu> yeah
<suzu> it does nothing
<suzu> other than 'unpacking channels...'
<suzu> > nix-channel --list
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'nix-channel' at (string):218:1
<clever> suzu: try: `nix-channel --add https://nixos.org/channels/nixos-unstable-small nixos-small` and then `--update` and `nix-env -iA nixos-small.nixops`
<suzu> okay
<clever> ,howold
<{^_^}> clever: Did you mean howoldis?
<clever> this site lists how old each channel is
<clever> and {^_^} just mentioned (about 30mins ago) that nixos-unstable-small had updated
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<suzu> whats the -small mean?
<clever> the channel can update before hydra has built every single package
<suzu> ah i see
<clever> so it can update faster, but you may need to compile some things
<suzu> so that worked, i've got nixops 1.6.1 now
<suzu> but it's still broken
<suzu> > nixops info
<{^_^}> attempt to call something which is not a function but a set, at (string):218:1
<suzu> error: value is null while a set was expected, at /nix/store/9ljs47p13d9za6iacbpwa4wp8ancz159-nixpkgs-19.03pre167327.11cf7d6e1ff/nixpkgs/pkgs/top-level/default.nix:63:5
<clever> suzu: what does `nixops info` say?
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<clever> oops, does it output anything else?
<suzu> it does
<suzu> Network name: trivial
<suzu> Network UUID: 0c26df97-2a72-11e9-be15-507b9d68d833
<suzu> Network description: Unnamed NixOps network
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<suzu> it shouldn't be `unnamed`
<fresheyeball> clever: is system a builtin? or part of pkgs?
<clever> does it list the nix files?
<suzu> it does
<clever> fresheyeball: systemd is a package in nixpkgs
<suzu> it lists my trivial.nix that i'm trying out from the nixops guide
<clever> suzu: can you pastebin that file, and the full output from `nixops info --show-trace`
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<suzu> certainly. one sec
<suzu> this is the output from nixops
<suzu> the .nix file is exactly as seen in the guide sec 3.2, copied verbatim: https://nixos.org/nixops/manual/#sec-deploying-to-physical-nixos
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @matthewbauer pushed to master « nixos/lib/testing.nix: config defaults to {} »: https://git.io/fh9QN
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @fpletz merged pull request #55343 → dovecot: 2.3.4 -> → https://git.io/fh9KJ
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<suzu> clever: any ideas?
<clever> oh, got distracted, *looks*
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<clever> suzu: ah, the fix was merged into nixops 8 hours ago, but thats not 1.6.1, its a pre-release for the next version
<clever> suzu: youll either want to install nixops master, or use an older nixpkgs
<clever> nixops modify -d trivial trivial.nix -I nixpkgs=URL-TO-NIXPKGS
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @hhm0 opened pull request #55367 → toybox: init at 0.7.8 → https://git.io/fh97T
<suzu> how do i use an older nixpgs?
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<clever> nixops modify -d trivial trivial.nix -I nixpkgs=https://github.com/nixos/nixpkgs-channels/nixos-18.09.tar.gz
<clever> suzu: like that
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @matthewbauer merged pull request #53760 → [WIP] Build nixpkgs with gcc 8 by default → https://git.io/fhZXt
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed to haskell-updates « hackage-packages.nix: automatic Haskell package set update »: https://git.io/fh97G
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<suzu> clever: that doesnt seem to do anything
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<clever> suzu: does `nixops info` work now?
<suzu> no
<suzu> same error plus a line with the new nixpkgs
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<fresheyeball> can I add a checkphase to writeTextFile?
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<clever> fresheyeball: line 68 mostly does what you want
<clever> that will create a /nix/store/hash-nix.conf, then symlink nix.conf to it for testing
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<fresheyeball> clever: if you don't stop blowing my mind, there is going to be very little left
<suzu> oh err i didnt notice this but
<suzu> warning: Nix search path entry 'https://github.com/nixos/nixpkgs-channels/nixos-18.09.tar.gz' cannot be downloaded, ignoring
<suzu> maybe thats not the correct path
<clever> suzu: oh, i missed an archive in there
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 opened pull request #55372 → buildEnv: break with a proper error if one path is actually a file → https://git.io/fh979
<suzu> hmm, rerunning the cmd with the new path didnt update it
<fresheyeball> clever: that is not it actually. I praised too soon
<suzu> oh woops
<fresheyeball> I am using writeTextFile, its not a script, I need the derivation to fail it the file being generated is wrong
<suzu> it's unpacking now
<clever> fresheyeball: you could just convert it to runCommand
<suzu> yep this works clever
<fresheyeball> clever: how does that help? I can't just concat onto the file a script that checks it
<suzu> what does this -I nixpkgs=... do?
<fresheyeball> clever: are you suggesting I use runCommand to make the file and check it?
<clever> suzu: prepends an entry to NIX_PATH, so when nixops looks for <nixpkgs>, it uses that url
<clever> fresheyeball: yeah
<fresheyeball> clever: gotcha
<suzu> why would nixops look for nixpkgs?
<clever> suzu: it needs a copy of nixpkgs to build nixos and deploy it
<fresheyeball> clever: if I have a big multiline string in nix, lets say` let x = '' big stuff '';`
<fresheyeball> can I just use `echo ${x} > file` to make the file?
<fresheyeball> I am not sure how these interact
<clever> fresheyeball: bash will treat that as multiple lines, and execute the 2nd line onward, so you need `echo "${x}"`
<clever> fresheyeball: you may also want to look at how writeText works
<suzu> ahh nixops uses the nixpkgs installed on my system to manage its boxes?
<clever> suzu: and your current nixpkgs is too new, causing it to break
<suzu> ahh
<clever> suzu: -I nixpkgs... forces it to use a specific version, rather then what your system currently has
<suzu> do i need that on all invocations of nixops?
<clever> suzu: the `nixops modify` command will save that into the nixops state file
<suzu> ahh gotcha
<clever> so it will be remembered until you delete the deployment
<clever> `nixops create` also accepts `-I nixpkgs=` and will remember it the same way
<suzu> so that sets the nixpkgs path for that deployment
<suzu> got it
<clever> fresheyeball: you want `{ x = ''....'; passAsFile = [ "x" ]; .... mv "$xPath" $out ; test $out .... }
<clever> fresheyeball: passAsFile tells nix to put the entire string into a file, and give you xPath instead
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<clever> and since its in a file, you dont have to deal with escaping
<fresheyeball> clever: based on this it looks like writeTextFile has a checkphase already
<clever> fresheyeball: oh, so it does, lol
<fresheyeball> clever: so normally I use writeTextFile like this
<fresheyeball> pkgs.writeTextFile "filename.sh" '' stuff ''
<fresheyeball> if it takes a set as the first arg, not a sting, I am confused as to how my stuff ever worked
<clever> fresheyeball: compare line 57 and 90 of the file i linked
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<fresheyeball> hmm
<fresheyeball> ok
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<petersjt014> hi: I got an ancient 32-bit desktop device and don't know how to cross-compile for it--the closest option I see is i686-embedded. Is on of the other ones more correct?
<clever> petersjt014: dont need the cross-compile flags
<petersjt014> Is there some way to specify 32-bit only then?
<clever> > pkgsi686Linux.hello
<{^_^}> "<derivation /nix/store/9dpfc6kdrlsnms4nvj94f1jyxrjlc81j-hello-2.10.drv>"
<clever> the pkgsi686Linux set forces 32bit builds using the native 32bit->32bit compiler chain
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<clever> you can also just `import <nixpkgs> { system = "i686-linux"; }`
<petersjt014> ah, ok. I'm building stuff on the cmd line rn, just forgot not everyting is under pkgsCross. Thanks!
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc pushed 4 commits to keyutils: https://git.io/fh95U
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc pushed 0 commits to keyutils: https://git.io/fh95T
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<zukaboo> > /nix/store/cj1icwrva88rlay135mhhbfh3kq1f386-libtoxcore-0.2.8/include/tox/tox.h:27:10: fatal error: 'stdbool.h' file not found
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ')', at (string):218:79
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc opened pull request #55373 → keyutils: patch out unreproducibility → https://git.io/fh95I
<zukaboo> How do I get stdbool in nix-shell?
<simpson> It should be in stdenv, right? What are you building?
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<simpson> Or *working on, I guess. Not the best word choice.
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<suzu> the nixops guide doenst seem to explain much on this
<suzu> but how does nixops auth to a running nixos machine for deployment?
<suzu> it seems to want the root pw
<suzu> but i don't have a root pw on the machine
<clever> suzu: it will need root ssh to do the first deploy, either via a pw, or an ssh key in the ssh-agent
<clever> suzu: after deploying, it will let itself in with its own ssh key
<suzu> can i add an ssh key to the configuration.nix for a root login?
<suzu> i would like to stay away from allowing root login with a pw
<clever> yeah
<suzu> where would that go? i know it can go in a user block for a specific user
<clever> same way, for root
<clever> users.users.root = { ... };
<suzu> oh wow
<suzu> ok!
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<abbafei[m]> trying to package [`cdimgtools`](https://repo.or.cz/cdimgtools.git). it requires an older version of libdvdcss (see https://github.com/Homebrew/legacy-homebrew/issues/41267). how can I package it and have it use that older libdvdcss?
<{^_^}> Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#41267 (by bfontaine, 3 years ago, closed): cdimgtools fails to build on 10.10.3
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc opened pull request #55375 → Manual: make reproducible → https://git.io/fh95R
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<abbafei[m]> <abbafei[m] "trying to package [`cdimgtools`]"> should i package the old libdvdcss with a number suffix? or is there another, better way to do it? :-)
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @domenkozar merged pull request #55371 → Diffoscope: update, add guestfs when bloated → https://git.io/fh97X
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @domenkozar pushed 4 commits to master: https://git.io/fh95g
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<gchristensen> thanks, domenkozar!
<simpson> abbafei[m]: Having the derivation twice and doing the libdvdcss_old_version is fine.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc merged pull request #55375 → Manual: make reproducible → https://git.io/fh95R
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh95w
<abbafei[m]> simpson: ok, thank you so much! :-)
<simpson> abbafei[m]: No worries; glad to unblock you.
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<suzu> holy shit nixops actually works!
<suzu> once you have divined the golden derivations for what you want
<suzu> :P
<clever> suzu: ive used it to deploy 100's of servers in a single sitting
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<suzu> neat
<suzu> so there's this ideology of containerizing all your applications
<suzu> such as with docker or what have you
<suzu> and distributing it over a series of machines
<suzu> and then theres nixos where you define each machine exactly as you want
<suzu> is there some way to bring these two together?
<suzu> and are they actually that orthogonal to each other?
<clever> suzu: you can use declarative containers on nixos
<suzu> you could provision a box with whatever containerization software you'd like, on it
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<simpson> ,locate words
<{^_^}> Found in packages: ats2, geant4, neverball, plan9port, typespeed, factor-lang, netbsd.dict, link-grammar, rPackages.SnowballC, gnome2.gtksourceview, gnome3.gtksourceview.dev, python27Packages.twisted, python37Packages.twisted, gnome3.gtksourceview4.dev, haskellPackages.words.data
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @matthewbauer pushed commit from @telent to release-18.09 « make-closure needs build system mkdir and jq »: https://git.io/fh95X
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<{^_^}> ninja-build/ninja#1528 (by domenkozar, 35 seconds ago, open): Binary reproducible manual using asciidoctor
<suzu> after deploying to a nixos box
<suzu> is there someplace where i can see the system derivation?
<suzu> it seems that /etc/nixos/configuration.nix doesn't get updated
<suzu> i suppose that file is only read as input when you do a nixos-rebuild, and otherwise useless?
<clever> suzu: correct
<clever> suzu: nixops ignores it entirely
<clever> and if you do nixos-rebuild by accident, it will undo whatever nixops was doing, and restore whatever configuration.nix says should exist
<suzu> lol
<suzu> i should maybe delete the file then
<suzu> to be safe
<suzu> or rename it
<clever> suzu: one sec
<suzu> _configuration.nix
<clever> suzu: add this to your imports list in the nixops config
<clever> like imports = [ ./nixops-managed.nix ];
<clever> it will break nixos-rebuild with a clear error
<clever> and it will remap <nixpkgs> on the target to match whatever nixops was using during the deploy
<sicklorkin> Every time I run nix-shell memory swells to 10GB before it start doing any building.. should I be worried something might be wrong here?
<clever> sicklorkin: what args did you give it?
<suzu> how does this derivation work?
<sicklorkin> -j4 --command "ghc-pkg list"
<clever> suzu: its a nixos module, that sets 2 nixos options, nix.nixPath and system.extraSystemBuilderCmds
<clever> sicklorkin: is there a shell.nix or default.nix in the same dir?
<sicklorkin> one of each
<suzu> so 'imports' here in my nixops derivation is actually a list of paths, not a call to `import`
<clever> yeah
<suzu> kk
<suzu> ok i'll toss this in, tyvm!
<clever> your existing configuration.nix should also have an imports in it
<suzu> yep it does
<suzu> how do these defns for nix.nixPath and system.extraSystemBuilderCmds work?
<suzu> how do i find out what pkgs.writeText does, for instance
<sicklorkin> clever: shell.nix `let result = import ./.; in result.lister.env`
<suzu> or what system.extraSystemBuilderCmds means
<suzu> are they options in nixpkgs?
<suzu> now how did you find this file
<clever> suzu: system.extraSystemBuilderCmds is an internal option in nixpkgs, that is involved in building what lands at /run/current-system/
<clever> suzu: i get bored, and read all the files in nixpkgs
<suzu> where are all the docs for these things
<clever> suzu: ive memorized a scary amount of it...
<suzu> lol read all the files?
<suzu> i see.. ok
<suzu> assert builtins.trace "Hey dummy, you're on your server! Use NixOps!" false; {}
<suzu> this on it's own is a valid nix module?
<clever> yeah
<suzu> i had thought all modules are functions at the very least
<clever> suzu: they should be, but you need to parse this line of code to know if its a function or not
<suzu> {}: ... some expression goes here ...
<suzu> ah
<clever> suzu: and `assert expr false; expr` will throw an exception and cause it to fail hard
<suzu> the module is evaluated at the top level to get a function
<clever> yep
<clever> but, we have an assert, that is hard-coded to false
<clever> so it will fail 100% of the time
<suzu> and evaluating this causes you to shit yourself
<suzu> got it
<suzu> somehow adding just that file caused nixops to build a whackton of shit to do the deploy
<clever> suzu: can you pastebin the modified file?
<suzu> all i added was ./managed.nix to my imports list
<suzu> and your file verbatim
<suzu> $ nixos-rebuild switch
<suzu> trace: Hey dummy, you're on your server! Use NixOps!
<suzu> ayy
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<suzu> hmm
<suzu> the state file has a private key in it
<suzu> checking that into a vcs is kinda like commiting secrets to a repo..
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<clever> suzu: i keep the state file on a single central machine, and dont copy it around any
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @falsifian merged pull request #55307 → libgnurl: 7.62.0 -> 7.63.0 → https://git.io/fh9us
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @falsifian pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh955
<suzu> i kinda want to keep the state file under source control
<clever> safer/simpler to just keep backups with something like tarsnap
<clever> if your using anything cloud based in nixops, a merge conflict is likely to cost you massively
<clever> because nixops could forget about machine, and then it just stay running, running up a bill
<suzu> oh nah this repo is just for me
<suzu> this file will never conflict
<clever> if you are purely using the "none" backend, then you dont really need to keep the state file
<suzu> ??
<clever> as long as you have a way to get root on each box, you can just make a new deployment (with the same nix files) on any machine
<clever> and re-deploy
<clever> similar to how you converted nixos to nixops
<suzu> oh, nix can rediscover everything so long as i can ssh into root?
