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<jeschli> does anybody use an emacs on a remote machine and connects to it via emacsclient? so far i used emacsclient only for my local emacs. i would like to setup a remote emacs to test it as a pair programming device.
<adisbladis> jeschli: I looked into that half a decade ago
<adisbladis> I don't think it's possible
<adisbladis> Or might be possible through socat or some other overengineered solution :)
<adisbladis> At the time only unix sockets were supported, I believe that to still be the case
<jeschli> adisbladis: yes, i see. a friend suggested the "classical" ssh -t and there emacsclient -nw. for me for pairing up i dont need only one cursor. so i guess this is good enough for some pairing up session