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<Bruno[m]1> Anyone else having problems with lsp-mode recently? It doesn't seem able to build rls. I'm using nurNoPkgs.repos.rycee.hmModules.emacs-init and I'm supposed to be using the emacs overlay. I'm not sure yet which version of lsp-mode has the problem.
<rycee> I've used lsp-mode today with rls, also using the emacs-init module. But I'm just using Nixpkgs 19.09 without the emacs overlay.
<Bruno[m]1> Thanks. Is there a way to tell lsp-mode to not depend on rust and rls? I'm mostly always using rls with direnv anyway.
<rycee> Hmm, I wasn't aware that it did. Isn't that only when the lsp-rust Emacs package is enabled?
<Bruno[m]1> oh I said lsp-mode but I meant lsp-rust.
<Bruno[m]1> oh it seems lsp-rust is part of lsp-mode.
<Bruno[m]1> I don't seem to have the problem if I only install lsp-mode.
<Bruno[m]1> I think I only have the problem when I use lsp-rust with programs.emacs.init.usePackage.
<Bruno[m]1> I think I have the same problem without the overlay. I'm using
<rycee> It'll pull rls from `<nixpkgs>` if lsp-rust is enabled.
<Bruno[m]1> rycee: I can't override the default by using `config = "";` right?
<rycee> `lib.mkForce` might work…
<rycee> config = lib.mkForce ''blah blah'';
<Bruno[m]1> rycee: it does work. thank you very very much.
<adisbladis> Bruno[m]1: You might want to submit an override to nixpkgs
<adisbladis> We use the same overrides in the overlay
<Bruno[m]1> adisbladis: I'm sorry I'm not following. Isn't the "issue" here that emacs-init ( includes pkgs.rls ? Or do you mean to add an override to rls in nixpkgs so that I can specify the rust version I want?
<Bruno[m]1> It's very possible I'm missing something. I'm still new to all of this.
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