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<pie_> oh the package lister didnt list that...
<pie_> says its part of gettext
<pie_> s/says//
<pie_> yeah ok i guess you just typed that without looking for it
<jtojnar> pie_: gnome3 package set is just for the core packages, everything else should go to all-packages
<pie_> jtojnar, ok so it doesnt actually provide extra infra? (it doesnt afaict)
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<pie_> (but i didnt look very hard)
<cocoa-nut> had anyone built a cocoa app w/ nix? :(
<jtojnar> pie_: we moved most of the libraries to top-level set so it should just work
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<pie_> symphorien, this is the default.nix that doesnt give me msgfmt even though I add gettext https://bpaste.net/show/93451a3d62f9
<symphorien> gettext should probably be a nativeBuildInput
<pie_> ok, i did try that though and it didnt seem to do anything
<pie_> i guess this is another one of those "not added to $PATH" for some reason problems?
<jasongrossman> cocoa-nut: There's a channel for nix on darwin. It's fine to ask here, but you might ask there as well.
<symphorien> pie_: is gettext multiple ouput, by any chance ?
<pie_> odd, the shell even suggests to me:
<pie_> The program ‘msgfmt’ is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
<pie_> nix-env -iA nixos.gettext
<pie_> symphorien, i honestly have no idea
<symphorien> > gettext.outputs
<{^_^}> [ "out" "man" "doc" "info" ]
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<pie_> symphorien, so..if i get out that should have everything important?
<pie_> so, since its multiple output, what should i learn from/for that?
<symphorien> As you say, out should have everything
<symphorien> Wrong hypothesis
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<pie_> hm
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<pie_> symphorien, so um how do i get cmake to actually do anything
<pie_> im assuming its somehow in the wrong path
<pie_> configuring
<pie_> no configure script, doing nothing
<symphorien> No idea, sorry
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<pie_> actually i think its ignoring my changes to the nix script
<pie_> because it should have choked after the patchshebangs but i didnt
<pie_> or idk, sigh
<pie_> thanks anyway
<pie_> ok apparently its preConfigure, and preConfigurePhases, and not whatever i did
<pie_> or idk. well ill stop spamming now any maybe ill get somewhere
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<symphorien> Ah. Use nix-build then. It is slower but less treacherous
<symphorien> As a whole you may gain time ;)
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<pie_> symphorien, im actually using nix-build in parallel
<pie_> and trying to check stuff with nix-shell when something doesnt work
<pie_> symphorien, so i figured id skip over the msgfmt stuff maybe it works in nix-build, but i cant figureout why i dont even get a preconfigure
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @6AA4FD opened pull request #53861 → nicotineplus: init at 1.4.1 → https://git.io/fhngw
<symphorien> echo $phases
<symphorien> cmake may have special phase names
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<pie_> symphorien, oh my god. i vaguely remember something about this
<pie_> except nix-shell says $phases is empty
<pie_> symphorien,
<pie_> "cmakeConfigurePhase() {
<pie_> runHook preConfigure"
* pie_ shrugs :/
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<jtojnar> what error are you getting, pie_?
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<pie_> jtojnar, two things for starters: cmake not doing anything (probably possibly unconventional directory structure) and the other is preConfigure not running
<pie_> but it ooks like cmake hooks arent even getting added or something?
<pie_> pastes in a moment
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<jtojnar> pie_: I do not think you are running the right file
<jtojnar> this one does not evaluate
* pie_ squints at paste suspiciously
<jtojnar> missing wrapGAppsHook in the arguments
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<pie_> oh my god youre right
<pie_> goddddd
<jtojnar> and glib
<pie_> i renamed it to default.nix
<pie_> and nano is still using shell.nix
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<pie_> jtojnar, im so exasperated right now
<pie_> jtojnar, i appreciate the help
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<jtojnar> pie_: I think you also need at least pkgconfig and gobject-introspection for finding the libraries
<pie_> yeah i sort of figured that out for something else at some point...it was pretty undocumented >.<
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<pie_> pkgconfig seems to be wanting a lot of random libraries that werent listed in its requirements...weird
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<pie_> where its = the thing im trying to build
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<pie_> i guess thats implicit in other distroc
<pie_> *distros
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<q6AA4FD> pythonPackages, and haskellPackages are specifically for libraries and development stuff, rather than just any package written in the language, correct?
<infinisil> q6AA4FD: Yup
<infinisil> Although, if the package written in it does build a haskell library as well (some do), it should still be in haskellPackages (and can have a top-level attribute too)
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<q6AA4FD> infinisil: so, you would list it in both all-packages and haskellPackages in that case?
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<infinisil> q6AA4FD: Just put a `foo = haskellPackages.foo` in all-packages.nix
<infinisil> So yeah
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed to haskell-updates « hackage-packages.nix: automatic Haskell package set update »: https://git.io/fhn2q
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<q6AA4FD> infinisil: i see. thank you for explaining.
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<pie_> ahh man, when things work with nix. feels good man.
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<pie_> or...welll...it built at least
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<Ashton> Ok, so I'm having a hard time figuring this one out.
<Ashton> Trying to enable Widevine on Firefox (damn you Netflix!)
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<Ashton> But .... I can't figure out how to set that line to true!
<infinisil> Ashton: Should be something like `pkgs.wrapFirefox (pkgs.firefox-unwrapped.override { drmSupport = true; }) {}`
<Ashton> Put that in my systempackages?
<pie_> Ashton, yeah...it may be similare to how one enables adobe flash which might be easier to find resources on since i managed to do it recently (idk)
<pie_> oh hm , or not, i needed to override something else
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<pie_> apparently firefox.enableAdobeFlash exists, but its not listed in the options search thing on the website
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<oborot> Does anybody use Bumblebee and Steam?
<Ashton> pie_ enableAdobeFlash doesn't seem to do much.
<oborot> Can't seem to get the primusrun or optirun wrapper to work with any steam games, they just crash immediately.
<Ashton> Oh wait, memory failure.
<Ashton> The flash download 404s
<pie_> Ashton, yeah i had to override the url
<pie_> or rather, i grabbed firefox from unstable
<oborot> As far as I can tell, Bumblebee is working normally. At least, glxinfo yield the "NVIDIA" string.
<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-18.09-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/001b34abcb4 (from 3 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-18.09-darwin)
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<oborot> You know what... it might be possible that steam is automatically running it through one of the wrappers.
<oborot> At least, my games seem to work if I don't mess with the start options, and they also seem to be running faster then when they did before I installed Nvidia/Bumbebee.
<oborot> Hopefull it's not a placebo.
<jtojnar> pie_: sometimes they are transitive dependencies (from Requires key in the pc file) that are not propagated
<pie_> makes sense
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<pie_> well in any case i got it to build, now i need to figure out which path resolving mechanism is broken...which is causing it to look for some files in the wrong place
<infinisil> Ashton: So, did my thing work?
<infinisil> You just put that in systemPackages
<infinisil> (surrounded by parens
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<Ashton> Ohhh, parens!
<Ashton> Derp.
<Ashton> Building
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @thoughtpolice pushed to master « compcert: clean up expression »: https://git.io/fhn2a
<Ashton> They should consider making a FF wrapper with drm and putting it in the binary cache.
<Ashton> Put it in nonfree naturally, but it's not like watching Netflix is an uncommon request
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<gchristensen> firefox, for me, comes with drm just fine
<Ashton> ??
<Ashton> Doesn't for me.
<Ashton> What's that part of your config look like?
<gchristensen> environment.systemPackages = [ pkgs.firefox ];
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @thoughtpolice pushed to master « firecracker: 0.12.0 -> 0.13.0 »: https://git.io/fhn26
<Ashton> Did you grab any other libraries that are relevant to DRM?
<Ashton> Because Netflix doesn't work on my setup like that
<gchristensen> no. when I went to netflix it said aditional components needed to be on, I said yeah cool, and it worked
<Ashton> Holy crap, that's it?
<Ashton> (So, I tried this on Amazon video first, and it does not pop up the same error box)
<Ashton> Weird.
<Ashton> Well, that worked, so thank you!
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch opened pull request #53862 → Skaware 2019 01 13 → https://git.io/fhn2y
<nodyn> Hi!
<nodyn> Was wondering, but is there any stats on server vs desktop usage of NixOS?
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<gchristensen> nodyn: nixos doesn't really collect usage statistics
<q6AA4FD> what's the recommended strategy for making multiple changes to nixpkgs at once? do you make a fork of nixpkgs for each change, and a separate remote for each or something?
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<gchristensen> nodyn: I know of one company which spawns AWS EC2 ~10,000 servers/mo
<jtojnar> pie_: I think that is for some kind of local build
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<pie_> jtojnar, i just hackily added the files where it expected them and it worked
<pie_> might fix later...
<ottidmes> nodyn: just speculating, but anybody that I have heard / spoken to about NixOS that have taken the effort in learning NixOS tend to run it on both their development machine (except some MacOS+Nix users) and servers if they own any
<pie_> i cant get it to use shortcuts though
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<pie_> i mean hotkeys. which is to say i havent gotten the actual functionality to work yet. odd.
<ottidmes> q6AA4FD: I would either first use an overlay and then a checkout per PR, sharing the worktree (cost like 800M less space...)
<clever> nodyn: i run nixos on my laptop, desktop, nas, router, and have working installs on some unused hardware, 1 laptop, 2 netbooks
<ottidmes> NixOS everywhere!
<gchristensen> nodyn: maybe we can help more if we know more about what you're asking for
<q6AA4FD> ottidmes: thank you. the examples of overlays i've seen seem rather complicated, do they need to be?
<pie_> nevermind, it works. starting it from my tmux session gave it the wrong dbus environment or something
<nodyn> That one was just out of curiosity actually! But I'm looking for help with setting up LDAP through Nix (We're planning to migrate about 4-5 servers to NixOS in the near future).
<aanderse> gchristensen: do you know who the appropriate person to talk to about this issue is? https://discourse.nixos.org/t/hot-adding-memory/1857/3
<nodyn> (I'm happy to provide more details though)
<ottidmes> q6AA4FD: overlays are really simple, basically a function with two arguments returning an attrset, the complicated stuff is in what they are overwritting
<gchristensen> aanderse: send a PR improving it :)
<gchristensen> nodyn: awesome!
<dmj`> nixos usage statistics?
<q6AA4FD> ottidmes: i think i see. if i want them to override packages, i might be in trouble, but if it's just an extra set of packages, it's easy to set up.
<dmj`> what would that even look like
<aanderse> gchristensen: thanks...
* aanderse reads up on kernel configs -_-
<gchristensen> aanderse: here is a similar PR: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/49470 I didn't mean to brush you off. it seemed like you weren't asking about how
<{^_^}> #49470 (by grahamc, 10 weeks ago, merged): kernel: enable MLX5_CORE_EN when possible
<aanderse> gchristensen: no problem. appreciate the link. it's been years since i ran gentoo and had to muck with kernel config. so saying i'm "rusty" would be generous. your link will definitely help though :)
<gchristensen> :)
<ottidmes> q6AA4FD: Overriding vs adding are the same, you just add: package-name = super.callPackage ./path/to/package { };
<aanderse> had a production server that needed more ram and found out the hard way hot add was not compiled in... that was bad :(
<gchristensen> ouch.
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<infinisil> q6AA4FD: Well tbh, if you intend to make changes to nixpkgs directly, overlays are just annoying to go through
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<aanderse> yeah. a definite must have for a production environment!
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<infinisil> q6AA4FD: Just use a single fork, clone it, make a branch for every change
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-18.09-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/001b34abcb4 (from 4 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-18.09-small)
<ottidmes> infinisil: I would disagree with you when it is just about packages, but well, to each his own
<nodyn> clever: A router? Sounds really cool, what kind of machine are you using for that? Would you be cool with talking about that setup? I'm kind of curious.
<q6AA4FD> infinisil: alright, i'll look into that too!
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<clever> nodyn: lets take this to #nixos-on-your-router
<gchristensen> nodyn: #nixos-on-your-router is a quiet but periodically interesting channel :)
<nodyn> I'll join that :)
<infinisil> ottidmes: I mean, the 800MB checkout is something you do once, and I think everybody has that much space. And if you intend to e.g. fix a package in nixpkgs, it's no use writing an overlay when you need to PR it anyways. Okay I guess the overlay would be easier if you intend to use that fix without having to change your nixpkgs path for your system..
<infinisil> I guess it has both advantages :)
<clever> infinisil: git worktrees also help save space and work on multiple branches
<infinisil> Yeah, git worktrees++
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<q6AA4FD> infinisil: that makes sense, though i think it might be nice to use an overlay if you spent a long time developing a package while dogfooding it
<ottidmes> infinisil: yeah I mean it is like 900MB right now, and using worktrees I cost me only 100M to create a copy and I like that I can just mess with it and not having to deal with having to stash every time I would be changing branches otherwise (if I just kept everything in one directory)
<pie_> i forgot how to refer to services in a build script. I want to use lib.optional on services.bamf.enable
<pie_> trying to use {services}: with callPackage doesnt work
<pie_> and its not config.services either
<pie_> (afaict)
<clever> ottidmes: for further savings, keep your source trees on zfs, and flip on dedup, then that 100mbit cost becomes practically zero
<gchristensen> (don't casually turn on dedup)
<clever> https://xkcd.com/2083/ "and when i open too many tabs, it fogs nearby photographic film"
<ottidmes> pie_: (import <nixpkgs/config> { }).config.services.bamf.enable
<clever> i wonder, is my desktop doing that right now...
<ottidmes> pie_: (import <nixpkgs/nixos> { }).config.services.bamf.enable
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<pie_> ottidmes, ...are you sure?
<clever> pie_: that does look right
<pie_> ok. weird.
<pie_> i mean i havent actually tried it
<pie_> would something that uses that be accepted upstream?
<ottidmes> pie_: as in part of nixpkgs, no
<pie_> seems kind of hackish for some reason
<pie_> ah well actually i guess i should always compile with the thing enabled, but theres no en/disable at runtime and it spams the logs
<ottidmes> it is impure, but it is the way to get access to your NixOS config in Nix scripts and such
<pie_> but i guess it wouldnt need to be impure if i was somehow in the context of configuration.nix :/
<ottidmes> pie_: then you can just use config?
