<hpfr> nextcloud-client puts an entry in .config/autostart after you run it for the first time but it doesn't seem to work, and also, it has a desktop entry in its store path like most apps, but GNOME doesn't seem to show it when I search for it in my applications? why would that be?
<piegames[m]> Having a desktop entry in the store path alone won't help you a lot. Can you find it in your system's profile?
<hpfr> I've installed it via home manager and it's at /etc/profiles/per-user/me/bin/nextcloud
<piegames[m]> Is the binary in your path?
<hpfr> yes
<piegames[m]> Is the corresponding desktop file in your $XDG_DATA_DIRS?
<hpfr> I'm not sure, that variable contains a lot of paths, do you know what I should be looking for?
<piegames[m]> If you installed the application using home-manager, then one of these should point to a folder managed by home-manager. On my system it's `~/.nix-profile/share`.
<hpfr> `~/.nix-profile` contains nothing except `manifest.nix` which is empty
<hpfr> there is /etc/profiles/per-user/me/share though, I'll check that. I think it might be different since I use hm as a nixos module in my system config
<piegames[m]> Have you ever installed any other graphical applications through home-manager?
<hpfr> yes, basically all
<piegames[m]> Yes, the path will probably be different for you, as I'm not on NixOS.
<hpfr> hmm that path contains weird stuff, /etc/profiles/per-user/me/share/nextcloud contains i18n which contains a bunch of binary qm files like `client_en.qm` for a bunch of languages
<hpfr> none of the other paths like calibre or remmina seem to contain desktop files
<hpfr> and telegram is not there either
<hpfr> but telegram is in my applications menu, so that must not be the source of where gnome is getting its applications
<piegames[m]> The correct path should be `/etc/profiles/per-user/me/share/applications/nextcloud.desktop` then.
<hpfr> I don't think so, because none of these files in the data dirs I've checked seem to be desktop files
<piegames[m]> Desktop files are not in the data dirs, but in …/share/applications
<hpfr> where ... is the data dir right
<hpfr> oh yeah ok thanks
<piegames[m]> The share/ part should already be included in the data dir path, but apart from that yes
<hpfr> I didn't read the second half of the correct path you sent 😅
<hpfr> now we're getting somewhere, that path (`/etc/profiles/per-user/me/share/applications/`) contains all the desktop files for desktop apps I've installed via home-manager, but nextcloud's isn't there. maybe there's a problem with the nix package?
<hpfr> oh nvm it is in there
<hpfr> they use the domain name convention like flatpak apps
<hpfr> anything look weird about this desktop file? http://ix.io/2VMO
<hpfr> it's in there right alongside all my other apps, so I feel like that must be the issue
<hpfr> it is a rather weird desktop file
<piegames[m]> But looks fine to me on first glance
<piegames[m]> Copy the file to ~/.local/share/applications and see if Gnome finds it (may need a relog)
<hpfr> yup, there it is! gnome can't seem to find its icon, but it's there now
<hpfr> no relog needed
<hpfr> that's very strange
<piegames[m]> Then it should either find all other applications in that directory, or none.
<hpfr> wdym
<hpfr> the etc directory?
<hpfr> all the other ones there work fine
<piegames[m]> Yes
<piegames[m]> That's really really weird
<hpfr> It might have something to do with being a tray application which gnome seems to really not like since they've gotten rid of the tray
<hpfr> because it also doesn't autostart when that desktop file is put in .config/autostart
<hpfr> but then again gnome was fine with it in .local/share/applications so idk what the difference would be there
<piegames[m]> Dunno. Gnome sometimes is just really brittle with regards to these things
<hpfr> yeah. the local/share/applications override is fine for now, but I'd be interested to hear if someone maintaining NixOS Gnome has any insights