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<aterius> I'm not hitting the cachix cache when building emacs... Is there something I'm missing?
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<alexarice[m]> mjlbach: I think sometimes you just end up being on a slightly different commit somewhere and missing the cache
<alexarice[m]> though I'm not sure how this cache is set up
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<NobbZ[m]> I'm on unstable + emacs overlay and update the overlay usually on the same time as my channels, this way I usually hit the cache.
<aterius> Same, currently not hitting it for whatever reason...
<aterius> I have unfree enabled
<wedens[m]> do you have nixpkgs pinned to the same version that emacs overlay uses?
<wedens[m]> seems like it uses nixos-unstable revision at the moment of doing a build 🤔
<wedens[m]> 467ce5a9f45aaf96110b41eb863a56866e1c2c3c is the latest nixos-unstable (at the moment)
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<aterius> Hmm I always update to nixpkgs-unstable as part of my update script
<aterius> it's nixos-unstable?
<adisbladis> Yes, the overlay hydra is tracking NixOS unstable, not nixpkgs-unstable
<adisbladis> (Man I wish we could just drop nixpkgs-unstable)
<ldlework> what's the difference between nixos-unstable and nixpkgs-unstable?!
<etu> ldlework: operating system related tests (like bootloaders) vs not having it
<aterius> Ah perfect
<aterius> Hmm, I think I can just import nixos-unstable as a separate channel and install emacs from that...
<aterius> the duplication shouldn't be that bad
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<adisbladis> etu: Tbh I don't even understand why nixpkgs-unstable is a thing
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<aterius> Maybe I should just move everything to nixos-unstable...
<aterius> Probably easier
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<adisbladis> Nice, libgccjit is finally on unstable
<cole-h> 👀
<{^_^}> nix-community/emacs-overlay#32 (by adisbladis, 10 seconds ago, open): Add emacs native-comp branch (emacsGcc)
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<adisbladis> \o/
<neeasade> \o/
<neeasade> just found out this channel existed.
<neeasade> (from the emacs-overlay)
<aterius> ! Excited to try it out
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<bqy> !!
<bqy> I can delete my experimental stuff now