<ottidmes> just add config to your module arguments
<ottidmes> like almost any module in nixpkgs
<pie_> ottidmes, true
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<q6AA4FD> is it normal for random hackage packages to be broken?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch merged pull request #53862 → Skaware 2019 01 13 → https://git.io/fhn2y
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnaO
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<infinisil> q6AA4FD: Yes
<infinisil> q6AA4FD: The set is autogenerated from all hackage packages, there's bound to be some problems unless people fix them
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<infinisil> And that's what they do for a lot of packages with the nixpkgs/pkgs/development/haskell-modules/configuration-*.nix files
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<esmerelda> anyone had success using VS Code and Python on Nixos? the intellisense is not working at all for me.
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<dmj`> esmerelda: I've gotten VSCode working on NixOS, unsure about python though
<esmerelda> I think it may be related to https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode-python/issues/3777
<{^_^}> Microsoft/vscode-python#3777 (by pasqui23, 3 weeks ago, open): Cannot start Python language server on NixOS
<esmerelda> error: Unhandled Rejection at: Promise [object Promise]. Reason: Error: EROFS: read-only file system, mkdir '/nix/store/j055sr6r5g2kwlahs03sflmg0h4wb1a2-vscode-extensions-1.30.1/share/vscode/extensions/ms-python.python/languageServer.0.1.75'.
<esmerelda> ^ I see that in the dev tools
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<esmerelda> it looks like vscode tries to install things to its local state, which... doesn't work
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<pie_> anyone know why i have missing icons all over the place for lots of applications? (not all)
<{^_^}> #46129 (by oscarvarto, 18 weeks ago, open): ms-python.python vscode extension stuck on "Installing" forever
<pie_> its a relatively intermittent problem in that some things seem fine others do not
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<esmerelda> ohhhhhhhhhhhh I see the problem
<esmerelda> I should open a bug
<esmerelda> so, the way VS Code is packaged in NixOS, extensions are intended to be static and declared in a Nix expression
<esmerelda> before about July or so, VS Code used an intellisense backend called "Jedi", but after that they switched to Python Language Server (pyls)
<esmerelda> however, the VS code python extension (which lives in nixpkgs!) doesn't include the langage server. instead, VS code tries to fetch the latest version.... and write it to /nix/store
<esmerelda> this predictably fails, and VS code has no intellisense
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<jtojnar> pie_: some programs expect to pick up icon theme from environment
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<q6AA4FD> infinisil: my god that makes so much more sense than trying to fix all of that manually
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<pie__> jtojnar, ill check it out thanks
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @thefloweringash opened pull request #53863 → osxfuse: init at 3.8.3 → https://git.io/fhnVE
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<esmerelda> what's the recommended way of using a local clone of nixpkgs?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed to master « check_ssl_cert: update non-determinism patch »: https://git.io/fhnVK
<Mic92> esmerelda: as a permanent fork?
<Mic92> or to test something?
<dmj`> esmerelda: pkgs.fetchFromGithub
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace merged pull request #53830 → pythonPackages.pyment: init at 0.3.3 → https://git.io/fhnG4
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnVM
<esmerelda> just to test something, mostly
<esmerelda> I don't want git push to be in my dev cycle
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jethrokuan opened pull request #53865 → calibre: cssutils -> css-parser → https://git.io/fhnV9
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<fusion809> Hi good folks, where is the docs for makeDesktopItem? I've checked the nixpkgs docs, but it doesn't seem to be in there (I've used Firefox's find function to look for makeDesktopItem and I cannot find it).
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<fusion809> nixpkgs manual is what I looked at https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/^
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<esmerelda> I'm getting "mv: Cannot remove ...: Permission denied" when I try to build my changes... I have no idea how to debug
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<sb0> I need to put a large tarball (10's of gigabytes) into my nix store. using normal methods (e.g. nix-store --add-fixed file.tar, src=file.tar in the derivation that needs it) results in the whole file being copied into RAM, which breaks
<sb0> how to do that?
<sb0> except I don't know how to access the file in the derivation afterwards
<sb0> why is nix copying the file into memory in the first place?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace pushed to master « cozy: 0.6.3 -> 0.6.7 »: https://git.io/fhnwW
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<CMCDragonkai> Is "mass rebuild" a problem for Nix model?
<CMCDragonkai> Are there any discussions about "mass rebuild" and potentially how to reduce its effects?
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<esmerelda> CCmv: cannot remove './languageServer.0.1.75/bin/System.AppContext.dll': Permission denied
<esmerelda> mv: cannot remove './languageServer.0.1.75/bin/System.Net.Security.dll': Permission denied
<esmerelda> aaargh this makes no damn sense
<esmerelda> I've fought with this for several hours now
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<esmerelda> I beg anyone who knows nix-build to save me: https://gist.github.com/sdorminey/388d422708357975cc91a5f662fa173b
<esmerelda> I'm getting permission denied and I'm absolutely totally unable to repro at all...
<sb0> is there an easy way to have a debian container inside nixos?
<esmerelda> (commands work fine for me, commands fail for nix-rebuild)
<esmerelda> *nix-build
<sb0> esmerelda: could it be that you are trying to modify the input source and nix disallows that?
<esmerelda> sb0: I don't think that's possible! I'm only modifying my copy of the input source
<esmerelda> oh of f****king course it works now
<esmerelda> I had to do chmod -R +w after the copy
<esmerelda> since I think it fails with the 444 mode acls
<esmerelda> life is way too short for unix permissions
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<q6AA4FD> sb0: my unfortunate solution to OOM on my 4gb laptop was to make a swap partition
<q6AA4FD> depend on your rootfs, you could also make a swapfile, mount it temporarily, and then delete it when done
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<sb0> q6AA4FD: why is it doing that?
<q6AA4FD> sb0: i really don't know. i read on some git issue a day or two ago when i was dealing with it that it's on their radar as an issue, but i don't have any idea of the technicals behind it
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jethrokuan opened pull request #53866 → emacsPackages.emacsql-sqlite: build sqlite binary → https://git.io/fhnwP
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jethrokuan closed pull request #53866 → emacsPackages.emacsql-sqlite: build sqlite binary → https://git.io/fhnwP
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @hedning opened pull request #53867 → linuxPackages.virtualboxGuestAdditions: fix build after xorg 1.20 → https://git.io/fhnwM
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jethrokuan opened pull request #53868 → emacsPackages.emacsql-sqlite: build sqlite binary → https://git.io/fhnwD
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #50861 → nvidia_x11: 410.78 -> 415.25 → https://git.io/fp8LD
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @eadwu to master « nvidia_x11: 410.78 -> 415.25 »: https://git.io/fhnwy
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53645 → cfr: 0.137 -> 0.138 → https://git.io/fhGAu
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « cfr: 0.137 -> 0.138 »: https://git.io/fhnwH
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53644 → catch2: 2.4.2 -> 2.5.0 → https://git.io/fhGA4
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « catch2: 2.4.2 -> 2.5.0 »: https://git.io/fhnwQ
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace pushed to master « geary: fix build »: https://git.io/fhnw7
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53624 → fasm-bin: 1.73.04 -> 1.73.05 → https://git.io/fhG56
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53607 → lbdb: 0.47 -> 0.48 → https://git.io/fhG9y
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53548 → python37Packages.fonttools: 3.33.0 -> 3.34.2 → https://git.io/fhs7Y
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « yoshimi: 1.5.9 -> 1.5.10 »: https://git.io/fhnwh
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53253 → pgroonga: 2.1.6 -> 2.1.7 → https://git.io/fhmsQ
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53244 → privoxy: 3.0.26 -> 3.0.28 → https://git.io/fhmIZ
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « privoxy: 3.0.26 -> 3.0.28 »: https://git.io/fhnre
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #52861 → kcgi: 0.10.7 -> 0.10.8 → https://git.io/fhTvk
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « kcgi: 0.10.7 -> 0.10.8 »: https://git.io/fhnrv
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #52855 → leatherman: 1.5.3 -> 1.5.4 → https://git.io/fhUjn
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53353 → enyo-doom: 1.05 -> 1.06 → https://git.io/fhYKR
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « enyo-doom: 1.05 -> 1.06 »: https://git.io/fhnrU
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53264 → pacman: 5.1.1 -> 5.1.2 → https://git.io/fhml0
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « pacman: 5.1.1 -> 5.1.2 »: https://git.io/fhnrT
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<sphalerite> sb0: yes, you can use systemd-nspawn or docker to get a debian container
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace merged pull request #53819 → polar-bookshelf: 1.7.0 -> 1.8.0 → https://git.io/fhnYZ
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @worldofpeace pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnrY
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<ivan> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/52424 should I just abandon this PR if it needs a knownVulnerabilities before it even lands
<{^_^}> #52424 (by ivan, 3 weeks ago, open): easystroke: init at unstable-2016-07-05
<ivan> just notices that things with knownVulnerabilities don't evaluate
<ivan> noticed
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<sb0> doing this the other way around - nix container inside lxc on debian
<sb0> systemd inside the container seems broken, which in turns appear to break the nix daemon
<sb0> PID 1 in the container ps output appears to be systemd, however
<sb0> all systemd commands fail with "System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate.
<sb0> nix daemon is also not running, which could be another symptom of the systemd issue
<ivan> lxc has systemd issues if you have a umask on the host computer
<q6AA4FD> ivan: it's actually pretty impressive that it can crash xorg given its featureset
<{^_^}> lxc/lxc#1403 (by foresto, 1 year ago, open): starting any container with umask 007 causes lxc-stop to hang and prevents clean shutdown of host system
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<ivan> q6AA4FD: it feels like it's using up too many of something and then Xorg blows up on the next stroke
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<ivan> and oops I forgot to look in my ~/.xorg.log to see if it said anything useful this time
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<wedens> can systemd-nspawn be used to run opengl applications?
<sb0> ivan: before I was trying systemd-nspawn and it would crash on boot. is there any of those container solutions that actually works?
<sb0> no change after setting umask to 0 and restarting the container
<sb0> and yes, lxc-stop also hangs and I have to use -k
<ivan> privileged or unprivileged lxc?
<ivan> if it's the umask issue, the only way to unbreak it is to reboot the host machine (which will fail to shut down cleanly)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed to master « metrics job: update for nix-2.2 »: https://git.io/fhnr0
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed to master « linuxPackages.virtualboxGuestAdditions: fix build after xorg 1.20 »: https://git.io/fhnrg
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @colemickens opened pull request #53870 → fmt: 5.2.1 -> 5.3.0 → https://git.io/fhnrV
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat closed pull request #53867 → linuxPackages.virtualboxGuestAdditions: fix build after xorg 1.20 → https://git.io/fhnwM
<sb0> ivan: privileged
<sb0> ivan: okay, what is the proper way to change *that* umask then?
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/0f017ed08b2 (from 3 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable-small)
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<q6AA4FD> ivan: probably some weird (legacy?) register or something
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<esmerelda> do programs sometimes fail to use rpath?
<esmerelda> I am trying to wrap a binary that looks in LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the glibc folder (for some reason) but not anything in rpath
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed commit from @fpletz to staging-18.09 « systemd: 239 -> 239.20190110 »: https://git.io/fhnr6
<sb0> well. turns out a debian container inside nixos (nspawn) works without particular hassle or bugs. i guess i'll just go that route...
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<esmerelda> uugh. I think I need to do patchelf --add-needed maybe? I have no clue at this point
<esmerelda> does rpath only get resolved for static dependencies?
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<CMCDragonkai> @sb0 any other links about those slides or similar ideas?
<CMCDragonkai> sb0: any other links about those slides or similar ideas?
<sb0> not off the top of my head
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<esmerelda> anyone experienced with patchelf and the library search process?
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<janat08> im not getting the nixos prompt on boot after installing it from ubuntu, currently on ubuntu live image
<janat08> im afraid to restore previous ubuntu install as i would have to redo all of the steps
<janat08> was chroot installed for a case such as this?
<janat08> as per the manual
<sphalerite> janat08: how did you install it from ubuntu?
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<janat08> there's a section for that in manual
<janat08> i did it manually
<janat08> with the manual
<janat08> yes
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<janat08> peculiar thihng, i can't find old-root
<janat08> with the understanding that its under root by default
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<sphalerite> janat08: if you mount the filesystem, what's in it?
<janat08> i tried running nixos-infect, but that complained about ssh not being there
<janat08> im figuring out what sda i should mount
<sphalerite> lsblk should tell you a bit about what each one is
<sphalerite> lsblk -f even
<janat08> well apparently its mounted, and looking at it's the root folder with changes i've made
<sphalerite> does it still have /usr?
<janat08> yes
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<sphalerite> does it also have a /nix/var/nix/profiles/system ?
<janat08> its broken after i tried opening it
<sphalerite> what's broken?
<sphalerite> the symlink?
<janat08> the link "system" is broken because system-1-link doens't exist
<janat08> even if 1-link is actually there
<sphalerite> that sounds right
<sphalerite> if you were to chroot into it, the symlinks would work fine :)
<sphalerite> so what I'd suggest now is to chroot into it (you'll probably get the remaining ubuntu stuff)
<sphalerite> then run /nix/var/nix/profiles/system/bin/switch-to-configuration boot --install-bootloader
<sphalerite> oh right, chroot into it having bind-mounted /dev and such
<janat08> dev and such?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @elseym opened pull request #53871 → nixos/containers: explicitly set link up on host for extraVeths → https://git.io/fhnoJ
<esmerelda> is there anything like rpath that gets used by glibc for looking up dependencies that aren't declared?
<eyJhb> How does NixOS know when to place a udev.rules into /etc/udev/rules.d/ ?
<esmerelda> I've tried --add-needed, it doesn't alter behavior... the only thing it touches is LD_LIBRARY_PATH
<eyJhb> Currently I am trying to get rtl-sdr to work, but it doesn't seem like it is installing the udev file
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<janat08> i suppose ill go back to trying to install it the normal way
<esmerelda> eyJhb: there's some magical settings in hardware.* that I've set before to alter udev rules
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<eyJhb> I cannot for the life of me, get it to place udev rules into /etc/udev/rules.d/... -> using the rtl-sdr package
<wedens> eyJhb: services.udev.packages
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<eyJhb> So, should I just add services.udev.packages = [ pkgs.rtl-sdr ];someplace?
