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<mdlayher> whenever nixos-unstable-small is next updated, the first stable release of my CoreRAD (corerad.net) IPv6 router advertisement daemon should be available there! you can check my configs at https://github.com/mdlayher/homelab/blob/master/nixos/routnerr-2/corerad.nix
<mdlayher> been running it at home for a year, so i figured it was about time
<hexa-> I intended to try it out, but before I knew it I did DHCPv6 and Radv via networkd 😅
<mdlayher> oh yeah i forgot that networkd can do router advertisements. huh. i migrated from radvd
<mdlayher> i would like to replace dhcpcd and such with networkd but i'll keep my more discrete daemons
<mdlayher> networkd can't do prometheus metrics
<flokli> mdlayher: if you write an exporter that asks it nicely via dbus, it can ;-)
<flokli> :-P
<mdlayher> true. i learned a bit about dbus with modemmanager. but meh
<flokli> ack
<mdlayher> i've actually been meaning to turn on the networkd backend for my router ever since i moved to 20.09. are folks pretty happy with it?
<mdlayher> it's just that breaking my router is always an adventure
<flokli> oh, you'd be excited about https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/18090 probably
<{^_^}> systemd/systemd#18090 (by mweinelt, 1 week ago, open): DHCPv6 renew breaks IPv6 connectivity
<mdlayher> that keeps happening to me with dhcpcd sometimes lol
<mdlayher> it'll just rip all the GUA prefixes off my LANs and then CoreRAD/Prometheus start alerting me about it
<hexa-> networkd just leaves everything in place, the ISP just stops forwarding
<mdlayher> very fun
<mdlayher> yeah i think i will try to port my configs over to networkd. i would normally do work like this on a twitch stream but fundamentally overhauling the router config seems prone to breaking my stream
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<cransom> yeah, that's my issue now too. home is lab and production.