<NinjaTrappeur> So, I've been investigating the failures resulting from the bump to 245 on the release.nix jobset
<NinjaTrappeur> ^ Everything is in here
<NinjaTrappeur> There's a weird QT failure. It's not flaky, it does not happen before the bump
<NinjaTrappeur> Feel free to have a look. I now have to switch to something else for the day
<NinjaTrappeur> flokli andi- ^
<flokli> I also won't get to it before end of work.
<flokli> NinjaTrappeur: moved this to https://md.darmstadt.ccc.de/3KJVKMr9QDCf_VBuI1i4gA?both
<NinjaTrappeur> oops