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<gchristensen> cole-h: I'm going to start sway like this now: WLR_DRM_NO_MODIFIERS=1 exec systemd-run --user --scope sway -c /etc/sway/config -d > sway.log 2>&1
<cole-h> Interesting -- does that work?
<gchristensen> YEAH
<gchristensen> yeah*
<cole-h> (And what's with the WLR_DRM envar?)
<cole-h> Super stoked to get it up and running? haha
<gchristensen> it does something making my external screen work
<cole-h> Got it. Cool beans, glad you got it to work :)
<gchristensen> thanks!
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<`_> Seeing an interesing new error with nixops, Exception: Neither 'text' or 'keyFile' options were set for key 'my-private-key'.
<gchristensen> hmm `_ I have seen something similar. is this when running `nixops send-keys`, and what revision nixops are you on?
<`_> Yet `cat $(eval echo $(nix-instantiate --eval src/realm/box.nix --arg config '{}' --arg pkgs 'import <nixpkgs> {}' --arg lib '{}' -A box.deployment.keys.my-private-key.keyFile))` yields `-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----` etc
<`_> This is when running `nixops deploy -d box`
<`_> 19.09
<`_> My bad
<`_> nixops 1.7
<gchristensen> hmmm that is odd... I'm actually not even sure where to start debugging O.o
<`_> Yeah it's super weird and just started happening
<`_> I've had successful deployments before, then suddenly this
<`_> Admittedly we define our keys via attrsets then properly map them to what nixops would expect them to be. Perhaps I should just write them all out explicitly for the time being.
<gchristensen> yeah, give that a go?
<`_> Alright I'll see how that turns out
<gchristensen> thanks `_, let me know -- the problem seems really weird
<`_> gchristensen: Will do.
<gchristensen> thanks!
<`_> I'm uncertain if I'm insane or not, but the nixops deploy and the `nix-instantiate` bit seem to directly conflict one another, no?
<gchristensen> yes, this is very strange
<`_> Yeah I figured. Ok I'll keep you updated. Thanks!
<`_> gchristensen: Nope, even specifying them all manually yields the same error. I'll try `text = builtins.readFile` instead
<gchristensen> yikes :/
<gchristensen> I don't suppose you can come up with a minimal example?
<`_> At the moment no, I'll see what I can conjure up, however `text = builtins.readFile` seems to work
<`_> I'll see if I can't replicate it with virtualbox.
<`_> Seems to want to work with virtualbox
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