<eyJhb> wedens:
<wedens> eyJhb: yep
<wedens> in configuration.nix
<eyJhb> Just all the examples that I have found, does not do that
<eyJhb> Shouldn't it be in the package? As it is the one that utilizes it?
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<eyJhb> E.g. this does not specify anything, but will still be added to the udev stuff? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/pkgs/os-specific/linux/rfkill/udev.nix , right??
<wedens> packages are not nixos-specific
<wedens> eyJhb: in the comment at the top of the file it says to do `udev.packages = [ pkgs.rfkill_udev ];` :)
<eyJhb> And that is what I get for not reading....
<eyJhb> Thanks wedens ;)
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<sphalerite> esmerelda: there's also LD_PRELOAD
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<esmerelda> hmm true sphalerite. I finally got it working, after a lot of hair-pulling... finally I have a worthy first PR
<sphalerite> \o/
<esmerelda> I'm sure it's a mess, though.
<esmerelda> holy hell there are a thousand pull requests
<esmerelda> that's a lot
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda merged pull request #53774 → youtube-dl: 2019.01.02 -> 2019.01.10 → https://git.io/fhZ9O
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhno4
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jethrokuan closed pull request #53865 → calibre: cssutils -> css-parser → https://git.io/fhnV9
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda reopened pull request #53865 → calibre: cssutils -> css-parser → https://git.io/fhnV9
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<klntsky> Is there a guide on handling systemd services when writing derivations? I see some packages just put service files in $out/etc/systemd/system - are these files handled automatically by systemd?
<klntsky> One of the packages I'm talking about is tools/networking/modem-manager. It also has systemd in buildInputs.
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<symphorien> klntsky: systemd will pick up these services only if you put the derivation in https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#systemd.packages
<symphorien> also, upstream derivations rarely work on nixos because they relay on the PATH and the default PATH for systemd units is nearly empty on nixos
<symphorien> on non-nixos, the units will be completely ignored
<wedens> I think modem-manager uses systemd as a build time dependency
<symphorien> systemd provides udev iirc
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<janat08> Do you require inernet connection during install because it fails on build step
<symphorien> install of nixos ? With a minimal configuration, no, but if you add packages which are not on the live cd to your configuration.nix, yes
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed 2 commits to release-18.09: https://git.io/fhnoX
<janat08> I didn't.
<ottidmes> I have a script of 65 lines that I would like to make a PR for to be added to build-support, but I am not sure what the best approach is to package it, should I just include the script, or should I maintain a GitHub repo just for the script?
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<symphorien> Janat08: what is if (failing to) build ?
<symphorien> s/if/it/
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch opened pull request #53872 → anki: add manual output → https://git.io/fhno9
<wedens> ottidmes: there is quite a lot of scripts in nixpkgs already (and many of them in build-support) ;)
<wedens> I'd just submit it as a script
<ottidmes> wedens: I guess I will just do that and if the feedback on the PR pushes me to do otherwise I will just change it then, thanks
<janat08> Nixos.system.nyxos.18.09.776
<janat08> ... .drv
<janat08> Actually bunch of stuff
<janat08> C ares had exit code
<symphorien> I suppose you can't copy paste the output ?
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<klntsky> symphorien: didn't find the definition for that particular package (but that does not matter). Thanks for reply.
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<b1000101> hi guys, anyone encountered this when doing sudo nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade?
<b1000101> NOT restarting the following changed units: systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-9F37\x2d04AF.service
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<b1000101> switching to a new configuration will fail on startup as this is the boot disk
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @tilpner opened pull request #53873 → tahoe-lafs: 1.12.1 -> 1.13.0 → https://git.io/fhnop
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<Mic92> b1000101: fsck should be not restarted at configuration switch
<Mic92> so this is normal
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch closed pull request #43973 → tesseract: split outputs → https://git.io/fNlsq
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<b1000101> Mic92: hmmm alright, maybe I've noticed it just now but the problem still persists, it won't switch to any new configuration as /boot will not mount.
<sphalerite> Janat08: it depends on the configuration. If it has stuff that's not included in the installer, yes it will require an internet connection
<sphalerite> b1000101: how is it failing to mount?
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<b1000101> sphalerite: give me a sec, I'll reebot into the new gen and capture the exact output
<sphalerite> Does anyone know things about configuring cursors? I want to use Adwaita globally, so what I've done is 1. Set XCURSOR_PATH to ${gnome3.adwaita}/share/icons for my X session 2. run xrdb -merge with Xcursor.theme: Adwaita and Xcursor.size: 64 before anything else in my X session. This *mostly* works, but in the terminal emulators I've tried so far (xterm, gnome-terminal) the cursor is still the weird tiny
<sphalerite> vertical bar rather than the nice big visible one from Adwaita.
<sphalerite> This has only happened in terminals, the I-bar shown in Firefox for example is the way I want it
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #53859 → ktouch: init at 18.12.0 → https://git.io/fhnzO
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 3 commits to staging: https://git.io/fhnoh
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<symphorien> Janat08: can you paste the end of the error message ? we know that the thing you install which is not included on the live cd depends on curl but that does not narrow a lot :)
<betaboon> sphalerite: i configure cursor within xresources `Xcursor.theme`. but i have the exact same problem that this doesnt seem to pick up in terminal emulators
<sphalerite> betaboon: I suppose that's a good thing because reproducibility? :p
<betaboon> yeah xD
<betaboon> i have spent maybe 3-5 sessions on trying to find a solution, but never found one
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<sphalerite> betaboon: hmm, the cursor appears right in alacritty
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch closed pull request #27068 → i3 man & doc → https://git.io/vQE3I
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<b1000101> sphalerite: [FAILED] Failed to start File System Check on /dev/disk/by-uuid/9F37-04AF . See 'systemctl status "systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\\x2duuid-9F37\\x2d04AF.service" '
<janat08> I decided to try latest image. It just cascaded from there with unmet dependencies
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<sphalerite> b1000101: that's not mounting it though.
<b1000101> sphalerite: [DEPEND] Dependency failed for /boot.
<b1000101> sphalerite: can't figure out why
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch closed pull request #26008 → libvirtd: remove `onShutdown` option → https://git.io/vHIAU
<b1000101> fstab is alright, previous generation have the same uuid
<sphalerite> b1000101: is it maybe already mounted?
<betaboon> sphalerite: i can confirm that xcursor.theme gets picket up on alacritty.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch closed pull request #20960 → odbc: begin generalizing over different driver managers → https://git.io/v1Emu
* sphalerite jumps into source code to see if he can find what alacritty is doing differently
<janat08> Funny thing. The torrent version is 776 to 1853 of official. I suppose I got unstable
<janat08> Oh nm
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53793 → ninja: re2c is not for building docs → https://git.io/fhZFU
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @volth to staging « ninja: re2c is not for building docs »: https://git.io/fhnKO
<spooky_> Hello folks, I've got some troubles with an USB scanner. I'm able to use it only as root user. Does anyone knows how to fix this and let me use the scanner as normal user?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @atopuzov opened pull request #53874 → Grafana configuration → https://git.io/fhnK3
<betaboon> spooky_: create a udev rule that changes ownership of the device (maybe to a specific group) ?
<sphalerite> betaboon: looks like it's a bug in vte, in the case of gnome-terminal
<b1000101> sphalerite: it's plaint weird... I've just switched to a new generation and I'm able to boot again. I've just added some random packages, reconfigured and poof. Can't figure out why it wasn't working for 10 generations :)
<b1000101> sphalerite: *plain
<sphalerite> betaboon: since libvte uses https://developer.gnome.org/gdk3/stable/gdk3-Cursors.html#GdkCursorType which apparently you shouldn't :|
<betaboon> sphalerite: i tried to move to a libvte-based terminal-emulator but wasnt sattisfied so moved back to urxvt
<sphalerite> betaboon: does urxvt do the cursor stuff right?
<betaboon> sphalerite: nope
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch merged pull request #38647 → modules/profiles/minimal: sound is disabled by default → https://git.io/vx7pT
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Profpatsch pushed to master « modules/profiles/minimal: sound is disabled by default »: https://git.io/fhnKG
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @rvolosatovs opened pull request #53875 → vimPlugins: Update → https://git.io/fhnKl
<spooky_> @betaboon ok, I'll create a rule...
<spooky_> ty
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<mtesseract> Hi, I have a question regarding the haskellPackages set in nixpkgs. In nixpkgs.pkgs.haskellPackages haskell many packages can be found by their short name. e.g. pkgs.haskellPackages.aeson yields «derivation /nix/store/rf9dn81dz5vpm444gp093jv5n8p5f9c4-aeson-» for my version of nixpkgs. But e.g. pkgs.haskellPackages.text yields 'null'.
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @thefloweringash opened pull request #53876 → bitwarden-cli: init at 1.7.0 → https://git.io/fhnK4
<mtesseract> Why is that? At the same time, both packages "aeson" and "text" can appear as dependencies in the attribute 'executableHaskellDepends' for Haskell package derivations. There must be some transformation going on under the hood?
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<immae> Hi everyone! Is there any documentation for policies about adding (/maintaining) new packages to the nixpkgs? I started using nix to install my different services, and created in that occasion a bunch of services and packages that didn’t exist, so I’d like to contribute back now
<sphalerite> betaboon: I'm not sure a path that leads to reading gtk source code is a good one, yet here I am :p
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<sphalerite> oh jeez, urxvt source is managed with CVS??
ng0_ is now known as ng0
<janat08> immae: there're 1000 pull requests
<immae> so?
<immae> You mean there are too much to add more?
<betaboon> sphalerite: urxvt is ancient
<__monty__> immae: Definitely don't refrain *if* you believe your contribution will be valuable to many people. If you just want it in nixpkgs for *your* convenience that's something else.
<immae> I don’t care having them in the nixpkgs (it’s easier to manage locally)
<immae> But there are things like mastodon that I heard people wanted in nix
<ixxie> immae: the manual also has language-specific sections and those have additional guidelines
<immae> Thanks ixxie I’ll have a look
<__monty__> immae: Sounds like good contributions to me.
<immae> Ok
<immae> I’ll have a look, thanks
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<janat08> anyway it begs the question that if I have no wifi on live image, i obviously won't have it either after installation
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<janat08> I guess ill vm it
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<ivan> why does this complain about my substituter not having signatures for path '...'? nixos-rebuild --option require-sigs false --option substituters ssh://at@ra.wg switch
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<sphalerite> betaboon: seems to work as well!
<betaboon> did you try it ?
<sphalerite> betaboon: yep
<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-18.09-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/919e0ada698 (from 2 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-18.09-darwin)
<betaboon> sphalerite: lemme try
<sphalerite> betaboon: the cursor on the scrollbar is still the small one though
<ivan> why does nix-serve have a environment.NIX_REMOTE = "daemon";
<sphalerite> betaboon: you'll also need to add autoreconfHook and xorg.libXCursor to the buildInputs
<betaboon> sphalerite: i dont use scrollbars anyhow
<ivan> nix-daemon[18291]: error processing connection: user 'nix-serve' is not allowed to connect to the Nix daemon
<betaboon> sphalerite: not enought to patch those three files and add to buildInputs and postPatch ?
<betaboon> sphalerite: gonna try lateron
<betaboon> sphalerite: are you using i3 ?
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<sphalerite> betaboon: I've added a one-line install command to the gist
<sphalerite> betaboon: re i3: yes
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @tomfitzhenry opened pull request #53877 → Allow the definition of extra options on commandline → https://git.io/fhnKD
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<betaboon> sphalerite: maybe you're interested in this: https://gist.github.com/betaboon/b48dcee52c92c4b083806c28a9a294a2
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53440 → stdenv: make checkInputs native → https://git.io/fh34z
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed to staging « stdenv: make checkInputs native »: https://git.io/fhnKH
<sphalerite> betaboon: what's that for?
<sphalerite> betaboon: oh, no border when there's only one window in a workspace?
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<betaboon> sphalerite: yes. but only if you use`hide_edge_borders smart`
<sphalerite> have you considered upstreaming it?
<betaboon> sphalerite: https://gist.github.com/betaboon/5483f73600532c69d2ea5b2713aa162f. and this is for polybars xwindow-module to only show the window title on the monitor where the focused window is located.
<betaboon> sphalerite: yeah, just didnt have the time to polish it
<sphalerite> nah I use i3bar
<sphalerite> did use polybar for a while, but meh
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed 160 commits to staging: https://git.io/fhnKd
<betaboon> sphalerite: just switched to polybar for the xwindow-module and the possibility to define left-,middle-,right-moduels
<sphalerite> fair enough
<estrom> Is anyone familiar with using Haskells Stack and nixos? I created a default.nix containing buildInputs = [ x11, libXrandr, libXinerama ], and added X11 to stack. But it won't build the X11 package because it can't find the X11/extension/*.h headers.
<ottidmes> If you have a local src, like src = ./somefile; should I define it like src, or is it considered better to then just inline it, like ${./somefile} in the installPhase for example?
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<kumikumi> Hi guys, I'm still learning the basics of Nix and NixOS and posted a question about package management and customization, please have a look: https://discourse.nixos.org/t/customizing-a-package-installation-in-a-system/1876
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<kumikumi> basically my question is about how I could change/override something about the way a particular package (in my example, cowsay) gets installed on my system
<__monty__> kumikumi: Have you considered an overlay?
<sphalerite> ottidmes: depends whether you need it as an environment variable (e.g. if you're using standard unpackPhase) or not I guess
<kumikumi> __monty__: Nope I haven't, first time hearing that word :)
<__monty__> ,overlay
<{^_^}> Overlays look like `self: super: { foo = ...; }`. Use the self argument to get dependencies, super for overriding things and library functions (including callPackage). More info: https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#sec-overlays-install
<ottidmes> sphalerite: seems like it is not even allowed, I thought I saw some not defining one though, I get: variable $src or $srcs should point to the source, guess I would then need to be explicit about having just a installPhase
<kumikumi> .... in the context of NixOS, that is :)
<sphalerite> ottidmes: only if you have the unpackPhase. If you disable unpackPhase you don't need an src
<__monty__> kumikumi: Without using nixpkgs you mean?
