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<sondre> I'm having some issues setting up the community Emacs overlay
<sondre> it doesn't look like it picks up on the configured overlay, nothing changes when I run `nixos-rebuild`
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<wedens[m]> move overlays definition from a let binding to the main attrset
<wedens[m]> currently it's scoped to the let binding and does absolutely nothing
<sondr3> okay, I updated it but still nothing changed
<sondr3> it fetched the tarball but didn't start downloading packages
<wedens[m]> what changes do you expect?
<sondr3> that it fetches the updated Elpa/Melpa packages :p
<sondr3> I may have misunderstood the usage, I thought adding the overlay also added updated epkgs, not just EXWM and emacs-git
<adisbladis> sondr3: It does, but there are some sharp edges here...
<adisbladis> jeschli was reporting similar issues the other day
<adisbladis> I think we need to override the attrsets (emacs*Packages) directly instead of just the function creating them
<adisbladis> To make it work seamlessly
<adisbladis> But I don't want to maintain those mappings
<adisbladis> I want the overlay to be completely self-maintaining
<wedens[m]> sondr3: you don't seem to use the function that overrides packages using the overlay
<sondr3> what function? I can't see it on the README
<wedens[m]> `emacsPackagesNgFor`
<adisbladis> Hmmm!!!
<adisbladis> We recently changed that in upstream nixpkgs
<adisbladis> emacsPackagesNgFor is now just an alias to emacsPackagesFor
<adisbladis> Ok, the fix may be a one-liner :)
<wedens[m]> home-manager master seems to use emacsPackagesNgGen
<adisbladis> wedens[m]: That's fine I think
<wedens[m]> I'm confused with all those aliases :)
<adisbladis> wedens[m]: emacsPackagesNgGen = emacsPackagesFor;
<wedens[m]> alright
<adisbladis> So if we just change the overlay to `emacsPackagesNgFor` -> `emacsPackagesFor` this issue should be fixed
<adisbladis> I never noticed since I'm not using any the upstream nixpkgs attrset names :)
<adisbladis> wedens[m]: Luckily you shouldn't really have to know about aliases any more
<adisbladis> Anything with `Ng` in the name is legacy
<sondr3> so the solution is in the overlay? I can send a PR to change what you've mentioned
<adisbladis> sondr3: I think so yes :) Either way we should make that change in the overlay
<adisbladis> I don't consider legacy aliases supported
<adisbladis> Note to self (and hint to others): The overlay needs tests
<adisbladis> Yeah, that's exactly what we should change
<sondr3> is the change simply dropping the `Ng`?
<sondr3> okay, I found the commit in nixpkgs
<{^_^}> nix-community/emacs-overlay#13 (by sondr3, 14 seconds ago, open): emacsPackagesNg -> emacsPackages
<sondr3> oh
<sondr3> good timing
<adisbladis> Hm?
<sondr3> just funny timing with the bot posting just after me
<sondr3> I keep forgetting about them in the nixos channels
<adisbladis> sondr3: That's not about timing :) The bot looks at the URL you paste and gets meta information
<sondr3> oooooooh, okay, wow, I thought it was an automated thing when I created the PR
<sondr3> makes more sense lol
<adisbladis> sondr3: It is for #nixos and such, but not here
<adisbladis> Let's see what traces we still have of *Ng* in nixpkgs and remove them (except for the aliases)
<adisbladis> Ok, it's already only the aliases
<adisbladis> sondr3: Merged!
<sondr3> adisbladis: whoop
<adisbladis> Made a minor fixup in elisp.nix too and squashed it
<sondr3> ah, I didn't check the other files, good catch
<sondr3> whoop, it's downloading a ton of packages now
<etu> Do I dare rebuilding my emacs now? :D
<adisbladis> Made a PR to home-manager:
<{^_^}> rycee/home-manager#901 (by adisbladis, 33 seconds ago, open): emacs: Don't use emacsPackagesNg
<adisbladis> etu: No one remembers a coward!
<adisbladis> ;)
<etu> you're right
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<iqubic> I want to get Emacs set-up for doing Java development on Nix using the emacs packages lsp-java and dap-java as outlined here: How hard do you guys think this will be to accomplish?
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