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<jackdk> adisbladis: ls -d /nix/store/*lua-mode* on my work machine gives me i0qjh0y7r9kmq9dbcgxdc4xzrs3ghz6n-emacs-lua-mode-20190113.250/ and krqbbhlxklwikhbz49ib294w8ygji9vj-emacs-lua-mode-20190113.250.drv ; are either useful to you? I can dump them into a nar or something if so
<adisbladis> jackdk: I'm more interested in the sources, but shoot
<adisbladis> Anything may help :)
<jackdk> adisbladis: of course, all the downloads are in derivations named "source"
<jackdk> I'll check GH issues and see what expected hashes are around, and if i have any of those
<jackdk> hm, all of the -source files seem to be nixpkgs pins. so that one lua-mode dir looks like all I've got
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