andi- changed the topic of #nixos-security to: Vulnerability Roundup Issues: + | Currently supported releases: unstable (master), 20.09, 20.03 (until 27th of November)
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<__red__> I didn't know theer was a nixcon discussion :-/
<__red__> was it a talk? or just a converstaion after nixcon? or ...
<__red__> bbiab - stuff and nonsense
<__red__> I'm opening up a lot of PRs against 20.03
<__red__> am I just wasting my time?
<__red__> I guess I should ask that in nixos / nixos-dev
<__red__> I guess when the 27th hits we can just delete them all anyways...
<__red__> hmmm
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<ehmry> andi-: there was a security breakout room during nixcon and we talked about things like capsicum, getting rid of systemd, getting rid of linux. it was a long and unstructured discussion
<Foxboron> >getting rid of systemd
<Foxboron> So you get them as well!
<Foxboron> (getting rid of systemd is a net-negative if you care about security fwiw)
<gchristensen> lol yes we get them too
<andi-> Lets get rid of computers.
<raboof> pull the plug! very secure
<andi-> (also wait 24h after pulling the plug for the battery to run out)
<IdleBot_6d92ac96> Depends on what you replace it with, and also a necessary first step if you want to be able to switch between Linux and FreeBSD kernels at will based on the each morning's security news
<Foxboron> gchristensen: The first two hours of Arch Conf was people on IRC and twitch trying to create some systemd debate :p
<Foxboron> and the first email I did send out regarding Arch Conf the reply was
<Foxboron> Ah, I deleted the email. It just said "Can we please have a discussion regarding systemd?" :p
<gchristensen> LOL.
<Foxboron> Luckily we had one systemd maintainers doing smackdowns in the twitch chat :p that was fun
<Foxboron> maintainer*
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<__red__> Okay - knocked another 8 PRs out
<__red__> reached out to some maintainers
<__red__> and have a bunch of issues that require bumping a major rev or hhave a tonne of downstream dependencies
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