<gchristensen> nixos' test framework is pretty fun for experimenting with network configs
<clever> gchristensen: but it cant help with a thing leaking ram on the router, and causing dhcp to go down
<clever> gchristensen: oddly, NAT kept working, even with the system basically dead from swap
<cransom> way back when, i knew a man who ran bsd routers and he would halt them after configuring, letting the kernel do its (static) routing and nat things and they couldn't be touched.
<clever> cransom: years ago, when i ran an LFS router, i had to do some emergency maintaince on the rootfs with fsck
<clever> cransom: but, i refused to have any downtime!
<clever> cransom: so, i painstakingly (and manually) switched it to a single-user like mode, with a read-only rootfs
<clever> stopping every service that had files open for writing, and remounting /
<clever> i dont think that would be possible on a modern distro, at least not as easy...
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<gchristensen> my firewall experiments nixos test might be getting out of hand.
<gchristensen> I have a test that I'm having a hard time making work. anyone able to take a look? a container can talk over a bridge to a router to a peer's IP, but not over that peer's other IP: https://gist.github.com/grahamc/a24f6fe37aeb7bfddca69892b9f8a441 top describes layout & intent, line 329-342 are where I have trouble. the container which has IP can talk to IPs in the
<gchristensen> but not in 172.16... or 10.... ranges
<gchristensen> I'm surprised one works and not all/none, since and are different subnets
<gchristensen> to clarify, the uncommented test lines work, the commented test lines fail
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<gchristensen> hmm looks like it is a problem with `router`, as if I drop the 172.16, 10. IPs from `runner`, `runner` can't use `router` to talk over those
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