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<tilpner> samueldr: I may have found a case for nixos-homepage#375
<tilpner> But it fails with NoSuchKey
<tilpner> But when you go to, you can see store-paths.xz
<tilpner> Can anyone confirm this behaviour?
<tilpner> Oh no, too many CDNs. Did I confuse Netlify with Fastly here?
<tilpner> The redirection is happening at the wrong time, but I'm not sure who to ping
<tilpner> It's weird that the web interface has two entries for nixos-19.09, one with trailing slash and one without
<tilpner> And store-paths.xz is present in one, but not in the other
<tilpner> The entry nixos-19.09/ seems to be the relevant one, nixos-19.09 acts more like a symlink
<tilpner> So the error might be correct, and this would not be a redirection issue
<tilpner> But that prompts the questions of "why are there two?", "why do they have different contents?", and "is that how it was intended to be, or a bug"?
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<garbas> tilpner: this is intended behaviour, since with s3 you need to create redirect for each key
<garbas> tilpner: but maybe we missed some usecases. where do you need it?