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<etu> adisbladis: xelb got lost?
<etu> Maybe not needed?
<adisbladis> I figured it doesn't make much sense to upgrade them separately
<adisbladis> So I consider xelb/exwm one "repo"
<adisbladis> It's not technically correct, but whatever, it makes some sense :)
<etu> adisbladis: Ah, I see :)
<adisbladis> etu: I wanted some decent organisation now that we keep adding repos, elpa & org is coming soon too
<etu> hmm
<etu> adisbladis: projectile seems to be broken
<adisbladis> How so?
<etu> emacsql-sqlite-ensure-binary: No EmacSQL SQLite binary available, aborting
<etu> When trying to open a project
<adisbladis> Hmm
<etu> The interesting thing is that if I open i project, it suggest projects I've had open before, then it lists files that are cached (but that's in a lisp list cache file) and I can filter them. And when I select a file that error appears.
<etu> But if I just navigate to the file ignoring projectile I can open it
<etu> Even more interesting, if I open the project first by hand. I can use projectile to switch to another file within the project
<etu> :S
<etu> Maybe some weird satte
<etu> state*
<adisbladis> Wat
* adisbladis is wondering why the melpa updater hangs on the build box but not on his other machine :/
<adisbladis> Worst case the overlay is out of date for a bit, but I'd really like to get to the bottom of it
<etu> Hmmmm
<etu> adisbladis: :)
<etu> Doesn't work fully though
<etu> things that depend on systemd complains :p
<etu> hm, that wasn't emacs related... wrong channel
<etu> adisbladis: -- seems to be very broken for me
<etu> adisbladis: It seems to need that you build some sqlite thingy in c that they have in the repo
<adisbladis> etu: Right, that's fairly common I've noticed
<etu> sometimes I can open files with helm-find-files and sometimes it just fails
<etu> so currently it's quite broken
<adisbladis> It's sort of expected that some auto-generated packages are broken
<etu> yeah, I should probably fix this package
<etu> seems to be a common requirement
<adisbladis> Yep
<adisbladis> I wonder if that's something our build infra can take care of automagically
<adisbladis> It doesn't contain any build spec for native components
<etu> yep
<etu> It's tricky
<adisbladis> I'm so annoyed that so many packages actually have native dependencies but still succeed in building without that component :/
<etu> adisbladis: -- fixed it
<{^_^}> #66642 (by etu, 13 seconds ago, open): emacsPackagesNg.emacsql: Build sqlite binary
<adisbladis> etu: Nice :)