<kumikumi> __monty__: what do you mean?
<ottidmes> sphalerite: then I would need unpackPhase = ":"; right?
<sphalerite> ottidmes: yes, that's one way
<sphalerite> ottidmes: if you don't need any of the standard phases, you may also want to consider using buildCommand instead of defining phases, or going straight for runCommand
<ottidmes> sphalerite: that might be better yeah, since it is just wrapping up a script
<__monty__> kumikumi: If the package comes from nixpkgs then overlays *are* the way to alter them in the context of nixos.
<kumikumi> __monty__: alright thanks
<ixxie> my buildPhase doesn't seem to yield an error and yet my installPhase can't seem to find the file it should produce...
<clever> ixxie: can you pastebin your current nix file?
<kumikumi> So what is the difference between an override and overlay?
<clever> kumikumi: an overlay is a set of overrides to apply to many things
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<__monty__> They're also more composable afaik?
<clever> that as well
<__monty__> In short they're basically the current Right Way™ to do overrides.
<clever> ixxie: and what is the full output when its building and failing?
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<ixxie> sorry, should have included that ^^
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<clever> ixxie: at the end of the buildPhase, add a `ls -ltrh` and then at the start of installPhase, add it again
<ixxie> how can I make the build more verbose? Its just showing the last 10 log lines instead of all
<clever> ixxie: use `nix-build` rather then `nix build`
<ixxie> clever: it seems indeed nothing is built at all
<estrom> infinisil: I see. What is the `stdenv.mkDerivation` and `haskell.lib.buildStackProject` called in a nix file? And what are their semantics, is it 'I am extending environment X with ...'?
<clever> sounds like pandoc is to blame
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<klntsky> how can I actually install & start my newly-written service from local nixpkgs repo? It should be run as root.
<eyJhb> Off-topic, but if somebody knowns.. How in the hell, can you attach files to a github issue WITHOUT drag and drop?
<clever> kumikumi: add the module to the imports section of configuration.nix
<__monty__> eyJhb: Where it says "Attach by drag & drop..." then "selecting them" is a link to a regular file manager widget.
<kumikumi> clever: is there an example somewhere I could take a look at?
<__monty__> Actually, the entire box may be the link.
<clever> kumikumi: imports = [ /home/clever/module.nix ];
<clever> ixxie: this is what ive used in the past: https://gist.github.com/cleverca22/8d4bc3598fba54606609338cce9788f4
<clever> kumikumi: and here is a random simple module i made: https://github.com/cleverca22/nixos-configs/blob/master/extra-statsd.nix
<eyJhb> __monty__: thank you... Awesome that it isn't displayed
<ottidmes> what happened to makeBinPath?
<__monty__> eyJhb: Yes, I've wondered whether this is designers who "know what people want" : )
<eyJhb> Properly .... If I had to install a filebrowser besides ranger, I would have smashed my keyboard...
<ixxie> clever: I am opting to use mkDerivation because I often wanna bundle diagrams I build from data into my CV
<__monty__> eyJhb: You're welcome : )
<clever> ixxie: runCommand is just a wrapper around mkDerivation
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53543 → python37Packages.django_2_1: 2.1.4 -> 2.1.5 → https://git.io/fhs9V
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « python37Packages.django_2_1: 2.1.4 -> 2.1.5 »: https://git.io/fhn6s
<__monty__> eyJhb: There's people who've gone so far as to have firefox call ranger as file browser, not sure how well that works though.
<ixxie> clever: yeah but I am a noob so I prefer the well documented mkDerivation to the alien runCommand
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<ixxie> xD
<clever> builtins.unsafeGetAttrPos "runCommand" pkgs
<clever> > builtins.unsafeGetAttrPos "runCommand" pkgs
<{^_^}> { column = 3; file = "/var/lib/nixbot/nixpkgs/master/repo/pkgs/build-support/trivial-builders.nix"; line = 25; }
<clever> ixxie: read that line of that file, and youll see how simple it is
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<ghostyy> i just ran into this bug https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/39356
<{^_^}> #39356 (by andersk, 37 weeks ago, open): pypy.withPackages can’t import packages
<ghostyy> does anyone know how to work around it?
<kumikumi> clever: sorry but I'm still confused. :) So by module you mean the overlay?
<eyJhb> __monty__: sounds awesome :D
<clever> kumikumi: nope, services are defined by nixos modules
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<kumikumi> clever: what service are we talking about? I was trying to customize/override something about an existing package
<clever> kumikumi: ah
<ottidmes> to answer my own question, it went nowhere, I just had to explicit to use upstream/master, otherwise it used my ancient master
<clever> kumikumi: then you want nixpkgs.overlays = [ (import ./overlay.nix) ]; i believe
<kumikumi> alright thanks I'll try to do something
<__monty__> clever: I think you mixed up kumikumi and klntsky's questions.
<clever> that could explain things
<JosW> arianvp you here?
<klntsky> I've figured it out already.
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<JosW> would like to know if your Meetup talk is available somewhere
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @zimbatm pushed to master « now-cli: 12.1.14 -> 13.0.4 »: https://git.io/fhn6B
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed to master « python3.pkgs.slixmpp: fix build »: https://git.io/fhn6u
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda merged pull request #53545 → python37Packages.pycares: 2.3.0 -> 2.4.0 → https://git.io/fhsHb
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « python37Packages.pycares: 2.3.0 -> 2.4.0 (#53545) »: https://git.io/fhn6g
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @msteen opened pull request #53878 → nix-prefetch: init at 0.1.0 → https://git.io/fhn6V
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed 9 commits to python-unstable: https://git.io/fhn6K
<Laalf> the linuxPackages_latest-libre sometimes has issues compiling because it is missing the latest patch. in the expression itself is specified what to do to fetch the latest patch (here https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/pkgs/os-specific/linux/kernel/linux-libre.nix). wouldnt it be possible to automate this?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed to master « python.pkgs.pyfakefs: 3.5.5 -> 3.5.6 »: https://git.io/fhn6i
<erictapen> hello everyone, I have a service that runs 'tcpdump -i any' and I want it to run as soon as possible on system start. any recs for what targets to choose for WantedBy and After?
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<Laalf> erictapen: systemd-analyze plot might help you
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<abathur> looking for pattern advice regarding nix-shell, developer/language-specific tools, and editor plugins (elaboration coming...)
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed to master « pythonPackages.pivy: provide libs missed by the linker »: https://git.io/fhn6x
<abathur> moving systems and using it as a chance to manage more of the system with nix; I was hoping to cut some stuff that was managed by brew or pip (linters, formatters, debug utils etc.) out of my general user environment and push it out into shell.nix files, but I hadn't thought quite far enough to consider that I have sublime text plugins that need to find and use some of these tools
<__monty__> abathur: Maybe there's writing to be found about how emacs users do it?
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<abathur> __monty__: good idea; searches for sublime haven't turned up much, but I'll try emacs now
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<wedens> abathur: is there direnv plugin for sublime?
<abathur> looking
<abathur> yeah
<wedens> you can use direnv with editor plugin for exact thing you describe
<abathur> only 159 installs, but it's there :)
<erictapen> Laalf: thats indeed a nice command.
<mtesseract> I am doing a NixOS upgrade using 'nix-rebuild switch --upgrade', which triggers "no space left" errors (e.g. creating file '/nix/store/678hr5chsgf6npgicryhc0nfz7npi5vk-tzdata-2018g/share/zoneinfo/right/Antarctica/South_Pole': No space left on device). But, according to 'df' none of the partitions is close to 100% disk usage. The partition holding /nix has > 4 GB left. What could be the reason for this?
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<abathur> wedens: thanks--will look into making that work
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @yegortimoshenko opened pull request #53879 → fetchArchive: init → https://git.io/fhnim
<symphorien> mtesseract: what does df -i say ? ie do you have enough inodes ?
<mtesseract> symphorien: Wow, yes, that's full. Thanks.
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/626233eee6e (from 6 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-unstable)
<{^_^}> [nix] @shlevy opened pull request #2626 → Treat plain derivation paths in context as normal paths. → https://git.io/fhniZ
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @gnidorah opened pull request #53880 → reaper: 5.961 -> 5.965 → https://git.io/fhnin
<mr_noobs> Hiya there!
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<mr_noobs> A webapp I'm trying to install has some php modules prereqs, but I cant find them with NixOs packages search
<Laalf> can someone tell me why i should use home-manager over nix-env? stuff like "error: file 'home-manager/home-manager/home-manager.nix' was not found in the Nix search path (add it using $NIX_PATH or -I)" pops up all the time and the primary reason why i use it is so i can easily reinstall my all my packages if i bork my profile or reinstall or whatever. nix-env -q does not output correct names to install. is there an alternative to nix-env -q so that i dont
<Laalf> have to keep struggling with home-manager?
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<__monty__> confix.nix/configuration.nix?
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<Laalf> i was talking about https://github.com/rycee/home-manager
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @averelld opened pull request #53881 → nextcloud-client: fix build with qt 5.12 → https://git.io/fhniM
<mr_noobs> what would be a nice point to start searching for/packaging those modules?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @averelld opened pull request #53882 → python: scikitlearn: 0.20.0 -> 0.20.2 → https://git.io/fhnih
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53882 → python: scikitlearn: 0.20.0 -> 0.20.2 → https://git.io/fhnih
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from Averell Dalton to master « python: scikitlearn: 0.20.0 -> 0.20.2 »: https://git.io/fhnPe
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<rycee> Laalf: Yeah, you could assemble the package you want using `buildEnv`.
<sphalerite> ,declarative Laalf
<{^_^}> Laalf: There are multiple ways of managing declarative profiles. 1) Attrset, compatible with imperative use of nix-env https://git.io/fAQHW ; 2) buildEnv, providing more control over the paths that are linked into the profile https://git.io/fp0aU ; 3) home-manager, providing nixos-like config for your ~ https://github.com/rycee/home-manager
<Laalf> rycee: that is not what i want from home-manager my issue is that for example nix-env -q returns telegram-desktop-1.5.4 while what i have to do to install it is nix-env -iA nixpkgs.tdesktop is there an easier way around that?
<rycee> Laalf: Yeah, I usually use nix-index to find the package to install.
<Laalf> that is quite painful
<rycee> Like so, for example.
<rycee> Laalf: I guess https://nixos.org/nixos/packages.html could be more convenient in some cases.
<rycee> Or `nix search telegram` 🙂
<Laalf> i would like to have the option to nix-env -q > file and xargs -a file nix-env -i. which is not possible it seems. and home-manager offers that but seems to break all the time
<Laalf> i can search for packages with nix search
<infinisil> ,declarative
<{^_^}> There are multiple ways of managing declarative profiles. 1) Attrset, compatible with imperative use of nix-env https://git.io/fAQHW ; 2) buildEnv, providing more control over the paths that are linked into the profile https://git.io/fp0aU ; 3) home-manager, providing nixos-like config for your ~ https://github.com/rycee/home-manager
<infinisil> Laalf: ^^
<Laalf> yes i know. and all of them are painful in one way or another
<wedens> what's painful about home-manager? what's your workflow?
<Baughn> wedens: WEll, since you ask. :)
<Baughn> I want to manage my user environment with nixos-rebuild, but that doesn't seem, er, convenient.
<Laalf> error: file 'home-manager/home-manager/home-manager.nix' was not found in the Nix search path (add it using $NIX_PATH or -I) until i nix-channel --update and nix-shell '<home-manager>' -A install again. also no way to install from master
<wedens> Laalf: are you in nixos or some other os?
<Baughn> (Or possible.)
<Laalf> wedens: nixos
<timclassic> Laalf: You can use `nix-env --query --available --attr-path` to include attribute names in nix-env output.
<wedens> Laalf: you can use home-manager as nixos module, ans use regular nixos-rebuild switch
<Laalf> wedens: any docs on that?
<wedens> that's what I do
<infinisil> I do that too
<timclassic> Laalf: (The `--attr-path` argument is the important part)
<infinisil> home-manager#97
<{^_^}> https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/pull/97 (by rycee, 1 year ago, merged): Experimental NixOS module
<Laalf> timclassic: that does not solve my issue
<rycee> timclassic: But I don't think `--attr-path` works with the plain -q option.
<Baughn> wedens: That is not what I'd call "docs">
<wedens> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<Laalf> can you install packages from master with home-manager somehow?
<timclassic> Laalf: Sorry, I was replying specifically to this sentence: "nix-env -q does not output correct names to install"
<Laalf> timclassic: oh does it? error: cannot import '/nix/store/zsfkn004z6sdfmkwvxf7jpkrw64fjh9y-source', since path '/nix/store/24mcf4vx1wn2srghzwr5q8r2md1ql053-source.drv' is not valid, at /nix/store/hqlpbgzjfl2hgyv0sc5mr1qj80fs3a26-home-manager-18.09/home-manager/tests/default.nix:14:1
<timclassic> rycee: Perhaps it requres `-a`? I routinely run `nix-env -qaP`.
<rycee> timclassic: Yeah. My understanding was that Laalf wanted for the installed packages, though.
<Laalf> that is true
<rycee> timclassic: Of course, I guess it would be possible to do something like a sql join on them :-)
<timclassic> rycee: Ah, fair enough.
<timclassic> rycee: Though that may still be problematic across nixpkgs upgrades, when the names change.
<wedens> Laalf: you can install packages from any nixpkgs revision anywhere. `let master = (import (builtins.fetchGit { ref = "master"; url = https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs" }) {}) in home.packages = [ master.some_package];`
<tilpner> ^ Note that this may prevent you from rebuilding without internet connection
<wedens> yeah
<tilpner> You can use other pinning mechanisms to pin recent-enough nixpkgs versions without the constant refetching
<wedens> I wouldn't recommend using "master"
<wedens> but if you want, you can :)
<rycee> timclassic: Yeah. I think it'll be tricky to reliably manage a declarative package set using `nix-env -iA` for individual and then extracting the packages from `nix-env -q`. More reliable to manage a file containing the necessary package expressions.
<Laalf> home-manager as a nixos module seems interesting. ill see what wedens master stuff might do for me there. i dont know nix tbh so that will be a ride
<timclassic> rycee: Agreed. I admit I jumped into this conversation in the middle and may not have had full context :)
<rycee> But I recall seeing some tool on the mailing list that would simplify this somewhat.
