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<edrex> hi all :)
<edrex> i have a couple of devices behind gateways I don't control, with NAT-PMP (the thing from uPNP/IGD that let's you map ports through the NAT, very yuck but that's the IOT world we live in)
<edrex> I need to (on a timer, and whenever network comes up) run a upnpc command to update port mappings.
<edrex> Hoping someone has already written this, otherwise I'll try to upstream if it makes sense. Anyone have relevant info?
<edrex> seems like to could make a nice module to complement the ddclient one.
<bpye> Does anyone here have a good config to reference? I’ve been considering this for a while and the recent Ubiquiti breach I think has convinced me. My Nix home server is already dual NIC so yay. Then I can get rid of the USG and flash the AP with OpenWRT
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