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<Shados> clever: I can get Xen/9pfs devices to mount OK, but not in init (seeing if I can boot from 9pfs root+store), where the xenbus_dev_probe fails, despite having the various xen_ and 9p modules in initrd. Any ideas?
<Shados> ...I figured it out. For some reason, if I do not assign the VM a disk at all, it also cannot mount any assigned 9p tags. If I assign it a disk, it can. Even if it never uses the damn disk.
<clever> weird
<Shados> Yeah.
<Shados> Well, at least it does work with a 9pfs root and /nix/store, so that's neat. The IO perf. is not great, though.
<clever> Shados: ive run into problems with zfs on the host and qemu 9pfs, and directories getting crossed somehow
<clever> dir A in the guest, has dir B's contents
<Shados> o.0
<clever> ive had equally weird problems when using 32bit clients on nfs, with an xfs backend
<Shados> I am running ZFS on the host, but haven't had that issue with this xen/9pfs setup, so might be an issue unique to the qemu-specific bits of the code
<clever> xfs can easily result in inode numbers being over 4 billion, so they wont fit into a 32bit field
<Shados> heh
<clever> for a 32bit nfs client, the readdir() function then returns EOVERFLOW
<clever> you must use readdir64() to accept wider fields
<clever> and that requires compiling with special flags to tell glibc you want that
<clever> i then discovered, a decent number of linux utils, tread EOVERFLOW as EOF :P
<clever> so, tools to build a font cache for the initrd, claim the font files dont exist
<clever> yet ls claims they do!?
<Shados> I can't say I've ever had a good experience with... pretty much *any* networked filesystem setup, truth be told.
<clever> this problem only cropped up when using 64bit inodes on the host, and a 32bit client
<clever> if i was using a 64bit client, it wouldnt have happened
<Shados> was the vm a 32bit vm then, or...?
<clever> raspberry pi
<Shados> or not a- ahh
<clever> i gave up on nfsroot for the rpi, and switched to iscsi root :P
<Shados> ...why the hell do I always forget iscsi exists? I even use it at work a lot, and still
<Shados> I wonder if Ceph or Gluster are any less dodgy...
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