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<edcragg> so... i'm curious, how is the situation right now for getting nixos on your router?
<clever> edcragg: for me, the "router" is just a regular old x86 motherboard with 2 NIC's, so getting nixos onto the hw is trivial
<clever> everything after that is just nixos config to setup dhcp/dns/nat
<eyJhb> Same as clever edcragg :)
<clever> prior to nixos, i had ran LFS on another aging machine, as a router
<clever> but that old dog got put down when i upgraded to fiber, and its 100mbit NIC's couldnt keep up
<edcragg> cool :)
<edcragg> i was thinking something similar using raspberry pi recently
<edcragg> maybe even packaging openwrt's luci interface for nixos, but maybe that's too tied in to openwrt
<betawaffle> apu2 hardware is really great
<betawaffle> i'm using one as my router for fiber
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<edcragg> hmm, mini PCIe
<hexa-> yeah, that part is a bit dated
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