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<clever> yeah
<clever> everything it needs to find the machine is in the nix files
<suzu> ah okay
<clever> the only thing the state file has at that point, is the nixops private key
<suzu> then, i can set a tough root password and keep that in my password manager
<clever> if you have a second private key to root, you can safely loose that
<suzu> and use nixops to copy my pubkey to the box
<clever> i just have an ssh key on all of my machines, that has root to all other machines
<clever> and disable password auth entirely
<clever> your going to have to brute-force the keypair if you want in :P
<suzu> i'll keep password auth but not over ssh
<suzu> so if i'm locked out i can go to my vps console and get in
<suzu> ugh wait the console is shit and wont let me paste
<suzu> hm
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<suzu> k i'll keep a snapshot at my vps of a nixos machine with a password
<suzu> and my nixops config will remove that and place ssh keys in
<suzu> if the machine were to explode i can get it all going again from my nix config
<suzu> the box isn't really important given that all of it can be brought back up from the nixos config
<suzu> i just need to get in once to bootstrap it
<suzu> if it has data on it then yeah it's fucked but that's a separate problem anyway
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<Aleksejs> Hello, after one more --upgrade I've got a bug that disables wifi after sleep/resume and even restarting networkmanager doesn't help. I haven't figured out how to get wifi back, so the only thing that helps now is restart
<Aleksejs> so, at the moment, two things are broken - teamviewer and network manager
<Aleksejs> I've also deleted old generations while cleaning up so there's no way to get them back I suppose
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<Aleksejs> these bugs are very annoying. Is there anything I can do?
doyougnu has joined #nixos
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<jackdk> Aleksejs: after stopping networkmanager (I assume you're stopping the service and not just the applet), try a modprobe -r for your wifi module and re-modprobing it?
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<Aleksejs> jackdk: either I have to keep it in sleep mode for a longer time or the bug with wifi is fixed now but I cannot reproduce it now. Tried to keep it in sleep mode for 5 minutes and wifi is back up after resume
<Aleksejs> btw I did another --upgrade right before sleep so maybe something was fixed
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<infinisil> Aleksejs: unstable?
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/ff8b96d90c5 (from 2 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
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<jluttine> i need a different version of sundials package in another package derivation. what is a good way to override the version so that src gets changed correctly? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/pkgs/development/libraries/sundials/default.nix
daniele- has joined #nixos
<daniele-> hi there
<daniele-> how do i get info about a package? like its dependencies
<daniele-> also, how do i get a list of the installed packages? `nix-store --query —installed` does not list the packages installeed via configuration.nix
filterfish has joined #nixos
<daniele-> i undertand that nix-env is for the user environment. how do i do the same for the system packages?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @DerTim1 opened pull request #55378 → asterisk: 15.3.0 -> 15.7.0, 13.20.0 -> 13.24.1, add 16.x → https://git.io/fh9d9
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-18.09-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/987d4b9cb44 (from 3 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-18.09-small)
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<daniele-> my php-apcu package seems to be being built with the wrong version of php. how do i investigate the issue?
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<etu> daniele-: I'm very sure it doesn't, which package do you pick?
<etu> daniele-: And which version of php do you expect?
<daniele-> etu: well, when php loads the module it is unable to resolve a symbol nd the symbol seesm to be coming from php itself. i don’t know what else may cause that
<daniele-> and php-imagik has a similar problem. although the same fix does not work
<daniele-> is there a better way to inspect the definition of a package other than looking at the nixos sources?
<etu> <php-packages.nix>
<etu> I thought the bot would find that for me
<etu> So that's all the packages that are within the phpPackages.<name> scope
<daniele-> i’m looking at it, but it is not very enlightening
<iqubic> daniele-: No. That is the best way of doing that.
<etu> Well, I haven't used apcu in nix because I haven't used nix for a production system since we don't use it at work. But from experience with for example composer from there it picks the right version of php
<etu> So I'm very sure that apcu would pick the right version as well
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<daniele-> apparently not
<daniele-> otherwise i don’t see why the module would fail to load
<daniele-> apparently the version of php that uwsgi embeds is different
<etu> You seem to use the package php-embed in one place
<daniele-> uwsgi “depends” on php-embed
<daniele-> at least that’s what i understand from the definition of the package
<daniele-> is there any way to expand the expressions in a .nix expression?
<etu> But in another place you refer the non-embed php package: https://gist.github.com/dnicolodi/0402f55e6b7303d01e615220d13fd746#file-configuration-nix-L20
<etu> So you have two different php's there
<etu> I'm not sure that that's your problem, but maybe
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<daniele-> i think that is right
<daniele-> php-embed does not provide a stand alone interpreter
<daniele-> I found the problem!
<daniele-> i was building one copy of php-acpu linked to php-embed, but then i was loading the one linked to php in the uwsgi configuration
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<sicklorkin> nix-env -j4 -v -i nix-repl; nix-repl; nix-repl> :l <nixpkgs> ; error This version of Nixpkgs requires Nix >= 2.0; nix --version
<sicklorkin> nix (Nix) 2.2.1
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<sicklorkin> or, what is another way to look for packages? I want to see if mssql-odbc linux drivers exist
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: with nix >= 2 you should be using `nix repl` rather than `nix-repl`
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<sicklorkin> ahh
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: there is nix-index (thats the project name) that provides nix-locate and allows you to search through output paths of packages build of Hydra, like their /bin and /lib outputs, I just checked for mssql and it seems there are bindings for it in Ruby, Java, Python, and Perl, not sure if they are what you searching for though
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: its also supported by the bot:
<ottidmes> ,locate mssql
<{^_^}> Found in packages: ansible, lazarus, sickgear, sickrage, roundcube, freeradius, limesurvey, metasploit, ansible_2_4, ansible_2_5, ansible_2_6, grafana.bin, python27Packages.sqlobject, python27Packages.sqlalchemy, python37Packages.sqlalchemy
<sicklorkin> ,locate msodbcsql17
<{^_^}> Couldn't find in any packages
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<sicklorkin> noooo
<etu> ,locate msodbsql
<{^_^}> Couldn't find in any packages
<etu> May not be part of the binary name but nope :(
<sicklorkin> ,locate unixodbc
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<{^_^}> Found in packages: unixODBC
<sicklorkin> okay, that might work
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: seems easy enough to package though: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/PKGBUILD?h=msodbcsql
<hyper_ch2> how can I find out why KDE slows down massively after a few days of uptime of my notebook?
<sicklorkin> ottidmes: yeah - but that's sometjin i don't want to learn right now..
<srhb> sicklorkin: unixODBCDriver.msodbcsql17
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<sicklorkin> srhb: that's the one!
<srhb> sicklorkin: nix-locate isn't perfect, and it has an unfree license, so we never build it and it doesn't get indexed.
<ottidmes> right, should have just done a quick search through nixpkgs
<srhb> Yeah, the ultimate fallback is grep. :-P
<sicklorkin> ottidmes: yes, this was my Q above.. i have no idea wha tI'm doing.. just moving head first.
<sicklorkin> I really appreciate the help you guys provide!
<sicklorkin> great community
<srhb> It really is. :)
<sicklorkin> and now things just work.. F**ya!
<etu> sicklorkin: That's just one of the reasons that I got stuck here and use NixOS:)
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<sicklorkin> ,locate odbc
<{^_^}> Found in packages: dmd, fpc, ldc, root, lazarus, logstash5, opendylan, pltScheme, factor-lang, logstash6-oss, opendylan_bin
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<sicklorkin> `* Missing (or bad) C library: odbc`
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<srhb> sicklorkin: Is that supposed to be provided by the msodbc one?
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<sicklorkin> unixodbc-dev
<sicklorkin> ahh
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<sicklorkin> I forgot to paste it in
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<sicklorkin> got too excited
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<sicklorkin> if I get an error ` { allowUnfree = true; }` do I need to rebuild again?
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: yes, if it reports not allowing unfree, it means it will not have build it yet, so its not really rebuilding
<sicklorkin> cat ~/.config/nixpkgs/config.nix
<sicklorkin> { allowUnfree = true; }
<sicklorkin> but it refused to rebuilt
<sicklorkin> s/rebuilt/rebuild
<ottidmes> ah, you mean with nixos-rebuild, it does not use that config
<gunix> is nixos a rolling release distro?
<sicklorkin> no i'm using stack.
<sicklorkin> i'm actually confused.. is allowUnfree supposed to be an argument I pass somehwere?
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: you can do for example: nixpkgs.config = import /home/lorkin/.config/nixpkgs/config.nix; to make the config for nixpkgs the same as it is in nix-env for nixos-rebuild
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: ^ that line would go into your configuration.nix
<sicklorkin> i didn't explicity make a configuration.nix
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nlewo merged pull request #52864 → gping: init at 1.1 → https://git.io/fhTff
<sicklorkin> is this something in my homedir?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nlewo pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9FS
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: are you on Nix or NixOS?
<sicklorkin> nix
<sicklorkin> stack is invokign nix
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<sicklorkin> ottidmes: ideally i'd like to have this checked into my repo so the next developer building doesn't have to do the smae time
<sicklorkin> s/smae time/same thing
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<ottidmes> sicklorkin: I don't have much experience with Nix outside of NixOS, but it might be checking for config.nix under a different user. Personally I have it configured to point to the same config.nix everywhere
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<ottidmes> sicklorkin: this is the logic used by default to determine your config: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/pkgs/top-level/impure.nix#L27-L37 so maybe set the NIXPKGS_CONFIG to your config.nix (I do this as well)
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<sicklorkin> ottidmes: thanks for the suggestion.. since nix is a programming launage I think i should e able to get a hold of the config somewhere and set allowUnfree
<sicklorkin> it's problematic when you have to remind pople to set things in their env or home dir
<sicklorkin> or worse yeet, you set up a new production machien an kaboom
<sicklorkin> panic
<ottidmes> gunix: it depends on what channel you are using (kind of like which branch), if you use nixos-unstable than it acts like a rolling release distro
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<ottidmes> sicklorkin: you can also set all these things in a pure way (i.e. not dependent on outside factors like a config file being there or environment variables)
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<GiGa> Hello, I'm trying to install androidenv.platformTools but keep getting told it's undefined
<GiGa> I'm putting that in environment.systemPackages - appears to be wrong
<GiGa> could someone advise what I'm doing wrong please?
<ottidmes> GiGa: maybe you are missing an `with pkgs;`, otherwise, maybe paste your relevant config?
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<talyz> daniele-: to list the packages installed on your system via configuration.nix, you can use 'nix-store -q --requisites /run/current-system'
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<GiGa> If I nix search I cannot find androidenv.platformTools
<ottidmes> GiGa: you would want to use programs.adb.enable = true; instead
<ottidmes> GiGa: which sets environment.systemPackages = [ pkgs.androidenv.androidPkgs_9_0.platform-tools ]; and services.udev.packages = [ pkgs.android-udev-rules ]; for you
<GiGa> Ah, so I don't need the platformTools bit at all?
<ottidmes> well not if you set programs.adb.enable = true;
<GiGa> I've got that specified
<ottidmes> then you should be good
<GiGa> Doing a rebuild switch now, thanks ottidmes, hopefully that should work
<GiGa> I'm assuming that'll pull down the Android SDK too, or do I still need to do that?
<talyz> daniele-: same for listing dependencies of derivations / installed programs; you can for example do 'nix-store -q --requisites $(which bash)', which will list all dependencies of bash recursively
<talyz> daniele-: or you can use --references instead of --requisites to only list direct dependencies
<ottidmes> GiGa: you would still need to add the SDK, for ADB support the SDK is not necessary it seems
<GiGa> OK, thanks, I'll tell IntelliJ to go and get it
<GiGa> as I didn't find the SDK in the repo
<ottidmes> GiGa: androidsdk_9_0 is the name
<talyz> daniele-: this doesn't really tell you why they're needed, though, so it might be better to read the source in many cases, if not all ;)
<ottidmes> GiGa: BTW I used: https://search.nix.gsc.io a very useful NixOS config search tool
<GiGa> ottidmes, I've not come across that, I'll have a look
<GiGa> ottidmes, looks like that greps all of the packages repo and finds matches?
<ottidmes> GiGa: not exactly, but it behaves like that yes
<GiGa> OK cool
<ottidmes> GiGa: I believe it should also contain some NixOS configurations of other people, but maybe that was another link that used the same search engine
<ottidmes> ,
<{^_^}> Special commands: find tell locate - Commands sorted by use count, page 0 (use ,<n> to view page <n>): tofu IFD library unfree declarative escape'' -A paste libraries stateVersion help dnw profiling pr callPackage imperative unstable escape" which-channel exec fancy-uninstall overlay xy NUR channels home-manager loot nixlang++ ping howoldis jDwhat pills pinning xml cloak error gctest.html nixGL smart-questions tias upgrade wololo configsearch
<ottidmes> ,1
<{^_^}> Page 1: haskell stuck timer bootfull cloudfront context escape-special gctest info logs nix-info nixeval nur pure-eval runtimeDeps whomademe wrapper activationScripts arm ask github hardware ifd jdwhat nix-env-r nix-repl nixcon nixossearch nixpkgsVersion not-os notfound outPath proot python qt releasenotes replaceModule root stats.json the-pr-with-initially-1152-new-nixos-options thesis todeclarative wrapnix zol
<ottidmes> ,nixossearch
<{^_^}> To search the GitHub repos nixos/*, use https://search.nix.gsc.io
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<GiGa> ottidmes, I'm hoping I can do my Android dev work directly in my nixos install, rather than in this Debian VM I've been using
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<ottidmes> GiGa: yeah I can imagine, I don't have any Android development experience, so I cannot help you much in that regard, but another tip might be just to look at the logs, I found that many of my questions had already been answered in the past, and I have seen some related Android questions before, so it might help: https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos/
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peterhoeg merged pull request #50257 → sonota: init at 2018-10-07 → https://git.io/fpq0P
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peterhoeg pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9bT
<GiGa> Thanks for the link, I'll bookmark both of those
<GiGa> I'm not sure how to find where the AndroidSDK is located now I've installed it
<GiGa> As I need to tell intelliJ
<GiGa> whereis would work, but I don't know a file in there
<GiGa> Is there a way to say "where are these NixOS package files?"
<GiGa> ?
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<etu> GiGa: Isn't it adb you need to point out?
<etu> "which adb"
rprije has joined #nixos
<GiGa> etu that'll only tell me where adb is, not the whole SDK, surely?
<ottidmes> GiGa: but if you need the SDK path: nix eval --raw nixpkgs.androidsdk_9_0 should work
<GiGa> ottidmes, that tells me to accept the SDK license agreement, which is already done in my config
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<GiGa> I could just handle the SDK outside of Nixos, as reading https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/974024c89e06aa7572325bcf34f4ef69dab0221a/doc/languages-frameworks/android.section.md it looks like I have to configure a lot of stuff in my config that I'd probably rather do in the SDK UI
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<ottidmes> GiGa: nix eval --raw '(with import <nixpkgs/nixos> { }; pkgs.androidsdk_9_0)' maybe then
<ottidmes> GiGa: and if that fails, just do this: find /nix/store -maxdepth 1 | grep androidsdk
<srhb> GiGa: Referring to the store path in some application config sounds fundamentally wrong to me, as it'll change with every update or change. You should refer to its location in some profile instead.
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<gunix> ottidmes: can nixos-unstable be unsed as a desktop? how is it comparable to tumbleweed or sid or arch?
<GiGa> gunix, I'm using Unstable on all my machines. Works quite well for me
<srhb> gunix: We have a decent number of tests to ensure that the most fundamental things do work before the nixos-unstable channel bumps, but of course it's much less stable than the stable channels.
