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<craige> Where is the nixops manual these days? (or is it temporarilly lost with the web work going on?)
<craige> I'm also wondering what techniques people are using to bump nixops managed services to 20.03. I'd set nixpkgs to the channel URL for the 20.03 nixexprs but I'm not seeing a version bump I expect.
<craige> Is there another way to update the channel, as you do on a non-nixops NixOS machine?
<craige> Thanks adisbladis
<adisbladis> That's the last successful build of the 1.7 manual
<craige> Thanks adisbladis++ :-)
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<adisbladis> craige: I always set NIX_PATH in nixops deployments. I'm never using nix-channel.
<craige> Whicb is why I'm confused (locally it now points to 20.03 - I only push working configs :-)
<craige> I'm clearly missing something :-)
<adisbladis> craige: That will set the channel on the remote system but won't affect the NixOps evaluation
<adisbladis> env NIX_PATH=nixpkgs= nixops deploy
<craige> Ah, so despite the deployer already being 20.03, it should be set the same?
<{^_^}> nixops#1291 (by grahamc, 20 hours ago, open): Specify NIX_PATH / nixpkgs from within a network's expression itself
<craige> So this may have been silently not working all along. :-)
<adisbladis> Yeah.. The UX around this is pretty bad.
<craige> I'll set that on the deployer and I should be good to go I thnk
<adisbladis> I would love to figure out the interface for this
<craige> I'd love to write a book on this :-)
<adisbladis> I feel that you should be able to set nixpkgs on a per-machine level
<adisbladis> But what would that look like ?
<craige> Separate deployments?
<craige> Yep, that's not working now. Thanks adisbladis++ :-)
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<craige> ugh s/not//
<craige> It's working.
<adisbladis> Yay
<adisbladis> Maybe something like this ?
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Wdyt?
<adisbladis> That roughly mimics nixos containers
<DigitalKiwi> oh hey craige! i've found useful things on your repos in the past! thanks!
<craige> Glad they've been of use to more than just me :-)
<craige> Should all be 20.03 ready soon too. It's been a bumpy path so far.
<craige> I try really hard to make them clear and readable to casual users as much as possible. Loads of comments and hopefully sane break outs.
<aanderse> adisbladis: new pkgs option! does that set the "channel" modules are pulled from too?
<aanderse> because nom nom nom! :-D
<gchristensen> we should review the feedback here and see what they were saying
<{^_^}> nixops#665 (by grahamc, 2 years ago, closed): Support multiple versions of nixpkgs in one network
<adisbladis> aanderse: It could :) I did this for NixOS containers the other day:
<{^_^}> #85570 (by adisbladis, 1 day ago, merged): nixos-containers: Add support for custom nixpkgs argument
<aanderse> adisbladis++
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<aanderse> woo!
<adisbladis> I think having a `pkgs` argument is better than `nixPath` as `pkgs = import <nixpkgs> { overlays = []; };` becomes possible
<aanderse> i like it
<gchristensen> oh we should also look at flakes and how these two things would interact
<adisbladis> ++
<gchristensen> I wonder what it'd take to update the flakes branch on master, it'd be good to start using nixops master for the foundation
<gchristensen> eat some dogfood
<adisbladis> gchristensen: I was going to do the same for nix-community :)
<gchristensen> :)
<adisbladis> Just waiting for some PRs to get in so we can start using rootless deploys ;) Hint hint
<gchristensen> hehe
<DigitalKiwi> what do i need to do to nixops-digitalocean to get it semi official/supported/working
* DigitalKiwi already knows second hand it doesn't work on current master but haven't looked
<DigitalKiwi> likely mostly it's because it's not python3
<manveru> gchristensen: trying nixops master, how does one load plugins now?
<manveru> seems like the `p` thingy is gone...
<manveru> and there's only docs about making plugins, not how one uses them
<adisbladis> manveru: The idea is to compose them like this
<{^_^}> #83548 (by adisbladis, 3 weeks ago, open): nixops2Unstable: init at 1.8.0
<manveru> so it's tied to nixpkgs now?
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<adisbladis> manveru: I should move the default.nix from that PR to the nixops repo
<manveru> yeah...
<manveru> that'd be awesome :)
<aanderse> rootless deploys...
<aanderse> adisbladis++
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<aanderse> and gchristensen i've seen you too on the tickets recently.... so gchristensen++ too :D
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<aanderse> you guys are awesome
<adisbladis> <3 all around
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<{^_^}> nixops#1313 (by adisbladis, 11 seconds ago, open): Add a withPlugins function to the NixOps derivation
<manveru> adisbladis: thanks a bunch, gonna try this asap :)
<manveru> adisbladis: does this work with nixops-aws?
<manveru> i guess we have to use your fork for that
<gchristensen> aminechikhaoui: we're pretty committed to not breaking y'all
<gchristensen> and helping with things like an encryptedLinksTo plugin ,and the nixops-gce stuff, etc.
<aminechikhaoui> <3 appreciate that :)
<craige> One of my nixops upgrades to 20.03 died in a horrendous tyre fire of broken databases and worse. nixops rollback meant I could restore about a dozen services in seconds and go to bed to figure out the mistakes I made at a more civilised time.