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<wedens> Laalf: you can use unstable channel instead of master, if you want to
<Laalf> wedens: for telegram that is sometimes a bit behind. and i know that kde and unstable dont always play nice
<wedens> Laalf: you can use it only for telegram
<tilpner> wedens: Oh, and you generally want fetchFromGitHub vs fetchGit when url refers to GH
<tilpner> It's going to be much faster on average
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<Laalf> wedens: that is what i wanted. i will see what your expression does. i dont know nix really
<Baughn> Laalf: You might get some use from https://github.com/Baughn/machine-config/blob/master/build.sh, maybe.
<Baughn> Probably have to go at it with an axe first. That script fetches the most recent <insert channel here> that's passed the tests, then cherry-picks possibly multiple patch series on top of that.
<Baughn> Things I'm working on PRs for, mostly.
<wedens> Laalf: if you have unstable channel, you can `let unstable = import <nixos-unstable> { }; in home.packages = [ unstable.telegram ];`
<Baughn> get_base() should be generally useful though.
<wedens> Laalf: and only telegram will use unstable (expression above with master also used master for `some_package` only)
<Baughn> I also set my configuration.nix to build some nixos tests before deploying. It's great to know that the default config works, but I want to know that *my* config works.
<tilpner> Baughn: Do you mind if I add your config repo to https://search.tx0.co?
<Baughn> Go ahead.
<Laalf> i will have a snack and see what home-manager as a nixos module offers. then i can throw in the unstable/master telegram. also does the newest anydesk work for anyone?
<tilpner> Baughn: Thanks, it's added :)
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @hedning merged pull request #47059 → gsconnect: init at 20 → https://git.io/fA7ZR
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @hedning pushed 4 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnPo
<Laalf> rycee: error: unable to download 'https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/archive/nixos-module.tar.gz': HTTP error 404. where did it go?
<rycee> Laalf: You can use master.tar.gz or release-18.09.tar.gz
<rycee> It got merged a while back so it's in both branches now.
<Laalf> nice thanks
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti merged pull request #53791 → haskellPackages.dates: jailbreak → https://git.io/fhZdO
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnP7
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti merged pull request #53789 → haskellPackages.wl-pprint-extras: jailbreak → https://git.io/fhZ5Q
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnP5
<joepie91> ,locate less
<{^_^}> Found in packages: dirt, less, cheat, epic5, searx, searx, searx, searx, searx, searx, jmeter, jmeter, meteor, meteor, meteor, meteor, meteor, ntopng, busybox, kibana5, kibana5, kibana5, kibana5, kibana5, kibana5, kibana5, brackets, brackets, brackets, brackets, owncloud, duplicati, gogs.data, octoprint, octoprint, octoprint, octoprint, octoprint, octoprint, octoprint, gitea.data, kibana-oss, kibana-oss, kibana-oss, kibana-oss, kibana-oss, and 28 more
<joepie91> eh...
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti merged pull request #53790 → haskellPackages.HaTeX: jailbreak → https://git.io/fhZ5x
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnPd
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed 8 commits to haskell-updates: https://git.io/fhnPF
<symphorien> ,locate bin less
<{^_^}> Found in packages: less, busybox
<symphorien> ^ joepie91
<joepie91> aha :P
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<wedens> rycee: could you help me with this home-manager thing https://paste.ee/p/QZ65l ? it failes with "Error installing file '.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list' outside $HOME"
<wedens> it's considered a conflict or something
<wedens> even though there is no overlap
<rycee> Instead of `home.file."${config.xdg.dataHome}…` try `xdg.dataFile."…"`
<wedens> rycee: same error
<rycee> Oh, and instead of `toString ../../config/mimeapps.list` use `../../config/mimeapps.list`
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<wedens> I want to have a symlink directly to the file (not to the file in the store)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @gnidorah reopened pull request #27638 → [WIP] cde / cdesktopenv → https://git.io/v7m0d
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @P-E-Meunier opened pull request #53883 → toml2nix: init at 0.1.1 → https://git.io/fhnXV
<wedens> actually... I'll do that differently in this case. without using HM for creating this symlink
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @gnidorah closed pull request #27638 → [WIP] cde / cdesktopenv → https://git.io/v7m0d
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jfrankenau opened pull request #53884 → gurobi: 8.0.1 -> 8.1 → https://git.io/fhnX6
<rycee> I'm not certain why you are getting that error. I tried it and didn't get such an error. Is `../../config/mimeapps.list` a symlink?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed 9 commits to python-unstable: https://git.io/fhnX1
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<rycee> wedens: In any case, even if it worked I would suggest using some other means of solving it. Giving source a string is best avoided. At some point I might make HM error out on such use of the source option. Might instead add another option like `home.impureUnsafeFile` or something 🙂
<joepie91> hmmmm
<joepie91> where do I file bugs in the https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html page?
<rycee> joepie91: I suppose https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-homepage
<wedens> rycee: no. ../../config/mimeapps.list is a real file. I solved the problem by creating a symlink to ../../config/mimeapps.list inside ../../local/share/applications and HM will just make anither symlink to the symlink :)
<joepie91> rycee: ah, right
<rycee> wedens: Hehe, sneaky.
<joepie91> also, custom folders in /var are ignored by Nix, right?
<wedens> rycee: yeah, I know that using strings here is somewhat discouraged, but it's basically the same case as https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/issues/257
<{^_^}> home-manager#257 (by mightybyte, 36 weeks ago, open): Managing files without symlinks
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @tex opened pull request #53886 → DMD to provide libphobos2.so.x.y, fix DUB on !isDarwin → https://git.io/fhnXx
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<d4g> hi
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<d4g> Is there a way to add additional packages to the environment of a package?
<d4g> Like an override or something like that?
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<symphorien> can you elaborate ?
<janat08> is there a section im missing about what to do if wifi isn't working
<janat08> during installation
<janat08> like in wiki or something
<d4g> No, it's actually a game in steam
<d4g> that has additional dependencies that seem not to be satisfied
<symphorien> ah this I don't know
<d4g> It's Squally, a game with runtime code manipulation for learning reverse engineering
<symphorien> janat08: maybe https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#hardware.enableallfirmware ?
<symphorien> I don't know whether it is already enabled in the live cd
<janat08> I tried doing installation through VM mounting hard disk with paritions from linux through windows, the partitions aren't actually there :D, so much for exposing the "disk"
<janat08> it would be pretty redicilous if it wherent
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<wedens> rycee: what's the reason why "nixos-rebuild build-vm" (I haven't tried it myself, but it's mentioned in the repo) doesn't work with home-manager used via nixos module?
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<rycee> wedens: Because the activation script needs to install the packages of `home.packages` and therefore needs access to nix-daemon and in particular to make /nix/store rw:able.
<rycee> Which doesn't work for build-vm
<rycee> If you absolutely need build-vm then you can use the nixos-module-user-pkgs branch.
<janat08> is there a way to install package on live image locally?
<rycee> wedens: With that branch the packages will be installed through the `users.users.<name?>.packages` nixos option rather than through `nix-env -i`.
<wedens> rycee: I don't need build-vm currently. just being curious :) thanks for the explanation
<Laalf> rycee: what does home.stateVersion accept?
<wedens> rycee: does it mean that `nix-env -i` doesn't wotk in build-vm in general?
<rycee> Laalf: Either 18.09 or 19.03: https://rycee.gitlab.io/home-manager/options.html#opt-home.stateVersion
<rycee> wedens: No, I believe it does not work for build-vm.
<rycee> wedens: Although, I haven't used build-vm for a long time so I can't say if that has changed.
<Laalf> rycee: thanks. is something like "nixpkgs-stable" in the works or does that even make sense??
<rycee> Laalf: nixpkgs-stable would be the 18.09 release.
<Laalf> rycee: what is 19.03 then?
<Laalf> ah wait i am retarded
<Laalf> sorry
<Laalf> still something that i dont have to change every 6 months would be interesting
<rycee> Laalf: The idea is that you don't need to change this. You keep it at 18.09 until you feel like changing it.
<Laalf> rycee: for user applications i am normally at unstable, but ok
<rycee> Basically the state version is intended to be forwards compatible as long as possible.
<symphorien> janat08: add hardware.enableallfirmware to /etc/nixos/configuration.nix and nixos-rebuild switch
<rycee> Laalf: This is the state version of the home manager module set and doesn't relate to the nixpkgs version you use.
<rycee> Laalf: It works just like in NixOS.
<Laalf> rycee: but i can use nixos-unstable if i wanted
<symphorien> ah its not on the list
<rycee> Laalf: Sure. The suggested setup for now is to have state version set to 18.09 regardless of the nixpkgs channel you are following.
<symphorien> janat08: hardware.firmware = [ pkgs.rtl8192eu ];
<joepie91> hrm. if I want to turn an attrset {foo = "bar"; baz = "qux";} into a string "foo:bar\nbaz:qux", what's the most practical way to do that with nixpkgs utility functions? I always get lost in them...
<Laalf> rycee: alright. that is kinda confusing but ill get through it
<rycee> Setting it to 19.03 is a bit riskier since we reserve the right to change defaults under this version until the release happens.
<janat08> symphorien: won't it try to download it though?
<symphorien> probably
<clever> > lib.mapAttrs (k: v: "${k}:${v}") {foo = "bar"; baz = "qux";}
<{^_^}> { baz = <CODE>; foo = <CODE>; }
<clever> joepie91: hmmm, close, but needs more work...
<joepie91> lol
<rycee> Laalf: Yeah, I see how it can be a bit confusing. But this is the best we've come up with for making major changes without breaking existing configs 😕
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<joepie91> concatStringsSep then I guess?
<symphorien> joepie91: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Creating_a_NixOS_live_CD << creating your own iso is easy if you have a computer with nix and internet
<clever> lib.concatStringsSep "\n" (lib.attrValues (lib.mapAttrs (k: v: "${k}:${v}") { foo = "bar"; baz = "qux";}))
<clever> > lib.concatStringsSep "\n" (lib.attrValues (lib.mapAttrs (k: v: "${k}:${v}") { foo = "bar"; baz = "qux";}))
<{^_^}> "baz:qux\nfoo:bar"
<clever> joepie91: and attrValues
<joepie91> symphorien: huh? are you sure that was aimed at me?
<janat08> symphorien: the issue is that the adapter is recognized, it just drops connection. I installed the driver on ubuntu and it worked, but then it also worked for same image reinstall without the driver :P.
<symphorien> ah that was for janat08 , sorry
<janat08> ty
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<joepie91> clever: that seems to do what I need, thanks :)
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<clever> joepie91: found a slightly shorter one, one sec
<joepie91> sure
<clever> > lib.concatStringsSep "\n" (lib.mapAttrsFlatten (k: v: "${k}:${v}") { a="aa"; b="bb"; })
<{^_^}> "a:aa\nb:bb"
<clever> mapAttrsFlatten does the attrValues for you
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<clever> mapAttrsToList seems to do the same thing...
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<rycee> Yeah, best use mapAttrsToList
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<clever> rycee: ah, flatten is identical, but in the deprecated file
<rycee> Aye.
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<rycee> It would have been convenient to have a `concatMapStringsSep` for attribute sets, though. This pattern is quite common.
<d4g> does anyone have an idea regarding my question? How to "add" additional runtime packages to an existing package?
<timclassic> Is there a reasonable way to use a nixos module from a specific revision of nixpkgs? I'd like to use the updated Kerberos server module from https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/31832 with NixOS 18.09.
<{^_^}> #31832 (by kwohlfahrt, 1 year ago, merged): kerberos_server: allow choosing MIT or Heimdal
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<timclassic> rycee: Oh! Surely I've seen this before and forgot! Thanks :)
* timclassic has probably read the whole manual at this point, but... there's a lot there, heh.
<joepie91> clever: seems to be working fine with mapAttrsToList
<joepie91> thanks :)
<rycee> timclassic: If it works then I would suggest pinning the module to the specific git revision since future changes may rely on changes in other modules.
<timclassic> rycee: Yeah, that sounds like the right way. If it works, I'd hope to simply delete the whole thing once the next release comes out.
<rycee> timclassic: Yeah, I imagine that is exactly the intended use-case for this feature 🙂
<Laalf> i have something like this in my system configuration: http://paste.debian.net/1060245/ and nixos-rebuild does not like the let there. where would i place it?
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<symphorien> let foo = ...; in
<symphorien> you missed the in
<symphorien> ah no sorry
<symphorien> you must put the let outside the attrset
<rycee> Laalf: Move the first `{` to after the first `in`
<symphorien> let master = ...; {
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<rycee> symphorien: You forgot the `in` before the `{` :-)
<symphorien> :o
<symphorien> shame on me
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<Dedalo> clever: I have installed Python following your configuration.nix. I have a polybar module that uses Python, in particular it does an `import requests`. The package is included in the configuration.nix, but I get an error from the python script: `ModuleNotFoundError: no module named requests`. What am I missing this time?
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<clever> Dedalo: i believe you need to use python.withPackages to get things into scope
<Laalf> rycee: i dont quite understand what you mean. could you write the snipplet for me?
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<rycee> Laalf: Something like this: https://paste.debian.net/1060248/
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<Laalf> rycee: still unexpected let
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<rycee> Laalf: There's some syntax problem on line 3 I notice. After "nixpkgs" there should be a ; not a ".
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<Laalf> rycee: home.packages already defined. can i get around that somehow?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @primeos pushed to master « inxi: init at 3.0.30-1 »: https://git.io/fhnMB
<rycee> Ah, yeah. You can't put the same option twice in the same set. Just remove the `home.packages = [ master.tdesktop];` line and put `master.tdesktop` in the second `home.packages` option.
<Laalf> rycee: so i have to add pkgs. to every line there?
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<rycee> Laalf: No, you already have `with pkgs;` so it should work as-is.
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<rycee> Laalf: home.packages = with pkgs; [ master.tdesktop xorg.xmodmap …
<Laalf> its building the config
<Laalf> its taking its time
<clever> Dedalo: line 20, your installing normal python, and pythonWithPackages
<aleph-> For fetchPypi where can I get the sha256 if it's not listed on the site?
