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<andi-> samueldr: i can probably provide you with the complete backlog if you need that
<samueldr> I don't have clean enough ways to import partial backlogs yet
<samueldr> I'm not sure it works well if it's not inserted in order, though I don't see why it would fail
<samueldr> wait, nixos-systemd was never added
<samueldr> it's been added now
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<Mic92> flokli: I suppose this could be solved by setting DESTDIR and than having another copy to the actual destination.
<flokli> Mic92: DESTDIR could just be /, and prefix is $out, as it used to be?
<flokli> at least that's what I did to kill 0014 and 0015 in https://github.com/flokli/nixpkgs/commit/2bc098dfdd5d91dc6008be26018cd7cd303c5c1d