<ottidmes> gunix: yes, plenty of people here are on nixos-unstable on their desktop I believe
<GiGa> srhb, I agree with you, but not sure how to do that
<gunix> is there a robot that I can query to see the versions of packages in nixos unstable?
<GiGa> (Thanks everyone for the help by the way)
<srhb> GiGa: Install it into your profile eg, and you'll know it's always in ~/.nix-profile
<srhb> That produces a stable path.
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<ottidmes> GiGa: The problem described by srhb is a real one, so if a path is required and cannot be configured through different means (i.e. your configuration.nix somehow), you could probably just use a symlink to the path that is generated by your configuration.nix
<GiGa> srhb, I'll confess to not knowing how to do that, sorry
<srhb> GiGa: nix-env -iA nixpkgs.androidsdk_9_0
<GiGa> oh, ok, that I know how to do
<srhb> GiGa: Or if you're on NixOS, put it in your systemPackages -- that will place it in /run/current-system/sw
<GiGa> srhb, I am indeed on NixOS
<srhb> One of the points of these profiles is to produce stable paths.
ryantm has joined #nixos
<srhb> (By doing a bunch of symlink trickery)
<srhb> This allows non-nix-aware applications to find software of all kinds.
<ottidmes> srhb: but it does this only for the things inside the package, right, you cannot use it to point it to the directory containing them?
zupo has joined #nixos
<ottidmes> (depends on what path is actually requested)
<srhb> ottidmes: In the end it uses pathsToLink (or whatever it's called) -- but you can ensure that arbitrary things are linked in place by just building a metapackage that contains whatever links you want.
<srhb> ottidmes: So the default behaviour is something like joining share, bin, ... toether
<srhb> Into the root of the profile, I mean.
<GiGa> Just off to a meeting, but I'll read that all properly when I get back
<GiGa> Many thanks all, as always
<infinee> gunix: I just switched to unstable, looking for discord but I can't find it when I do a `nix-env -qa discord`. (Discord also not found). Do you see it in your channel?
<srhb> ,unfree
<{^_^}> You cannot install your unfree software? See https://nixos.wiki/wiki/FAQ/unfree
<srhb> infinee: ^
zupo_ has joined #nixos
<ottidmes> srhb: yeah sure, so basically the same as my symlink suggestion, good to know
<gunix> infinee: i think your last message was for GiGa :-D
<ottidmes> infinee: its on nixos-18.09 at least, just under the name discord as you'd expect
<gunix> i am just a noob at nixos. i am having a look at it to see if I want to switch from arch to nix.
<srhb> gunix: I can barely remember, but I think the default package set in the bot is in fact unstable, but I'm not sure how often it's update (probably irregularly) so it's easier to do it from the command line
<gunix> srhb: oh ok
<srhb> gunix: eg. nix eval -f channel:nixos-unstable firefox.name
<srhb> > firefox.name
<{^_^}> "firefox-65.0"
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<srhb> gunix: (name because that should always contain the version, whereas the version attribute does not always exist)
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<srhb> gunix: fwiw many people here actually came from Arch, I'm not sure what the common denominator is :-)
<ottidmes> I came here from Arch too
<gunix> srhb: probably the community.
<gunix> and arch users are usually looking for some complex linux experience, and gentoo wastes too much of your time :-D
<srhb> My gut feeling is the flexibility of Arch, but with the massively increased maintainability.
<immae> I come from Arch too, and no not the community as far as I am concerned, mostly the functional aspect of nix
<srhb> Once you've set up Arch for the umpteenth time, you start wondering whether you could automate this stuff...
<gunix> srhb: i was looking for the packages to know how bleeding edge nixos is, meaning if I get the latest docker, ansible, kubectl, libvirtd, qemu... stuff i use daily.
<srhb> gunix: One of the ridiculously cool things about NixOS is how easy it is to bump packages if they're NOT up to date, imo.
<immae> gunix: nix is a bit late in general (I have to write my own derivations)
<srhb> gunix: (I'm referring to what we call overlays here)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @alyssais merged pull request #55363 → defaultGemConfig.ovirt-engine-sdk: init → https://git.io/fh9Ht
<srhb> Also, contributing that upstream once everything is just a big git repo is so easy.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @alyssais pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9bz
<gunix> srhb: they work like gentoo overlays ?
<ottidmes> the functional aspect of Nix made me come over to NixOS, but the community allowed me to go through the learning curve, otherwise I would have probably stayed at Arch
<srhb> gunix: I wouldn't know. It's a number of functions that modify your pakcage set
<srhb> ottidmes: Indeed.
<srhb> My first few weeks included a.. lot of flailing. #nixos was extremely helpful.
<Taneb> I only got stuck in on my fourth or so try
<gunix> srhb: do people that bumb their package versions also contribute that to upstream? cause that would get nixos from "a bit late" to "latest"
<Taneb> (although on my first try Nix was a somewhat younger project)
<ottidmes> it helped I had a friend that introduced me to NixOS and he was knowledgable about it, but still needed #nixos often enough
<srhb> gunix: We try to encourage it for sure. Let me show you how eg. an ansible bump looks.
<immae> gunix: there are tons of PR waiting approval in the nixpkgs repository
<gunix> srhb: please do
<immae> It’s quite hard to contribute actually
<gunix> oh wow there are 1.1K PRs
<ottidmes> gunix: https://repology.org/ NixOS is doing pretty good with updating packages
<srhb> I think that's an unfair characterization. We obviously can always use more help getting things from the review queue into the repository, and stuck PRs are demotivating, but we're definitely working on it, and I don't know of a lower-barrier-to-entry OS that's this functional.
<ottidmes> gunix: a lot of them are created by update bots though
<immae> srhb: we definitely don’t have the same experience in that aspect :p
<srhb> gunix: But that's an example of a (trivial) ansible bump :)
<srhb> immae: Well, I have a big green button on github, full disclosure.
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<immae> then that’s why
<srhb> It's certainly part of the reason.
<srhb> And I haven't had time to review lately, so I'm also part of the reason things are slow. Hopefully that will get better soon.
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<immae> I actually hardly ever managed to get help in #nixos, and I gave up the idea of contributing to nixpkgs (even though I have some new packages that I know interest the community)
<srhb> We are working towards automatic merges of trivial PRs.
<infinee> ottidmes: my nix-channel --list shows "nixpkgs https://nixos.org/channels/nixos-18.09" but I still don't see it
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<srhb> immae: I'm sorry to hear that.
<ottidmes> this is the first distro I wanted to contribute too, and I found it pleasant enough, the hardship was learning how to package, not the PR process
<immae> (Ok ,I’m a bit hard, I’d say more 80% of the time, my questions in #nixos got unanswered)
<ottidmes> immae: could it be that your questions were highly specific?
<infinee> immae: I have totally different experience in here.
<ottidmes> infinee: maybe it is unfree, let me check
<immae> ottidmes: it’s possible, to me they sound like common or newbie questions, but I may very well be wrong
<srhb> I do notice people getting very few responses, and in my experience it's mostly caused by lack of knowledge of the topic.
<gunix> srhb: i guess the contribute process is harder for packages that need to get compiled
<srhb> I do notice when*
<srhb> gunix: Nope.
<immae> (I’m not harsh about it, just giving my experience, and usually finding the answers my own way is quite helpful even though it takes much more time)
<srhb> gunix: The CI GrahamCOfBorg builds them automatically, and it works in the same way for compiled and interpreted packages (abstracted away by Nix)
<srhb> brb
<ottidmes> infinee: yep license = licenses.unfree; so that is why the search tools don't report it (I used `nix search discord`, which apparantly does report it, but maybe only after allowUnfree in the Nixpkgs config.nix, not sure)
<srhb> ottidmes: Correct.
<infinee> I've not come across 'nix' cmd yet. so far only been using nix-env, nixos-rebuild, nix-channel. Let me read up on that
<immae> srhb: Maybe it’s also the time of day which is "wrong" time for asking :p
<srhb> infinee: It's an experimental new interface. It has pros and cons
<srhb> infinee: Like git, it uses the command style model (nix FOO)
<ottidmes> immae: it does not have a manpage yet, but there is `nix --help` and the subcommands have their own help too, e.g. `nix search --help`
<ottidmes> infinee: ^
<srhb> infinee: The most useful ones currently are `nix eval` and `nix repl` that are almost always superior to the "old" commands
<srhb> immae: It might be. :/
<infinee> so far I've only installed stuff via nix-env and nix-os. is that why I don't have a ~/.config/nixpkgs directory yet?
<srhb> infinee: No, that is something you hand-craft once you need it.
<infinee> kthx
<ottidmes> immae: that is definitely a factor, and sometimes when there are too many people active, your questions might get lost in other peoples conversations
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danbst merged pull request #53537 → pythonPackages.m2crypto: fix build with libressl → https://git.io/fhsMi
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danbst pushed commit from @andrew-d to master « m2crypto: fix build with libressl (#53537) »: https://git.io/fh9b6
<infinee> ahh yeah unfree. `env NIXPKGS_ALLOW_UNFREE=1 nix-env -qa discord` finally sees it
<immae> ottidmes: I know about that, don’t worry. And again, I’m not harsh or unhappy, and people are not at my service. I was just giving my experience (which in that regards is completely different from the one I have in #archlinux )
<immae> (well, actually I don’t ask much question in #archlinux so it’s hard to make a comparison :p )
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<ptotter[m]> I'm having trouble with ipv6 on a hetzner vps
<ptotter[m]> it works on one, created a couple of months ago
<ptotter[m]> I tried following the same steps but it still doesn't work
<srhb> ptotter[m]: Can you elaborate on what you did, what you expected, what happened instead?
<ptotter[m]> so I added networking.interfaces.ens3.ipv6.addresses and networking.defaultGateway6
<ptotter[m]> can't ping to the vps
<ptotter[m]> and not from it either
<ptotter[m]> ip -6 r and ip a look good
<ptotter[m]> I can connect with ssh -4 to the vps
<ptotter[m]> but ssh without -4 tries ipv6 first and fails
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<ptotter[m]> or acutally just hangs
<ptotter[m]> I wonder if there was some step that would not end up on configuration.nix, but I can't think of a reason why that would be
<immae> ptotter[m]: what is the state when you run "ip addr" on the server? is it correctly defined?
<immae> (also, if you run it via nixops, the "initial" configuration is a bit outdated as far as networking is concerned, and may - not sure - not allow to have several ip6 addresses defined)
<immae> sorry I missed one of your line. If "ip addr" is good, then did you check that the ip address was actually routed in hetzner?
<ptotter[m]> I only need one address for now, not using nixops
<ptotter[m]> ip a looks good
<ptotter[m]> compared to the other with working network
<ptotter[m]> I've opened a support ticket over at hetzner
<ptotter[m]> the configuration interface gives me that ipv6 address (/64, but I just took ::1)
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<immae> Ok, so you’re configuring ip6 "from scratch", you don’t already have one configured?
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<ptotter[m]> I just created that server yesterday, the default configuration.nix didn't include ipv6
<immae> Do you have a firewall, and could it be that it’s enabled only for ipv4 ?
<immae> ok
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<ptotter[m]> nixos does have firewalling, it's at default settings
<ptotter[m]> but since ssh works with ipv4 I assumed it would be open on ipv6 as well
<srhb> ptotter[m]: It should, yes.
<ptotter[m]> and ip6tables -L seems to agree with me
<srhb> The default behaviour duplicates exactly across 4 and 6.
<immae> it depends, you have interface-specific rules too
<immae> ok
<ptotter[m]> maybe it's just a hetzner problem, but I wanted to check that I'm not forgetting anything
<immae> To me it sounds like it should work
<ptotter[m]> and hetzner is providing this with a high level of automation
<srhb> ptotter[m]: For more eyes, maybe you could pastebin the output of the various ip utils?
<sphalerit> Paul: for IPv6, you need to use ip6tables to check
<ptotter[m]> automatically created vps, no manual setup
<srhb> Might be something obvious.
<immae> and `ip -6 route` correctly shows a default route?
<ptotter[m]> it does
<immae> Then it should work, I don’t see what else is missing
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @erictapen closed pull request #55337 → apvlv: fix build for poppler 0.73.0 → https://git.io/fh9r0
<immae> ptotter[m]: did you try outbound connect? From the server to an ip6 external address?
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/974024c89e0 (from 61 minutes ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau opened pull request #55379 → Revert "rustc: 1.31.0 -> 1.32.0" → https://git.io/fh9Nf
<ptotter[m]> immae: ping ipv6.google.com
<immae> for instance
<ptotter[m]> doesn't work
<immae> what does it say?
<immae> (replace with `ping6 2a00:1450:4001:819::200e` if it’s a DNS problem)
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<ptotter[m]> dns did resolve (over ipv4)
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<ptotter[m]> address unreachable
<immae> ok
<ptotter[m]> so looks like I'm not forgetting something simple
<immae> Just one difference to my configuration: I don’t have the `fe80::1 dev ens3 proto static metric 1024 pref medium` route
<ptotter[m]> hetzner default gateway for ipv6 should be fe80::1, no?
<andi-> it does not have to be fe80::1
<immae> No, I have three lines, and the one I quoted is absent on my side
<andi-> which others do you have?
<immae> Exactly the sames as ptotter[m] pastebin
<immae> (and it works, for me)
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<ptotter[m]> so it works without specifying default gateway?
<immae> it’s already specified by the fe80::/64 dev ens3 proto kernel metric 256 pref medium
<ptotter[m]> so you don't have the same lines in configuration.nix?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @erictapen opened pull request #55380 → apvlv: fix build with poppler 0.73.0 → https://git.io/fh9Nt
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<immae> I don’t have them, I go through nixops, which does a series of "ip addr add"
<immae> but the end result is the same as your except for the one I quoted (which should be harmless)
<immae> you can try removing the line to test, but to me it sounds as if it should work at least as good as mine, so the problem is probably on hetzner router or an error in the ip6 address
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<ptotter[m]> ok, thanks for the help
<ptotter[m]> I'll wait for hetzner and see
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<ptotter[m]> or maybe just destroy the vps and recreate and hope it lands on a better node
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau merged pull request #55354 → dwm: 6.1 -> 6.2 → https://git.io/fh9Xo
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau pushed commit from @pSub to master « dwm: 6.1 -> 6.2 (#55354) »: https://git.io/fh9NY
<immae> Oh, one more difference: I have a "robot" one, not a vps
<immae> Maybe you have an interface to manually add ips to your vps?
<ptotter[m]> no
<ptotter[m]> I can add reverse host names
<ptotter[m]> but by default get a /64 routed
<ptotter[m]> console.hetzner.cloud is the interface
<immae> ok
<ptotter[m]> hetzner claims everything is ok
<ptotter[m]> I'll recreated
<ptotter[m]> -d
<immae> good luck!
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<GiGa> infinee: yep, I can see discord defined as nixpkgs.discord
<infinee> GiGa: I just got it installed by enabling unfree :)
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<GiGa> infinee, happy days :)
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<infinee> GiGa: yeah, pretty much got my development environment ready. pretty much just discovering i3 and fish at this point
<infinee> oh and st terminal. not too pleased with having to recompile all these patches to get features. makes me miss iTerm2
<srhb> infinee: I thought that was the point of st. :-P
<GiGa> infinee: I'm trying to get my Android dev environment working on NixOS, that's this morning's job
<GiGa> infinee: I used fish at one point, liked some features but never got Nixos to make it my default shell
<infinee> srhb: haha something as standard as scrollback needs to be patched?? I don't know man
<GiGa> infinee: partly lack of know how on my part
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @srhb merged pull request #55357 → rrdtool: 1.7.0 -> 1.7.1 → https://git.io/fh915
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @srhb pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9N8
<infinee> GiGa: I got it as default. pretty simple. Just changed configuration.nix and ~/.config/i3/config
<srhb> infinee: I just meant, that's sort of the philosophy of suckless :P
<infinee> GiGa: let me know if u want to know what I changed
<srhb> Configuration via patches.
