<NinjaTrappeur> The rebase conflicts are easier to manage with a git repo.
<NinjaTrappeur> I do agree with Flokli regarding the accessibility. But ultimately, moving from one to another is trivial in the end.
<flokli> I just don't see patches slowly disappearing in that fork.
<NinjaTrappeur> ^ Am I laking the default route on my home netwok because of this?
<NinjaTrappeur> (the RA daemon does not advertise default route on the client nor the route to contact the client on the server)
<NinjaTrappeur> oops, wrong channel >< sorry about that
<flokli> so, I rebased my systemd-mainline branch to nixpkgs master, updated the systemd patches to 244.3, and then could immediately bump to 245 without any conflicts. `systemd` builds. I still need to run quite some tests, and look through upstreams commits about what could break :-)
<flokli> ^ andi- NinjaTrappeur
<flokli> so, there seem to be more things using DEFAULT_PATH_* - A bunch of units can't find systemctl, journalctl etc. anymore: https://paste.linuxlounge.net/#/xm5CES3W1v-2sDBIaRMIdO8s6Kw!67TRZ5U4Ey7gdltvIF4h5heRJWAhnjj2xygcR6ts8qY
<flokli> previously, unit files basically had absolute locations in ExecStart, and it became ${systemd}/bin/. Now it's just the name of the binary.
<flokli> We might want to set the DEFAULT_PATH_* stuff to "${placeholder "out"}/bin", but I'm not sure.
<flokli> enough for today, time for zzz