<exarkun22> How to Haskell? error: Package ‘ghc-8.4.3’ in /nix/store/ps5g3m00amr7akphmdsn9pqzwz3rn3a1-nixpkgs-18.09.1228.a4c4cbb613c/nixpkgs/pkgs/development/compilers/ghc/8.4.3.nix:238 is not supported on ‘aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu’, refusing to evaluate.
<clever> nix-repl> pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.haskellPackages.hello
<clever> «derivation /nix/store/554fkp0z0ah8hsybrj0g54wzcy2qf1cw-hello-»
<clever> exarkun22: i suspect the cross-compile framework can be used
<exarkun22> Hmm ok. Time to learn a fun new thing I guess.
<clever> [clever@amd-nixos:~/apps/cachecache]$ nix-build -E 'with import <nixpkgs> {}; pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.haskellPackages.callCabal2nix "cachecache" ./. {}'
<clever> exarkun22: this should just load the cachecache.cabal file from . and build it...
<clever> error: creating directory '/nix/var': Permission denied
<clever> and it already fails, lol
<exarkun22> aha, pkgsCross is just another thing in nixpkgs, I see
<clever> oh wait, i dont have a cabal file in my package
<clever> nix-build -E 'with import <nixpkgs> {}; pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.haskellPackages.callCabal2nix "extra-statsd" ./. {}'
<clever> this one has a cabal, its downloading things...
<exarkun22> Hm, also failing here though, same error about ghc being unsupported on aarch-64-unknown-linux-gnu... maybe I need to switch to unstable?
<clever> exarkun22: you could just checkout the nixos-unstable branch of nixpkgs-channels, and try that
<clever> exarkun22: it would also have to be ran on an x86 machine
<clever> and it would then cross-compile to aarch64
<exarkun22> Oh. I'm not sure that's what's happening here. I'm using nixops and have the aarch64 (raspberry pi) set as a builder.
<clever> exarkun22: you would need to import an x86 nixpkgs, and then use the cross-compile target
<clever> let x86pkgs = import <nixpkgs> { system = "x86_64-linux"; };
<clever> then use x86pkgs.pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.haskellPackages.
<clever> nixops will then seamlessly use an x86 build machine to do the building
<exarkun22> okay, cool, there's some stuff to try
<exarkun22> some downloading to wait for first :(
<exarkun22> or sleep through more likely
<samrose> samueldr: yes, sd image produced
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<tilpner> No matter what linuxPackages I use, it always starts to compile a kernel :/
<sphalerite> tilpner: overlays? boot.kernelPatches set?
<sphalerite> Weird nixpkgs rev?
<tilpner> boot.kernelPatches is empty, and I don't think the overlays should cause this
<tilpner> Is nixos-unstable built for aarch64?
<tilpner> I'm downloading the prebuilt image, maybe it compiles faster on the actual device
<sphalerite> yeah it should be in the cache…
<samueldr> unstable builds for aarch64 could lag behind what the channel currently points to, though
<exarkun22> Darn, builder for '/nix/store/32rx20wqm3bm78zcvxdi4sr5912348a7-aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu-ghc-8.4.4.drv' failed with exit code 2; last 10 log lines: (not enough context to understand the failure)
<tilpner> samueldr - Is there a way for me to check where they are?
* samueldr could be mistaken
<samueldr> hmm, annoying, the page I wanted to share doesn't have a URL
<tilpner> I am on nixpkgs eval 1488047
<samueldr> https://hydra.nixos.org/jobset/nixpkgs/trunk#tabs-jobs -> search linuxPackages_latest.kernel
<samueldr> I still am not 100% convinced I get this right, but the nixos-unstable channel is x86_64 only, and the reason it mostly works is that nixpkgs-unstable is mostly at the same place?
<samueldr> 4.19 is only on unstable right now
<samueldr> and only nixpkgs jobsets have 4.19.aarch64
<samueldr> though as nixpkgs:trunk shows with the jobs search: builds time out it seems...
<tilpner> Thank you! So I'll just wait some more hours and never GC again :c
<tilpner> This is for the pinebook. I realise it may be different, but do you have your pine64 config available somewhere?
<samueldr> pine a64-LTS will be *real* close, but AFAIUI with another dtb
<samueldr> only additional required setting for X11 is services.xserver.videoDrivers = [ "modesetting" ];
<samueldr> (the defaults will bring in x86-only things)
<tilpner> Ahh, so it was on gitlab, I didn't check there! :o
<samueldr> :)
<samueldr> I entered the queue for a pinebook
<samueldr> never got a place :/
<tilpner> Really? It takes a few weeks, but do they send out those codes
<samueldr> entered around september last year IIRC
<samueldr> :(
<tilpner> It may have been recognised as spam and deleted
<samueldr> which is why I hated the whole opaqueness, no way to check status
<tilpner> Yes, it is very opaque :/
<samueldr> how much time did it take for you to get a reply?
* samueldr re-entered, hoping it will stick
<tilpner> A few weeks to get the coupon, then an order confirmation, then two months of nothing, a "we'll send a tracking code soon, sorry for delay", and a tracking code
<samueldr> oh well!