<Taneb> GiGa: solving the wrong problem, "users.defaultUserShell = pkgs.fish"
<infinee> srhb: Yeah I understand and can agree when it comes to configurable stuff such as color/themes. But something a standard as scrollback should get into main branch at some point IMO. Regarding colors, not being able to change on fly presets kinda sucks
<infinee> but I guess not coding all that configurability is what keeps the code base smaller which is what the author wants
<infinee> GiGa: and to make i3 open it by default `bindsym $mod+Return exec st`
<srhb> infinee: Not making a moral judgment here, just repeating their dogma. :-P
<srhb> At least patching is easy in nixpkgs.
<infinee> so far I've only been customizing st stuff at nixos level.
<infinee> I suppose if I install it as a user level nixpkg, no need for rebuild switch and reboots??
<srhb> You shouldn't need to reboot for that anyway?
<symphorien> you only need to reboot for kernel and dbus updates
<infinee> true. I realized that last night actually
<srhb> Regardless, I'd certainly do it at the NixOS level if it's a system package :)
<srhb> infinee: The process it the same anyway.
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<GiGa> infinee, Ta, I'll add that. Presumably that'll then be what I use when I open Gnome's terminal
<GiGa> ?
<infinee> GiGa: sorry I assumed you were using i3. i3 has a default hotkey to open terminals and I had to make that change to open st instead of what it used by default.
<symphorien> infinee: iirc you can also set the environment variable $TERMINAL
<infinee> GiGa: just open the ~/.config/i3/config file and look for that the bindsym for $mod+Return and see what it's set to now. Maybe i's gnome-terminal for you
<symphorien> see man i3-sensible-terminal
<infinee> symphorien: I tried that without success last night. maybe I was missing something
<symphorien> ah ok
<infinee> maybe b/c I set $TERMINAL and didn't really restart i3. Altho, I did think about it and tried a mod+R to restart it but still no luck
<infinee> just as ez to change the i3 config
<symphorien> makes sense
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @srhb merged pull request #55355 → dmenu: 4.8 -> 4.9 → https://git.io/fh9XH
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @srhb pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9NM
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @srhb merged pull request #55336 → cfr: 0.138 -> 0.139 → https://git.io/fh9rL
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @srhb pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9NS
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<ptotter[m]> success! the newly created server doesn't have the same ipv6 problem
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<immae> great
<srhb> ptotter[m]: Weird!
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<ptotter[m]> indeed, especially as they claim that the host server had no problem
<ptotter[m]> but it really seems like it did
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @srhb merged pull request #55132 → glowing-bear: init at 0.7.1 → https://git.io/fhSKb
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @srhb pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9AG
<zahary> Is it possible to fetch multiple repos or tarballs in a derivation? The usual approach would be to say `src = fetchX {}`, but how do you express the additional fetches?
<srhb> zahary: srcs :)
<zahary> cool, thanks, will look it up
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu merged pull request #55223 → pirate-get: 0.3.2 -> 0.3.3 → https://git.io/fhSxo
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9Al
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu merged pull request #55190 → python37Packages.libtmux: 0.8.0 -> 0.8.1 → https://git.io/fhSQB
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9AR
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @domenkozar pushed to master « Add 2019/02 »: https://git.io/fh9A0
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau merged pull request #55379 → Revert "rustc: 1.31.0 -> 1.32.0" → https://git.io/fh9Nf
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau pushed to master « Revert "rustc: 1.31.0 -> 1.32.0" (#55379) »: https://git.io/fh9AE
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @garbas pushed commit from NixOS Weekly Robot to gh-pages « Preview of 'c676d9153a7b6bd4dd5372d5466f5a27c2126c30' commit built by Travis-CI \#490009795 »: https://git.io/fh9Az
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu merged pull request #55331 → cmus: 2.7.1 -> 2.8.0 → https://git.io/fh9VC
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9AV
<gchristensen> domenkozar: nice!
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @teto opened pull request #55381 → vte-ng: 0.50.2.a -> 0.54.2.a → https://git.io/fh9Ai
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<ottidmes> zahary: in case you did not already found this after looking it up, some tips: most of the time with srcs you will want to have sourceRoot = "."; and give explicit names to the fetcher's via name = "src-name"; so that you end up with the sources being available under those names
<sicklorkin> is nix turing complete?
<ottidmes> yes
<sphalerite> Anyone know a shorter variation on `nix ls-store -R --store https://cache.nixos.org/ $(nix eval --raw nixpkgs.hello)`?
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<ottidmes> sicklorkin: its easy to see that Nix can be mapped to lambda calculus, which is turing complete, so Nix is too
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<Taneb> ottidmes: other way round, it's that lambda calculus can be mapped to *it*
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<sicklorkin> can you show me KSI?
<Taneb> let K = x: y: x; S = x: y: z: x z (y z); I = x: x;
<ottidmes> Taneb: if you are being formal, sure
<sicklorkin> i think he is
<ottidmes> I kinda dislike those corrections, because it does not add to the conversion, my intention was clear, but I leave it at that
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda merged pull request #54871 → pythonPackages.shodan: init at 1.10.4 → https://git.io/fhPht
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed commit from @lihop to master « pythonPackages.shodan: init at 1.10.4 (#54871) »: https://git.io/fh9AD
<Taneb> It's something that's strictly incorrect about something I'm passionate about, where a misunderstanding is definitely possible
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dramforever closed pull request #54880 → pulseaudio-dlna: downgrade dep zeroconf to 0.19.1 → https://git.io/fhX4w
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<symphorien> what is the difference between buildPerlPackage and buildPerlModule ?
<symphorien> I am currently using buildPerlPackage and patchShebang has a strange behavior
<symphorien> a shebang #!/usr/bin/env perl becomes:
<symphorien> #!/nix/store/lvhndwdy2q09fhwgzykjjigz7yxq5yiv-coreutils-8.30/bin/env perl
<symphorien> and then the executable provided by the package is not usable
<sicklorkin> % stack exec test
<sicklorkin> test: hostname: readCreateProcess:
<ottidmes> symphorien: seems like a bug, I found another bug in patchShebang, I have yet to take a look at it to fix it, but do you know if that means massive rebuilds?
<symphorien> changing patchShebangs ? I guess so
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc merged pull request #55373 → keyutils: patch out unreproducibility → https://git.io/fh95I
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc pushed 2 commits to staging: https://git.io/fh9AH
<sicklorkin> off hand does anyone know what's needed to get networking in nix-shell
<symphorien> what do you mean ?
<sicklorkin> i'm throwing punches in the dark here.. I just tried running my tests in nix0shell and got an error that hostname doesn't exist
<ottidmes> Taneb: I have had whole conversations ruined, because someone kept focusing on how something was "strictly incorrect" and that if you wanted to be really correct you would have to add a lot of extra disclaimer and formal boilerplate, that basically ruined the conversation, because the actual content of the conversation got lost in all the formalities, hence my dislike. For me chat = informal context, so I
<ottidmes> never assume someone is being formal.
<Taneb> ottidmes: can we move this private?
<ottidmes> Taneb: if there is more to talk, then sure
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: nix-shell does not limit networking, it does not have sandboxing unlike nix-build
<sicklorkin> got it
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: hostname is in inetutils for me
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @domenkozar pushed to master « Add 2019/02 »: https://git.io/fh9Aj
<sicklorkin> , hostname
<{^_^}> Invalid command syntax
<sicklorkin> ,hosname
<sicklorkin> ,hostname
<etu> ,locate hostname
<{^_^}> Found in packages: byobu, bobcat, busybox, hostname, nettools, inetutils, bashCompletion, gettextWithExpat, unixtools.nettools
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @garbas pushed commit from NixOS Weekly Robot to gh-pages « Preview of '5419e20d31159cc36da7e7f3de5d0d1e5331c79a' commit built by Travis-CI \#490025946 »: https://git.io/fh9xf
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<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @domenkozar pushed to master « Add 2019/02 »: https://git.io/fh9xt
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @garbas pushed commit from NixOS Weekly Robot to gh-pages « Preview of '4ed445e0cf007a7e9d4fff25a078a7cd6f371983' commit built by Travis-CI \#490029007 »: https://git.io/fh9xO
<sicklorkin> [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can't open lib '/opt/microsoft/msodbcsql17/lib64/libmsodbcsql-17.1.so.0.1' : file not found\"]"; file /opt/microsoft/msodbcsql17/lib64/libmsodbcsql-17.1.so.0.1; /opt/microsoft/msodbcsql17/lib64/libmsodbcsql-17.1.so.0.1: ELF 64-bit.. what could possibly be happening here..
<sicklorkin> the file is there.. but the library cannot load it
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @domenkozar merged pull request #75 → Call for Content: 2019/02 → https://git.io/fh8R3
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @domenkozar pushed 3 commits to production: https://git.io/fh9xn
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: LD_LIBRARY_PATH maybe?
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @domenkozar pushed to master « Call for Content: 2019/03 »: https://git.io/fh9xc
<sicklorkin> ottidmes: sounds liek it but where do I put these things?
<sicklorkin> I'mnot sharing my env
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @domenkozar opened pull request #76 → Call for Content: 2019/03 → https://git.io/fh9xC
<gchristensen> `ldd` that file, what does it show?
<sicklorkin> lots of missing stuff
<sicklorkin> ty
<{^_^}> [nixos-weekly] @garbas pushed commit from NixOS Weekly Robot to gh-pages « Release of (commit '78eb4a47cdd2b19391cbd7dcc90f4f7ce33ba797') built by Travis-CI \#490032546 »: https://git.io/fh9x0
<domenkozar> weekly is out, this one is super packed!
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<ottidmes> wow, I had expected bigger differences between Nix now and 15 years ago, also, never knew it was that old already!
<sicklorkin> what does Full mean, e.g. curlFull or krb5Full ?
<gchristensen> sicklorkin: Full means it has AllTheDependencies
<sicklorkin> oh.. that's good to know. i was goona ask that next
<sicklorkin> , locate unixODBCDrivers
<{^_^}> Invalid command syntax
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<sicklorkin> ,locate unixODBCDrivers
<{^_^}> Couldn't find in any packages
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda opened pull request #55383 → home-assistant: 0.86.4 -> 0.87.0 → https://git.io/fh9xM
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<sicklorkin> unixODBCDrivers.recurseForDerivations what will this do?
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: will make nix-env and hydra check for packages in that attrset
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: so haskellPackages is an attrset of packages, but without that set, it would not look into that to see if there are packages there
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<ottidmes> sicklorkin: so its a marker to make it clear that its not just any attrset, but an attrset of packages
<sicklorkin> so you can locaate these makers w/o traversing?
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: no, it does need to evaluate the packages attrset in order to check for the existance of that attribute, that is why a naive search or install is so slow with nix-env
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: `nix search` caches this
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<sicklorkin> ahhh.. that explains it then..
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<ottidmes> > attrNames unixODBCDrivers
<{^_^}> [ "mariadb" "msodbcsql17" "mysql" "psql" "recurseForDerivations" "sqlite" ]
<sicklorkin> ottidmes: so i see that unixODBCDrivers.msodbcsql17 wasn't build Full.. is there a way to ask for its' depends?
<ottidmes> sicklorkin: not sure what you mean, if I look at the package definition of msodbcsql17 it does not have any optional dependencies as part of the package definition, which is what the Full prefix tends to indicate (i.e. Full = all supported optional dependencies in the package definition are set to be enabled)
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<sicklorkin> ldd shows missing libcrypto, krb5, curl, ssl, uuid, stdc which are all pretty standard... my question is, if i'm going to install unixODBCDrivers how can I know if i have the necessary libs
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<ottidmes> if you install the package, it itself should make sure those will be available on your system, you are probably running into a common nix-shell library misunderstanding
<ottidmes> ,library sicklorkin
<{^_^}> sicklorkin: Don't install libraries through nix-env or systemPackages, use nix-shell instead. See https://nixos.wiki/wiki/FAQ/Libraries for details.
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<sicklorkin> I am using buildInputs
<sicklorkin> I'll investigate
<ottidmes> and nix-shell right?
<sicklorkin> yes
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<ottidmes> how do you run nix-shell, therein lies the problem probably
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<sicklorkin> stack!
<ottidmes> ah right, you mentioned that, sorry
<sicklorkin> but just now I was running it manually
<sicklorkin> nix-shell /path/to/shell.nix
<ottidmes> it would then depend on what is in your shell.nix
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<ottidmes> sicklorkin: an simple example (random package taken when searching for one using openssl but not much of anything else), compare these: nix-shell --packages kore --run 'env | grep openssl' versus nix-shell '<nixpkgs>' --attr kore --run 'env | grep openssl'
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<ottidmes> sicklorkin: --packages "Set up an environment in which the specified packages are present.", while normal nix-shell starts a shell environment that mimicks how it is in nix-build (which is what you want to get access to the libraries)
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<joepie91> so I'm considering building a new desktop -- does anybody know of a place to find data on which GPUs currently work well under OSS drivers on Linux?
<joepie91> (I'm not just looking for benchmarks, stability is my main concern)
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<Yaniel> any recent radeon card should be fine
<Yaniel> unless you are fine with an intel iGPU
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @fpletz pushed commit from @danielfullmer to master « k2pdfopt: 2.42 -> 2.51a »: https://git.io/fh9pB
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @fpletz closed pull request #55150 → k2pdfopt: 2.42 -> 2.51a → https://git.io/fhSMJ
<Yaniel> unfortunately there is no centralized place that collects such information AFAIK
<ottidmes> joepie91: I generally agree with Yaniel, but I would add that this is just a generalization, if you find a card you really like after checking reviews/benchmarks/whatnot, be sure to take the official code name and search on standard Linux bugtrackers, I assumed my ATI Radeon card would be supported too, I was mistaken...
<ar> joepie91: if you're fine with non-LTS distros, pretty much anything non-ancient from amd or intel that's been buyable for 3 months or more (to get updates for a given piece of hardware cought in latest kernel/mesa releases) should work. gpus from amd that are available now/soon that may not have support in all distros yet are rx590 and radeon 7
<joepie91> ar: assume NixOS :)
<ar> joepie91: 18.09 or unstable?
<joepie91> stable, so currently 18.09
<joepie91> I'm not necessarily looking for cheap btw, I do hope to get some decent performance out of it, just stability is more important overall :P
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<joepie91> the RX Vega 56 seems to perform considerably better than the RX 590 for example and isn't much more expensive
<joepie91> (but haven't checked stability yet)
<joepie91> "The open-source support for Vega isn't without some initial setup hurdles and some growing pains along the way, but it's looking very good for launch-day and the best DRM+Mesa support we have ever seen at-launch for the premiere of a new discrete GPU architecture."
<joepie91> hm
<joepie91> that seems like it might be worth a gamble
<etu> joepie91: My Ryzen/Vega APU from last summer is very stable, but I don't remember exactly what card it is
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<etu> joepie91: But I had to enable a kernel option, so it compiles the kernel on update.
<joepie91> etu: any chance you could check? :) and which kernel option was that?