<craige> That's the stoff of dreams. Just beautiful work, nixops + NixOS. Just beautiful.
<gchristensen> nice
<gchristensen> nice
<adisbladis> nice
<craige> Might need to blog about that over the weekend.
<manveru> adisbladis: what nixpkgs version do you use for this? seems like `mkPoetryApplication` requires `src` argument instead of `projectDir`
<manveru> also `pyproject` is missing?
<adisbladis> manveru: I'm on master =) The change that allows passing `projectDir` instead of all the other separate options (`pyproject`/`poetrylock`) is relatively new
<manveru> so unstable is not new enough?
<adisbladis> Yes it's new enough
<adisbladis> Maybe you haven't bumped your channel recently?
<adisbladis> Note to self: Add niv/flakes to nixops repo & pin nixpkgs used for development
<manveru> i did that a few hours ago, but seems like master has it
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<manveru> adisbladis: this doesn't seem to make any `nixops` executable?
<manveru> it makes symlinks, but the targets don't exist
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<manveru> and when i try with `nixops = nixops.withPlugins (ps: [ (ps.callPackage ../nixops-aws {}) ]);`, it fails with `while evaluating the attribute '' at /nix/store/34gkxgb19yjwhaphn8a7kjmkkrg7bjr7-source/pkgs/development/tools/poetry2nix/poetry2nix/mk-poetry-dep.nix:147:9: program 'git' failed with exit code 128`
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<manveru> adisbladis: seems like is not on a branch, so `fetchGit` fails?
<manveru> how on earth did you get this to run? :P
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<adisbladis> manveru: I'd only done a smoke test to make sure it builds. There are some differences between buildPythonApplication (which is called for the leaf package in poetry2nix) & buildPythonPackage (which is caled for every dependency in poetry2nix) that comes into play here. In the nixpkgs version of this change buildPythonPackage is called for nixops which plays nicely with buildEnv.
<adisbladis> manveru: I'll look into this more properly later tonight and make a less half-baked version of this PR.
<manveru> adisbladis: well, i forked your nixops, made a branch for the commit, updated the poetry stuff to reference my fork and branch, and now it builds
<manveru> but still no executables
<adisbladis> manveru: I know what the fix is.
<adisbladis> manveru: Unless you're in a hurry I'll take care of this later tonight
<Xe> i set up a nixos machine on digital ocean with nixops, but it's defaulting to nixos 17.09. How do I upgrade it to nixos 20.03?
<Xe> oh it looks like it bootstraps with 17.09 and then upgrades to 20.03
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<manveru> adisbladis: thanks, i think i'll survive until then :)
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<aanderse> btw i'm really blown away by the work going into nixops right now
<aanderse> i think you're all amazing :)
<gchristensen> <3
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<gchristensen> you made it!
<gchristensen> DigitalKiwi: 'eyy
<NobbZ[m]> Yeah!
<NobbZ[m]> backend?
<NobbZ[m]> As I already told gchristensen in a private message, I'm planning to deploy to digital ocean in the next months, and wanted to provide enhencements to the digital ocean backend as I go and stumble over missing features, though it seems that there is no DO backend anymore in the repository, though the issues are still there. Can someone point me in the right direction how to do DO with current master and where to find the DO
<DigitalKiwi> I made one but it does not yet work with current master
<NobbZ[m]> Any help needed?
<gchristensen> I'm thinking you two could collaborate, if that works :)
<NobbZ[m]> I'm quite slow in the current situation. Daywork and family eat up much of my personal time. Still I usually manage to get an hour a day to do my stuff.
<gchristensen> I hera that :)
<gchristensen> hear*
<DigitalKiwi> 03:24 DigitalKiwi: commit 4ef8dd9524823f7238c015c690da7c18c19a7333 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
<DigitalKiwi> i know it will work on that and possibly later commits
<DigitalKiwi> if you use volumes, right now it has only create and delete, no attach, if you delete them please make sure it *actually* deletes them. in the past i've had it not delete them (i *think* i fixed it but am not sure)
<NobbZ[m]> Thanks for the link. I will take a closer look tomorrow.
<NobbZ[m]> For now I think bed time is closer than expected, my daughter seems to have a bad dream.
<DigitalKiwi> i want to improve the volumes and also add dns and floating IP functionality as well
<DigitalKiwi> why is nixops 2 at version 1.8 nixops2Unstable: init at 1.8.0 #83548
<{^_^}> (by adisbladis, 3 weeks ago, open): nixops2Unstable: init at 1.8.0
<cole-h> Heh
<gchristensen> hehe
<gchristensen> it is so extremely beta that it isn't even marked as 2.0 yet
<cole-h> "For more information please refer to the NixOps manual" -> links to the NixOS manual :D
<DigitalKiwi> local VERSION = '0.03.15'
<DigitalKiwi> local LUALPM_VERSION = '0.03'
<DigitalKiwi> look how cool the --version was though!
<DigitalKiwi> look at this warning :D
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