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<nixoswikibot> [[Apropos]] !N * Hhm * (+397) Created page with "As of NixOS 18.09, <code>apropos</code> (and likely also <code>whatis</code>) does not find anything when run. This is because the Apropos database is not generated automatica..."
<nixoswikibot> [[Apropos]] ! * Hhm * (+64) isuues titles
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<nixoswikibot> [[Man pages]] !N * Profpatsch * (+865) init man page, how to enable development man pages
<nixoswikibot> [[Man pages]] ! * Profpatsch * (+294) man configuration.nix
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<nixoswikibot> [[Nvidia]] ! * Mschonfinkel * (+2500) Added some info about running a CUDA env on NixOS
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<Profpatsch> People should cross-link to Archwiki, Ubuntuusers and Gentoowiki more!
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] N * Mic92 * (+4284) add article about the c infrastructure
<nixoswikibot> [[C++]] N * Mic92 * (+15) Redirected page to [[C]]
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+7) typos
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<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+1) fix markup
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+2) fix markup
<nixoswikibot> [[Template:Evaluate]] !M * Delroth * (+0) usual convention is to indicate commands to run as root with # as opposed to $
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<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+1847) NIX_DEBUG=1 and hardening flags
<gchristensen> you all do incredible work
<gchristensen> I am so amazed by all the edits going on
<Mic92> yeah, pretty active today
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] !M * Tfc * (+33) 
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+1304) add pkg-config
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+1280) add cmake example
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+6) improve nix-shell markup
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+22) fix markup
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+3) typo
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+774) short passage about cross-compiling
<makefu> i like that a lot of different people are involved, i have the feeling that the wiki slowly gets "accepted" by the community and it becomes a good tool for documenting all the edge cases which not necessarily fit into the manual. and of course there is nixos on arm by samueldr which is absolutely fantastic
<gchristensen> +1
<Mic92> it is still sad that I get nix code as the first search engine hit instead of the corresponding nixpkgs manual.
<gchristensen> what is your search query?
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+1282) mention debug symbols
<Mic92> nixpkgs separate debug info
<Mic92> this was manual paragraph I was looking for.
<Mic92> I had to open the manual explicit and look within the article
<gchristensen> 17:53 <dckc> ok... `nix search` seems new-ish. it's not what I get when I search for "apt nix cheat-sheet"
<Mic92> My kudos for somebody writing documentation for the new-style nix subcommands.
<gchristensen> :D
<Mic92> Also I think I figured out most stuff about nix build, nix eval and nix search to write it.
<nixoswikibot> [[C]] * Mic92 * (+51) 
<Mic92> I wonder if it is possible to contribute to:
<gchristensen> probably yes
<Ox4A6F> Wondering, if we can also populate
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