<joepie91> (I'm generally okay with needing weird config options, this is NixOS after all, so long as they don't affect stability)
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed to haskell-updates « all-cabal-hashes: update to Hackage at 2019-02-07T00:36:21Z »: https://git.io/fh9pb
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed 5 commits to haskell-updates: https://git.io/fh9pA
<infinee> Any st users here who patch their config.def.h? I get alot of rejects when patching the downloaded diffs vs st src tarball (and latest in git)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed 3 commits to haskell-updates: https://git.io/fh9ph
<etu> joepie91: It was AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, the G means built in graphics. lspci tell me this: "VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Raven Ridge [Radeon Vega Series / Radeon Vega Mobile Series] (rev c6)"
<joepie91> ooh, integrated vega
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<joepie91> it's surprisingly difficult to find data on how those integrated graphics compare to a discrete AMD card...
<chrisaw> Hey folks, what's the easiest way to add a line to /etc/protocols ?
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<infinee> ls
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<joepie91> finally found some details: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/02/desktop-ryzens-with-integrated-graphics-finds-an-awkward-middle-ground/ -- basically, integrated Vega, while better than integrated Intel in terms of performance, is still no match for discrete cards
<chrisaw> I've got mono installed and it's complaining that "IP" isn't in /etc/protocols - easy fix but whilst I know exactly how to overwrite a file - I'm not sure how I can append to one?
<joepie91> etu: anyhow, was that kernel setting you needed to change specific to integrated Vega, or would it apply for discrete Vega cards also?"
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<ottidmes> joepie91: although I have always had AMD GPUs, my next desktop will probably have one of the Nvidia 20xx cards, since I want the GPU to be powerful for gaming, most old cards are sufficient for my Linux usage outside of gaming. My only fear is the closed source driver not working with future kernels, but there are probably enough Linux users out there with Nvidia that I am sure they will get patched to make
<ottidmes> them work
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<joepie91> ottidmes: I've been burned by AMD on that same assumption before :) before amdgpu was a thing
<joepie91> (now amdgpu-pro is built on the same foundation so even if you use pro, it should remain possible to build it against future kernel/Xorg versions)
<ottidmes> joepie91: meaning that its remains a chance no matter what manufacturer you take ;)
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<joepie91> ottidmes: nah, AMD solved the problem
<joepie91> they were on my "eh" list until amdgpu :)
<ottidmes> well, I am still waiting on them to fix my issue :P
<joepie91> which issue?
<ottidmes> that is BTW also the bug tracker I would search on when you do find a card you like
<joepie91> ottidmes: ah, right.
<joepie91> etu: thanks!
<etu> I know that we've talked about my usecase here before and concluded that we wasn't sure why it's not enabled by default
<joepie91> ottidmes: random selection of some bugs that mention 'vega' suggest that the bugs tend to be broadly applicable to all AMD stuff, not specifically Vega
<joepie91> so that's a... sort of... good... sign...?
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<chrisaw> It looks like if I use environment.protocols.text = '' test ''; - /etc/protocols isn't overwritten with that after a rebuild so I'm guessing it can't be done via that method.
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<ottidmes> chrisaw: environment.etc."protocols".text = "test"; did you meant that?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #53390 → go: build each package single-threaded → https://git.io/fhOvY
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed commit from @andrew-d to staging « go: build each package single-threaded (#53390) »: https://git.io/fh9hx
<tilpner> gchristensen: FYI, the "options" argument to mkOption has just been removed, https://github.com/grahamc/nixos-config/blob/master/packages/symlinks/service.nix#L25 will break
<tilpner> 27982b408e465554b8831f492362bc87ed0ec02a
<gchristensen> oh interesting
<thefloweringash> I don't know if it's polite to bump your own PRs here, but just in case someone likes bash and hates swallowing errors: #54543
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/54543 (by thefloweringash, 1 week ago, open): nix-prefetch-git: propagate errors under --quiet
<GiGa> Appreciate this will be more a development / Android question than a NixOS one, but if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it
<GiGa> I have an app that I'm building in two different environments (one is a Debian 8 using IntelliJ, the other is Nixos Linux using Android Studio)
<GiGa> The app makes an HTTPS call to a hosted web application and authenticates via OAuth and Google
<GiGa> the apk built ("generate signed APK") on Debian works
<GiGa> the same app, with the same code, built on NixOS does not
<GiGa> It's the same signing key
<GiGa> so I'm completely stumped
<GiGa> any ideas folks?
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<infinee> I have no idea but to help others, what doesn't work?
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<GiGa> I can't explain it very well, as I'm not getting any stack traces
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<GiGa> but essentially, communication with the web service auth's via Google
<GiGa> I know if the APK isn't signed then the OAuth fails
<GiGa> so my guess would be authentication is failing because there's a problem with the signature
<GiGa> yet it's the same key
<GiGa> the debian produced APK works fine
<simpson> Does your tool include paths in the payload, perhaps?
<GiGa> the one made under Nixos does not
<GiGa> paths within the webservice simpson ?
<infinee> how do you know it's not a problem between Android Studio and IntelliJ?
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<GiGa> I know it's a problem between debian and Nixos environments
<GiGa> because I can take exactly the same code (git checkout) on each machine, build an apk
<GiGa> and one works, the other doesn't
<gchristensen> tilpner: I reckon it'll break on 19.03 then :P
<tilpner> gchristensen: I built my config around this feature. What do I do?
<gchristensen> heh
<tilpner> danbst doesn't seem to be on IRC, I guess I could open an issue and ping them?
<simpson> GiGa: Paths into the Nix store, possibly?
<ottidmes> thefloweringash: just curious, I wrote my own nix-prefetch'er and I was wondering whether it covers the use case of nix-prefetch-git too. Does nix-prefetch-git do anything that cannot be done via the builtin/nixpkgs fetchers?
<GiGa> simpson, I don't understand why those would be in an APK produced for Android
<gchristensen> tilpner: I don't know :
<simpson> GiGa: Me neither.
<gchristensen> tilpner: please do open an issue and ping
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<thefloweringash> ottidmes: the use case I'm trying to fix here is scripting around it, where a go program calls it for its json output, which it then uses to build a nix expression. Quickly trying builtins.fetchGit on the repl, it looks like it doesn't produce a sha256?
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<ottidmes> thefloweringash: thats the "prefetch" part, but I was wondering in terms of feature set, I know some of the git fetcher's support submodules, do you know of a similar feature in nix-prefetch-git that cannot be achieved with nix-prefetch-git, but I doubt thats the case, otherwise it would be more than just a prefetch
<ottidmes> thefloweringash: like the deep clone and keep .git, but I guess I can check the fetchers myself to see if they have equivalents for those
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<thefloweringash> ottidmes: ah, now I'm with you. It has more than builtins.fetchGit, since that doesn't have a leaveGitDir option, but I assume it's equivalent to the fetchgit fetcher, otherwise the resulting expression could never be built by nixkpgs. Would also have to check myself
<thefloweringash> what motivated you to make a new prefetcher, and would it be an improvement over the existing one?
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<WilliamHamilton[> when using the `z3` haskell package via `nix-shell -p ...` I get `can't load .so/.DLL for: /nix/store/0y40m4nr38469nnsrm1d1yhwddkphmv9-z3-4.3.1/lib/ghc-8.6.3/x86_64-linux-ghc-8.6.3/libHSz3-4.3.1-LR6JuE4EIH0HFhFFZCYqR6-ghc8.6.3.so (/nix/store/0y40m4nr38469nnsrm1d1yhwddkphmv9-z3-4.3.1/lib/ghc-8.6.3/x86_64-linux-ghc-8.6.3/libHSz3-4.3.1-LR6JuE4EIH0HFhFFZCYqR6-ghc8.6.3.so: undefined symbol: Z3_get_parser_error)` Is it not
<WilliamHamilton[> the case that the z3 haskell package automatically includes the necessary dependencies?
<noonien> hello folks
<tilpner> gchristensen: #55394
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/55394 (by tilpner, 1 minute ago, open): Merging options after #54637
<noonien> does steam work for anyone? i get a few `curl: (7) Failed to connect to abbradar.net port 443: Connection timed out` when trying to install it
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<GiGa> noonien, I was using Steam on Nixos the other day
<GiGa> simpson, I'm not aware of any paths that could be in there
<noonien> hmm, did you install it recently?
<gchristensen> thanks, tilpner :)
<Taneb> I've had other things going wrong with it for me, something to do with libgl or libgtk (I'm not at home right now, can't check)
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/2d2f1047513 (from 83 minutes ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
<GiGa> noonien, define "recently" ?
<sb0> hi. I want to use extraBuildCommands in buildFHSUserEnv, but the command I need to run has to execute inside the FHS environment (my source file extracts a ELF binary and runs it, so it's tricky to run patchelf on it in-between)
<GiGa> I can try an upgrade tonight and report back, if that helps
<sb0> how can I do that?
<ottidmes> thefloweringash: https://github.com/msteen/nix-prefetch my motivation was that I needed a way to automatically update the openra mods (a game), and there was no tool that did what I wanted
<noonien> well, i'm trying to install it now, it seems it's trying to get some dependencies from https://abbradar.net, which appears to be down
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<ottidmes> thefloweringash: after seeing https://github.com/samueldr/nix-universal-prefetch I liked that idea, but it did not do exactly what I wanted too, so I made my own attempt at creating an universal fetcher
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda merged pull request #52944 → pythonPackages.cfn-lip: init at 1.1.0 → https://git.io/fhT5s
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed commit from @PsyanticY to master « pythonPackages.cfn-flip: init at 1.1.0 (#52944) »: https://git.io/fh9j4
<ottidmes> thefloweringash: and together with https://github.com/msteen/nix-update-fetch my nix-prefetch can update most packages in Nixpkgs automatically
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<GiGa> noonien, I certainly haven't tried to upgrade it today
<GiGa> The office I'm in has poor Internet, so not wise to try right now
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<ottidmes> thefloweringash: I realized I could just do: nix-prefetch fetchgit --help, and indeed it does have a deepClone and leaveDotGit option
<noonien> can i disable a mirror while downloading a package?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 merged pull request #51749 → nixos/iotop: add module → https://git.io/fpSNT
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fh9jg
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<noonien> or rather, the downloader not retrying with a different mirror
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<Taneb> Is there a way to say "copy these closures to this remote, and then do something, without risk of them being garbage collected before we start doing, so as to avoid a race condition"?
<ottidmes> noonien: you can just modify mirrors.nix in your nixpkgs checkout, or I can give you a tricky overlay solution
<gchristensen> Taneb: yikes, is it being GC'd during the copy?
<thefloweringash> ottidmes: those are neat approaches to the prefetching problem, do like
<noonien> ottidmes: i'm new to nixos, haven't setup an overlay, nor do i have a manually checked out nixpkgs
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed to master « python.pkgs.telethon-session-sqlalchemy: only supports python3 »: https://git.io/fh9jr
<noonien> is it not a bug to fail like this though?
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<Taneb> gchristensen: not yet, I'm anxious about it being GC'd between copying and starting (or finishing) the "do something" part
<gchristensen> clever: remember that IFD GC problem you were having? what if the evaluator stuck all the paths in its env before writing the .drv's to disk
<noonien> mirrors should also provide availability, not just load balancing, no?
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<Taneb> gchristensen: and if there's a thing for this it might be neater than just doing the copy and then the action
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<gchristensen> Taneb: hrm... not sure, interesting question
<noonien> i think fetchurl is where it fails (since it's a curl, this makes sense)
<Taneb> gchristensen: I might just be being paranoid here
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<Taneb> (as in, this isn't a problem I'm seeing, it's just a problem I'm worried about)
<gchristensen> Taneb: https://github.com/grahamc/packet-nixos/blob/master/build.sh so here I do GC roots regularly, but not directly after the copy
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<gchristensen> directly part of the copy*
<ottidmes> thefloweringash: so all I have to do to update any of my packages is to figure out the new version information. nix-prefetch can also be used to get the current attrs passed to a fetcher. For example, the update script of those mods is still quite a few lines, but all of it is getting the right info, the actual update is this one liner:
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<ottidmes> noonien: I have never done anything with mirrors.nix myself, so cannot really help you there, in case you are interested in the overlay way to change stuff, which is probably too complex for you right now, but still here it is: https://gist.github.com/msteen/6741878f8919f8e2363869693e7ef085 you would be overwriting `steamrt` instead of `hashedMirrors` in the gist
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<lmat> The about page says, "there is no /bin, /sbin...The only exception is a symlink /bin/sh to Bash in the Nix store." What does echo $PATH; look like?
<WilliamHamilton[> clever: does the `z3` haskell package work for you? When running averything, I get an error relative to missing `.so` files
<gchristensen> tilpner: mind sending me a PR? :P
<tilpner> That was fast
<noonien> ottidmes: thanks, i'll give that a try
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<noonien> should i perhaps also create an issue for fetchurl?
<tilpner> gchristensen: I could send a PR, but I couldn't test it as well as you
<Taneb> WilliamHamilton[: we've had to patch it in the past but I thought that's been in nixpkgs a while now
<gchristensen> tilpner: that is okay with me :P....
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<tilpner> Fiiiiiine
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<ottidmes> noonien: yeah, that would make the relevant people aware of the problem existing, so please do
<noonien> Geat, will do!
<WilliamHamilton[> Taneb: could it be that the current version of z3 present on nix is `Z3 version 4.8.4` while the haskell library seems to be searching for bindings for the `z3-4.3.1` version?
<ottidmes> noonien: the overlay is more like applying some ducktape to the problem, might help you solve the immediate problem, but the underlying issue remains ;)
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<Taneb> WilliamHamilton[: are you on 18.09 or unstable or otherwise?
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<WilliamHamilton[> Taneb: latest unstable, updated a minute ago
<Guanin> Asked that one in the wrong channel: I had some problems with an AMD GPU around a month ago. I had no time to play around much more with it, but I still did not get it working. Is it appropriate to open an Issue? I tried to reach out for help in the #nixos channel and on reddit ( https://www.reddit.com/r/NixOS/comments/abphe8/amd_radeon_pro_wx3100_x_not_starting/ )
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed to master « python.pkgs.future-fstrings: dependency tokenize-rt missing for python<3.6 »: https://git.io/fh9jd
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<tilpner> gchristensen: You get the indentation for free
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<Taneb> WilliamHamilton[: hmm, I don't know
<Taneb> I'm using 18.09 and it works, so it must be some change since then
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<WilliamHamilton[> Taneb: what version of z3 do you have?
<Taneb> And the z3 derivation hasn't changed since last July
<gchristensen> aww thanks, tilpner
<Taneb> z3 4.8.4
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<Taneb> haskellPackages.z3 4.3.1
<WilliamHamilton[> Taneb: huh, that's strange, the version numbers coincide
<Taneb> WilliamHamilton[: well, it might be I'm not using a shell?
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<WilliamHamilton[> how do you compile your haskell code?
<infinisil> Guanin: Yeah, it's always a good idea to open an issue, can't hurt
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<WilliamHamilton[> Taneb: cabal without nix-shell?
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<Taneb> WilliamHamilton[: just nix-build
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<Taneb> Let me try...
<gchristensen> I would love an emacs editor feature where I could say "edit the expression for the hello package"
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @layus opened pull request #55396 → nixos/manual: warn on missing xml:id → https://git.io/fhHef
<gchristensen> omfg, I just remembered, `nix edit nixpkgs.hello` works!
<infinisil> Heh yes, mostly at least
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<Taneb> WilliamHamilton[: I'm very sorry, I was mistaken, we're using the sbv package
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<WilliamHamilton[> Taneb: I see, thanks for the warning, I was questioning my sanity :D
<Taneb> WilliamHamilton[: but maybe the solution's the same?
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<WilliamHamilton[> Taneb: let me see if I can use sbv first
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill merged pull request #55069 → trilium: 0.27.4 -> 0.28.3 → https://git.io/fhSt5
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill pushed 3 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHem
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill merged pull request #55077 → rink: init at 0.4.4 → https://git.io/fhSYH
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHeY
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 pushed to master « nixos/iotop: don't install the package globally »: https://git.io/fhHeW
<WilliamHamilton[> Taneb: right, maybe that's the thing to do!
