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<adisbladis> Aww yiss
<drakonis> shoulda been "HELLO WORLD"
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<adisbladis> I just merged my mega-cleanup
<iqubic> adisbladis: Can you look through this and make sure I've set everything up right? These files are all in the same directory.
<iqubic> I feel like I've missed something, but I can't tell. I took the file you named elisp.nix and renamed it to use-package.nix
<jackdk> adisbladis: I have a BAUER-style "everything wired together" emacs config. will there be migrations necessary when your stuff makes it to the channels?
<adisbladis> jackdk: There shouldn't be any backwards incompatible changes.
<jackdk> doubly-impressive. thanks.
<adisbladis> The only packages dropped were redundant :)
<adisbladis> My next big change _will_ break backwards compat
<iqubic> adisbladis: Can you check the configs I just linked and make sure I'm not missing anything obvious before I rebuild?
<adisbladis> iqubic: Looks fine I think
<iqubic> Cool.
<iqubic> Now, how do I build these configs?
<iqubic> Also, what do I about getting use-package installed in my emacs environment?
<adisbladis> iqubic: Follow the home-manager docs ( or check with the ppl in #home-manager )
<adisbladis> Also use-package is always injected in fromEmacsUsePackage https://gist.github.com/IQubic/bc352548582ea6da30ed4e8e3d142f8b#file-use-package-nix-L39
<iqubic> Thanks.
<iqubic> I've gone ahead and changed all my use-package blocks from :ensure t to :ensure f.
<adisbladis> :ensure t _should_ be fine to leave around, but I've had cases where it still went off and tried to fetch dependencies that were available locally
<iqubic> I'm just going to set it to false.
<iqubic> Also, how will I know if a certain package needs an override? Like if the use-package name and the nixpkgs name are different.
<adisbladis> iqubic: You'll notice when the evaluation fails
<iqubic> Alright then. Sounds good.
<adisbladis> That's the backward incompatible changes I mentioned :)
<adisbladis> Feel free to add your pain points