<samueldr> though at the time I entered it was really-back-ordered
<samueldr> they were talking a couple months before they'd know when it'd continue... and they started back a couple months back think
<tilpner> Yes, and the new pinebooks are 1080p (surprise change because they ran out of the old panels)
<samueldr> yeah
<tilpner> Only the small variant was available, maybe there's not enough demand for the larger one
<tilpner> So, what's this linux-4.14-pine64-sdr branch?
<tilpner> "Showing 3,457 changed files with 50,908 additions and 24,571 deletions."
<tilpner> :/
<samueldr> lol
<samueldr> it's a rebased branch from another user
<samueldr> and I think (hope, haven't verified yet) it won't be necessary starting 4.19
<samueldr> had issues with hdmi and ethernet otherwise
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<tilpner> And how did you install it? /installer/cd-dvd/sd-image.nix?
<nbp> Does the default kernel configuration allow running both ARM32 in addition to ARM64, or I should add some extra config flag?
<samueldr> tilpner: used sd-image-aarch64.img and serial, at the time
<tilpner> Hmm, that didn't do anything when I tried
<tilpner> But I probably tried the wrong thing
<samueldr> It needed its u-boot flashed at the right location on SD
<samueldr> Or, errr, emmc
<tilpner> But I did that
<tilpner> Well, at least with the linked u-boot
<tilpner> Which is apparently not the right one?
<samueldr> tilpner it won't load the device tree for the pinebook though
<samueldr> (if I understand things correctly)
<samueldr> That's why I needed one
<tilpner> Yeah, I didn't really expect that to just work. I'll have to ask #pine64 about that
<nbp> Ok, apparently the USB stick EFI does not seems to be detected.
<nbp> Strangely the pre-installed openSus seems to be using EFI as well.
<samueldr> though, not sure the sd-image-aarch64 (if that's what you're using) is EFI-ready
<samueldr> in fact, quite sure it wouldn't :/
<samueldr> (assuming you didn't change it as needed)
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<samrose> well, compiling 4.19 seemed to resolve the simple_fb error, but still not fully booting on bananapi m64, so I will need to get the serial console on UART working without crashing to dig deeper
<samrose> samueldr: did you get pine a64-lts working fully?
<samueldr> haven't taken the time yet to try 4.19 on the pine a64-lts
<samrose> samueldr: I think you said you got 4.14 with patches work yes?
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> a while ago
<samrose> samueldr: I think I am missing something, do you also copy this configuration.nix stuff to the sd image prior to trying to boot it in the machine? https://gitlab.com/samueldr/nixos-configuration/tree/master
<samueldr> nope, sd-image-aarch64 booted with serial and usb ethernet on an older release, and updated since then
<tilpner> sd-image-aarch64 doesn't boot on the pinebook, AFAICT :/
<samueldr> I'm almost positive it would, but not with the right device tree such that it acts like the pine a64-lts would :/
<samrose> samueldr: so once you got it working with serial and usb, then you grabbed these configuration.nix files online, and wrote them in place then reboot?
<samueldr> (but don't quote me, haven't been able to see it hands-on!)
<samueldr> I wrote them on the pine64, but yeah, experimented, rebuilt
<tilpner> samueldr - I have obtained a known-to-probably-work uboot, and I'm trying to build my own
<samueldr> tilpner: unless I'm mistaken, in the pinebook is a bog standard pine a64-lts, right?
<tilpner> Does dd-ing the probably-good uboot ontop of the prebuilt sd-image have any chance of working?
<samueldr> thus, using *its* hdmi port you should see the output on the nixos-built u-boot for sopine?
<samueldr> and tilpner, possibly, but maybe not, depends whether u-boot was built with extlinux support
<tilpner> I'm not sure I understand what you mean. By "*its* hdmi port", do you mean the display, or the mini/micro/something hdmi port on the pinebook?
<samueldr> the hdmi port of the pine a64-lts inside the pinebook
<samueldr> (not sure how it is actually built)
<tilpner> Not sure either :/
<tilpner> samueldr - The probably-good u-boot (transplanted onto sd-image-aarch64) sees NixOS, but when trying to boot it errors on undefined commands
<tilpner> Like set_cmdline, load_dtb, sunxi_bmp_show
<samueldr> yeah, (probably subtly wrong explanation) boot script embedded into that built u-boot might have some configurations different
<samueldr> this smells like armbian
<tilpner> So I do have to build my own :/
<samueldr> e.g. we do not have bmp enabled, which is probably why you see an error about it, but the command is probably there, but it can't load the picture on the SD!
<samueldr> I don't know tilpner, maybe :/
* samueldr really wanted to be the first nixer with one in hands
<samueldr> just because at least I would be able to help others :)
<samueldr> (hopefully, after much head scratching)
<tilpner> You already helped a lot, I might not even have it if you hadn't done the work for the pine64-lts
<tilpner> NixOS booted on the Pinebook! \o/
<tilpner> But... I can only login via serial :c
<samueldr> No display?
<samueldr> Was u-boot showing stuff?
<tilpner> samueldr - Only at the beginning, after I upgraded to arm-trusted-firmware master
<tilpner> Then it stops at different stages during the boot
<tilpner> One time I have a shell, the other it hangs at "Starting kernel...", and then it stops somewhere inbetweeen
<tilpner> I don't know if it actually stops, or if that's just the serial output
<tilpner> But if it advances past a certain point, the display goes black again (backlight off)
<tilpner> And now #pine64 people suggest to build an older kernel
* tilpner sleep