<WilliamHamilton[> Taneb: in fact, sbv works for me also
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<dmj`> I have the unfortunate task of making a nix expression for a ruby project
<dmj`> I've tried to use bundix, but it gives a runtime error. Is this the best way to do ruby -> nix ?
<manveru> dmj`: what error?
<yayforj> i don't really understand what is a .env
<phdoerfler> Hi all! I made a nix expression which makes a shell script. But nix doesn't like it. I am doing: let script = pkgs.writeScript … in { bla = script; }
<yayforj> if it's the environment of a package, how can i import it or a extend it in say a shell?
<phdoerfler> I don't care for the return value, I just want that shell script to be created
<manveru> dmj`: looks like there's some thing in the Gemfile that bundix doesn't understand, can you share it as well?
<phdoerfler> so how do I do this?
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<manveru> yeah, the "remote: ." is not gonna work
<phdoerfler> I first had just let … in { script; } but nix did not like that either
<manveru> dmj`: do you actually want to package the gem, or make a dev env for it?
<dmj`> manveru: I want to build the executable fake-s3 and use it in a nixos module
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: could you paste your expression, just doing pkgs.writeScript should work
<manveru> ok
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<ottidmes> yayforj: generally a .env file is a file defining environment variables
<phdoerfler> I'm pretty sure I'm going all wrong about this
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: pretty sure this is invalid Nix: sftpServer = pkgs.openssh / "libexec" / "sftp-server";
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: do this instead: sftpServer = "${pkgs.openssh}/libexec/sftp-server";
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<phdoerfler> but there is a Path type
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: also pkgs.writeScript expects a name, not a file path, it will write a file to /nix/store
<phdoerfler> that's why I got a toString in there
<dmj`> manveru: instead of remote: . what should I do?
<phdoerfler> oh
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: toString does not ensure its a valid name, it has to be a valid nix store name, which are limited to roughly alphanumerics
<phdoerfler> alright alright
<manveru> dmj`: put these into a directory by themselves, run `bundix -l; nix build; nix-env -i ./result`, and you should have the executable in PATH
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<ottidmes> phdoerfler: if a package could write to another package just like that, it would break the purity of the whole system (i.e. I cannot just add a path to an arbitrary package from another package)
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: That's exactly why I think I'm doing this wrong
<phdoerfler> so this still gives me: error: syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting '.' or '=', at /etc/nixos/own/sudosshfs.nix:13:11
<phdoerfler> (use ‘--show-trace’ to show detailed location information)
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: yep, you have to have: { inherit script; }
<dmj`> manveru: when I use bundix -l it says it can't find Gemfile.lock
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<dmj`> manveru: I'm on bundix version 2.4.1
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: { script } is not a valid attrset
<manveru> dmj`: added the lock to the gist
<phdoerfler> hu
<dmj`> manveru: how did you generate the gemfile.lock ?
<manveru> dmj`: if bundix fails, you can try via `bundle lock --lockfile=Gemfile.lock`... things can be weird with bundler :(
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: I cannot read your mind :P what is causing you to be surprised?
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: I am surprised there is so many hoops to jump through
<andrewrk> did somebody recently change the LLVM package to disable a bunch of targets by default? :(
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: All I want really is to expose the "sftp-server" binary which lives in the libexec of openssh
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: And I thought creating a little wrapper script for that is the easiest way
<dmj`> manveru: worked great :) thanks a lot!
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: how would you go about this?
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: I mean I could create an overlay but then my tiny little server would have to compile openssh
<manveru> dmj`: :)
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: hu, now I want to look up what systemPackages is exactly
<ottidmes> ah sorry, meant environment.systemPackages
<dmj`> manveru: fake s3 apparently costs $90
<manveru> wtf
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<phdoerfler> ottidmes: I figured. Well, thanks! I don't get the concept of a "package" apparently
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<phdoerfler> or how pkgs.runCommand would return a 'package'
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<phdoerfler> ottidmes: Oh I see. Man. This naming throws me off a lot
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<phdoerfler> ottidmes: but apparently my hunch that stdenv.mkDerivation would be what I want, was correct
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: you would best read the manual for more in depth info, but its not really a package, its a derivation, a derivation is a plan on how something in the Nix store can be realized (i.e. build)
<manveru> dmj`: what about something like minio?
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: the documentation said that environment.systemPackages is a list of packages. That's where I got "package" from
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ekleog pushed 8 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHvc
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: but yeah, it all makes sense now
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: thanks a bunch!
<dmj`> manveru: woa
<dmj`> manveru: you're blowing my mind here
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<manveru> well, what's the point of fakes3 if it's more expensive than s3 :P
<lmat> The about page says, "there is no /bin, /sbin...The only exception is a symlink /bin/sh to Bash in the Nix store." What does echo $PATH; look like?
<gchristensen> /home/grahamc/bin:/run/wrappers/bin:/home/grahamc/.nix-profile/bin:/nix/var/nix/profiles/default/bin:/run/current-system/sw/bin:/etc/profiles/per-user/grahamc/bin
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<lmat> gchristensen: Thanks! What kinds of things are in /nix/var/nix/profiles/default/bin? System management I guess, like the package manager?
<dmj`> manveru: hahaha good point
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<lmat> And I take it that /run/current-system/sw/bin is where grep, ls, chromium-browser, gnucash, irssi, etc. are? (assuming they're installed as system-wide software)
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<dmj`> manveru: just need it for integration testing, and nixos modules don't let you do network IO outside of the qemu machine iiuc
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<manveru> yeah, you can add minio easily to the integration test i think, it's packaged already
<gchristensen> lmat: correct :)
<gchristensen> lmat: happy to continue playing exec-as-a-service if you have further questions :)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ekleog merged pull request #55320 → matrix-synapse: -> 0.99.0 → https://git.io/fh92T
<lmat> gchristensen: lol! Well, at least nixos appears to follow the rule of least surprise, even in this potentially-surprising brave new world!
<gchristensen> lmat: :) maybe this would be more surprising ...
<manveru> dmj`: other option is passing some random string as --license to fakes3, doesn't look like it actually checks the contents
<manveru> but of course, that's highly illegal :P
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<dmj`> manveru: maybe we should make an issue on the githubs saying "license check doesn't actually check license" :)
<lmat> gchristensen: Not too surprising...I did read the about page and learned to expect whole systems "version controlled" like this ^_^
<gchristensen> cool
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<gchristensen> here is one more: https://gist.github.com/grahamc/a05ed6ce0edaf762cdc9d6c2b67189b8 shouldn't be surprising
<joepie91> lmat: there's no /run/current-system/sw/lib though! or at least not one that contains anything meaningful
* joepie91 runs ldd on gchristensen's exec-as-a-service
<joepie91> :P
<ottidmes> phdoerfler: yeah the terminology is a bit confusing at times, all packages are derivations, but not all derivations are packages AFAIK. I guess the result of runCommand actually should be considered a package, since it does call stdenv.mkDerivation
<manveru> dmj`: well, if it did, it'd also have to do it online i fear :)
<gchristensen> graymatter.so (0x0000239487)
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<dmj`> manveru: good call :) I'd be screwed either way
<joepie91> ... I guess I should have been more explicit
<joepie91> lol
<dmj`> manveru: again, saving my life out here
<gchristensen> statically linked, not friendly to being decompiled, joepie91
<lmat> joepie91: hmm
<lmat> gchristensen: Yeah, regarding your listing of /run/current-system/sw/bin, that's where the meat and gravy is!
<gchristensen> :)
<lmat> gchristensen: but you're missing gnucash :P
<joepie91> lmat: basically, linked libraries get hard-compiled paths in binaries, they're not found on runtime
<joepie91> so there's no global set of libraries
<phdoerfler> ottidmes: glad I'm not the only one who feels that way :)
<gchristensen> lmat: hehe, I use ynab.. :)
<lmat> joepie91: Oh, I see. I guess that's necessary if pretty difficult to orchestrate.
<gchristensen> also I install only a select few programs globally, generally preferring nix-shell
<chrisaw> I've got a bit of a problem - what I really need to do is modify /etc/protocols but I only need the modified version for one package. Is there any simple way to achieve that?
<gchristensen> lmat: it is pretty easy with stuff we compile, actually! not so bad at all :)
<joepie91> lmat: yeah, it's basically needed for the versioning thing; it makes it so that the dependencies of one package don't interfere with another
<joepie91> lmat: similar for non-libraries; built packages are basically endless chains of hard-coded paths to other built packages, until it all eventually culminates into a "system environment" or "generation"
<joepie91> and since the paths are deterministic, you still get sharing of things that are the same, but without requiring *everything* to be the same
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<joepie91> not dissimilar to git branches really
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<lmat> joepie91: So you're expecting to recompile often to bake in the correct dependencies as you upgrade stuff?
<lmat> joepie91: For instance, if my libalsa (or is it libsnd :shrug:) changes, then my vlc, pulseaudio packages, mplayer, etc. will need to be recompiled, too?
<joepie91> lmat: you'll rarely be recompiling *yourself*, but yes, to provide the guarantees that Nix does, a package with changed dependencies needs to be rebuilt (just that normally happens on NixOS' buildserver)
<gunix> it must be really hard for german guys to tell their friends that they are using nix :))
<joepie91> yes
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ekleog pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHvy
<lmat> joepie91: Yes, very similar to git object store since it's deterministically hashed and stuff.
<joepie91> in practice though it means you'll be re-fetching some packages :)
<joepie91> that were prebuilt based on the most recent package set
<lmat> joepie91: So there's someone sitting around rewriting build scripts for every software ever to make sure all the libs are configurable? ^_^
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<lmat> joepie91: "most recent package set" I use arch linux, so that phrase sounds odd to me :-) What does it mean to nixos?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ekleog merged pull request #54049 → mailutils: use system-sendmail instead of sendmailPath → https://git.io/fhWAq
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu opened pull request #55398 → php73: 7.3.1 -> 7.3.2 → https://git.io/fhHvp
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu opened pull request #55399 → php72: 7.2.14 -> 7.2.15 → https://git.io/fhHfJ
<{^_^}> [nixos-hardware] @kalbasit pushed to shabka_fix-xps-13-boot « dell/xps/13-9380: init »: https://git.io/fhHfI
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<{^_^}> [nixos-hardware] @kalbasit pushed 0 commits to shabka_fix-xps-13-boot: https://git.io/fhHfL
<ottidmes> lmat: that would not be someone, but a whole community of people, many hands make light work and all that
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<lmat> ottidmes: \o/
<lmat> A commit a day keeps the bit rot away. And a commit a day by 100+ users...can move mountains!
<infinisil> I wish we had more automated tools for nixpkgs PRs
<infinisil> 1200 PRs almost
<infinisil> (and going up errday)
<ottidmes> lmat: not sure what joepie91 meant with most recent package set, but all packages that have been successfully build will be cached AFAIK
<ottidmes> infinisil: if it is becoming a structural problem, maybe a few people should try and build some tools to help with that
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<ottidmes> infinisil: I would help, but I do not have enough experience with the surrounding issues to know what tools would be needed to help
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nlewo merged pull request #55101 → hydra: 2018-08-07 -> 2019-02-01 → https://git.io/fhS8K
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nlewo pushed 4 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHfs
<infinisil> Yeah I don't really know either what would be best
<infinisil> Maybe something to auto-merge package update PRs
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<infinisil> But then I'd like to have some install tests for those packages, because building them often doesn't mean they work
<infinisil> Especially with python
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @offlinehacker merged pull request #53850 → xsuspender: init at 1.1 → https://git.io/fhnWr
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @offlinehacker pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHfn
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @pSub pushed 0 commits to update-dmenu: https://git.io/fhHfc
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @pSub pushed 0 commits to update-rrdtool: https://git.io/fhHfC
<infinisil> *Maybe* I could make my bachelors thesis about something relating to nixpkgs maintenance ;D
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @pSub pushed 0 commits to update-dwm: https://git.io/fhHfW
<ottidmes> infinisil: I was actually thinking that (remembering you were looking for a topic)
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<ottidmes> because it is truly a hard problem to solve
<infinisil> Yeah, it's been on my mind, have thought about a couple things I could do
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Mateon3 is now known as Mateon1
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu opened pull request #55400 → [18.09 backport] php71: 7.1.25 -> 7.1.26 → https://git.io/fhHf8
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @pSub merged pull request #55359 → groovy: 2.5.5 -> 2.5.6 → https://git.io/fh9Dc
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @pSub pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHf0
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @pSub pushed 0 commits to update-groovy: https://git.io/fhHfE
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @offlinehacker opened pull request #55401 → ###### Motivation for this change → https://git.io/fhHfu
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @etu opened pull request #55402 → php71: 7.1.25 -> 7.1.26 → https://git.io/fhHfg
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nlewo merged pull request #55178 → qpdf: 8.3.0 -> 8.4.0 → https://git.io/fhSSx
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nlewo pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHf2
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<ottidmes> infinisil: improving upon the current situation would at least be something from which the community as a whole would benefit
maximiliantagher has joined #nixos
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @offlinehacker opened pull request #55403 → ###### Motivation for this change → https://git.io/fhHfK
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<infinee> is is direnv an alternative to nix-shell?
<das_j> Is there a way to override a subpackage (if that is the proper name) in an overlay? I need to override pkgs.mysql.galera but I'd like to keep the rest of the attributes
<etu> infinee: I've seen many using direnv with nix-shell by putting "use nix" in the .envrc file which will make the shell load a nix-shell of the shell.nix or default.nix in that directory
<infinee> etu: I'm new to both. just wondering if they serve same purpose or simply a large overlap
<clever> infinee: i think direnv just automates changing env vars when you run `cd`
<etu> infinee: nix-shell can do more, like installing dependencies to your environment
<infinee> so if I have no envvars in my dev project, there's likely no need for direnv?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @offlinehacker opened pull request #55404 → hetzner-kube: support for bash completion → https://git.io/fhHf1
<infinee> oh just read that if you use direnv with nix-shell. you can use shells other than bash
<infinee> that seems like good enough reason to at least mix the two
<etu> Well, I use direnv to load my nix-shell. So whenever I just cd into the directory I have my deps for that project
<etu> And have direnv.el in emacs to have deps available to run from emacs as well
<ottidmes> das_j: would it not just work to do: mysql = super.mysql // { galera = doStuffWith super.mysql.galera; }; ?
<das_j> ottidmes: That's what I'm trying to build right now :) Hope it works
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @offlinehacker opened pull request #55405 → kube-prompt: build only main package → https://git.io/fhHfS
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<das_j> Well, it's ignored
<das_j> Looks like this now: mysql = super.mysql // { galera = super.mysql.galera.overrideAttrs (origAttrs: { src = self.fetchFromGitHub {
<das_j> Anything wrong with that?
<ottidmes> das_j: seems right to me, one way to test it is to overlay fetchFromGitHub to return the arguments or any value really, and then do: nix eval nixpkgs.mysql.galera.src
<gchristensen> it is really weird how galera is a subset of mysql
<lmat> ottidmes: Does nixos have "versions" where all the packages have a set version or something? Or is it more like a rolling release system?
