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<gchristensen> I will be very sad if I can't be at it :(
<andi-> We all would miss you :)
<gchristensen> I think at this point it is fairly safe to assume I would not be able to go
<gchristensen> traveling internationally is likely increasing the risk of infection, and also I wouldn't be surprised if borders were closed for some time after things calm
<andi-> That is a shame. Another idea that I had (and it might be feasible, haven't invested much time) is to have it early 2021 when things are more calm
<gchristensen> yes, or plan on a tele-conference
<andi-> yeah
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<craige> You could also encourage regional mini-gatherings that have a connected telepresence to each other, at co-working spaces or other suitable locations.
<andi-> I have a bit of a problem with recommending "gatherings"
<andi-> but yeah in general that would work
<craige> The "hallway track" is often the most useful part of a conference, so while not "recommended", if people are comfortable it could be a thing that happens.
<gchristensen> no
<gchristensen> NixCon will not be "that coronavirus con"
<hexa-> ++
<andi-> It is very simple: Either it safe to meet or we will not do it or only on the net.
<samueldr> I was thinking it was in the case where coronavirus is not an issue anymore, but a formal con could not happen due to past uncertainty
<gchristensen> andi-: sgtm
<gchristensen> samueldr: that seems reasonable
<andi-> yeah
<samueldr> imagine that by august it's basically 100% safe, but that wasn't known at that point, rushing a formal con would be painful, but making gatherings probably safe (or september)
<samueldr> the gist of what I think is: we'll see when we'll see
<gchristensen> yeah, seems good
<samueldr> ("on verra quan on verra", old Québécois tautology)
<andi-> I am also very certain it will not be the same situation everywhere around the globe. If europe is past the issues but the US isn't we could very well have an EU-only NixCon. It wouldn't be great but an intermediate step.
<andi-> But lets wait until we have some idea how things evolve...
<gchristensen> true
<gchristensen> tazjin has been holding nixcon hallway tracks all week:)
<andi-> They are great :)
<gchristensen> you've been? cool
<andi-> Yeah, for almost 7h
<gchristensen> oh wow I didn't know they went so long
<gchristensen> I always assumed they were over by the time I got there
<tazjin> We don't stop until the last people go to bed
<gchristensen> still going? :)
<tazjin> just ended
<gchristensen> hahaha
<tazjin> and I am heading to bed :P
<gchristensen> cool, I'll be there next time :P
<samueldr> aw shucks, we should have gotten craige in there
<andi-> (that means tomorrow :P)
<infinisil> Is there a problem with just delaying nixcon?
<andi-> infinisil: no
<tazjin> I think that's a premature action at this point
<samueldr> that was one of the options previously stated
<infinisil> Ah didn't see that
<gchristensen> that would make things easier for me anyway for reasons
<samueldr> right now I think the attitude that andi- seems to have of "let's see where this all goes" is the better one
<gchristensen> +1
<infinisil> tazjin: How many months before does it cease to become a premature action?
<craige> Nice. I live in rural Australia. No hallways, just bush tracks and there's no-one but me in there. I don;t have time til weekends anyway samueldr :-(
<gchristensen> I hope it isn't held earlier though :)
<samueldr> craige: was joking that you weren't about to get in bed :)
<samueldr> (though if it was like the week after FOSDEM it would be... interesting opportunity-wise
<andi-> samueldr: yeah, I thought about that..
<samueldr> tiring, surely
<infinisil> Wait when's the planned date for nixcon? Isn't that still way in the future?
<infinisil> Like october?
<gchristensen> yeah
<andi-> infinisil: there is no official date for the exact reason of the current situation
<samueldr> I assumed it was going to be like last two, the week-end of time change
<infinisil> Yeah sounds good
<andi-> The actual target date is a bit earlier this year for various reasons but that is all moot now
<infinisil> But I'd be very surprised if this situation continues for another 6 7 months
<gchristensen> heh
<infinisil> 7*
<gchristensen> one thing to consider is not only does the virus need to stop spreading, but people need to feel safe, be employed, and feel like they have money to spend on going to a conference
<andi-> Yeah but it has to be obvious many months before for people to do their travel arrangement
<samueldr> the actual situation in "the west" is quite new, it's been what, only two months since the start of the hubei lockdown
<gchristensen> and given andi's point, all those things need to be true many months before
<infinisil> gchristensen: Oh true..
<andi-> Also to get that whole conference planned we need min 3 months of a headstart..
<andi-> It is more work then one expects
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<gchristensen> oops
<gchristensen> and 3mo ahead of October is looking like it'll be a bad time
<andi-> yeah
<samueldr> I know I don't personally expect any news or announcement about that until a month, maybe two, except maybe "hold still"
<samueldr> (from now)
<gchristensen> right
<gchristensen> true enough
<andi-> I was thinking about writing the gist of this conversation into a post for a while now.. It is probably a good idea to keep people informed that it isn't happening as usual and that we are aware of the need and risks.
<samueldr> "_it_ isn't happening as usual" <- it being?
<andi-> meanwhile we could try to have more hallway track style things
<andi-> samueldr: certainly not as we initially planned :D
<gchristensen> there is a delicate balance to strike of not seeming alarmist, and trying to keep people from feeling dread
<gchristensen> or at least trying to avoid inspiring dread
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