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<eyJhb> NinjaTrappeur: Thanks, I think I can use the solution from that. :)
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<NinjaTrappeur> nice. I used that NixOS module overloading to access the physical NS trick as well back when traveling was still a thing :)
<NinjaTrappeur> It works resonably well.
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<eyJhb> NinjaTrappeur: I think I got that part somewhat working. However it does not route add default ... correct
<eyJhb> But now I am trying to setup the systemd units, to force a application to use that namespace.
<eyJhb> All examples are copy/pasted, and have very few comments as to why it is all done
<NinjaTrappeur> In the pure Nix tradition, we have this knowledge deeply burried in a GitHub issue instead of properly documented in the wiki.
<NinjaTrappeur> ^ Just to be clear, I'm part of the issue here.
<eyJhb> Got it working NinjaTrappeur :D Pretty, no... Works, I guess.
<eyJhb> Ohh F... I forgot that the application I want to run using the Wireguard also have a management website... That I don't want to run using that :|
<NinjaTrappeur> nice
<eyJhb> Yup. Any ideas NinjaTrappeur ? Have port 8080 that the service exposes to manage stuff and things, that should be able to be access on the server using
<NinjaTrappeur> I lost you. Do you run this service in your "physical" ns?
<NinjaTrappeur> or in the default wireguard-routed one?
<eyJhb> I setup a new namespace, ie. wg0 that uses my Wireguard to tunnel all traffic in that namespace. Using this setup - https://mth.st/blog/nixos-wireguard-netns/
<eyJhb> So I then add these -> https://termbin.com/nqnz to my systemd service, which makes it run that application using that namespace and ie. use the Wireguard tunnel. However, this also means that I cannot access 8080 in that namespace, as it is seperate
<eyJhb> Not sure if I can pull out the port from that namespace?
<lukegb> eyJhb: you'd have to use a veth, I think, and then access the management interface using that internal IP instead
<hexa-> correct
<eyJhb> Will try that, thanks :) Hopefully I can clean all this up and make it nice and clean.
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<eyJhb> I have tried to setup the veth using the following commands https://termbin.com/o4hs (my wireguard interface ip inside the wg0 namespace is, but I seem to be missing something. Any idea?
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<eyJhb> Needed the more specific outgoing IP :)
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