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<das_j> ottidmes: Results in a *really* long string
<ottidmes> das_j: if you did overwrite fetchFromGitHub, and still returns a big attrset, then it still points to the old thing, you sure your overlay is being picked up correct, just create foo = 5; and check `nix eval nixpkgs.foo`
<gchristensen> lmat: every piece of software is pinned to a specific version in nixpkgs. the version of nixpkgs for nixos-unstable is rolling, but we also maintain a Stable fork for 6mo at a time
<das_j> ottidmes: Results in a *really* long string
<das_j> whoops
<gchristensen> ,which-channel lmat
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<das_j> gchristensen: nix eval nixpkgs.foo evaluates to 5 as expected
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<ottidmes> das_j: could you paste it, then I could help solve it
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @periklis opened pull request #55406 → lguf-brightness: Init at d194272b → https://git.io/fhHfh
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<jluttine> i'm writing a python package derivation. any idea what this error is really about? "/nix/store/yax21ms90cwr2l4rygd60wfbpfwg5hip-stdenv-linux/setup: line 1307: pushd: dist: No such file or directory"
<ottidmes> das_j: its working for me, at least, if I overwrite fetchFromGitHub, I get: { fetchSubmodules = true; owner = "codership"; repo = "galera"; rev = "release_25.3.23"; sha256 = "1yx3rqy7r4w2l3hnrri30hvsa296v8xidi18p5fdzcpmnhnlwjbi"; } with fetchFromGitHub = args: args;
<das_j> hm so it cannot find fetchFromGitHub properly?
<jluttine> that command is run in build-python-package-common.nix
<gagbo> grahamc[m]: there's a new stable channel, I suppose the 18.03 should be updated in the gist
<ottidmes> das_j: no, I just overlayed it to inspect the arguments passed to fetchFromGitHub, let me see what happens if I actually build it
<ottidmes> das_j: than I get a hash mismatch error with the hash you assigned to it, so the overlay is working fine on my end
<das_j> Weird...
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<ottidmes> das_j: what is the actual problem / error, you are facing?
<das_j> ottidmes: It uses the old URL which 404s
<ottidmes> das_j: how do you build it?
<das_j> Aah, looks like my deploy script is broken
<jluttine> a weird thing is that in that file there's no "pushd" calling at all, not on any line, and definitely not on line 1307..
<das_j> And it uses wrong overlays
<ottidmes> das_j: had to be something like that, great to hear you found the problem
<das_j> Turns out I'm an idiot :/ Thank you
<das_j> ottidmes++
<{^_^}> ottidmes's karma got increased to 12
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<ottidmes> jluttine: in that build-python-package-common.nix file you mentioned, I do have `pushd dist`, maybe paste your package derivation if you people to better be able to help you
<yayforj> is there a way to include dependencies of a package as buildInputs, but not the package itself?
<jluttine> ottidmes: yes, in that file it is, that's what i tried to say. but it's not in that nix store file that the error message is referring to. but yeah,i think i now understand the problem: there's no dist directory which is expected to be present. so something wrong in build phase.
<jluttine> ottidmes: oh, yes, i was very inaccurate with my "that file" referring.. sorry. it was meant to refer to the nix-store file in the error message. but that was just a sidenote
<bachp> I have a question regarding pinning of <nixpkgs>. What I am looking for is an easy way to specify the commit version that should be used when I'm doing a nixos-rebuild switch. I found https://nixos.wiki/wiki/FAQ/Pinning_Nixpkgs but I struggle on how to include this into my /etc/nixos/configuration.nix. My idea for the workflow would be: 1. Update the git hash of the nixpkgs revision to use in configuration.nix 2. Do a
<bachp> nixos-rebuild. Does somebody have an example of a complet configuration.nix I can have a look at?
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<infinee> is it normal for my normal user to have nothing in nix-channel --list? only when I sudo it do I see nixos and nixpkgs-unstable
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jluttine opened pull request #55408 → pythonPackages.assimulo: init at 3.0 [WIP] [Help needed] → https://git.io/fhHJE
o1lo01ol1o has joined #nixos
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #54486 → python: sysconfig: fix paths → https://git.io/fh2bz
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from Averell Dalton to staging « python: sysconfig: fix paths »: https://git.io/fhHJa
<jluttine> Here's the pull request I'm having problems to build: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/55408
<{^_^}> #55408 (by jluttine, 4 minutes ago, open): pythonPackages.assimulo: init at 3.0 [WIP] [Help needed]
<infinisil> jluttine: Try running strace over it
<infinisil> And then looking at the trace, should reveal what file it's missing
<ottidmes> bachp: the easiest is probably just to make your own nixpkgs checkout and point <nixpkgs> to that via NIX_PATH=nixpkgs=/path/to/nixpkgs or via -I nixpkgs=/path/to/nixpkgs (as option to nixos-rebuild)
<jannie> can i override `buildInputs`?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @thoughtpolice pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « libiio: 0.16 -> 0.17 »: https://git.io/fhHJX
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<bachp> ottidmes: I also found that I can do NIX_PATH=nixpkgs=https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/archive/66dd4594ff2bb7c328a0566848b9a9e584f59847.tar.gz but that also doesn't feel very declarative to me.
<jluttine> infinisil: i think it's dist directory that it's expecting to be present but not there for some reason.. :/
<jluttine> if i understand correctly
<ottidmes> jannie: what do you want to do with it, change the actual list, or override at thing in it?
<jannie> add stuff to it
<jannie> ottidmes: not sure if i need specifically `buildIntputs` for it, but i guess its all the same
<ottidmes> jannie: you can probably use: pkg.overrideAttrs (origAttrs: { buildInputs = origAttrs.buildInputs ++ [ your stuff ]; })
<jannie> ottimes: thank you
<ottidmes> jannie: that produces a new package with the buildInputs changed, so you probably want to put it in an overlay if you plan to actually replace a package that is used by other packages too
<jannie> ottidmes: there's a question i keep asking, but to no avail
<ottidmes> jannie: ask again then, maybe I can answer
<jannie> ottidmes: is it possible to use get dependencies of a package but not the package itself
<jannie> ottidmes: sort of like `nix-shell -A cabal2nix.env` works
<jannie> but in a derivation
<jannie> i hope it makes sense
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<ottidmes> jannie: what kind of dependencies are you interested in, because that question in the context of runtime dependencies does not make sense AFAIK, those are determined automatically by Nix
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<ottidmes> jannie: the attribute buildInputs is also only part of the picture when you talk about actual build time dependencies, since I might refer to a package in a string context, i.e. "${hello}/bin/hello" within my script
<ottidmes> jannie: you can ask for buildInputs of a package, but like I said, that might be an incomplete picture:
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<ottidmes> > map (x: x.name) firefox.buildInputs
<{^_^}> [ <CODE> ]
<ottidmes> > deepEval (map (x: x.name) git.buildInputs)
<{^_^}> [ "curl-7.63.0" "openssl-1.0.2q" "zlib-1.2.11" "expat-2.2.6" "cpio-2.12" "hook" "glibc-iconv-2.27" "perl-5.28.1" "pcre2-10.32" ]
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<jannie> ottidmes: i'm not even sure if i'm making sense to myself with this
<ottidmes> jannie: the more important question is why do you want to get the dependencies of a package?
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<ottidmes> jannie: if its so very similar to another package, you might just want to use overrideAttrs
<jannie> ottidmes: the original thought was to extend foo.env for a shell
<noonien> are build depndencies cached? if a build fails, would the already existing dependencies be rebuilt?
<jannie> ottidmes: without rebuilding foo
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<ottidmes> noonien: build dependencies are kept, yes
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<noonien> hmm, i just realised the `steam` package is actually broken
zupo has joined #nixos
<noonien> the first streamrt reports 404
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<noonien> for the files that it tries to download, then using the second mirror fails, because it's offline
apeyroux has joined #nixos
<noonien> any update on #55269?
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/55269 (by christoph00, 2 days ago, open): Steam: run update-runtime.py
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<dmj`> I have a nixos module defined for use with the nixos testing framework. I'm trying to connect to the minio service inside of the qemu machine that gets run from my binary that also is run inside the qemu virtual machine. I get a localhost:9000 is not present when attempting to curl, yet I'm calling machine->waitForUnit("minio.service")
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<ekleog> Do we have any easy way of re-calling a derivation from an overlay? I'm thinking something of `callPackageAgain` that'd call `.override` to override all the dependencies
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<infinisil> ekleog: Don't normal overlays handle that already?
<infinisil> Like, callPackage uses the final results attributes
<infinisil> So you just need to override those, and packages having them as dependencies automatically get the overriden version
<infinee> ok finally got a semi working nix-shell+direnv setup for my golang project. Only problem is that it thinks GOPATH is a read-only dir in /nix/store/????go/share/go. Any Go programmers in here have a workaround?
<dmj`> clever solved my issue, it was waitForOpenPort(9000), thanks clever
<ottidmes> what if the options in a module depend on the package version it corresponds to. I thought to just base it on cfg.package.version, but that of course causes infinite recursion, I am thinking now to just wrap those options in a check, and throw an error if they are used when not supported by the version, any better way of doing so, any prior modules that do something like this (options dependent on package
<ottidmes> version)
<ekleog> infinee: Here I'm trying to use a package from nixpkgs-unstable with the dependencies from 18.09
<ekleog> oops
<ekleog> infinisil: Here I'm trying to use a package from nixpkgs-unstable with the dependencies from 18.09
<symphorien> foo = callPackage <nixos-unstable/tools/misc/foo> {};
<ekleog> (because I'm using python packages and mixing between unstable and 18.09, and afair python dislikes having two versions of the same package in scope)
<ekleog> symphorien: yup, that's what I'm using for now, but paths change and that's really not clean
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<ekleog> (well, to be precise `callPackage (unstable + /tools/misc/foo) {}`, and `unstable = (import (builtins.fetchTarball { ... }) {}).path;`)
<infinisil> Hmm..
<ekleog> also, it doesn't work well for packages that aren't defined in a separate file (eg. some python packages are defined inline in top-level/python-packages -- or were at 18.09, can't remember, my actual use case mixes from more than just two channels)
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<ottidmes> ekleog: in that import unstable call, do you have overlays = []; ? if so, I have an idea
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<ottidmes> ekleog: I assume so, otherwise it would be a loop (maybe its ok, because all you use it for is the .path, but otherwise it would loop to define unstable)
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<{^_^}> [nix] @volth opened pull request #2669 → fix "nix build -f /dev/stdin" → https://git.io/fhHTf
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<hyper_ch> how can I track this: Nixos/KDE/ZFS is writing every 5 seconds 15MB of data to my SSDs. No programms running except Konversation and Konsole.... also after a few days of uptime, it becomes terribly slow on my notebook
<gchristensen> try sysstat?
<hyper_ch> gchristensen: I run dstat -ta to see how much is being written... iotop wasn't so clear
<ottidmes> ekleog: how about something like this: https://gist.github.com/msteen/bee03b9038573798f64a1f42171b02e6
<gchristensen> hyper_ch: systat has a service which takes snapshots and stores to disk so you can examine them later
<hyper_ch> hmmm
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<hyper_ch> gchristensen: where does it store those?
<lmat> gchristensen: Thanks!
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<stranger___> what do you think? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/53659
<{^_^}> #53659 (by gnidorah, 4 weeks ago, open): adlplug, opnplug: init at 1.0.0-beta.5
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<hyper_ch> gchristensen: added sysstat as service but not really sure how to use it
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @aanderse opened pull request #55410 → nixos/httpd: improve security in configuration file → https://git.io/fhHT8
<infinisil> Argh, steam doesn't want to start properly on my system. It starts into big picture mode, but after the "Connecting to steam account ..." message I just get a blank screen without any buttons :/
<infinisil> And I don't know how to exit big picture mode like that
<infinisil> Can I tell steam to not start into big picture mode somehow? Does anybody else have this problem perhaps?
<infinisil> I am on the latest nixos-unstable, but it's been happening in previous versions as well
<infinisil> Which makes me think it's something stateful, could probably nuke my steam directory to fix it, but..
<infinisil> Here is the log, a bunch of errors and warnings, hard to judge what's relevant: https://paste.infinisil.com/5uDkijX_H4.log
<infinisil> Steam feels so dirty..
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Tomahna opened pull request #55411 → mopidy-iris: 3.32.1 -> 3.32.4 → https://git.io/fhHTV
<infinisil> Well I did a `mv ~/.local/share/Steam ~/.local/share/SteamOld`, so it's reinstalling now, let's see if this works
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<infinisil> Yeah that worked
<clefru> infinisil: I think there is also ~/.steam
<infinisil> Darn it, even more state
<clefru> and yes, I recently noted with a friend that for the amount of money that steam must make from its sales, the client is a pretty underwhelming piece of code.
<infinisil> Ah, .steam is just a bunch of symlinks, a pid file, and some other unimportant things
<infinisil> I'm somewhat hoping that Nix eventually gets some people that want to get it working well on Windows
<infinisil> In the hopes that projects like steam could adopt it
<infinisil> But I doubt that's gonna happen, both of those things
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @primeos pushed to master « inxi: 3.0.30-1 -> 3.0.31-1 »: https://git.io/fhHT7
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<petrkr> Hi, quick question, trying find that already 2 hours>> Trying do some package for one software, but it calls external program "pinentry", my question is How I can specify runtime dependecies ? Like my packages "petrtest" will also install "pinentry" package as requierd dependency
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Infinisil merged pull request #55269 → Steam: run update-runtime.py → https://git.io/fh9qh
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Infinisil pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHTb
<infinisil> ,runtimeDeps petrkr
<{^_^}> petrkr: In order of preference: Patch source OR ((if it uses PATH -> wrap with new $PATH) AND (if it uses dlopen, (patchelf --set-rpath in postFixup OR wrap with new LD_LIBRARY_PATH)))
<petrkr> {^_^}, I just need somehow tell to build system, if you will do nix-env -iA petrtest. It will also install pinentry nothing more
<petrkr> when I will install it by hand, it works well, so I do need just dependency install
<petrkr> something like at Arch linux I have "depends = (package1, package2)" in PKGBUILD
<infinisil> petrkr: No that's not how it works in Nix
<infinisil> Well, it would work, but it's really ugly and non-reproducible, you shouldn't do it
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<infinisil> petrkr: Just wrap your package with a different PATH that contains the binaries it needs (look at makeWrapper)
<clefru> infinisil: didn't iohk recently publish an article on how they crosscompile their binaries to windows from nix? :)
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<infinisil> :O
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<simpson> petrkr: Change your package so that it calls pinentry with an absolute path.
<simpson> > "${pinentry}/bin/pinentry"
<{^_^}> "/nix/store/y2m41nblgan8w64ncjjgdzlbv1v69067-pinentry-1.1.0/bin/pinentry"
<petrkr> but this library is used as lib in other library which is finally executable
<infinisil> petrkr: Then wrap the final executable
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<petrkr> something like "myscript.sh" and inside will be just export PATH=${pckg.pinentry}/bin/ originalExec?
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<infinisil> petrkr: Add `makeWrapper` to nativeBuildInputs, then do `wrapProgram $out/bin/myexec --prefix PATH : ${lib.makeBinPath [ pinentry ]}` in postInstall
<ekleog> <ottidmes> ekleog: in that import unstable call, do you have overlays = []; ? if so, I have an idea <-- I do (sorry for the delay, got interrupted)
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<ottidmes> ekleog: how about something like this: https://gist.github.com/msteen/bee03b9038573798f64a1f42171b02e6 (answered that already, but you seem to have missed it, so here it is again)
<ekleog> ottidmes: oh, it looks like a nice idea!