<clever> Dedalo: they are conflicting, and its using only the normal python
<makefu> ,tofu aleph-
<{^_^}> aleph-: To get a sha256 hash of a new source, you can use the Trust On First Use model: use probably-wrong hash (for example: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) then replace it with the correct hash Nix expected.
<aleph-> makefu: Yeah I figured that out, forgot about tofu
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @schmittlauch opened pull request #53887 → ktouch backport: init at 18.08.0 → https://git.io/fhnMV
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<joepie91> can somebody cherrypick this patched release to 18.09? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/pkgs/tools/backup/duplicity/default.nix
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<joepie91> 18.09 is stuck on 0.7.18 and it basically just doesn't work
<joepie91> lol
<makefu> aleph-: nice :) the tofu model however is not super obvious and i can totally see how this confuses newcomers.
<joepie91> samueldr: yeah, though the treewide one is not specific to duplicity
<samueldr> joepie91: yeah
<Dedalo> clever: thank you
<samueldr> btw, if you're interested, you can always do it yourself, using `cherry-pick -x` and opening a PR against release-18.09, in the future
<joepie91> btw, the breaking bug in question is https://bugs.launchpad.net/duplicity/+bug/1788558
<samueldr> (I'm doing it right now)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53542 → python37Packages.pysmi: 0.3.2 -> 0.3.3 → https://git.io/fhsy1
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « python37Packages.pysmi: 0.3.2 -> 0.3.3 »: https://git.io/fhnMX
<joepie91> right
<shazow> can anyone think of why my flatpak app tray icons aren't showing up? (on i3wm fwiw, but things like nm-applet show up fine)
<joepie91> what does the -x do, exactly?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #53544 → python37Packages.numpy-stl: 2.7.0 -> 2.9.0 → https://git.io/fhsHL
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « python37Packages.numpy-stl: 2.7.0 -> 2.9.0 »: https://git.io/fhnM1
<shazow> flatpak apps like steam, discord
<samueldr> some magic behind the scene with git (and in the commit message) to keep a link between the cherry-picker commit and the other commit
<aleph-> makefu: Actually any chance you could take a look at something? My default.nix keeps failing with "can't call auto function pkgs" https://paste.rs/cTx
<samueldr> then, more git commands can do more magic behind the scene when they see that magic
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<aleph-> Heya samueldr joepie91
<samueldr> otherwise, without -x, to git it looks like a copy/paste of the change
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<clever> ,callPackage aleph-
<{^_^}> aleph-: If a Nix file foo.nix starts with something like `{ stdenv, cmake }:`, you can build it with `nix-build -E '(import <nixpkgs> {}).callPackage ./foo.nix {}'`
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @samueldr pushed 2 commits to release-18.09: https://git.io/fhnMD
<samueldr> joepie91: ^
<aleph-> God damnit
<aleph-> I knew I forgot something
* aleph- grumbles
<Laalf> rycee: firstly i love you. it works and all. what is kinda sad is that fetching the git repo takes a long time. how difficult would it be to replicate something like "nix-env -f https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/archive/master.tar.gz -iA ...."? i skimmed the nixpkgs manual and i couldnt find something helpful there
<gchristensen> I have the most mysterious, unexplained behavior in systemd-boot with my signed .efi's.....
<samueldr> gchristensen: spooky
<makefu> aleph-: ha! clever was faster again
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<gchristensen> some of my boot entries have totally differently formatted names from the rest, despite the data format being the same
<joepie91> samueldr: ah right
<joepie91> and thanks :)
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<aleph-> clever: Not to mod that for Python, is it just callPythonPackage?
<aleph-> I think I remember that being it.
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<rycee> Laalf: It should be faster the second run. But you could instead do `nix-channel --add https://nixos.org/channels/nixpkgs-unstable nixpkgs-unstable` and change `master = import (builtins.fetchGit { ref = "master"; url = https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs" }) {};` to `master = import <nixpkgs-unstable> {};`
<makefu> aleph-: for python use pkgs.python36.callPackage
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<rycee> Laalf: You'll need to do nix-channel --update after the --add.
<Laalf> rycee: but nixpkgs-unstable is not master.... i will see if i can find something about the buildins.fetchWhatever
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 opened pull request #53888 → ccls: init at 0.20181225 → https://git.io/fhnM7
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<rycee> Laalf: Hmm, what do you mean by nixpkgs-unstable not being master? Isn't it the latest master that have a hydra build. So you are more likely to be able to download the package from the binary cache.
<makefu> aleph-: python3.pkgs.callPackage, sorry
<joepie91> samueldr: also, remind me, what was the correct way to in-place override the source for the duplicity package (while the 18.09 change is waiting for the next channel push) in my config?
<joepie91> was it .overrideDerivation or something?
<aleph-> makefu: Not a prob, thanks mate
<joepie91> iirc .override was only for deps
<samueldr> joepie91: not entirely sure what the "correct" way is, I usually stumble through the ones I think will work until it does since I almost never do it
<Laalf> rycee: when the package is on the github its not instantly built. and sometimes nixos-unstable takes a bit
<joepie91> ah :P anybody else have any suggestions?
<samueldr> though joepie91, I guess one of the three overrides will do it https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#sec-overrides
<samueldr> (I think it usually is overrideAttrs?)
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<joepie91> I don't recall that section being there...
<gchristensen> this channel is active today! ^.^ what a sight! :)
<samueldr> joepie91: me neither
<joepie91> yeah, overrideAttrs seems like the right one
<joepie91> new docs?
<rycee> Laalf: Ok, if you insist on the bleeding edge you could do `nix-channel --add https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/archive/master.tar.gz nixpkgs-super-unstable` :-)
<samueldr> probably since 18.09
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<samueldr> though it does explain well the difference and now I know, like really know, why I would prefer overrideAttrs :)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jwiegley opened pull request #53889 → hol: Update to build from current master → https://git.io/fhnM5
<Laalf> rycee: i just want a few select programs from master... well i will see if fetchtarball helps me
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<Laalf> rycee: thanks so much! i got it working with fetchtarball. i will see what fun i can have with home-manager when it doesnt need to be reinstalled all the time
<rycee> No worries and good luck!
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<vbernat> hey! I am looking at how to override modules in the nginx module: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/pkgs/servers/http/nginx/generic.nix#L6
<vbernat> I would like to append to the existing one
<vbernat> something like that:
<vbernat> services.nginx = { package = pkgs.nginxStable.override {
<vbernat> modules = pkgs.nginxStable.modules // [ pkgs.nginxModules.ipscrub ];
<vbernat> }; };
<vbernat> but "modules" is an argument, not an attribute, so pkgs.nginxStable.modules doesn't exist
<vbernat> I could copy/paste the list of modules from nginxStable, but I would prefer not to do that
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jwiegley closed pull request #53889 → hol: Update to build from current master → https://git.io/fhnM5
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<vbernat> clever: in this case, why does it append and not replace?
<clever> vbernat: .override always replaces
<clever> but the default list is empty, so thats fine
<vbernat> but, I don't really care about these default modules, so if there is no easy way to append, I am fine
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<clever> vbernat: ah, thats new, it wasnt like that when i setup the rtmp stuff
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<clever> vbernat: and it never exports modules as a return value, which is why you cant do nginx.modules
<vbernat> so, an easy way to fix would be to set "modules = modules" as an attribute? I could do a PR for that.
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<clever> vbernat: just add it under meta, as meta.passthru.modules = modules;
simukis has joined #nixos
<clever> or in your case, `passthru.modules = modules;` inside the meta = { ... }; area
<vbernat> thanks!
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nh2 opened pull request #53892 → release-18.03: linux: Fix kernel build for Linux >= 4.14.90 → https://git.io/fhnDB
<gchristensen> given this diff, can anyone see a reason why systemd-boot would display "NixOS-18.09.1822.0a8f35c998f-Linux-4.19.12-2019-01-04 (nixos-generation-11)" for -11, and only "NixOS-18.09.git.5e26c06-Linux-4.19.13-2019-01-13" for -28 ?
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<MichaelRaskin> Why don't you -U3 ?
<samueldr> one is coming from a channel the other from a git checkout, right?
<samueldr> (MichaelRaskin asks the real questions)
<gchristensen> samueldr: correct
<samueldr> gchristensen: one of them was built from the installer iso maybe?
<samueldr> (not sure it should affect anything though)
<gchristensen> no, generations 11-24 display the long version, 25-28 show the abbreviated version
<MichaelRaskin> Maybe the descriptions are cached and not regenerated
<MichaelRaskin> So the difference is in the generator between 24 and 25
<gchristensen> I've erased all the files and rewritten (they are cached, but I've managed to bust it)
<MichaelRaskin> And still doesn't help?
<gchristensen> no
<MichaelRaskin> Doesn't it look into the system-instance itself?
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<gchristensen> system-instance? fwiw these bootloader entries are a combination of /etc/os_release, kernel cmdline, the kernel, and initrd inside a self-contained, signed .efi program, folowing https://systemd.io/BOOT_LOADER_SPECIFICATION#type-2-efi-unified-kernel-images
<samueldr> revision / versionSuffix get overriden for a git checkout it seems
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* samueldr might have been looking at the wrong place
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam opened pull request #53893 → detect-secrets: 0.11.0 -> 0.11.4 → https://git.io/fhnDV
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<gchristensen> I can't sort it. maybe I'll just drop the VERSION_ID field and embed it all in PRETTY_NAME
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-18.09 advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/001b34abcb4 (from 21 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixos-18.09)
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<gchristensen> eh. I think I'll just give up on this particular idea.
<rnhmjoj> could someone review pr #53070?
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/53070 (by rnhmjoj, 2 weeks ago, open): haskellPackages.scat: fix build
<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-18.09-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/f99d014197a (from 62 minutes ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-18.09-darwin)
<samueldr> ooh
<gchristensen> nice
<gchristensen> I'm so good at nerd sniping myself :|
<andi-> Does that work for abitrary workloads or are there some constraints to it?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @eadwu opened pull request #53894 → blender: fix python → https://git.io/fhnDd
<gchristensen> nerd-snipes?
<MichaelRaskin> Shouldn't real nerds disdain graphics before the system is fully functional?
<samueldr> MichaelRaskin: no
<andi-> gchristensen: your self-nerd-sniping. If it works for everything that sounds like a great feature ;-)
<andi-> For me that usually only works for things not strictly related to my actual task..
<gchristensen> andi-: secureboot and graphics are definitely not on my todo list :)
<samueldr> (but many nerds will balk at the idea of making anything pretty...)
<andi-> to bad..
<samueldr> weird how it seems undocumented in systemd-boot, how that works exactly
<MichaelRaskin> samueldr: well, making a Mandelbrot set rendering pretty is a proper task
<MichaelRaskin> Because there prettiness improves information transmission, not competes with it. Or maybe prettiness _is_ the information there
<MichaelRaskin> Boot has log lines to convey!
<samueldr> I had made an implementation of a boot splash thing which would still allow unexpected boot messages to show up, while showing a seamless animation when everything went fine
<samueldr> never ended up remaking it and then porting it to nixos
<samueldr> the neat thing is it would be able, after conversion, to use android boot animations; opening up a vast library of pre-made animations
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam opened pull request #53895 → pythonPackages.black: fix build → https://git.io/fhnDj
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @samueldr merged pull request #53892 → release-18.03: linux: Fix kernel build for Linux >= 4.14.90 → https://git.io/fhnDB
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @samueldr pushed 2 commits to release-18.03: https://git.io/fhnye
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @andir opened pull request #53896 → openssh: apply CVE-2018-20685 patch → https://git.io/fhnyv
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vincentbernat opened pull request #53897 → nginx: expose list of additional modules → https://git.io/fhnyq
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<gchristensen> love python... accidentally spoiled my /boot due to a bad variable reference
<gchristensen> which isn't a big deal, but also :|
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<MichaelRaskin> I wonder if this quote would be positive or negative PR if publicised
<gchristensen> :) it is pretty magical
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53778 → php71: 7.1.25 -> 7.1.26, php72: 7.2.13 -> 7.2.14 → https://git.io/fhZHm
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed 3 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnyn
<janat08> what does portal mean in: xdg-desktop-portal-kde
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<samueldr> https://github.com/flatpak/xdg-desktop-portal#xdg-desktop-portal <- there is a more terse documentation link in the first section
<samueldr> but explained more plainly it's a protocol (often used with flatpak, but not necessarily limited to) to do "desktop stuff" in a more agnostic way, among those: showing an open/save dialog
<samueldr> the use case in flatpak is to allow the sandboxed app to interact with the host system AFAIUI
<gchristensen> can anyone using systemd-boot send me the contents of one of their /boot/loader/entries/nixos-generation-... files?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53742 → flashplayer: -> → https://git.io/fhZrF
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed 3 commits to master: https://git.io/fhny8
<rain1> i would like to try building dosbox from source because I got segfaults from it
<rain1> how would I do that and run my built version?
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<esmerelda> hey, how should I word commit messages to nixpkgs if what I'm editing is not a pkg-name or module?
<samueldr> I often check the history of the file or files I change to get a sense of what's been done
<clever> esmerelda: what i usually do is run `git log --patch pkgs/file` and see what others have done
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @NeQuissimus pushed 5 commits to master: https://git.io/fhny0
<esmerelda> pkgs/file?
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<clever> esmerelda: the path to the file you edited
<esmerelda> ahh ok
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @NeQuissimus pushed 4 commits to release-18.09: https://git.io/fhnyE
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<gchristensen> is it worth trying to upstream my secureboot stuff?
<esmerelda> clever: and what message do I use for bugfixes?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed 2 commits to release-18.09: https://git.io/fhny2
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<infinisil> esmerelda: What is the change?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53595 → meld: 3.18.3 -> 3.20.0 → https://git.io/fhGMd
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « meld: 3.18.3 -> 3.20.0 (#53595) »: https://git.io/fhnyo
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #53648 → [backport] nixos/systemd-udev-settle: don't restart on upgrades → https://git.io/fhGx0
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 2 commits to release-18.09: https://git.io/fhny6
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<gchristensen> MichaelRaskin, samueldr: the splash image appears for 2s and then log messages appear
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #53428 → cloud-print-connector: 1.11 -> 1.16 → https://git.io/fh3kw
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhny9
<samueldr> gchristensen: do you have early kms?
