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<manveru> qyliss: how's it going with your bundix v4?
<qyliss^work> manveru: can you apply and try that build again?
<qyliss^work> Bundix rewrite made decent progress, but I put it down to focus on 2.6 for a bit
<manveru> qyliss^work: nice, i'd like to help with the rewrite if possible :)
<manveru> really would be better to have a gemset.json that also includes some gem metadata like license or homepage so we can, for example, use the common gemset for a bundlerApp equivalent that can be updated centrally
<manveru> won't work for all our bundlerApps, but a fair amount
<qyliss^work> next time I'm looking at it I'll put my code somewhere
<qyliss^work> Most of what I've written so far will actually belong in bundlerApp
<manveru> the Gemfile/lock generation?
<manveru> anw, i was just thinking about it, because i'm writing a ton of docs about ruby&nix to replace the old ones
<manveru> and would be nice if i didn't have to rewrite too much later :)
<qyliss^work> Yeah
<manveru> propagatedBuildInputs is really hard to get right :|
<manveru> Will try the patch shortly
<manveru> qyliss^work: any chance you could rebase your branch on unstable or master?
<qyliss^work> manveru: sure, see my ruby-2.6.3-master branch
<manveru> Thanks
<manveru> Running the tests now...
<manveru> Wonder why they take so long to eval
<manveru> anw, not really working either
<qyliss^work> manveru: did you apply the patch?
<qyliss^work> I'm confused since this does seem to have fixed it for me and others
<manveru> qyliss^work: it's fine, sorry, had to rebase on top of your branch because only the rubygems patch didn't do it :)
<qyliss^work> manveru: So, fixed now?
<manveru> Yeah
<qyliss^work> Awesome
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