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<qyliss> manveru: was just looking for a popular gem to use as test data for new Bundix, and saw your face on Rack. Cool!
<manveru> lol
<manveru> yeah, i worked with leah back in the dark ages
<qyliss> (still plan on looking at your PR this weekend, but I'm in the zone right now and taking advantage of it)
<manveru> no worries
<manveru> i ended up building half a nixos management dashboard :P
<qyliss> I'm testing Gemfile-from-lockfile generation
<qyliss> oh nice
<qyliss> oh that `bundle lock' is still running btw
<qyliss> I'm impressed it hasn't crashed
<manveru> :D
<manveru> well, at least it's memory-stable
<qyliss> Using about 1G
<qyliss> So I think it's probably growing, but slowly
<manveru> not bad
<qyliss> This machine has 128G in it, so I can leave it a bit longer :)
<manveru> and you said one-off :P
<qyliss> it is a one-off!
<qyliss> just a very long one :P