<gchristensen> I don't think so? I dunno, I haven't tried to actually make the boot pretty. was just experimenting
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> wondering if only having early kms does it or if there's something else
<samueldr> (as in, early kms reinits the display, thus making the image go away)
<samueldr> fedora has a nice pipeline from EFI to gdm for flickerless boot
<samueldr> (I say nice, nice principles, but I kinda dislike the "keep vendor logo on screen" idea)
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<gchristensen> I do have to type in a LUKS password
<samueldr> AFAIUI plymouth understands this, but our implementation doesn't work with plymouth
<gchristensen> but the splash left before the LUKS creds
<gchristensen> I'll Signal you a video.
<samueldr> no need to, I think I understand what's going on, but have no solution
<gchristensen> ok, sure
<samueldr> sure makes me want to try doing the whole grub-to-login pretty again though
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<gchristensen> ay
<gchristensen> at any rate, my secureboot stuff works now, and the boot entries show up properly, and ordered
<gchristensen> trying to decide if it is worth upstreaming or not. it might be a bit invasive for just splicing in to the systemd-boot python script.
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<ottidmes> is there some way to check whether a string is a valid sha256 inside Nix itself? (outside Nix I could e.g. use nix-hash) I guess I could write something myself, but I would love to know if something already exists, or if there is some other feature I could leverage to determine the validity
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<gchristensen> what does it mean to be a valid sha256?
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<ottidmes> gchristensen: that it is the right length and can be decoded
<systemfault> So, length and check if the characters are in hex?
<ottidmes> gchristensen: "" is invalid, so is "5mdqa9w1p6cmli6976v4wi0sw9r4p5prkj7lzfd1877wk11c9c73" (correct length, but to big number), but this is valid "0mdqa9w1p6cmli6976v4wi0sw9r4p5prkj7lzfd1877wk11c9c73"
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53313 → jackett: 0.10.504 -> 0.10.566 → https://git.io/fhmbx
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « jackett: 0.10.504 -> 0.10.566 (#53313) »: https://git.io/fhnyp
<ottidmes> systemfault: that would not catch the one shown above with the 5 in front ^
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @marsam to master « detect-secrets: 0.11.0 -> 0.11.4 (#53893) »: https://git.io/fhnyh
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53893 → detect-secrets: 0.11.0 -> 0.11.4 → https://git.io/fhnDV
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<ottidmes> I guess for simplicity sake I could just split my Nix script in two, first gathering the sha256 with Nix and validating them in bash with nix-hash or some such, and then using them again in Nix knowing they are valid
<clever> ottidmes: builtins.exec
<ottidmes> clever: an undocumented builtin?
<rain1> I want to build dosbox from source so I tried cd dosbox-src ; nix-shell -p dosbox ; bash configure but it errors that SDL is missing. How do I get a nix shell with all the build dependencies there?
<clever> ottidmes: yeah, finding an example
<clever> rain1: `nix-shell -p dosbos` gives a shell suitable for using dosbox, not building dosbox
<ottidmes> rain1: nix-shell '<nixpkgs>' --attr dosbox (I think)
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<clever> rain1: you want `nix-shell '<nixpkgs>' -A dosbos`
<rain1> ok thank you both!!
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #52845 → minimap2: 2.10 -> 2.14 → https://git.io/fhUxr
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « minimap2: 2.10 -> 2.14 (#52845) »: https://git.io/fhnSf
<gchristensen> -p gets you the built package, -A gets you the environment to build the package
<rain1> I see! I'll save this to my notes
<jasongrossman> gchristensen: https://paste.dismail.de/?b26c550126b9378a#HIOT5DIIkPOCGts4Raua+PyAP5aCgzuHOZCyg0eAQB8=
<gchristensen> thank you, jasongrossman!
<gchristensen> I see you're using profiles =)
<ottidmes> clever: thanks! and lol at "--allow-unsafe-native-code-during-evaluation"
<jasongrossman> gchristensen: Yes. Love that feature.
<clever> ottidmes: it lets the nix code run things outside the sandbox as your current user
<avn> should be --allow-unsafe-native-code-during-evaluation=i-really-know-what-I-do ;)
<clever> ottidmes: it can easily be as nasty as `gist -p ~/.ssh/id_rsa`
<gchristensen> jasongrossman: my secure-boot code retains support for it... took some effort
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<ottidmes> clever: but it is as safe as any old bash script, right? if it less safe, I guess I rather go with spliting my Nix eval into two
<rain1> ok
<jasongrossman> gchristensen: Thank you then!
<rain1> dosbox from nix substitutes (prebuilt) crashes but i built dosbox from source and it does't crash
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #52849 → libdsk: 1.5.8 -> 1.5.9 → https://git.io/fhUhT
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « libdsk: 1.5.8 -> 1.5.9 (#52849) »: https://git.io/fhnSL
<rain1> frame #0: 0x00007ffff67b13b2 libm.so.6__sin_fma + 2930 frame #1: 0x000000000047ac9e dosboxFPU_FSIN() + 30
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<rain1> my guess was that maybe it got compiled with some FPU cpu feature which i don't have?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #52829 → ocamlPackages.rope: 0.6 -> 0.6.1 → https://git.io/fhUdt
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « ocamlPackages.rope: 0.6 -> 0.6.1 (#52829) »: https://git.io/fhnSq
<rain1> I don't really know though
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @andir pushed to 18.09/openssh « openssh: apply CVE-2018-20685 patch »: https://git.io/fhnSm
<gchristensen> rain1: anything in dmesg?
<rain1> yes!
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<rain1> I guess it's some kind of security setting
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @andir opened pull request #53899 → [18.09] openssh: apply CVE-2018-20685 patch → https://git.io/fhnS3
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @andir pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnSs
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @andir merged pull request #53896 → openssh: apply CVE-2018-20685 patch → https://git.io/fhnyv
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<samueldr> ah, so profiles is an imperative thing, had trouble finding infos, man nixos-rebuild for the curious
<samueldr> wondering how close to child configs those are, and how much of the profiles things can be re-used or merged with child configs (to resurrect them)
<samueldr> (see #45345 for a PR re-adding support to grub)
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/45345 (by vmandela, 21 weeks ago, open): nixos/install-grub: include child configs in grub menu
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @andir pushed to 18.09/openssh « openssh: apply CVE-2018-20685 patch »: https://git.io/fhnSB
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @samueldr merged pull request #53877 → Alertmanager: Allow the definition of extra options on commandline → https://git.io/fhnKD
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @samueldr pushed 2 commits to release-18.09: https://git.io/fhnS0
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53784 → trilium: 0.27.3 -> 0.27.4 → https://git.io/fhZ5f
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @dtzWill to master « trilium: 0.27.3 -> 0.27.4 (#53784) »: https://git.io/fhnS2
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #53801 → nixos-rebuild: allow to override builders → https://git.io/fhZhY
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 4 commits to master: https://git.io/fhnSV
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<ekleog> Hmm… does nixos-rebuild switch work for changes in udev rules?
* ekleog wonders whether the rules are just not being applied or whether there's an issue in his rule
<clever> ekleog: the rules will go into /etc/udev/rules.d/, but the rule wont take effect until the device is removed and re-inserted
<jasongrossman> samueldr: FWIW, I use profiles with systemd-boot, not with grub.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dywedir opened pull request #53900 → tokei: 8.0.0 -> 9.0.0 → https://git.io/fhnSD
<ekleog> clever: hmm so I already did it, so it should be working
<samueldr> yeah, jasongrossman; this was a more general question since I'd never heard of profiles until now
* ekleog wonders what's wrong with `ACTION=="add", KERNEL=="hidraw*", SUBSYSTEM=="hidraw*", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1050", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0407", TAG+="uaccess"` then
<samueldr> though had heard of child configs, which sound awesome, but aren't supported right now in any bootloader
<jasongrossman> samueldr: It's useful to have something imperative for naming generations, because nixos-rebuild switch is imperative!
<samueldr> jasongrossman: yeah
<ekleog> it's literally a copy-paste from the yubikey official udev rules :/
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<q6AA4FD> clever ekleog i think you also have to reload the daemon right?
<samueldr> jasongrossman: though I was thinking here about merging some part of the support, since I think child configs have some value
<clever> q6AA4FD: dont believe thats needed
<jasongrossman> samueldr: Yes, great! Not sure whether it's worth the work, but if it's fun then definitely.
<samueldr> e.g. I could have a child config of proprietary nvidia drivers, and the default being nouveau, so I can boot as needed
<jasongrossman> samueldr: Yes. And anyway I think declarative naming would be excellent.
<ekleog> q6AA4FD: `sudo systemctl restart systemd-udevd` doesn't appear to help
<jasongrossman> samueldr: It always seems wrong to me that I have to use my own understanding of where I've put things in my backups to find old configs.
<q6AA4FD> ekleog: that's unfortunate. i guess i was misremembering from the bsd tool
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<jasongrossman> samueldr: As opposed to them containing their own naming scheme.
<samueldr> though there's not much doc for profiles, not even sure when it was added to nixos... maybe the implementers didn't know of child configs?
<jasongrossman> samueldr: Seems likely to me.
<ekleog> q6AA4FD: well… then I guess it's an issue with my udev rule, but now to debug that…
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<q6AA4FD> ekleog: yeah, udev mystifies me too. never really got the hang of the syntax. good luck dude
<janat08> is there configuration file for nixos graphical install
<janat08> im making my own boot iso. I just realized I forgot display manager. it would be great if i could build on top of the good iso.
<rain1> should I file a bug report about dosbox?
<rain1> it probably just needs rebuilt to fix the problem
<janat08> i found them
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53093 → bloop: 1.1.2 -> 1.2.1 → https://git.io/fhLys
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @Tomahna to master « bloop: 1.1.2 -> 1.2.1 (#53093) »: https://git.io/fhnSQ
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed to master « Revert "rambox: update node deps hash" »: https://git.io/fhnSb
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53145 → zoom-us: 2.6.146750.1204 -> 2.6.149990.1216 → https://git.io/fhtMZ
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @godelized to master « zoom-us: 2.6.146750.1204 -> 2.6.149990.1216 (#53145) »: https://git.io/fhnSx
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53884 → gurobi: 8.0.1 -> 8.1 → https://git.io/fhnX6
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @jfrankenau to master « gurobi: 8.0.1 -> 8.1 (#53884) »: https://git.io/fhn9f
<ekleog> q6AA4FD clever: so after more investigation and trial/failure with `udevadm test [path to the usb device]` it looks like at least `ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1050", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0407", TAG+="uaccess"` adds the uaccess tag
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed to master « nixos manual: fix a typo that made it invalid XML »: https://git.io/fhn9J
<ekleog> now… it still doesn't let `gpg --card-edit` work as user :(
* ekleog wonders who else uses yubikeys on nixos
<ekleog> it's weird there's no module for it yet
<gchristensen> cool, tilpner!!
<ekleog> tilpner: oh nice :) what's tx0.co?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53880 → reaper: 5.961 -> 5.965 → https://git.io/fhnin
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @gnidorah to master « reaper: 5.961 -> 5.965 (#53880) »: https://git.io/fhn9k
<ekleog> oh it's just services.udev.packages = [ pkgs.yubikey-personalization ] apparently ._.
<Mic92> ekleog: also have such a device now. Just not yet setuped.
<ekleog> we have a real discoverability issue
<tilpner> ekleog: It's just a short domain I use for shorter URLs
<makefu> ekleog: maybe we could add this info to https://nixos.wiki
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<ekleog> tilpner: oh nice :)
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<samueldr> I looked at setting up u2f (not yubikey) for the passphrase of my luks drive, but I'm having issues where it takes maybe minutes (like 2?) before the device is somehow recognized
<ekleog> makefu: I've just added a TODO to add it to the longDescription of yubikey-personalization
<samueldr> though here it's a TOMU with a u2f firmware, not a yubikey (re-iterating)
<samueldr> though if it worked fine, it would mighty convenient (in a security context where it makes sense for the end-user)
<ekleog> samueldr: hmm wait u2f for the passphrase of your luks drive? how could that work?
<ekleog> not OTP?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dywedir merged pull request #53870 → fmt: 5.2.1 -> 5.3.0 → https://git.io/fhnrV
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dywedir pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhn9t
<samueldr> it's probably relatively insecure
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<ekleog> ok so thanks all! adding `services.udev.packages = [ pkgs.yubikey-personalization ];` did work for me :D
<samueldr> but in my use case it's for convenience in a situation where I only want encryption at rest against opportunistic thieves, where I am expected to have the key away from the computer in those scenarios
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<mckeanalicej> im having a bootstrapping problem. In order to install nixos on my rasp pi I need to ssh into it. ssh is disabled by default on the available images. In order to turn it on I need to build a new image. I dont have an ARM machine to build pi images on because my pi isnt set up :P
<mckeanalicej> What can I do?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53541 → python37Packages.memory_profiler: 0.54.0 -> 0.55.0 → https://git.io/fhsy4
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @r-ryantm to master « python37Packages.memory_profiler: 0.54.0 -> 0.55.0 (#53541) »: https://git.io/fhn9m
<samueldr> (I don't have state secrets, and rubber-hose attacks would probably work against me in most cases :/)
<samueldr> mckeanalicej: no usb keyboard + hdmi? (or even only usb keyboard?)
<Mic92> mckeanalicej: install a different distribution with nix or ask someone to build a you the image.
<samueldr> you could type the start command blind since you're automatically logged in the console at boot
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat pushed 24 commits to staging-18.09: https://git.io/fhn9O
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vcunat merged pull request #53899 → [18.09] openssh: apply CVE-2018-20685 patch → https://git.io/fhnS3
<ekleog> Mic92: ♥
<Mic92> samueldr: should our sd image have an ssh server by default?
<Mic92> sounds like a sensible default.
<Mic92> mhm.
<samueldr> would it? no root password
<Mic92> but the ssh key is a problem
<ekleog> that's what raspbian does
<samueldr> alarm:alarm insecure combo
<samueldr> oops
<samueldr> that's archlinuxarm
<samueldr> same, but other creds I think
<ekleog> whether it's a sensible default is a different question
<ekleog> (and I totally agree: /!\ ALARM /!\ insecure combo /!\
<ekleog> )
<samueldr> _A_rch_L_inux_ARM_ :)
<ekleog> ideally there'd be two sd images
<ekleog> not at all trolling :D
* ekleog claims Poe's law
<samueldr> (it took me a while to understand the name)
<Mic92> mhm. is there a way to embed an ssh key into a different partition?
