<worldofpeace> Jan Tojnar: Maybe you could look over https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/99648#issuecomment-706637536 The main thing I want to discuss are the 'etc.' things since everything else looks good
<jtojnar> I am now reviewing the GNOME 3.38 changes will look at it after I finish
<jtojnar> worldofpeace: what is the purpose of passthru.GI_TYPELIB_PATH in the telepathy libs?
<jtojnar> * worldofpeace: what is the purpose of `passthru.GI_TYPELIB_PATH` in the telepathy libs?
<jtojnar> also Empathy was meant to replace Pidgin but when Maemo died, Telepathy went with it
<jtojnar> so Pidgin only wins by being slightly less dead
<jtojnar> I recorded screen for the second half of the GNOME 3.38 review so now I have 3 and ½ hours of that
<jtojnar> ugh, I started at 0:33 AM and finished at 9:16 AM
<worldofpeace> Jan Tojnar: I was trying to do something else but I was like "this is dead use sessionPath". it can safely be removed
<worldofpeace> <jtojnar "ugh, I started at 0:33 AM and fi"> THAT IS THOROUGH. and tbh it needed since we had to new contributors
<worldofpeace> also your feedback at https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-homepage/issues/448#issuecomment-706685703 was be nice Jan Tojnar We're going to get a pretty release announcement/blog post
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