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<manveru> yeah, no problem, i was pretty tired too :)
<manveru> zimbatm: basically, what i'm wondering, how does bundlerEnv work, it sets pathsToLink to "/lib", but you still get executables with it...
<manveru> i'm a bit puzzled by that
<manveru> also, using a nix-shell on a buildEnv doesn't seem to set PATH, so that explains why i couldn't require anything. it didn't use my wrapped ruby
<manveru> OTOH buildEnv works well as a buildInput, since it has much less overhead than mkDerivation
<manveru> (well, standard mkDerivation, buildEnv just sets a nicer buildCommand)
<manveru> so, the PR finally supports all use-cases i'd say :D
<manveru> qyliss^work: would be cool if you could give it a try
<manveru> will still need to write some docs in the manual for it, or people will never find out about it
<qyliss^work> will do this eve / weekend :)
<manveru> cool :)
<manveru> finally weekend