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<alexarice[m]> should I need to do anything other than add the overlay to get the up to date emacs packages, nothing built when I added it which makes me suspicious
<jackdk> my nix-mode seems to choose bizarre indentations when electric-indent mode is on. Is there a standard set of nix-mode tweaks to make it behave?
<etu> jackdk: Check out the variable nix-indent-function
<etu> The default mode is very very bad
<etu> 'nix-indent-line is a function that have been around for a long time that is mostly fine imo, but there's some issues
<etu> And there's a new 'smie-indent-line configuration as well which I'm using at the moment
<etu> But if you have any issues with nix-indent-line or smie-indent-line, open an issue about it and provide a test case which is as small as possible
<etu> (back in January this year I've introduced tests for how nix-indent-line indents file, which is built by CI on PR's so we can see if things breaks in the future)
<etu> smie came around later and use mostly the same test cases
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<adisbladis> etu: Why isn't that the default indent mode? :S
<adisbladis> alexarice[m]: That should be it.
<adisbladis> How are you adding it and how are you building your emacs configuration?
<alexarice[m]> adisbladis: I am adding it via the `nixpkgs.overlays` home-manager option
<alexarice[m]> I think it might just be that there weren't any updates to the packages I was using, using emacsGit certainly caused some building
<adisbladis> alexarice[m]: Ahh :) Unstable was bumped a few days ago so that makes sense
<{^_^}> nix-mode#57 (by shlevy, 40 weeks ago, open): nix-indent-line as default nix-indent-function
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<jackdk> etu: thank you. I will look into this today
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