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<adisbladis> emacs 27 has had lots of breakage for me recently :/
<adisbladis> I rolled back to emacs 26
<wedens[m]> the only breaking change I've encountered is this retarded `:extend` face property default
<adisbladis> wedens[m]: There were some changes the other day that broke most of my modes :(
<adisbladis> Related to max-lisp-eval-depth & max-specpdl-size
<wedens[m]> yeah, it's easy to stumble upon some commit that breaks things
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<jeschli> Yeah this max-lisp-eval thing was caused by flycheck-rust for me.
<jeschli> I disabled it at the bug was gun (strangely appeared in magit too
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<bdju> after installing emacs packages via home-manager, how do I make emacs see them?