<ekleog> However, I don't think it works
<ekleog> as overlays are encouraged to use `super.callPackage` and not `self.callPackage`
<ekleog> hmmm actually it looks like top-level takes things including `callPackage` from `pkgs`, not from `super`
<ottidmes> ekleog: yep, thats true, let me rethink it
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vlaci opened pull request #55412 → hunspell-dicts: add support for Hungarian dictionary → https://git.io/fhHk0
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @ryantm merged pull request #55206 → python37Packages.braintree: 3.50.0 -> 3.51.0 → https://git.io/fhSFX
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @ryantm pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHku
<ottidmes> ekleog: how do you feel about scopedImports, because if I am allowed to use that, I am sure to make it work with roughly the same idea
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<ottidmes> ekleog: the override trick could work too, let me first write that
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<kenshinCH> I would like to install hie-nix via Cachix, not via nix-env but in my default.nix for my nix-shell. How can I do that?
<ottidmes> ekleog: something like this might be the easiest: overrideWithSelf = pkg: pkg.override (origArgs: builtins.intersectAttrs (attrNames origArgs) self);
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @pSub pushed to master « supertux: 0.5.1 -> 0.6.0 »: https://git.io/fhHkr
<ottidmes> ekleog: whoops, got to be: overrideWithSelf = pkg: pkg.override (origArgs: builtins.intersectAttrs origArgs self);
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 merged pull request #55203 → openapi-generator-cli: init at 3.3.4 → https://git.io/fhSFI
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHkP
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<infinisil> kenshinCH: Pass this to the nix command: --option binary-caches 'https://cache.nixos.org/ https://hie-nix.cachix.org/' --option trusted-public-keys 'cache.nixos.org-1:6NCHdD59X431o0gWypbMrAURkbJ16ZPMQFGspcDShjY= hie-nix.cachix.org-1:EjBSHzF6VmDnzqlldGXbi0RM3HdjfTU3yDRi9Pd0jTY='
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/6a0d2ff7c1d (from 5 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable)
<infinisil> (For security you could verify those keys, make sure I'm not juking :P)
<ekleog> ottidmes: never heard of scopedImports
<ekleog> ottidmes: also, I think override doesn't give you `origArgs`, does it?
<kenshinCH> infinisil: I can't put all of that in default.nix somehow. That's a mouthful I'd like to automate :P
<kenshinCH> infinisil: I forgot a ? there
<ekleog> ooh it does handle both cases
<ottidmes> ekleog: I checked the manual and did not see it, but then checked the source code, and it does
<ekleog> ottidmes: OK, the override trick should work then, thanks! :)
<infinisil> kenshinCH: Not really, those settings are on a 'higher' level than a Nix expression
<kenshinCH> infinisil: ah wait, I'm using direnv and apparently I can put parameters in .envrc. That would be a perfect solution
<infinisil> Ah yeah that should work
<ottidmes> aw, I don't like adding to ids.nix, I am always thinking, what if one of those > 1k PRs is also using the same number
<infinisil> ottidmes: No need to in general :)
<zahary> Have you seen some setups that use Nix to cross-compile programs to Windows. I care about the reproducibility of our build and Nix should be able to help me here I think. I imagine I'll have to create some mingw overrides in the stdenv environment and then try to load my existing expressions?
<infinisil> zahary: 20:55:53 <clefru> infinisil: didn't iohk recently publish an article on how they crosscompile their binaries to windows from nix? :)
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<kenshinCH> infinisil: sorry, I still get `undefined variable 'hies'`. So I have to scope it somehow?
<infinisil> kenshinCH: You never said you got an error before
<infinisil> And you didn't post your nix files
<symphorien> zahary: the stdenv apparently works for cross compilation to windows: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/b744586c7bba7a0de9cdc7b7a67bebb42a6e59b5#diff-e4c450aae297787a12870b76ce185bcc
<kenshinCH> infinisil: I have no error installing hies via nix-env. Only when I add `hies` to default.nix
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<infinisil> kenshinCH: How would that file know about hie-nix?
<infinisil> Do you have it in an overlay?
<matthewbauer[m]> zahary: yeah you can use ```crossSystem = { config = "x86_64-pc-mingw32"; }``` to get mingw builds
<kenshinCH> infinisil: I'm calling nix-shell with the parameters you provided, but I have little idea what they mean :P
<infinisil> kenshinCH: Ah, well those parameters only configure the hie-nix cache, I originally thought that's where you had trouble
<zahary> matthewbauer[m], symphorien: thanks for the pointers.
<infinisil> kenshinCH: You still need to actually import hie via the hie-nix repo
<kenshinCH> infinisil: makes sense. I'll try, it should be easier than the rest :) Thanks
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<infinisil> kenshinCH: Something like `hies = (import /path/to/hie-nix {}).hies;`
<zahary> I'm very curious to see these checks 'hostPlatform.isWindows'. Does this detect running Nix in Cygwin or Windows's new Linux subsystesm or is there even more native Windows support that I'm not aware of?
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<petrkr> infinisil, Thanks for that, I made it somehow works at system, now I need somehow introduce that to initrd
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<petrkr> hmm seems time to go home, disk ran space out and now I can not even log in
<kenshinCH> infinisil: seems like it worked! Took a while to download all, but I don't want to think how long it would have needed to compile it :) Thanks!
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @msteen opened pull request #55413 → bitwarden_rs: init at 1.4.0 → https://git.io/fhHII
<infinisil> kenshinCH: Yeah hie takes a long time to compile
<ottidmes> mdash: I finally made the bitwarden_rs PR ^
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @costrouc opened pull request #55414 → pythonPackages.dask-mpi: init at 1.0.2 → https://git.io/fhHIq
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc merged pull request #55396 → nixos/manual: warn on missing xml:id → https://git.io/fhHef
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHIm
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace merged pull request #55380 → apvlv: fix build with poppler 0.73.0 → https://git.io/fh9Nt
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace pushed to master « apvlv: fix build with poppler 0.73.0 »: https://git.io/fhHIc
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<camsbury> best way to upgrade select melpa packages when using `emacsWithPackages`?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @lilyball opened pull request #55416 → nixos/unifi: Update TCP ports → https://git.io/fhHI6
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Lassulus closed pull request #55123 → WIP: nixos/netboot: netboot_minimal downloads the iso and extacts it → https://git.io/fhSga
<yayforj> how can access a shared library within a shell
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace merged pull request #55411 → mopidy-iris: 3.32.1 -> 3.32.4 → https://git.io/fhHTV
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace pushed commit from @Tomahna to master « mopidy-iris: 3.32.1 -> 3.32.4 »: https://git.io/fhHIS
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<johnw_> camsbury: I don't know if it's the best way, but I have *a* way: https://github.com/jwiegley/nix-config/blob/master/overlays/10-emacs.nix
<sicklorkin> Could nix work if all libraries were statically linked?
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<camsbury> ha john I was looking at that
<camsbury> tryning to figure out the best way to integrate hist stuff
<camsbury> your stuff*
<camsbury> lol
<camsbury> trying to grok your architecture, but most of your commits are either "changes" or "updates"
<camsbury> any tips?
<camsbury> :D
<johnw_> yeah, i gave up on descriptive messages
<johnw_> find a package you want to override, find something in my stuff that's doing a similar thing, and then copy it out
<Twey> How does nix-collect-garbage --older-than decide how old a file is? I'm doing `--older-than 1d` on a box that hasn't even existed for a whole day, and Nix appears to be deleting basically its whole store
<johnw_> it will also delete things not reachable from a root, such as intermediate build products and sources
<camsbury> yeah it's fine - I've been curious about the state of your setup for a while... guess I just needed to look at the Makefile
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<johnw_> camsbury: the hardest part was getting 10-haskell.nix right, so that a single set of overrides has the same meaning in about 6 different contexts of use
<camsbury> yeah I'm syncing my emacs across darwin-nix and nixos config for a laptop and desktop... so only 3 contexts thus far :D
<camsbury> only now have I had to actually explicitly upgrade a package, which is nice... I think the darwin melpa just isn't up to date...
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<pie___> obadz, do you know anything about getting wxpython 4.0 to compile?
ckauhaus is now known as ckauhus[afk]
<pie___> or FRidh[m] ^ ?
ckauhus[afk] is now known as ckauhaus[afk]
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<infinisil> pie___: Well what's the error??
<infinisil> Can't help if one doesn't even know the problem
<pie___> tried to fix it myself for once, not much luck :c
<pie___> weird linking errors
<infinisil> Looks pretty bad
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<infinisil> pie___: "WARNING: Building this way assumes that all generated files have beengenerated already." could this be a clue? Did you generate some files?
<pie___> no idea, it just calls the ditutils (?) stuff
<pie___> when i tried to build it manually according to the docs (IIRC) i got the same thing
<pie___> but let me check
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace opened pull request #55417 → pythonPackages.asyncssh: 1.14.0 -> 1.15.1 → https://git.io/fhHLY
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<pie___> infinisil, i got the pypi version which apparently doesnt need me to do that
<pie___> (im prettysure)
nikivi has joined #nixos
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Infinisil pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHL3
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Infinisil merged pull request #55416 → nixos/unifi: Update TCP ports → https://git.io/fhHI6
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace opened pull request #55419 → polkit: fix CVE-2019-6133 → https://git.io/fhHLE
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @volth opened pull request #55420 → buildEnv, substituteAll: disable binary cache lookups → https://git.io/fhHLz
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<bsima> is there an active mailing list besides nix-security-announce?
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<bsima> subject: "[ANN] Discourse to replace the mailing-list"
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @andir pushed commit from @taku0 to release-18.09 « thunderbird, thunderbird-bin: 60.4.0 -> 60.5.0 (#54935) »: https://git.io/fhHLK
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc opened pull request #55421 → ninja: make reproducible → https://git.io/fhHLi
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 pushed 3 commits to master: https://git.io/fhHLS
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 merged pull request #55212 → python37Packages.distributed: 1.25.2 -> 1.25.3 → https://git.io/fhSbF
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<sicklorkin> I have a very long list of missing shared librarys in my nix shell and I am wondering if there's a way to view the paths for a particular nix store
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<sicklorkin> I'm trying to vind the package for each of these missing shared libraries so that I can include them
<sicklorkin> , locate wind
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<{^_^}> Invalid command syntax
<sicklorkin> ,locate wind
<{^_^}> Found in packages: dirt, tuxpaint
<infinisil> sicklorkin: So, does ,locate not work or?
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/87506ee6f64 (from 51 minutes ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
<sicklorkin> infinisil: not always
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda merged pull request #55093 → python3Packages.sly: init at 0.3 → https://git.io/fhSn8
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed commit from @costrouc to master « python3Packages.sly: init at 0.3 (#55093) »: https://git.io/fhHLh
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<infinisil> sicklorkin: e.g.?
<sicklorkin> ,locate libmsodbcsql
<{^_^}> Couldn't find in any packages
<sicklorkin> ,locate libwind
<{^_^}> Found in packages: wineFull, heimdalFull, wineStaging, wineUnstable, xfce.xfce4-panel, winePackages.stable, gnome3.gnome-applets, winePackages.minimal, winePackages.staging, wineWowPackages.full, xfce.xfce4panel_gtk3, xfce4-13.xfce4-panel, qt5.qtdeclarative.bin, qt56.qtdeclarative.bin, qt59.qtdeclarative.bin, wineWowPackages.stable, wineWowPackages.minimal, wineWowPackages.staging, wineWowPackages.unstable, xfce.xfce4-windowck-plugin, and 1 more
<sicklorkin> ,locate libgmp
<{^_^}> Found in packages: gmp4, gmp5, gmpxx, julia, openssl, julia_07, openssl.debug, openssl-chacha, ocamlPackages.mlgmpidl
<sicklorkin> ,locate odbc
<{^_^}> Found in packages: dmd, fpc, ldc, root, lazarus, logstash5, opendylan, pltScheme, factor-lang, logstash6-oss, opendylan_bin
<simpson> sicklorkin: Other ways of finding things include grepping nixpkgs, but where did these library names come from?
<sicklorkin> simpson: :) do you really want to know?
<sicklorkin> simpson: i'm trying to get my tests working stack w/nix
<simpson> sicklorkin: Yes, that's why I put a question mark at the end of my utterance.
<sicklorkin> I get an error of missing libraries.. I ldd that library and see Not Found.
<simpson> 'modbc' looks like MS ODBC stuff; I'm not sure whether it's freely available, let alone available in nixpkgs. A couple searches suggest no.
<sicklorkin> simpson: i ended having to use something called unixODBCDrivers.msodbcsql17
<simpson> Excellent.
<sicklorkin> now I have 20 more to go
<infinisil> ,locate libwind.so
<{^_^}> Found in packages: heimdalFull
<infinisil> Use .so at the end to only include dynamic libs
<sicklorkin> ,locate libgssapi_krb5.so
<{^_^}> Found in packages: krb5, kerberos
<sicklorkin> infinisil: nice !
<infinisil> sicklorkin: You might wanna go to #bottest to spam ,locate
<sicklorkin> which nix program do I use on the cli to accomplish this?
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<infinisil> ,locate
<{^_^}> Use ,locate <filename> to find packages containing such a file. Powered by nix-index (local installation recommended)
<simpson> Honestly I'd go to a search engine; DDG was more helpful than grep for these.
<pie___> none of these currently work for me, what's the appropriate way to do this again? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/23099
<{^_^}> #23099 (by chris-martin, 1 year ago, closed): Can we make it easier to make a derivation with no source?
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<sicklorkin> I've got a script that I'd like to keep around for th enext time this happens
<sicklorkin> so having someting I can run localy is far superior
<simpson> pie___: Why doesn't runCommand work?
<pie___> simpson, i have dependencies i want?
<sicklorkin> is nix-index a webservice?
<pie___> the actual problem: i want a shell with pythonwithpackages
<pie___> python27.withPackages
<sicklorkin> does anyone know if it's pokeable outside of irc?
<mdash> sicklorkin: install the 'nix-index' package
<sicklorkin> mdash: on it
* pie___ sighs
<pie___> I guess I need a break today. I dont know what I was doing last time. unpackPhase = "true" works
<pie___> feels kinda hacky though
<infinisil> sicklorkin: That's why I did ,locate without arguments
<infinisil> ,locate
<{^_^}> Use ,locate <filename> to find packages containing such a file. Powered by nix-index (local installation recommended)
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<sicklorkin> i hope nix-index is in nixpkgs
<infinisil> Well that's easy to find out
<sicklorkin> (it is)
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @veprbl merged pull request #53800 → scid-vs-pc: 4.18.1 -> 4.19 → https://git.io/fhZpN
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @veprbl pushed commit from @jfrankenau to master « scid-vs-pc: 4.18.1 -> 4.19 »: https://git.io/fhHtO
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<ottidmes> ,locate nix-index
<{^_^}> Found in packages: nix-index
<infinisil> Meta!
<ottidmes> mdash: I see that you are online again, did you see the bitwarden PR? I managed to package the vault with a different approach
<ottidmes> ,locate nix-locate
<{^_^}> Found in packages: nix-index
<ottidmes> infinisil: ^ probably more fitting
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<pie___> is it just me or is nix-shell -p "python27.withPackages (pkgs: with pkgs; [wxPython])" broken
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<pie___> warnings.warn("wxPython/wxWidgets release number mismatch")
<pie___> the beginning got cut off; /nix/store/3x5qzkivhadcaw54d9fm3jpk0407spcq-python-2.7.15-env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/wx-3.0-gtk2/wx/_core.py:16629: UserWarning: wxPython/wxWidgets release number mismatch
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<pie___> doh...it doesnt actually break though
<pie___> i guess something else is wrong with the application that uses it
lsyoyom has joined #nixos
<pie___> i have an old version of wikidpad on my disk that I run via nix-shell -p python27Packages.wxPython --command "python2 ./WikidPadStarter.py" and I have no idea how the hell it works and stuff im downloading doesnt..
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nand0p opened pull request #55422 → ethminer: init at 0.17.0 → https://git.io/fhHt4
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