<ekleog> would I never have used it I wouldn't have either :)
<Mic92> that could could solve the problem
<samueldr> I was thinking at first, Mic92, allowing it to be provided in /boot
<samueldr> but then
<samueldr> you could also just edit .ssh/authorized_keys
<samueldr> well ~root/.ssh/authorized keys
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<Mic92> samueldr: ok. so we could enable ssh by default but not without password?
<samueldr> probably
<Mic92> and then add some documentation on how to mount the sd card and adding the key
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<samueldr> yeah
<Mic92> samueldr: is there a openssh server present in the image atm?
* samueldr kinda moved away from sd_image and tries to dogfood UEFI on aarch64 because of EBBR support
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<samueldr> Mic92: it's built upon the installer profile, so I think yes, since it is on the iso?
<mckeanalicej> I dont have a USB keyboard only bluetooth unfortunately
<Mic92> mckeanalicej: ^ you probably could enable the ssh service
<Mic92> manually and add your key
<Mic92> by mounting the sd card
<Mic92> samueldr: there is even an option to only enable a systemd service if a path is present
<pie_> jtojnar, thanks for working on https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/43150#issuecomment-450060363 , i havent used it yet but just that it *exists* is something
<mckeanalicej> Mic92: like opening the image on my laptop? The enable wouldnt persist
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<Mic92> mckeanalicej: is this not an ext4 partition?
<samueldr> Mic92: good question, though I'm not a systemd whizz
<mckeanalicej> isnt the whole image readonly?
<samueldr> sd_card acts as a system you will use to install in-place
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<Mic92> samueldr: ConditionPathExists=
<Mic92> mckeanalicej: no, that would make using it weired.
<samueldr> mckeanalicej: this means that you don't (usually) format and use the existing fs
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<samueldr> mckeanalicej: the FS auto-grows at boot in that situation
<Mic92> probably there is also a way to run a qemu aarch64 based on the image and do the modification there.
<jtojnar> pie_: if you have any questions, feel free to ask them there, I will try to incorporate them
<pie_> jtojnar, with respect to the stuff about icons in the thread, there could be an optional icons argument to packages?
<pie_> if its not passed it defaults to adwaita?
<pie_> or whatever this stuff is
<jtojnar> pie_: it could, but it would mean cache could not be used for non-default icon themes
<pie_> isnt that a nonproblem anyway
<pie_> "cache could not be used for nondefault [insert whatever here]
<pie_> ah well ok, i guess normally icons are not something that needs to be built for a package
<pie_> err
<pie_> i meant to say you can build the package without the icons
<jtojnar> wellm I would not expect changing icon theme rebuilding my whole system
<pie_> right
<jtojnar> we could also create a wrapper in a separate derivation but I am not sure the added complexity is worth it
<pie_> i guess youd have an icon thing, a program thing, and have them merged into its own thing
<pie_> yeah that
<pie_> cant be that much more comlex, as opposed to not working at all out of the box
<jtojnar> that's how we handle plug-ins in gimp, deadbeef and some other programs
<pie_> nix has some problems but one of the tihngs i like about it is it makes things feasible to do *at all* >_>
<pie_> </misc>
<jtojnar> it is not very complex but it adds complexity nevertheless
<pie_> ive had weird things breaking in kde all the time and i figure its some kind of misconfiguration but i have no idea what
<jtojnar> and I am not sure icons are worth it
<pie_> seems kind of unfriendly
<pie_> well i dont know if this is the same icons problem im having, but i have a lot of icons missing in various places sometimes
<pie_> and its a serious UX problem
<pie_> because either everything gets the same icon or there is no icon at all
<pie_> maybe a textual label
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<jtojnar> same icon?
<pie_> some broken missing icon icon
<samueldr> pie_: plasma started with the plasma session or kde apps used outside plasma?
<pie_> samueldr, with plasma
<samueldr> I've seen something close to what you describe with kde apps outside plasma
<samueldr> right
<pie_> samueldr, but its likely some of this stuff is me accidentally starting things in tmux
<samueldr> plausible
<pie_> with probably the wrong dbus environment vars
<samueldr> I can't start dolphin in tmux since I switched :/
<pie_> or whatever the hell it is that holds all tihs stuff together
<pie_> i realized recently that this could probably work pretty well if done properly
<pie_> emphasis on the done properly :/
<pie_> not sure what to do about it
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<samueldr> I also had a hell of a lot of bugs in plasma from a stray `export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct"` in my X profile
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<pie_> i recently also realized plasma might not be so rediculously broken on other distros
<pie_> and it makes it so i kind of cant recommend nixos in good faith (at least from the usability standpoint someitmes)
<pie_> like hell, nix is great, but nixos is quirky sometimes
<samueldr> I don't have experience with it in other distros to tell
<pie_> then again, real hackers use one of those other hackery window managers right? :P
<pie_> samueldr, i dont either
<samueldr> no
<samueldr> :)
<samueldr> real hackers probably are using windows and getting caught :D
<pie_> xD
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji merged pull request #53281 → pakcs: fix build → https://git.io/fhmEv
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @xeji pushed commit from @gnidorah to master « pakcs: fix build (#53281) »: https://git.io/fhn98
<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-18.09-darwin advanced to https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/015541ea6a3 (from 2 hours ago, history: https://channels.nix.gsc.io/nixpkgs-18.09-darwin)
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<jtojnar> I guess, for me, the icons missing is an easily fixable minor annoyance but the easy solutions are minor annoyances as well, and I just cannot choose which annoyance to tolerate
<pie_> jtojnar, i will try to add xdg.icons.enable = true;
<pie_> environment.systemPackages = [ pkgs.gnome3.adwaita-icon-theme ]; and see what happens
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<samueldr> (I haven't seen any missing icons with breeze and plasma FWIW)
<jtojnar> pie_: does not plasma do the first thing by default?
<pie_> wait, xdg.icons.enable is true by default
<samueldr> (but am not using many graphical things)
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<pie_> idk what the actual problem could possibly be, i just have missing icons someimes
<jtojnar> yeah, I think adding adwaita is a good thing
<pie_> is there anything i can do if the problem actually is starting things from tmux
<jtojnar> or maybe plasma is not setting a gtk icon theme
<jtojnar> so it defaults to adwaita
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<samueldr> or have a gtk config overriding whatever plasma does?
<jtojnar> maybe if plasma does not set the icon theme try adding to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini
<jtojnar> [Settings]
<jtojnar> gtk-icon-theme-name=Breeze or whatever
<pie_> icons arent broken *everywhere*
Mateon3 is now known as Mateon1
<jtojnar> well, if Plasma is not setting the GTK icon theme, it defaults to Adwaita
<jtojnar> and some packages depend on adwaita
<jtojnar> so they work
<pie_> i do actually have one application i can test with right now, its https://bpaste.net/show/48a38e94f807
<pie_> if i bring up the alt-tab pie with ctrl-alt-T (may need to disable plasmas "start konsole" shortcut)
<pie_> only my firefox icons show up, the icons for other apps are missing, but they are in the menu
<pie_> such as hexchat
<pie_> ill look at what you said
* pie_ pokes around
<pie_> i have gtk-icon-theme-name=breeze in settings.ini
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @grahamc opened pull request #53901 → WIP: Sign systemd boot EFI images for secure booting. → https://git.io/fhn9E
<jtojnar> hmm
<jtojnar> we also have `gtk.iconCache.enable`
<pie_> hmm might be an application specific problem https://github.com/Simmesimme/Gnome-Pie/issues/137
<{^_^}> Simmesimme/Gnome-Pie#137 (by sudoyang, 2 years ago, closed): Some applications' icons are missing in the function of "Group: Window List"
<pie_> however deluge has the "missing icon" icon in my taskbar right now
<jtojnar> maybe it needs to be used for breeze
<jtojnar> to work in GTK themes
<pie_> not the taskbar, its fine in the taskbar, it has a broken icon in the little icons in the right bottom corner
<jtojnar> yeah, that would suggest GTK has problem loading the icon
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<pie_> https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#gtk. doesnt list iconCache >_>
<jtojnar> pie_: I think it is only on unstable
<jtojnar> it is quite new
<pie_> ah. crap
<pie_> also plasma does not seem to like rebuilding
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<jtojnar> another possible source of issues is that the icon is SVG
<pie_> it usually breaks if i do a rebuild switch i think
<jtojnar> and librsvg module is missing
<jtojnar> `services.xserver.gdk-pixbuf.modulePackages = [ pkgs.librsvg ];`
<jtojnar> but plasma does that too
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<janat08> to be clear with nixos you don't necessarily get the option of setting declaratively applicaiton settings
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<pie_> actually let me try something, i set a dark theme at some point, lets see what happens if i disable it
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<klntsky> I like the ability to generate .service files on the fly. Here's a minimal wrapper for one of the scripts I use (namely, create_ap). It turns any wlan device into an access point: https://github.com/8084/nixpkgs/commit/6c0f5185d05a030692dd36d6c9c877a3b1594f4a
<pie_> ok its not the theme
<jtojnar> pie_: In my experience Qt does not play well when installed from different profiles (e.g. systemPackages vs nix-env)
<pie_> i dont have an imperative qt installed afaik
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<pie_> ive had problems as well
<aleph-> pie_: So many tools I need to build to port kali tools to nixos
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53902 → cpupower: fix w/linux 5, rework a bit → https://git.io/fhn9a
<samueldr> even just having something that brings in Qt imperatively in the user profile can do things as bad as breaking the whole plasma session at boot :/
<aleph-> Is there a guide on porting perl applications to NixOS?
<Unode> new year and I'm now getting http://dpaste.com/0TBKRAX . Any ideas on what could be causing this?
<Unode> Other than some system updates and a system reboot, nothing inside nix should have changed
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53903 → torsocks: 2.2.0 -> 2.3.0 → https://git.io/fhn9w
<samueldr> #44047 intends to fix the Qt issue, if anyone with C++ and/or Qt knowledge wants to review, the fix is (I think) right and complete, but the implementation might not be optimal
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<Unode> Increasing verbosity gives http://dpaste.com/205H4QP and if I call that binary directly with --help I get some kind of JSON response where the error is 'error: stoll'
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill merged pull request #53786 → aminal: 0.7.12 -> 0.8.5 → https://git.io/fhZ5O
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fhn9r
<pie_> aleph-, :P
<pie_> i think nixos is The Best Thing but but being an earlyish adopter can be painful
<aleph-> No doubt.
<pie_> (well..its been almost a decade? xD)
<pie_> ("earlyish" he says xD)
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<aleph-> Already packaged... like 10 packages I need to upstream?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill merged pull request #53704 → utillinux; 2.33 -> 2.33.1 → https://git.io/fhZlF
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill pushed 2 commits to staging: https://git.io/fhn96
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill merged pull request #53655 → libunwind: 1.2.1 -> 1.3.1 → https://git.io/fhZeT
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill pushed 3 commits to master: https://git.io/fhn9i
<klntsky> Unode: Well, 'stoll' is referenced only twice in the source code https://github.com/NixOS/nix/search?q=stoll&unscoped_q=stoll - understanding what's going on in these files may be a good thing to start from
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53904 → google-cloud-sdk: 222 -> 229 → https://git.io/fhn9P
<Unode> klntsky: I managed to workaround by unsetting NIX_REMOTE, so it seems to be a problem somewhere in nix-daemon or one of it's minion processes.
<Unode> could a firewall cause this?
<Unode> this = this sort of breakage.
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53905 → networkmanager: leave thunderbolt rule alone, it's builtin → https://git.io/fhn9M
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<klntsky> Unode: idk. your issue looks like a bug in nix, you should consider reporting it
<pie_> aleph-, im pretty sure there's a perlPackages btw
<klntsky> Not here, to the issue tracker, obviously.
<aleph-> pie_: That'll make the perl scripts easier.
<aleph-> pie_: Just packaging tools as I need them for pentesting challenges.
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53906 → direnv: 2.18.2 -> 2.19.0 → https://git.io/fhn9S
<Unode> klntsky: This was on a CentOS 6 system. Things worked in the past. The machine was rebooted recently but I don't know if the admin did something. I'm investigating on that front first. It could be some SELinux policy preventing something that was allowed before. The error doesn't help though :)
<Unode> klntsky: I'll consider reporting it if I get nothing from this side. Thanks for the help
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53907 → bcc: 0.7.0 -> 0.8.0 → https://git.io/fhn9H
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53908 → sudo: 1.8.26 -> 1.8.27 → https://git.io/fhn9Q
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53909 → lzip: 1.20 -> 1.21 → https://git.io/fhn97
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53910 → mpop: 1.4.1 ->1.4.2 → https://git.io/fhn95
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53911 → asciinema: 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2 → https://git.io/fhn9d
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53912 → vlc: 3.0.5 -> 3.0.6 → https://git.io/fhn9A
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53913 → ipe: 7.2.7 -> 7.2.8 → https://git.io/fhn9x
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53914 → source-sans-pro: 2.040 -> 2.045 → https://git.io/fhn9j
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53915 → source-serif-pro: 1.017 -> 2.010, sync w/source-sans-pro expression → https://git.io/fhnHe
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<janat08> this GPT partition label contains no BIOS Boot Partition
<clever> janat08: do you want to boot with efi or legacy?
<janat08> theres fat32 with flags boot/esp
<janat08> efi
<clever> then set boot.grub.device = "nodev";
<clever> the fat32 is not the bios boot partition
<clever> and the bios boot partition is only for legacy booting
<janat08> # parted /dev/sda -- mkpart ESP fat32 1MiB 512MiB # parted /dev/sda -- set 3 boot on
<janat08> from eufi seciton of manual
<clever> yeah, thats the ESP
<clever> that doesnt support legacy, and is not the bios boot partition
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<clever> just set boot.loader.grub.device = "nodev";
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dtzWill opened pull request #53916 → getdns: 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1, stubby: 0.2.4 -> 0.2.5 → https://git.io/fhnHm