<jtojnar> maxine: I will try to check if I can upload the tarball to gnome servers
<jtojnar> * maxine: I will try to check if I can upload the vte tarball to gnome servers
<maxine> Huh, those answers are surprising to me (re tarball generation)
<maxine> Sounds good tho, at least the scrolling issue sounds worth making the effort to bump
<jtojnar> looks like they made the procedure even harder so I am not surprised people are lazy
<maxine> Could we switch to pulling tags from gitlab? Though I've seen too many "40.0-CORRECT" this time to feel super keen about it 😬
<jtojnar> maxine: I would like to avoid overloading the gitlab instance even more
<jtojnar> it already returns Error 500 more often than is reasonable
<maxine> Mmm, fair
<jtojnar> though we will probably end up needing to do that for other projects of that person like aisleriot
<piegames[m]> jtojnar (IRC): Do you think you'll have the time to take a look at https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/118232/ before release branchoff? A general ack from somebody on the Gnome team would be really appreciated.
<jtojnar> piegames[m]: I am afraid not, we need to finish GNOME 40 first
<jtojnar> maxine: vte tarball is up now
<jtojnar> maxine: pushed the vte and adwaita bumps
<maxine> \o/
<jtojnar> just noticed we have not updated https://github.com/nix-community/gnome-session-ctl
<jtojnar> and I cannot push to the repo
<jtojnar> will need to wait for someone from nix-community to add me
<jtojnar> fortunately it is almost a leaf package