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<asheshambasta> Hi everyone, is there a simple readme for the simplest NixOS based router setup?
<asheshambasta> I've been trying to follow https://francis.begyn.be/blog/nixos-home-router, which seems far too complex for me, and very different from my use case. What I'd like to achieve is have one of my ETH interfaces connect to my ISP router, request an IPv4 addr. from it, and have a private network behind my APU3D4.
<hexa-> there is the pppd test if you have pppoe connetivity
<asheshambasta> pppd is solely for pppoe right? AFAIK, this is not what I'm trying to achieve.
<n0emis[m]> i recently saw a talk about systemd-networkd in nixos, which said, that routes are not yet supported. is this still the case?
<hexa-> routes? that sounds wrong
<n0emis[m]> well, that talk is a bit older... but the routes i added with networking.interfaces.ens3.ipv4.routes were indeed not added to the routing-table...
<hexa-> systemd.networkd.networks."ens3".routes though
<n0emis[m]> hmm, that did not work either
<hexa-> can you pastebin the resulting networkd config?
<n0emis[m]> but that seems wrong...
<hexa-> systemd.networkd.networks."40-ens3".routes though
<hexa-> s/though//
<n0emis[m]> where does that prefix come from?
<n0emis[m]> okay, thanks. now it works...
<hexa-> it needs to be in a file that has a match block :)
<hexa-> idk
<hexa-> some network.interfaces magic?
<hexa-> using systemd.networkd plainly works well
<n0emis[m]> okay, than i'll switch to that
<asheshambasta> If I bridge my enp1s0 to wlp4s0, why does my host not have any network access anymore?
<asheshambasta> eg. ping to local network addrs. results in "Network is unreachable"
<asheshambasta> (in any case, a bridge configuration is not what I'm looking for. I'd like my nixos router to act as a gateway itself)
<lukegb> In general bridging wifi to Ethernet is unlikely to work
<asheshambasta> Its still the most success I've had: I can now have devices connect to Wifi and access the internet.
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