<gmr> woah doom is cool
<gmr> rycee: would it make sense to add a doom module to home-manager (apologies for the late ping if ur not in america)
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<NobbZ[m]> rycee:
<NobbZ[m]> * rycee: Is there perhaps a way to have emacs managed in a "non $HOME" way? Injecting the `init.el` on a different channel? Or perhaps using `XDG_*` with a recent enough emacs? Is there anything built in to HM?
<cole-h> If you're on 27 or above, Emacs will look in ~/.config/emacs
<NobbZ[m]> I'm on 28, and it still uses .emacs, though of course that might be a fallback :D anyway, it's still in $HOME
<NobbZ[m]> I like configs which I can keep totally out of home, eg by injecting arguments to a config file in the store through a wrapper
<cole-h> If .emacs exists, it'll use that.
<cole-h> If it doesn't, it'll look for ~/.config/emacs
<cole-h> By non-$HOME, you mean you don't want it in `/home/...` at all? Even if XDG_CONFIG_DIR is `/home/.../.config`?
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<gmr> XDG_CONFIG_DIR includes several dirs in the nix store on my system (on nixos)
<NobbZ[m]> "cole-h" (https://matrix.to/#/@freenode_cole-h:matrix.org) yes. But we'll, the xdg config that EMAS sees doesn't need to be the same that my remaining system sees ;)
<NobbZ[m]> The nice benefit is that Emacs might remind me to restart it for config changes.
<NobbZ[m]> I do not currently have it set up that way though, as the last time I tried, Emacs (or a plugin) tried to write into the xdg config
<gmr> anyone have any guidance on using home-manager to set up ssh-agent (or gpg-agent) just to do basic git push stuff?
<gmr> (i know, a little offtopic, but idk if there is a better room to discuss home-manager things). consulting the home-configuration.nix manpage seems to indicate that programs.keychain is the right way forward?
<gmr> > No, I haven't heard of anybody working on ssh-agent support. I've used gpg-agent with SSH support for a long time now since I use gpg a lot anyway.
<gmr> i did notice when i was grepping my clone of the repo that zsh uses ssh-agent plugin or something?
<gmr> cool, i'll learn how to use gpg-agent. starting things fresh right now so it's a good a time as any to try it that way. i found ssh-agent to be a one-trick pony anyways. gh issues.... wow we depend on them so much
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<gmr> and /offtopic
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<rycee> gmr: I guess it would make sense to have a doom option? I'm not sure what it would entail, never used doom.
<rycee> NobbZ: No, the emacs module in HM doesn't really do anything about actually configuring Emacs, it just sets up a suitable package for you. The emacs-init module in my NUR does generate a config but places it in `~/.emacs.d`. I did experiment on instead placing a `default.el` in `site-lisp` but I found the `inhibit-startup-screen` issue annoying enough that it gave that up.
<rycee> I'm still on Emacs 26 so don't have access to the XDG stuff.
<rycee> But once I do I suppose the config could be placed somewhere in `{profiledir}/etc/xdg`.
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