zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2019 is coming! https://2019.nixcon.org/
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<adisbladis> I would really love to see some cross compilation talks
<gchristensen> +1
* adisbladis pokes some obsidian folks about it :)
<gchristensen> +1
<pie_> adisbladis: pls
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<andi-> martyet-o: 19:00 UTC (that is in an hour IIRC) is okay for you?
<adisbladis> ^ Works for me
<adisbladis> andi-: So whats up now?
<andi-> I am not sure.. martyet-o still hasn't responsed
<andi-> *responded
<andi-> we can have a short session
<andi-> adisbladis: zimbatm: flokli: martyet-o: https://meet.google.com/ohs-rvxw-piw for anyone interested
<adisbladis> I'll be there in a few minutes
<zimbatm> sorry I will be missing this one, getting suddenly super sleepy
<andi-> seems like it is just me and adisbladis then :)
<adisbladis> A wild flokli appears
<andi-> martyet-o: do you have an update on the Video equipment?
<andi-> or rather the people operating it
<flokli> I do know some people who could probably also help out with recording. They know how to do it from other confs and are actually replying back…
<Ox4A6F> flokli: Are you refering to a VOC setup? Then I'm also available.
<flokli> that would be awesome. you're fine with obs, livestreaming and yadda yadda?
<flokli> do we need to rent some equipment?
<flokli> I think, having somebody from the community doing it might be the preferred choice anyhow :-)
<adisbladis> flokli++
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<Ox4A6F> Maybe, we can also test at camp with this setup: https://github.com/Lassulus/livestreaming
<adisbladis> Ox4A6F: Fantastic, lets talk about this more at camp :)
<andi-> yep
<flokli> adisbladis++
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<flokli> Ox4A6F++
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<Ox4A6F> <flokli "do we need to rent some equipmen"> For VOC equipment there is a wiki: https://c3voc.de/wiki/
<andi-> Ox4A6F: transportation might be an issue tho
<Ox4A6F> <andi- "[0x4A6F]: transportation might b"> Might be expensive. We need cost for transportation and insurance.
<andi-> Ox4A6F: lets discuss that at camp. adisbladis & me will be there
<adisbladis> I'm just continually floored by how awesome our community is <3
<andi-> and how fast it is growing :)
<martyet-o> guys, sorry for missed call
<martyet-o> but i have more info on the video recording, guys from AVC said it will cost 80000 czk (about 3100 eur) depending now on how much people will be there (then we will take care also of booking, so +700 eur for this). I think its pretty fine :)
<andi-> I think that is a bit expensive
<martyet-o> but still trying to figure out with them how is possible to lower that price
<martyet-o> not sure of that, you still have to bring that stuff to Brno anyway
<andi-> I guess we can get the equpment to Brno and back for <500€ and probably with insurance not being much more on top.
<martyet-o> i think its fine price for almost full-time guys which are doing this with passion :)
<martyet-o> and skills, time and many other things
<martyet-o> yeah, and same way i can arguee we can cook all food by own and decrease price by 60%
<martyet-o> but for what :)
<martyet-o> let me talk with them, its not final price, as im pretty too talkative
<martyet-o> :-D
<andi-> well get them to respond quicker ;) We are running out of time.
<martyet-o> yeah
<martyet-o> noticed that
<andi-> I'd propose we do another meeting next monday?
<andi-> Or Friday already?
<Ox4A6F> insurance for 3 Cases (ca. 22 kEUR): 120 EUR for 5 days. We might only need one, or how many tracks do we have?
<andi-> at most 2
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* adisbladis is flying to germany friday evening at 1820 UTC
<adisbladis> So friday is not the best for me
<andi-> ok
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<ctp> hi folks, i plan to take the flight on wednesday, so one full day earlier in brno. do you need some help in advance at the venue. have some experience bootstrapping conferences/congresses from 20 years angel'ing at ccc congress :)
<andi-> I don't think there is much to prepare to be honest. The AV stuff will be most of the work. Depending which route we go with that there migt be more or less help required.
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<martyet-o> yeah, andi- is true :) AV is the only hardest thing, then are there wooden badges (covered by me) but i think everything is fine now
<martyet-o> agree with another meeting, friday, even monday is fine for me, so how it works for you :)
<andi-> Monday 19:00 UTC?
<martyet-o> for me fine, will take care of to be on time :)