<maralorn> jtojnar: Just to be sure: Did you read the "before release branchoff" part in piegames question? I think it would be really great to have the gnome extensions PR in 21.05 (and worldofpeace said so, too, sadly they are not here anymore to merge it). Would you be okay with someone else testing it thouroghly and then merging it? Or do you think we can get it into 21.05 but only after gnome40 is merged?
<jtojnar> maralorn: yeah, I meant that my time for NixOS is limited these days and 40 is my main priority. Once the 40 bump is in master we will need to focus on more QA and I am not sure if that will even be done before branch-off.
<jtojnar> if someone else could review it thoroughly, that would help. But I still have conceptual concerns. For example, how does user distinguish extensions that are vetted and should work from those that are potentially insecure or require patching.
<jtojnar> That would not be such an issue in a third-party repo/flake but in nixpkgs, we need to care about these things.
<piegames[m]> As all extensions published on extensions.gnome.org are reviewed, I expect none of them to be insecure or malicious. Regarding quality guarantees, `gnomeXYExtensions` (for XY being some Gnome version) contains the automatically packaged extensions as one would install them through the browser. `gnomeExtensions` is meant to be the set of extensions that are "officially supported", it contains manually packaged/patched ones where needed.
<piegames[m]> However, we can only make a "best effort support" promise but no guarantees about all extensions working. This is simply not feasible given their number. Also, I don't consider this to be dramatic because failing extensions are not uncommon and Gnome handles it pretty well.
<jtojnar> were not the generated extensions merged into gnomeExtensions?
<piegames[m]> Yes. But the manually packaged ones (our current status quo) overrides them, and we'll add manual overrides with patches as needed.
<samueldr> jtojnar: you should now have all the accesses required
<samueldr> oh, you already know
<samueldr> though I switched it for admin for you, there was some miscommunication when I poked the nix-community people :)