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<aanderse> `nixops deploy --build-only --include machineA` builds, `nixops deploy --build-only --include machineB` builds, `nixops deploy --build-only --include machineA machineB` does not 😧 no explanation of why it doesn't build either :S
<aanderse> 20.03 beta
<gchristensen> uhhhhm
<gchristensen> does it do ...nothing?
<aanderse> it spits an entirely useless error
<gchristensen> do go on :)
<aanderse> yeah poking around a bit more...
<aanderse> very confused atm :)
<aanderse> hoping i'm going to smack my head and say "oh thats obvious" in 5 minutes
<gchristensen> fingers crossed
<aanderse> yeah nixops needs better error messages:
<gchristensen> that it is amazing
<gchristensen> and you don't know why?
<adisbladis> While we still need better error messages this may help a bit
<nix-build> nixops#1272 (by adisbladis, 2 days ago, open): Add a flag to enter PDB in post-mortem debugging mode
<aanderse> i went through each machine 1 by 1... nixops deploy --build-only --include machineA through machineZ and individually every machine built
<aanderse> :\
<adisbladis> Wow
<adisbladis> Amazing
<aanderse> but if i don't use --include it won't build
<aanderse> or certain combinations of --include machineA-Z machineA-Z fail as well
<gchristensen> what if you run `ps auxfg` every second until i finishes to capture the Nix commands being run
<gchristensen> and then re-run those manually?
<aanderse> with no explanation of why
<gchristensen> anything in dmesg or coredumpctl?
<aanderse> ohh wonderful :)
<gchristensen> hmm?
<aanderse> gosh i like you gchristensen
<gchristensen> uh oh
<aanderse> i always knew that... but every once in a while you say something awesome
<aanderse> dmesg | tail
<aanderse> oom-kill
<aanderse> i feel like that might be something to look into
<aanderse> :D
<gchristensen> ouch lol
<gchristensen> can you post an issue?
<gchristensen> we could actually tell you it was *killed*
<aanderse> oh gosh... how much ram is this going to need? -_-
<aanderse> thanks team :)
<gchristensen> I wonder if you did something to make it go wacky
<aanderse> did i do something wacky? almost certainly
<aanderse> to cause that problem... hmm, unsure
<aanderse> nice... killed firefox and it evaluates now
<aanderse> was trying on a crappy laptop
<aanderse> 8gb of ram... firefox and kde eat more than an insignificant amount of
<adisbladis> Total hack (I cant stress this enough), but you _may_ be able to work around this with zram swap
<aanderse> usually use a vm which i can expand as large as i want to do deploys
<aanderse> was just testing out on my personal laptop ahead of time
<aanderse> so no need to hack
<aanderse> anywho...
<aanderse> gchristensen++
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<aanderse> adisbladis++
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