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<vcunat> hasn't scheduled anything from x86_64-linux:big-parallel for over 36 hours. At times the x86* queue was almost empty. Now there are many low-priority staging-next builds as well, but the big builds blocking nixos-unstable are still not scheduled.
<vcunat> I had bumped them to the front yesterday, but to no effect. Maybe it's some glitch that will disappear by itself soon, but I fear it may not be so.
<vcunat> BTW, is this channel the best place to discuss/report such things?
<gchristensen> yeah
<gchristensen> the scheduler is mysterious sometimes ...
<gchristensen> vcunat: want to bump them to the front now?
<vcunat> OK, I'll try bumping again.
<gchristensen> I just restarted the queue runner, which can help get bumps bumps
<gchristensen> bumps bumped*
<vcunat> Thanks, we'll see. Overall it's nothing urgent, as I see it.
<vcunat> I didn't expect getting such a quick reaction today :-)
<gchristensen> it is a weird day here, everybody but me is napping right now :)
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<vcunat> Oh, I see. A this moment the page shows no x86 builders with "big-parallel" tag.
<gchristensen> oh interesting
<gchristensen> I sees evenal, vcunat?
<gchristensen> several*
<vcunat> Well, I see some for x86_64-darwin, so I wasn't precise.
<gchristensen> oh interesting
<gchristensen> I'll take a look in a bit :)
<vcunat> aarch64-linux has them, too. That's what I've been observing - big-parallel for the two other platforms seemed scheduled OK.
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